Luna: Nów

Luna: Nów

Ian McDonald Wojciech M. Próchniewicz / Jun 03, 2020

Luna N w Po misternie utkanych fabu ach z intryguj cym spojrzeniem na przysz o kraj w takich jak Indie Brazylia i Turcja Ian McDonald zwr ci si ku Ksi ycowi Luna to wci gaj cy thriller o pi ciu rodzinnych k

  • Title: Luna: Nów
  • Author: Ian McDonald Wojciech M. Próchniewicz
  • ISBN: 9788374806442
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Po misternie utkanych fabu ach z intryguj cym spojrzeniem na przysz o kraj w takich, jak Indie, Brazylia i Turcja, Ian McDonald zwr ci si ku Ksi ycowi Luna to wci gaj cy thriller o pi ciu rodzinnych korporacjach uwik anych w zaci t walk o hegemoni nad surowym ksi ycowym rodowiskiem Na Ksi ycu bardzo atwo zgin , ale dzi ki bogactwu jego z r wnie atwo siPo misternie utkanych fabu ach z intryguj cym spojrzeniem na przysz o kraj w takich, jak Indie, Brazylia i Turcja, Ian McDonald zwr ci si ku Ksi ycowi Luna to wci gaj cy thriller o pi ciu rodzinnych korporacjach uwik anych w zaci t walk o hegemoni nad surowym ksi ycowym rodowiskiem Na Ksi ycu bardzo atwo zgin , ale dzi ki bogactwu jego z r wnie atwo si tu dorobi To fantastyka, kt ra idealnie przem wi tak do fan w Kima Stanley a Robinsona, jak Kena Macleoda.Ten pierwszy tom z planowanych trzech zrobi z Ksi ycem to samo, co Rzeka Bog w z Indiami, a Dom derwiszy z Turcj odmaluje barwn , intensywn , nadzwyczajn , a jednocze nie wiarygodn przysz o.

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      394 Ian McDonald Wojciech M. Próchniewicz
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      • Ian McDonald Wojciech M. Próchniewicz

        Ian Neil McDonald was born in 1960 in Manchester, England, to an Irish mother and a Scottish father He moved with his family to Northern Ireland in 1965 He used to live in a house built in the back garden of C S Lewis s childhood home but has since moved to central Belfast, where he now lives, exploring interests like cats, contemplative religion, bonsai, bicycles, and comic book collecting He debuted in 1982 with the short story The Island of the Dead in the short lived British magazine Extro His first novel, Desolation Road, was published in 1988 Other works include King of Morning, Queen of Day winner of the Philip K Dick Award , River of Gods, The Dervish House both of which won British Science Fiction Association Awards , the graphic novel Kling Klang Klatch, and many His most recent publications are Planesrunner and Be My Enemy, books one and two of the Everness series for younger readers though older readers will find them a ball of fun, as well Ian worked in television development for sixteen years, but is glad to be back to writing fulltime.


    1. All right! What an ending! I won't spoil it, but it's one hell of a satisfying ride.As I read it, I kept saying to myself, "Damn! This was MADE for HBO. (Or Showtime.) This could be done Brilliantly as a well-funded high-quality production. Hell, this would be even better than GoT, and not only because it's SF instead of F! It's full of glitz, sex, the weight of history, capitalism, and tradition, not to mention all the sprinkling of assassinations and attempted assassinations to liven the party [...]

    2. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/11/12/rIf you can imagine the Starks and Lannisters as two rival families with competing mining operations on the moon, I daresay the situation might look a lot like the plot of Luna: New Moon. I can’t remember the last time I read a sci-fi novel featuring a richer and more compelling premise, and I am also amazed that the characters are all so developed and well-defined. Where do I even begin when it comes to the many things I loved about [...]

    3. "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza-pieThat’s amore!"Dean Martin certainly sang how we see the the moon here on Earth. It’s a brilliant light in the night sky that is the symbol of romance as well as a tantalizing beacon of wonder and discovery that inspired one the greatest scientific and engineering achievements in human history. However, that’s looking at it from a distance. On closer examination it’s a lifeless hunk of rock in a vacuum that is irradiated constantly by the s [...]

    4. When my assistant brought this book home as part of her grad school semester reading, I thought I'd give it a try, remembering how much I liked the author's RIVER OF GODS a couple of years ago. Now I have to say that McDonald is one of the best world builders I've ever read.This is about the colonization of the moon by industrial entrepreneurs who supply an energy-short Earth where jobs for human beings are scarce and expensive higher education is needed for anyone to get ahead. The cast of char [...]

    5. Nos situamos en una luna que posee una sociedad completamente ya establecida en un futuro indefinido. Cinco familias pioneras en la explotación de los recursos, conocidos como los Cinco Dragones, ejercen un control sobre los territorios colonizados y parte de la población, mientras que de forma oculta y paralela existe una lucha de poder con intrigas, alianzas y traiciones por doquier. La novela se centra en la familia Corta y en su encarnizada lucha por el poder económico en la Luna, los cua [...]

    6. Brilliant!! I devoured this book over a few days, skipping television and movie options to just immerse myself into the low gravity. I'm still depressurizing.I've seen this book called "Game of Thrones in Space", and I'd have to say not so much. Only in the sense that it would make a fantastic series on HBO which would compare. I've also seen it compared to "Dallas", and there is a bit of that, but the most accurate comparison is easily The Godfather. That book/movie's sense of family and surviv [...]

    7. Reread March 2017 - Still fantastic.“Nothing tells you that you are not on Earth anymore than exhaling at one price and inhaling at another.”This is easily my book of the year - and so late! Truly, it is the most well-written, intriguing, believable, unique science fiction I have read in a long time, let alone this year - and it is an absolute roller coaster to boot.Luna: New Moon (the first in a duology!!! Hooray for short and sweet series!) follows the lives of the Corta family - a lunar B [...]

    8. Read all my reviews atconstantreaderpauloneillThe moon has a cold heart.For me, this was a frustratingly great read which should have received a full five stars. However, due to the many, many mistakes I had to lower my rating. Hailed the “Game of Domes”, the story follows one of the five dynasties, or ‘Dragons’, who control the moon. We follow all members of the Corta family, and some others, through their various political, financial and romantic challenges. McDonald cites the Godfathe [...]

    9. DNF at 31%I gave it a shot but boy did I not get along with this book. From the off I had no idea of what was happening up to about 10%. Then things sort of slotted into place and I was with it, but by about 25% I lost all interest. I read what could only be a handful of pages last night before deciding to listen to my audiobook in bed which never happens. This was a sign that I wasn’t into this book whatsoever and made me realise that it was time to call it quits. There are some good ideas he [...]

    10. "The might and magic of money is not what it allows you to own; it is what it allows you to be. Money is freedom."Truer words were never spoken. People left Earth looking for a new kind of freedom and frontier, not wanting to be constrained by old ideas. On the moon, anything goes, for a price: offer, acceptance and consideration. The only law is the law of contract, enforced by courts and if necessary in bloody trials by combat. In effect, everything is freely available, but nothing comes witho [...]

    11. Al final le he puesto tres estrellas porque dos me parecía demasiado poco, pero si hubiera decimales, creo que 2.75/5 hubiera sido una puntuación más acorde.Decepcionado es como me he sentido al terminar esta novela. Mis expectativas eran altas y mira que me ha encantado la ambientación Lunar que nos presenta McDonald, pero la trama estilo telefilme malo de antena 3 ha terminado por superarme.Ni la historia, ni los personajes me han parecido a la altura de la ambientación y es una verdadera [...]

    12. Reseña completaUna portada. Sí, una simple portada fue lo que me llevó a comprar Luna: New Moon de Ian McDonald. Curioso que dejándome llevar por una portada (y, alguna que otra recomendación) haya caído en una de las mejores novelas de ciencia ficción que he leído nunca y entre mis tres o cuatro mejores lecturas de este año. Ian McDonald es un autor de ciencia ficción veterano, y muy conocido entre los lectores asiduos de este género. No en mi caso, ya que esta ha sido mi primera tom [...]

    13. This book was confusing, too fast paced and encompassed too many points of view to be really absorbed by the readers . Nonetheless the story of families feuding agains each other for power is a classic tale that can be enjoyed by almost everyone, and to its core , this book was exactly that, the only difference is that the it happens on the moon in a futuristic society. There are things I had against this book, the use of graphic scenes when there were none needed , the speed in which you were e [...]

    14. 3.5 stars, rounded up.The comparisons for Luna: New Moon are seemingly endless: Tai-Pan, Noble House, A Game of Thrones, The Godfather, Dune, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (although instead of Heinlein's lunar utopia, Luna is a lunar dystopia). Just like these classics, the Mafia-styled families are doing all they can to increase their wealth and holdings at the expense of everyone else.As in his book, Brasyl, which is set in a future South America, McDonald uses Brazilians as his main characters [...]

    15. review on reread - 2017 (before reading volume 2)Looking at the review below from my first read on the book in 2015 shows once again how much the act of reading and appreciating a book is subjective, depending on desire, mood, experience as a reader and even factors like reading it because it is new and everyone else is reading it rather than actually really wanting to read it so to speak, familiarity etc; this time for example I really loved it - it helped that I once went through it so the mix [...]

    16. This one is hard for me to evaluate. I did not click with the story at all for a good third of the book, although the last third was pretty fantastic. The tech was brilliantly imagined and I appreciated how well thought out the science was (to my untrained eye). I loved some of the characters. Where I didn't enjoy it was exactly why many have loved it - the much acclaimed grittiness just didn't do it for me. Many of the societal structures McDonald imagines, especially the endless parties, didn' [...]

    17. Mekdonald je odličan pisac, ali ovo mu je daleko od najbolje knjige. Ne kažem da je loše - jeste napeto i više nego solidno pisano i worldbuilding kao i uvek odličan - ali prosto nema onakav zamah kao Brazil ili Srca, ruke i glasovi. I ovaj "Kum na Mesecu" vajb (a može i poređenje s Dinom koji neki povlače, jer su Makenzijevi = Harkoneni ni uzmi ni dodaj) jeste ok ali se u nekom trenutku istroši. Tako da: solidno, ali manje nego što sam očekivala.

    18. La luna no es de queso. Tampoco es de malvavisco. No hay un hombre con una linterna ni un gran conejo. La luna puede aliviar a los que se han intoxicado de filosofía, mientras uno la vea desde 600,000 kms de distancia. En la vida real, la luna es letal.Ya nuestro amigo Andy Weir nos mató el romanticismo por Marte. Marte no es un lugar exótico donde una civilización decadente lucha guerras con poca ropa. Marte es un deshierto helado y asesino. Ahora viene McDonald a decirnos que la luna no es [...]

    19. Recomendado para: -Amantes de la ciencia ficción. -Amantes de los culebrones con cierta tolerancia a páginas enteras sobre formas de morir en la Luna. -Lectores con un sentido del humor muy particular, que gusten de textos exagerados y dramáticos que no se toman a sí mismos demasiado en serio. -Fans de Ian McDonald, de Dune, de pelis de mafiosos, de Dinastía y de Canción de hielo y fuego (aviso: No hay tantas descripciones de comida. Y no hay dragones. Para que no os llevéis a engaño). - [...]

    20. Recomiendo empezar a leer este libro sin haber leído ninguna reseña. Así que si todavía no lo has hecho deja de leer esto y ponte a leerla.Digo esto porque he leído multitud de referencias relativas a este libro: que si el Juego de Tronos de la Luna, que si Dinastía, o Dune. Y claro, empiezas a leerlo con más hype que un friki en el estreno de La Amenaza Fantasma. Y claro, como les pasó a todos esos frikis, te chocas con la realidad. En esta ocasión con un estilo narrativo muy particula [...]

    21. Basically The Moon is a Very, Very Harsh Mistress, Luna: First Moon is the opening salvo in a pair of novels set on the moon in the not too distant future. Smart, funny, passionate and at times quite dark, McDonald brings the touch we've seen in River of Gods and Dervish House to an entirely new culture as it evolves in a distant hostile place where business or family rules all. I've seen him describe it as Dallas (the 80s TV show) on the moon, and there is something of that too, with all of the [...]

    22. It looks like it's the new fad to compare any book that has as much as two camps squabbling to Game of Thrones, and if said rival camps happen to be families jockeying for power political or economic, then even better. This marketing trick not only has become old too fast but is also rather counterproductive: it creates high expectations in readers who get the comparison even if they're familiar only with the show, paving the way for disappointment, and does a disservice to both the old product [...]

    23. Ugh! What a cliff hanger! I’m dying over here. Warning: don’t pick this up until your prepared to commit to both books. (Aaaanndd apparently the third is due out this year.)I keep seeing this describes as Game of Thrones in space. I sort of get it? But I also don’t. It’s like Capone vs O’Banion in space. Except instead of bootlegging they’re fighting about Helium-3 and turf. They have dazzling parties and beautiful clothes. They’re wealthy. Their lives are always in danger.We follo [...]

    24. A dynastic tale of powerful families that owes something to both the Medicis and Dallas as well as a healthy dose of Game of Thrones.The Cortas are the newest of the Five Dragons, the most powerful and wealthy entrepreneur families of the fledgling moon civilization. They live in a delicate balance of power within the family itself and with the other great families, including the Corta's main rival, the MacKenzies. The story follows three generations of the Cortas as their matriarch readies hers [...]

    25. I have pretty much enjoyed everything I have read by McDonald and this novel is no exception. His exuberant writing style from his earlier novels has been tempered a bit, making his more recent books a bit more accessible. Luna: New Moon is a book that walks the fine line between exuberance and discipline both in the plot and linguistically. It is a book of sharp contrasts. Life and death are so close together that there is almost nothing between them. The moon can kill you in seconds and this r [...]

    26. Culebrón autoconsciente y desacomplejado donde destaca el entorno creado por McDonald: una sociedad Lunar que es el sueño húmedo de un libertario. Si esto no se pierde de vista, se disfruta.

    27. Well, I finally see what all the fuss is about. It's like a soap opera of The Godfather with a lot of sex and violence. The writing: 5+ stars. Everything was exceptionally well done; pacing, plot, prose. The whole thing was so consistently excellent that I figure he had to have done 40-50 rewrites.The plot: This was the weakest point for me, and I do mean me specifically. Mafia stories are not something that I typically enjoy outside of the Godfather trio. The soap opera was a bit much for me al [...]

    28. This was a quick, exciting read to be sure. I enjoyed all of the subplots and most of the characters. It had little substance, and read more like an action thriller than anything, but some well-written, fast-reading sci fi pulp is something I don't turn my nose up at! Especially not when it's done with skill.

    29. Disclaimer: I got a free advance reading copy from Gollancz via Netgalley for giving an honest review; which this definitely is.Luna: New Moon by Ian Mcdonald is a Science Fiction story about the struggles and strife of a new emerging powerful family empire living on The Moon.Corta-Helio is the newest of the five ‘Dragons’ in Luna society. Each Dragon being a family run empire controlling important resources and infrastructure; think of Mafia families but on the Moon. Adriana Corta is the ma [...]

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