The Education of Dixie Dupree

The Education of Dixie Dupree

Donna Everhart / Jan 23, 2020

The Education of Dixie Dupree In Dixie Dupree is eleven years old and already an expert liar Sometimes the lies are for her mama Evie s sake to explain away a bruise brought on by her quick as lightning temper And sometimes

  • Title: The Education of Dixie Dupree
  • Author: Donna Everhart
  • ISBN: 9781496705525
  • Page: 102
  • Format: ebook
  • In 1969, Dixie Dupree is eleven years old and already an expert liar Sometimes the lies are for her mama, Evie s sake to explain away a bruise brought on by her quick as lightning temper And sometimes the lies are to spite Evie, who longs to leave her unhappy marriage in Perry County, Alabama, and return to her beloved New Hampshire But for Dixie and her brother, AlabamIn 1969, Dixie Dupree is eleven years old and already an expert liar Sometimes the lies are for her mama, Evie s sake to explain away a bruise brought on by her quick as lightning temper And sometimes the lies are to spite Evie, who longs to leave her unhappy marriage in Perry County, Alabama, and return to her beloved New Hampshire But for Dixie and her brother, Alabama is home, a place of pine scented breezes and hot, languid afternoons.Though Dixie is learning that the family she once believed was happy has deep fractures, even her vivid imagination couldn t concoct the events about to unfold Dixie records everything in her diary her parents fights, her father s drinking and his unexplained departure, and the arrival of Uncle Ray Only when Dixie desperately needs help and is met with disbelief does she realize how much damage her past lies have done But she has courage and a spirit that may yet prevail, forcing secrets into the open and allowing her to forgive and become whole again.Narrated by her young heroine in a voice as sure and resonant as The Secret Life of Bees Lily or Bastard Out of Carolina s Bone, Donna Everhart s remarkable debut is a story about mothers and daughters, the guilt and pain that pass between generations, and the truths that are impossible to hide, especially from ourselves.

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        Donna Everhart is a USA Today best selling author of THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE, an Best Book Debut Spotlight, Indie Next Pick for November 2016 and long listed for the Southern Book Prize, formerly the Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize Her next novel, THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET, released December 26, 2017, and is a Publisher s Lunch Buzz Book for Fall Winter 2017, a 2018 Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance SIBA Trio pick, a SIBA Okra Pick Winter 2018, and the First Pick with SOUTHERN LADY magazine s launch of their Book Club.Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, she has lived close to her hometown for most of her life For several years she worked for high tech companies, specializing in project management and product introduction She carries a Bachelor of Science in Business Management She lives in Dunn, North Carolina with her husband, Blaine, and a tiny, heart stealing Yorkshire terrier, named Mister.


    1. DANG IT! GR ATE MY REVIEW!!! (Probably because it only had ten typos instead of the normal twenty)Let's try this again.Set in the late 1960's south, Dixie lives in Alabama with her mom, dad and older brother AJ. Her mom has one of those tempers that can get away from her and Dixie tries her best to not trigger her 'other mom' coming out. Her response was to snatch my arm and her sudden move scared me so bad, the pee I'd been holding let go. It drizzled down my legs, a hot stream of fear, but the [...]

    2. NOW AVAILABLE3.75 Stars“Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome.” Birdee Pruitt, (Hope Floats)In 1969, Dixie Dupree is an 11 year-old girl living in a small town in Alabama with her parents and AJ, her brother. Lately things aren’t quite like they used to be. Dixie’s father is drinking more, and her mother’s growing unhappiness with her life in Alabama is ever-present, missing her family and the life she had growing up in New Hampshire. The in-laws have nev [...]

    3. 4+ Stars! GREAT debut! Coming October 25th!THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE is a page-turning coming-of-age story with a nasty monster, a variety of secrets, subject matters that are pretty tough to take, often difficult to read and still the book is unputdownable.It's 1969 Alabama when we first meet eleven year old Dixie with her annoyingly inquisitive mind and propensity for telling little white lies. When her actions finally catch up with her, when she desperately needs help and guidance, she ca [...]

    4. 3+ stars. The Education of Dixie Dupree is well done and I liked Dixie, but it's the kind of book I usually avoid. Dixie is 11 years old, living in Alabama with her parents and brother -- and lots of nasty secrets. There is a pervasive tenseness to the story as Dixie tries to figure out what's going on in the adult world around her, and as that world seeps brutally into her reality. (view spoiler)[ I always try to avoid spoilers but for this review I can't avoid them if I want to write honestly [...]

    5. This was a very emotional book and I just felt so bad for 11 yr old Dixie throughout the entire novel. This situation made me so angry. I won't say any more regarding the situation for those who plan on reading this book.Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Books for the ARC

    6. Spoiler Alert:I wanted to like this book; I really did. The more I think about it, however, it just makes me angry. The main character, an 11 year old, goes through way too much for the book to end as it does. Everhart writes that Dixie wants to talk to someone but doesn't know whom she can trust. To then deny that she still needs to talk to someone and that at the end, everything is now all "normal" is not only a cop-out, it's just dangerous. Don't send the message that a child, which Dixie is [...]

    7. 4.0 stars Dixie Dupree's world completely collapses in the year that she becomes eleven years old.With an unstable mother and drinking father reactively exploding or withdrawing from each other or at their children Dixie and her older brother, AJ, and a remote support system in her Dad's Alabama relatives, the household barely copes with its stress.Dixie learns to lie to cover for her mother's physical fury - and the consequences put her in severe jeopardy when she needs people to believe that s [...]

    8. Read the review in my blog >> Sometimes, a story captivates you and you don’t know exactly why. After only a few pages, The Education of Dixie Dupree had already won me over. There was something about it that made it special… or perhaps it was simply that everything seemed to click.I’ve always loved southern stories, mostly in films (I don’t think there are more quirky southern films for me to watch… Ya-ya Sisterhood, Fried Green Tomatoes, Now & Then… I’ve seen them all), [...]

    9. Dixie Dupree’s observations about her life and the people in it create a vivid world that is sometimes funny, sometimes agonizing, that always feels very real. She finds that life can be ugly, even brutal, and she faces it all with incredible strength and resilience.There’s no gentle way to tell such a story such as this and still have it ring true. In this magnificent debut novel, Everhart writes with gritty realism and shines a harsh light on the ugliness of abuse. This isn’t an easy rea [...]

    10. I was fortunate enough to read an advance copy of this powerful, important debut that mixes southern charm with the darkest side of family life. The best part is the amazing voice of 11-year-old Dixie Dupree, who is wise beyond her years, but still sees everything as a feisty like girl. She's one tough cookie--despite everything that happens to her. I love Dixie, especially when she's trying to figure out the definition of white trash. This novel tackles difficult subject matter but is ultimatel [...]

    11. “I liked her soft voice in my ear, but I had a grasp of this whole situation better than her. I envisioned me and Mama like a glass dropped on the floor, broken into millions of fragments, impossible to put back into any semblance of what we’d been, albeit not perfect to start with.”Childhood is something some of us survive through a miracle but with war wounds. For Dixie Dupree, she is going to get an education no child should ever be exposed to, be so many are. Running a bit wild in Alab [...]

    12. For the first half of this book, thoughts about how some parents shouldn’t have children, crossed my mind. Take Dixie’s mother, Evie, for instance, she’s so wrapped up in her own unhappiness and secrets, she doesn’t see how this affects her children, especially her 11 year old daughter. First off, Dixie, who’s a very imaginative girl, takes up lying as a hobby to battle her own insecurities with what’s happening at home: her mother’s moods and her father’s increasing drinking. Th [...]

    13. When I review a book, I don't feel like it is necessary for me to tell you what the book is about. That is what the synopsis is for, and the publisher does a far better job than I do, believe it. What I feel my purpose is when I write a review is to tell you why you SHOULD read the book, or sometimes, why you SHOULDN'T. When I write a review, I am giving you my honest impression. I try to convey how the book made me feel, if I enjoyed reading it, and if I would recommend it to anyone else. With [...]

    14. 2.5 stars. For me, this book was just OK. I have some major issues with it.To read the story blurb, this sounds like a typical light read, a coming of age book about an 11 year old girl, some family secrets, maybe some family dysfunction. But as you read it, the book takes a definite dark turn that many readers may not be prepared for. So I'll warn you: this book deals with alcoholism, physical abuse, child physical and sexual abuse, depression, among other issues. And they aren't handled partic [...]

    15. I'll start by saying that I think the writing itself is brilliant. The fact that Ms. Everhart kept me glued to this story well into the 1am hour is a testament to her talent. That said, like so many others here I was disillusioned by her choice of a cover. Not one to judge based on appearances I'll let that one slide. What bothers me more than anything is the pretty, well written bow she tacked on as her ending. As a survivor of childhood abuse I was almost insulted at how easily she swept every [...]

    16. I readDonna Everhart's debut "The Education of Dixie Dupree" yesterday. I won an ARC, but Donna didn't ask me to comment - it was just so good I have to share. I couldn't put it down. My family were left to fend for themselves while I read! From page 1 Donna sucked me in. Donna's writing flowed beautifully and 11 year old Dixie was an easy character to like/sympathise with. I don't usually read books on such heavy topics, but through Donna's great storytelling she managed to address a range of i [...]

    17. I certainly give kudos to the author for not being afraid to honestly tackle the subject matter of this book, or to shy away from giving the reader some of the horrifying details, most of which I'm sure were as difficult for everyone to read as they were for me. When we first start teaching students in elementary school how to write an interesting story that will engage the reader, one of the major things we teach them is to show, not tell. And show is what this author did, in passages that made [...]

    18. “My diary was my best friend until I gave it up as key evidence against Uncle Ray.” So begins the narrative of Dixie Dupree, a tough-as-nails girl coming of age in 1969 rural Alabama.Dixie’s parents, Charles and Evie, fight constantly. Charles wants nothing more than to make his wife happy, and Evie longs to be back in New Hampshire, where she grew up. A series of tragic circumstances bring Evie’s brother, Uncle Ray, into the family’s life. Although Uncle Ray is generous in his financi [...]

    19. In Donna Everhart's debut novel, we meet 11 year old Dixie Dupree in 1969. Dixie lives in Alabama with her parents and her older brother. Her home life is very unstable - her dad drinks too much and her mom is very unhappy in Alabama and longs to return to her home in New Hampshire. In order to try to make sense of her life, Dixie keeps a diary and it becomes the only place that she can share her deepest thoughts and questions about her life and her family without worrying about her mother's ang [...]

    20. “The education of Dixie Dupree” is a fearless novel. The protagonist is a plucky eight-year-old girl who narrates the story. Wise beyond her years, she navigates her precarious childhood by being perceptive and brave.The novel takes place in Alabama, and there is the homespun charm of Southern novels woven in the story that helps offset the horrifying subject matters. Author Donna Everhart holds no punches. She tackles serious issues affecting powerless children. Dixie is a strong character. [...]

    21. I'm still not sure what to say - am reeling from this book. Thought it was going to be a coming of age tale, but it's much much darker than that. From the outset you know that one of the characters has been up to no good, but once that character arrives there's an impending sense of doom The writing felt believable but I felt a growing sense of unease and just wanted that part of the book to be over. I didn't 'enjoy' it at all - not that you would, but I just rushed through. Due to the discomfor [...]

    22. Debut author Donna Everhart does an excellent job with this book. Coming of age story of Dixie Dupree.At 11, Dixie is an accomplished liar, taught by her mother.She survives the unthinkable by a monster.Shows the resilience of the human spirit she will survive.I could not put this down and Dixie's story will not soon be forgotten!

    23. This debut novel has an attractive cover and a late 1960s Alabama setting. And it is a coming of age story, though not the cheery one that the cover suggests with its sunshiney yellow. From the first chapter’s handover of the titular Dixie’s diary to a lawyer, the dark overtones are quickly made evident. Dixie’s relationship with her mother is complicated, and this book then backtracks to when it all started – with a lie that led to more lies. The trauma of Dixie’s childhood escalates [...]

    24. I did enjoy Dixie's character. However, it did just get a bit to tragic yet maintaining a fluff-type feel. Fluff tragedy? A new genre? Overall a good read. I do feel that the issues addressed either had too much of a brush over (didn't delve much) to be taken seriously and that the author attempted to pile on as many social issues as she could - which was too many, for my taste, for one book.

    25. I found this story engaging, and thoughtfully constructed. Dixie is a rebellious young girl that has keen insight to her life and those around her. This author approached this difficult subject in a way, that for some may not be perfect, but was effective in how she told it, and kept the events in a believable realm. This is a situation where the phrase - the characters are richly drawn - applies so well. Each has their flaws and redeeming qualities which fit them perfectly. The writing is well [...]

    26. Oh goodness! Such a hard but necessary read Dixie and all those like her deserve to have their stories heard!

    27. This book was not what I expected from ’s Best Books’ review or from the blurbs on the bookjacket. I was mightily disappointed.Dixie is the 11-year-old narrator who suffers a childhood with an unpredictably abusive and argumentative mother, a drinker of a father, and the threat of their divorce. She clings to a few good memories, praying fervently for a permanent return of the good life she believes her family once shared. When the imagined good life disintegrates, a new abuser enters the pi [...]

    28. 4.5 stars. The voice of Dixie just grabbed me and drew me into this story. Had I known how the story was going to unfold, maybe I would never have read this book, so I am very pleased I went in cold. The Education of Dixie Dupree is the debut novel of Donna Everhart, yet it felt like to me that it was coming from a very experienced writer, it was so well written.Dixie is an inquisitive, strong personality and I was often horrified by the relationship she had with her mother. My heart went out to [...]

    29. 4.5 starsI hesitated to request this because of the implications of the title, and so I must warn other readers: this book contains physical, emotional and sexual abuse. But it's not depressing (like A Child Called It, lingering on details with no hope, instead showing the strength and resilience that sometimes pulls people through.From the beginning we know that something happened to Dixie, still a young girl in elementary school, and this covers the period when she becomes aware of how terribl [...]

    30. This may end up being among the top five books I read in my lifetime. Dixie is a child brought up in Alabama by a Yankee mom with rage issues. Dixie learns early to hide the truth; but this comes at a cost, and people learn that they cannot trust what Dixie says. Dixie becomes victimized by a family member, and then has to fend for herself in a situation partially of her own making.This novel is astounding in its scope; the plot is well thought out, yes, but the characters are deep and real; the [...]

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