Fields Where They Lay

Fields Where They Lay

Timothy Hallinan / Feb 28, 2020

Fields Where They Lay It s three days until Christmas and Junior Bender Hollywood s fast talking fixer for the felonious is up to his ears in shopping mall Santas Russian mobsters desperate holiday shoppers and tis th

  • Title: Fields Where They Lay
  • Author: Timothy Hallinan
  • ISBN: 9781616957469
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s three days until Christmas and Junior Bender, Hollywood s fast talking fixer for the felonious, is up to his ears in shopping mall Santas, Russian mobsters, desperate holiday shoppers, and tis the season murder The halls are decked, the deck is stacked, and here comes that jolly old elf Junior Bender, divorced father of one and burglar extraordinaire, finds himselIt s three days until Christmas and Junior Bender, Hollywood s fast talking fixer for the felonious, is up to his ears in shopping mall Santas, Russian mobsters, desperate holiday shoppers, and tis the season murder The halls are decked, the deck is stacked, and here comes that jolly old elf Junior Bender, divorced father of one and burglar extraordinaire, finds himself stuck inside the Edgerton Mall, and not just as a last minute shopper though he is that too Edgerton isn t exactly the epicenter of holiday cheer, despite its two Santas, canned Christmas music, chintzy bows, and festive lights The mall is a fossil of an industry in decline many of its stores are closed, and to make matters worse, there is a rampant shoplifting problem The murderous Russian mobster who owns the place has decided it takes a thief to catch a thief and hires Junior under threat to solve the shoplifting problem for him But Junior s surveillance operation doesn t go well as Christmas Eve approaches, two people are dead and it s obvious that shoplifting is the least of the mall s problems To prevent further deaths, possibly including his own, Junior must confront his dread of Christmas both present and past.

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        I m a thriller and mystery novelist who divides his time between Los Angeles and Southeast Asia, primarily Thailand, where I ve has lived off and on for than twenty years As of now, I ve had seventeen books published by major imprints.My newest, THE HOT COUNTRIES October 2014 , is the seventh in a series of Bangkok thrillers about an American travel writer named Poke Rafferty and his small interracial family It is currently getting some phenomenal reviews, I m happy to say In April 2016 Soho Crime will publish KING MAYBE, the fifth in a series of mysteries featuring a Los Angeles burglar named Junior Bender The first, CRASHED, came out in November of 2012 and the second, LITTLE ELVISES, was released by Soho Crime in Jannuary of this year The series has been bought for television by the brilliant comic Eddie Izzard.My books have been nominated for the Edgar, the Shamus, the Macavity, and many other awards HERBIE S GAME won the 2015 Lefty Award as Best Comic Mystery of 2014 They ve been translated into six languages and have made Top Ten and Notable Books list in both North America and Asia.


    1. I don't usually jump into the middle of a mystery seriesbut when I do, it's usually a Christmas installment that tempts me. Hallinan is actually a new author for me and I quite like both his writing and his anti-hero, Junior Bender. I call him an anti-hero, because Junior is a burglar extraordinaire. In this outing, Junior gets called in to figure out why a dying mall is having a huge uptick in shoplifting this Christmas season. Or rather, he is coerced and threatened into doing it by one of the [...]

    2. Cat burglar Junior Bender, the private detective for Los Angeles crooks, hates Christmas, and his Scrooge-like attitude gets worse when a Russian mobster forces him take on a case just three days before the holiday. After Junior is told that his teenage daughter will be killed unless he cooperates, he has no choice but to investigate why shoplifting has skyrocketed at a run-down suburban mall. The situation gets more complicated when one of the shopkeepers is murdered. Determined to find the kil [...]

    3. An intelligent, humorous and philosophical look at Christmas through the eyes of Hallinan's Junior Bender, a self-interested burglar with a Robin Hood heart. What stayed with me most was not the well-crafted plot as much as Bender's ruminations between action scenes in which he ponders Christmas, human nature, the meaning of life and the reality of love.

    4. Fields Where They Lay by Timothy HallinanJunior Bender is in a seasonal funk as Christmas approaches. It's three days before Christmas, he hasn't done a thing to prepare, and would just as soon not have to think about it. When his old client and adversary, gangstress Trey Annunziato calls in what she considers a favor, he must meet with a real estate mogul named Tip Poindexter at a local country club for lunch. Poindexter turns out to be an alias for a Russian gangster who rapidly becomes Vlad. [...]

    5. This being my first Junior Bender detective book (it’s number 6 in Timothy Hallinan’s series), I’m fully aware that I’m a little late to the party here. In fact it’s like I just arrived to the party and the hosts are already picking up all the crushed beer cans, what’s left of the cheese ball has been carefully swaddled in Saran wrapping and placed back in the fridge, Uncle Phil has finished espousing his culturally insensitive views to the uncomfortable partygoers and is now passed [...]

    6. I loved this installment of a series I've had on my tbr list for far too long. What prompted me to read the latest in the Junior Bender books (#6) before any others is that it's set during Christmas. Each of the last 3 years, I've binged in December on books set during Christmas - books of all sorts, but seemingly lots of mystery writers set one or more of their series books during the holidays.Junior is a cat burglar who is hired by crooks and criminals to help them solve problems. This particu [...]

    7. i'm a big Timothy Hallinan fan, and I particularly love this caper series set in the San Fernando Valley where I grew up. Oddly enough, this is a Christmas story, a genre one would think Hallinan, wouldn't touch, but instead he totally turns it on its head: his protagonist, Junior Bender, hates Christmas and is desperately trying to figure out what to give his loved ones on the eve of Christmas) yet manages to twist the ending so a Christmas miracle does happen and the criminal manages to help a [...]

    8. Tim Hallinan’s Junior Bender books have something in common with both the bestselling crime fiction series of today and the classic series from the past: a main character who continues to evolve from book to book. Junior is a burglar’s burglar and he has been on a winning streak for more than two decades, but please don’t mistake Junior for Robin Hood just because he’s a nice guy. That’s not to say, however, that Junior gets to profit from everything he steals. Certain very powerful (a [...]

    9. Amongst the enlightening legends and lore of shopping malls, Timothy Hallinan peoples Fields Where They Lay (as he usually does) with a first-rate cast of characters. Junior is a thief with a heart of gold. A man who stumbled into investigating cases for various Los Angeles area bad guys, and now couldn't stumble his way back out no matter how hard he tried. (It's LA's organized crime version of type casting.) Junior gets along with his ex-wife, adores his teenage daughter, and has fallen totall [...]

    10. Junior Bender is coerced into finding out why a mall is experiencing an enormous increase in shoplifting in the weeks before Christmas. A Russion mafioso, improbably named Tip Poindexter, has made it clear Junior will face serious consequences if the thefts are not stopped. It takes a thief to catch a thief. As Junior sits in the security office, watching the mall traffic on the monitors and wanders around through the mall, we listen to his inner musings on his life and Christmas, in particular. [...]

    11. In Timothy Hallinan’s new book “Fields Where They Lay,” Junior Bender provides an ideal remedy for the season’s ever-present (and sometimes annoying) Christmas music and overwrought sentimentality. Junior is a big-hearted burglar who unwillingly serves as a private eye and fixer for some major criminals in the LA area. His investigation of shoplifting at a dying mall in the days leading up to Christmas bring him into contact with some truly memorable characters, including a Jewish Santa [...]

    12. I'm partial to thieves with hearts of gold, and it turns out Junior Bender is an especially appealing incarnation of this time honored figure. A bad guy and a good guy with a complicated personal life, Junior has a penchant for literary allusions and a collector of first editions as well as being savvy to the ways of the local mafia. He has a daughter and an ex-wife, a girl friend with some serious secrets and a group of friends who boast criminal intelligence paired with surprising sentimental [...]

    13. Best so farWhy this guy is not on everyone's bestseller list is beyond me. This series and his Poke Rafferty novels are among the top of the genre. Miss them at your peril.

    14. Audio My first Junior Bender. I really liked it. There were many interesting and varied characters, a well-crafted plot, that was not at all predictable, humor, and as an added bonus-riffs on assorted topics that provided really enlightening and historical info on numerous topics.

    15. I started this book with high expectations, as I have loved the others in the series. However, this feels more like a short story padded out with a very long WWII memory, a weirdly attenuated romantic drama, and of all things a history of keys. Ah well, better luck next time.

    16. “Field Where They Lay” by Timothy Hallinan – It Takes a Thief to Catch a ThiefA Felonious Christmas with Timothy HallinanFor those who aren't up-to-date with the series, Junior Bender is a thief extraordinaire that has a bit of reputation in the criminal world, and has despite that managed to stay in liberty for quite a long time, as well as keep up his life as a single father. Anyhow, with Christmas being in full tow the Russian mobster-owned Edgerton Mall is facing quite a problem, aside [...]

    17. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 3.0 of 5This is book number six in a "Junior Bender Mystery" series. I have not read any of the other books in the series and because of that I think I was a bit lost right from the start. Junior Bender is a bit of a detective - but not for the good guys. He's a burglar who does a bit of detecting work for the criminal bosses in the area.At the start of the book, Bender is in the security office for a local mall. The mall, like s [...]

    18. Originally I chose this novel for its Christmas theme. I wanted to re-discover the gentleness and the holiday spirit of Christmas through someone else’s eyes. Tim Hallinan and his creation, Junior Bender did not disappoint. Junior Bender is a twenty-first-century thief who apparently journeys on both sides of the legal line for the benefit of his friends. His perspective on Christmas is somewhat cynical, modern and urbane.At the start of this novel, we discover it’s three days before Christm [...]

    19. Junior Bender, burglar extraordinaire and sometime detective to the underworld, serves as the narrator of this unusual Christmas tale. He is roped in to investigate, on behalf of a Russian mobster and owner of a dying shopping mall in Los Angeles, why there has been a spiking increase in shoplifting in recent months a few days before Christmas Day. Junior, who hates the Xmas atmosphere, is immersed in the Holiday cheer of shopping, Santas, and piped-in popular songs, much to his chagrin.While un [...]

    20. If one Santa inside the Mall is good for business, then two Santas can only be better. Right?Can Junior figure out who's behind a shoplifting epidemic before his "employer" has him bumped off?The premise that a master thief makes a good "detective for underworld figures" is wonderfully realised in this series.Junior Bender is a fully-formed character with confidence in his abilities and a way of staying alive while getting involved with some really strange and nasty types including con artists, [...]

    21. This book plain ole had too many storylines going in it. It had the shoplifting story, the murder story, the girlfriend story, the Santa Christmas miracle story, the teenage daughter story, the I hate Christmas story plus a few other minor storylines and after a while, they all became one big knotted jumble. One time they shifted a plot line in the middle of a chapter and I didn't realize it until four or five paragraphs in when things weren't making any sense and had to backtrack and reread the [...]

    22. Although it took me a bit to adjust to the character, etc. (this was my first Junior Bender and Timothy Hallinan read), I enjoyed the tale by the time I finished. I've had this series on my "to read" list for quite awhile, based on book reviews, but this one was quickly available and I jumped right in. I will be going back to begin the series in order I'll probably understand some of the back story better then.Just off the top of my head, the first author this reminded me of was Robert Parker an [...]

    23. Toward the end I wasn't sure the base plot premise made sense, but it's Junior Bender, and look what all you do get:1. A pretty great car chase in chapter 9.2. Casually dropped pithy comments like, "Women recover from ecstasy faster than men do."3. A surprisingly gripping story-within-a-story about a WWII episode.4. Contemplation about the Christmas season -- not only the usual denigration of its commercialism, but also an acknowledgement of the good impulses it encourages.Continues to be a grea [...]

    24. I came to this straight from King Maybe, which I loved. On the basis that I gave King Maybe 4*, but said it was nearly 5, I've given this 4 although it's almost 3.Still love the characters, but this felt like a feel good Christmas story that did,t have enough words, and so is padded out with a sentimental, saccharine and totally irrelevant WWII tale to ram home the Christmas message.It's not bad, but nowhere near as good as the previous 5. The most encouraging thing is that it has already perfec [...]

    25. Christmas Crimes Junior Bender styleIf you are a fan of Hallinan's Junior Bender series, you may like this change of pace storyline. The crime happens in a shopping mall at Christmas and the mall becomes a Claus-trophobic background for a slower paced story than we are used to in the Bender series. Not as many quirky, crazy side characters, but a much quieter, reflective Junior than we normally see. But, hey, the holidays affect us all in different ways. Still enjoyable and I gave it 4 out of 5 [...]

    26. It was fun to jump back into the world of Junior Bender (even if out of order). Listening to this on audiobook was a different experience and I am not sure it worked as well as I would have expected. Sometimes Bender's voice grated on me. I also thought some of the side stories were distracting (the one Schlomo tells was interesting but distracting to me). But still Hallinan knows how to to do crime with a sense of humor and plenty of cynicism.

    27. It takes a thief to find a thief, in this case, it takes Junior Bender. Offered a deal to catch shoplifters in a mall at Christmastime, he can’t refuse the job, if he wants to keep his daughter safe. It takes Junior some legwork and brainwork to unravel the scheme, but, being Junior, he won’t stop until he gets to the bottom of things. This novel is a bit disjointed with war flashbacks, but still, an interesting case.

    28. If you're looking for some light-hearted Christmas carnage, I highly recommend this Junior Bender mystery. The LA burglar is summoned by a Russian mafia guy to discover why there has been a huge spike in shoplifting at his woeful mall. Upon threat of death. Just days before Christmas (and Junior has "issues" about Christmas. Hallinan always makes me smile (and that is no mean feat this November!)

    29. 2.5 rounded to 3.0This book is EXTREMELY slow to start as though the author was searching for the story. I almost quit several times, but finally the last third of the book brought it all together. I can't say it was worth the credit (I listened to this on Audible) and I'm not likely to buy another Junior Bender unless it is seriously discounted.

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