The Tea Planter's Daughter

The Tea Planter's Daughter

Janet MacLeod Trotter / Dec 15, 2019

The Tea Planter s Daughter India Lush green fragrant the Indian hills of Assam are full of promise But eighteen year old Clarissa Belhaven is full of worry The family tea plantation is suffering and so is her father s

  • Title: The Tea Planter's Daughter
  • Author: Janet MacLeod Trotter
  • ISBN: 9781503934191
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1905, India.Lush, green, fragrant the Indian hills of Assam are full of promise But eighteen year old Clarissa Belhaven is full of worry The family tea plantation is suffering, and so is her father, still grieving over the untimely death of his wife, while Clarissa s fragile sister, Olive, needs love and resourceful care.Beautiful and headstrong, Clarissa soon attracts1905, India.Lush, green, fragrant the Indian hills of Assam are full of promise But eighteen year old Clarissa Belhaven is full of worry The family tea plantation is suffering, and so is her father, still grieving over the untimely death of his wife, while Clarissa s fragile sister, Olive, needs love and resourceful care.Beautiful and headstrong, Clarissa soon attracts the attention of young, brash Wesley Robson, a rival tea planter Yet before his intentions become fully clear, tragedy befalls the Belhavens and the sisters are wrenched from their beloved tea garden to the industrial streets of Tyneside.A world away from the only home she has ever known, Clarissa must start again Using all her means, she must endure not only poverty but jealousy and betrayal too Will the reappearance of Wesley give her the link to her old life that she so desperately craves Or will a fast changing world and the advent of war extinguish hope forever Revised edition This edition of The Tea Planter s Daughter includes editorial revisions.

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        Janet MacLeod Trotter was brought up in the North East of England with her four brothers, by Scottish parents She is a best selling author of 21 books, including the hugely popular INDIA TEA SERIES, THE JARROW TRILOGY and a childhood memoir, BEATLES CHIEFS, which was featured on BBC Radio Four Her novel, THE HUNGRY HILLS, gained her a place on the shortlist of The Sunday Times Young Writers Award, and the TEA PLANTER S DAUGHTER was longlisted for the RNA Romantic Novel Award A graduate of Edinburgh University, she has been editor of the Clan MacLeod Magazine, a columnist on the Newcastle Journal and has had numerous short stories published in women s magazines Aged 18 she climbed on a bus and went to Kathmandu the result was a mystery novel, THE VANISHING OF RUTH Her second mystery, THE HAUNTING OF KULAH is set on the remote Outer Isles of Scotland Her most recent Scottish historical novel, THE JACOBITE LASS, is based on the epic story of Scottish heroine, Flora MacDonald.


    1. I really thought this would end up being more than a 3 star book.It had a great atmosphere and background and just really good bones. However, the connection between our h and H wasn't there. He was in maybe 5% of the book. How in the world can an epic, spanning love story between the two (which is what I thought I was getting) be built in such a short time? The short answer: it can't. I wanted them to be like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (they reminded me of them for some reason), but I never felt n [...]

    2. It's a strong 3.5 stars out of 5. I received this ARC from netgalley in exchange for a review. There are no surprises or complicated story lines to follow, this is easy reading 'chick lit' kind of book. That being said, I really liked the story. Set in the early 1900's, their fathers death forces Clarrie and her sister Olive to move from their home and all they knew in India to England. Strong willed Carrie makes decisions and choices, with the backdrop of WWI and the women's vote.

    3. What a beautiful story beginning from the humid terrains of India to the unforgiving weather of Newcastle, England. I loved the relationship between Clarrie and her younger sister Olive as they grew from teenagers into stoic young women; facing harsh realities together and remaining strong in the face of much adversity. I found the storyline to be captivating and difficult to put down. Each character is well developed and there is a clear author dedication to the accuracy of her historical writi [...]

    4. Clarissa Belhaven is a girl of mixed parentage, an Indian lady and English tea-planter - which doesn't matter in the hill country surrounded by other family plantations, but does come to matter after the death of her parents. She and her sister don't fit in to any society and the mechanising families on larger plantations do better so the girls have little choice about their lives. The exotic India and lives of ordinary people are well described. Clarissa ends up in Newcastle where tea is Englan [...]

    5. I ended up skimming a lot of this book. I felt like I was reading more of a narrative than a novel. I loved the beginning of this book, but I couldn't connect to the characters after the main one made a lot of untrue assumptions. That is one of my least favorite plots, when people are kept apart only because they don't bother to find out the truth of what's going on. It was also hard to believe how much in love she was with him when she supposedly though he was some horrible person just because [...]

    6. Twisty PlotThis book goes up and down on a twisty road through the world of tea planters. But the author does make a real page turner with much historical detail. The author emerges as a real storyteller by the end of the book. Curiosity of the outcome will have you up all night to finish this wonderful book.

    7. I really enjoyed this book, could be considered a little rambling but very relaxing. This was a refreshing look at life in India and the history behind the tea industry. The interaction between Clarrie and her sister Olive over the years following the death of their father was quite interesting to follow. I am looking forward to the next book in the seriesI was provided a preview e-copy of this book from NetGalley, I was not required to post. Review and thi did not affect my opinion in any way

    8. The Tea Planter's Daughter is a sweeping family melodrama that takes place in the early 20th century and relates the tale of two orphaned sisters, Clarissa ( Clarrie) and Olive, that leave their birthplace of India and struggle to survive among relatives in England. I felt this tale to be reminiscent of Jennifer Donnelly's trilogy, The Tea Rose,The Winter Rose, and The Wild Rose, a series that I highly enjoyed. The Tea Planter's Daughter is focused mainly on Clarrie, older sister and her journey [...]

    9. Britannique, Janet MacLeod Trotter est l'auteur d'une dizaine de romans à fortes résonances historiques. Les Lumières d'Assam, son premier roman publié en France, a été sélectionné parmi les meilleurs Romantic Novels de l'année 2008 en Angleterre.Grâce à son héroïne aussi attachante qu'impétueuse (qui n'est pas sans rappeler la Scarlett d'Autant en emporte le vent), cette grande et belle saga romanesque fera à coup sûr vibrer les lecteurs de la première à la dernière page. Ces [...]

    10. A priori ce livre avait tout pour me plaire l'exotisme,le contexte historique mais j'ai été réellement déçue. Clarrie Belhaven vit une jeunesse idyllique sur la plantation de thé indienne de son père, avec sa sœur Olivia. Mais l'alcoolisme et les dettes de ce dernier mettent en péril leur patrimoine et, lorsqu'il meurt brutalement, les jeunes femmes se retrouvent démunies. La fière Clarrie ayant rejeté l'aide de leur voisin, le séduisant Wesley Robson, les deux sœurs doivent quitte [...]

    11. L'histoire de ce roman ressemble beaucoup à Orgueil & Préjugés, donc on ne peut pas dire que ce soit très original. Une fille trop têtue passe à côté du grand amour quand il se présente sous les traits d'un type un peu trop sûr de lui. Du coup, elle affronte seule les aléas de la vie. Plusieurs années plus tard, elle va le recroiser et à partir de là, ils vont se suivre en pointillés.Si l'histoire n'est pas très originale, je dois quand même dire que ce roman est passionnant [...]

    12. would have been been a more enjoyable read if the end wasn't rushed but still kind of okay with it. a must read.

    13. Love a good historical novel set in Newcastle and how they managed in war time. I just love these feel good books lol

    14. The Tea Planter's DaughterI can't t wait to start the next book, yes it is that good! It is relatable, readable, and ended on a positive note. We'll written, good story, very believable.

    15. Couldn't finish it. The story wasn't going anywhere and the audio narrator was wayyy too extra with all her voices. Tone it down, girl.

    16. I'm always a big fan of historical fiction that sweeps me away to more exotic locations. This novel definitely did just that. The two sisters in the story, Clarissa and Olive Belhaven, are raised in the lap of luxury on an Indian tea plantation. After the death of their mother, their father turns to the bottle to find solace. He becomes a recluse, a drunk, and the plantation ultimately begins to suffer. Enter the handsome Wesley Robson, a descendant of a family that has been long time enemies an [...]

    17. A good, albeit slightly predictable, story. Enjoyed the characters and their story that spanned over years and continents.

    18. To be honest, I thought this book was abominable. It started off fine, almost positively, but I found myself immensely frustrated with the writing style, and the lack of well-founded reason behind most of the actions of the main characters. For instance, Clarrie's initial hatred of Wesley was vastly unfounded, and one could very easily predict that they were going to 'fall in love', so it made for very cheap build-up. I feel like it could have been written better, or at the very least edited bet [...]

    19. The story begins in the Assam part of India on a tea plantation. After the death of their father, young sisters Clarrie and Olive, have their lives disrupted and are forced to move to northern England with a relative after the business is sold. The girls are forced to work in a saloon and are treated like slaves. Clarrie finds a job as housekeeper to a wealthy family once she comes of age and takes Olive with her. The story continues to unfold and eventually Clarrie fulfills a dream of opening a [...]

    20. Excellent!I have read several books by Janet MacLeod Trotter and never been disappointed! This particular book is so very, very good. The story is poignant, plot fresh, written by an author who has already proven herself over and over again. The book was impossible to put down as this author takes you into the world of a young mixed race woman, early 1900's from her late teens through her early 30's. Clarrie is the eldest daughter of a tea plantation owner in India. Her father is a failing busin [...]

    21. I Have to admit I do not like the book cover shown here and I probably would not have given this book a chance if this is what it looked like. With that being said, I am so glad I listened to this book. I actually did the audible version and loved the reader as well as the story. There were times I was frustrated with the lack of communication and it took too long in my opinion for certain things to work out, but I didn't mind as much because there was such character growth. Also, you see at the [...]

    22. I liked this book overall. The characters are well developed and the use of tea throughout is interesting. My complaint about it is that the end love story in the book is so poorly developed. There was hardly any connection between the characters at any point to establish the result. I wanted to buy into this great love story but it just never happened for me. It started well at the beginning. Maybe if they have spent more time together at the beginning before they were separated, I wouldn't hav [...]

    23. This book tells the tale of Clarissa and Olive Belhaven who grew up on their father's tea plantation in India. The two sisters return to England after their father's death and live with their cousins who forces them to work in their pub in Tyneside. Clarissa leaves their cousins by obtaining employment as the housekeeper of Herbert Stock while Olive is employed as a maid. The author pulls in the events at that time into the story. This is an interesting story set in that time period bringing in [...]

    24. Leggere questo libro dopo una maratona di Downtown Abbey mi ha permesso di focalizzare più facilmente l'ambiente e il contesto sociale, anche se nella Newcastle la morale vittoriana è più forte che nella York della serie tv.Storia interessante, protagonista forse un pochino troppo Mary Sue, e sorella della protagonista odiosa a morte. Piccola lagna ingrataProtagonista maschile assente per tre quarti di libro, ma molto sullo stile classico del romance storico.Personaggio preferito, il giovane [...]

    25. This one grew on meIt took me forever to get into this one. I think I read the first few chapters and put it aside at least half a dozen times. I finally told myself to just slog through it and made myself keep going. It was a battle for quite a while. The characters were being stupid and I was both annoyed and bored with them. But then something changed. I couldn't tell you quite when it was, but I suddenly started caring. And then the tale became quite lovely. Full of sorrow and heartbreak and [...]

    26. I don't think this book for a person like me. If and only if you like soap operas and too much drama, then you might like this one. For me the story has been stretched too far and too many complications added in to stretch the story. Like they do on some long running tv dramas. Only a few men will enjoy this one. Don't get me wrong I like dramas and romance but this is just too much for me. I thought of leaving it many times but I don't leave books halfway. And the reviews were good and hoped th [...]

    27. A book that kept me hooked, yes, but it was still disappointing. For one, if you pick up the book expecting a romance, you may be disappointed. The hero and heroine barely come together for about 10% of the novel. The rest of the time she is struggling to come up in life in an admirable way, but I couldn't help feel that she could have saved herself all that trouble if she'd just accepted Wesley at the beginning. All the same, the story flows well. A pleasant read.

    28. Un roman historique qui défend bien la cause féministe, malheureusement j'ai eu beaucoup de mal à m'attacher aux deux héroïnes :( et la romance a tardé à se concrétiserNéanmoins la plume de l'auteur est très fluide et légère de sorte que je n'ai pas vu le temps passer en lisant les chapitres et puis le dépaysement a été garanti ce qui sauve pour moi ce roman.En conclusion, ce fut une bonne lecture mais qui n'a pas été un coup de coeur.

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