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Masterpiece Marvin lives with his family under the kitchen sink in the Pompadays apartment He is very much a beetle James Pompaday lives with his family in New York City He is very much an eleven year old boy Aft

  • Title: Masterpiece
  • Author: Elise Broach Kelly Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780805082708
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marvin lives with his family under the kitchen sink in the Pompadays apartment He is very much a beetle James Pompaday lives with his family in New York City He is very much an eleven year old boy.After James gets a pen and ink set for his birthday, Marvin surprises him by creating an elaborate miniature drawing James gets all the credit for the picture and before theMarvin lives with his family under the kitchen sink in the Pompadays apartment He is very much a beetle James Pompaday lives with his family in New York City He is very much an eleven year old boy.After James gets a pen and ink set for his birthday, Marvin surprises him by creating an elaborate miniature drawing James gets all the credit for the picture and before these unlikely friends know it they are caught up in a staged art heist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that could help recover a famous drawing by Albrecht D rer But James can t go through with the plan without Marvin s help And that s where things get really complicated and interesting This fast paced mystery will have young readers on the edge of their seats as they root for boy and beetle In Shakespeare s Secret Elise Broach showed her keen ability to weave storytelling with history and suspense, and Masterpiece is yet another example of her talent This time around it s an irresistible miniature world, fascinating art history, all wrapped up in a special friendship something for everyone to enjoy Masterpiece is a 2009 Bank Street Best Children s Book of the Year.

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        Elise Broach is the New York Times bestselling author of children s books including Masterpiece, Shakespeare s Secret, Desert Crossing, Missing on Superstition Mountain the first book in the Superstition Mountain Trilogy as well as several picture books Her books have been selected as ALA notable books, Junior Library Guild selections, a Publishers Weekly Best Children s Book, a New York Public Library Best Book for the Teenage, an IRA Teacher s Choice, an E.B White Read Aloud Award, and nominated for an Edgar Award, among other distinctions Ms Broach holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in history from Yale University She was born in Georgia and lives in the woods of rural Connecticut, walking distance from three farms, a library, a post office and two country storescmillan author eliseb


    1. I read this book out loud in the car while my friend, and fellow author, Kathy Whitehead and I drove across the Texas plains from Abilene to College Station. The rhythm of the prose, the pacing, the language all come together to create the perfect read-aloud. I also want to add that there are some small bits of humor throughout that I think might be lost in silent reading. But Kathy and I found ourselves laughing out loud in dozens of subtle spots. Well done, Ms. Broach! The story is surprising [...]

    2. Приобрела опасную привычку - закупать сыну книги "впрок", а то "вдруг не переиздадут". "Шедевр" подойдёт лет на 9-12, так что ему ждать ещё ой сколько, а я сегодня прочла с превеликим удовольствием. Книгу о дружбе жучка с мальчиком, о рисовании, Дюрере, Метрополитен-музее и коварн [...]

    3. An engaging story that is part art heist and part The Borrowers with a dash of Metamorphosis. Both boy and beetle here are so sweet and endearing. I read this when I was pregnant with my son and it is one I would definitely like to share with him when he is older. A few parts of the art heist seemed a bit too neat and tidy and sometimes the jump from beetle world to human world was a bit discordant but overall I really enjoyed the story and loved out protagonists. Also has some of the best passa [...]

    4. E.B. White, George Selden. Sophisticated little animals. Manhattanites of yesteryear, with their glib savoir faire and urban obtuseness. Witty, well-chosen language. It’s counterintuitive that it still sells. ‘Stuart Little’ and ‘The Cricket in Times Square’ still do, thankfully. People just won’t give up on literate, if retrograde, children’s literature, because reading it, particularly reading it aloud, remains such a delight.‘Masterpiece’ could have been published 50 years a [...]

    5. The central story of Marvin and Jame's friendship and the art heist are tender/thrilling in turns. There is a problem with the pacing when too much time is spent on tangential details (too many lists of things that the beetles do or eat) or the beetle's lifestyle, for example, that turtle in the tank chapter does not move the plot along, does not come into play later in the story. Some trimming and tightening of the plot would have made this one of the better mysteries for children but the tensi [...]

    6. While in Wichita Falls, I finished reading Masterpiece, by Elise Broach. A really fun read. Boy meets beetle. Beetle turns out to be a gifted artist. Boy and beetle help foil a major art heist. It's like a combination of Chasing Vermeer and Cricket in Times Square. Check it out.

    7. Cute story from the perspective of a beetle. Imagines his life in the kitchen cabinet of a New York apartment, and his friend with the boy who lives there. Turns out, Marvin (our beetle friend) is a fabulous artist, skillful enough to imitate the greats. Thus begins an art theft adventure, with Marvin venturing further from his home than ever before.Old-fashioned (includes some illustrations), cool art element, appeals to lovers of the borrowers. Engaging, nonthreatening and sweet. Worth booktal [...]

    8. This book was wonderful in so many ways - we all just loved it. It was fun to read aloud and we couldn't wait to see how it ended. The story takes a very strange turn so it was tough to read it and not stop over and over to say things like "What is going on NOW?" and that made it even more fun. We needed a pause button on my voice, if that were at all possible.Saying this book is about a boy with a beetle for a friend is really not enough. It has the beauty of Charlotte's Web in it because the i [...]

    9. Masterpiece is the story of a boy and his beetle. Eleven year old James lives with his mom, stepdad and baby brother in an apartment on the Upper West Side of NYC; Marvin the beetle lives in the wall behind their kitchen sink. Through remarkable circumstances, James and Marvin end up as friends helping to foil a great art heist. This great read aloud gives us peeks into several worlds: that Roald Dahl world of clever children with adults who don't always pay attention; the beetle world in which [...]

    10. This is a delightful book. The first few chapters were lacking in originality (similar to The Borrowers and Stuart Little), but the author moved beyond that into something creative. I read Terry Pratchett's books about tiny beings, and they were so blatantly derivative of The Borrowers that I couldn't even enjoy them; not the case here. (I also decided that there are some situations that just come naturally when you're talking about tiny creatures in a world of humans. Just as human parents warn [...]

    11. Marvin is a small black beetle who lives in James' family's house. He and his family live in hollowed out rooms behind the kitchen sink, and keep the plumbing and wiring in repair to prevent a handyman from discovering their existence. Marvin likes James, who is a decent kid, and feels sorry for him, because James doesn't get much attention from his remarried mom, who's more interested in selling expensive Manhattan apartments than him.So when James gets a pen and ink set from his father for his [...]

    12. Martin is a young beetle who lives in the walls of the Pompaday’s apartment in New York City. The beetles don’t think much of Mr. & Mrs. Pompaday or bouncing baby William, but they are quite fond of 11-year old James (Mrs. Pompaday’s son from a previous marriage). Martin wants to do something special for James on his birthday, so he uses James’ new drawing set to make him a picture. The tiny, precise drawing is much like the style of Albrecht Dürer. James loves it, but when the Pomp [...]

    13. A very cute story. I wasn't sure I'd like a book about a boy and a beetle, but I did. I admired the friendship that develops between them. I also enjoyed learning about the artist Albrecht Durer and art heists. I had no idea there was such a thing as art stealing criminals!I also appreciated the humor in this novel, such as the following:"It must be Denny's mail, Marvin thought. He knew a little about the human system of mail, because Papa had explained it to him several weeks ago, when, tragica [...]

    14. This book is a charming concept, and a wonderful bridge for kids who like animal stories, but maybe need to get into literature a bit more. It was a read aloud to my 8 year old, but would be an enjoyable read-to-self for a ten year old. There are lots of large words here, some of which need to be explained, but the protagonist is young and approachable. On the surface this story is about a beetle and his family who live an apartment with the Pompaday's, most notably the ignored son James. A frie [...]

    15. Masterpiece is about a boy, a beetle, and an art mystery. That's a pretty strange plot for a book, but it works out well in this story, which is very enjoyable and the pace keeps you reading until the end. Marvin the beetle lives with his family in the Pompadays' apartment. When James, the young boy who lives there, gets a pen and ink set for his birthday, Marvin stumbles upon it one night and makes an unusually good, detailed drawing. James finds out it was Marvin, and they strike up a unique f [...]

    16. If I were leaning toward recommending to a child a mystery/unlikely friendship story that also features a healthy dose of art history, I will allow my eyes to scan a few shelves past 'J Fic Balliett' and go for this one instead. It's a difficult premise to pull off--a beetle the size of a grain of rice befriends an 11-year old boy and they are both drawn into an art-theft intrigue involving Albrecht Durer (sorry for the missing umlaut)--and the author does it charmingly. I only wish that Durer h [...]

    17. This YA Fantasy book was a pleasant surprise. I was immediately engaged in the first chapter which was titled "Family Emergency". This book is about a family of beetles who live in a wall in the Pompaday's apartment. Marvin, a beetle, begins a friendship with the Pompaday's son James. I love how the story starts out very innocent with a beetle and his family just watching the day to day activities of the humans whose apartment they live in. Then to my surprise it turns into an adventure and myst [...]

    18. While most kids chapter books that I like are set in some fantasy/surreal world with their own rules, Masterpiece is set in reality (ok, despite the fact that a beetle and a boy become friends). It's a fun story with twists that I didn't see coming, doesn't patronize its reader, and it's messy-- divorced parents, kid with no friends, etc.-- so it was a nice introduction to my son that life can turn out well even when it gets complicated. I can't wait to read Ms. Broach's other work with my boys. [...]

    19. This is a really good book! I love the aspects of friendship and suspense that happen in this book. Also the ending was exciting and unexpected. I would recommend this book to people who like suspenseful books with an exciting plot. This book reminds me of The Tale of Despereaux because in both the books a small animal befriends a human, and experiences the human world. Overall this is a book with good story line that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat waiting to see what is happening ne [...]

    20. Masterpieceby Elise BroachThis unique fantasy novel is about a beetle named Marvin who has an amazing talent for art. He lives with his family in secrecy with a family who has a boy named James. Find out what happens when James takes Marvin to an art museum, will Marvin be back home safe? The book was suspenseful when Marvin revealed that he drew the painting to James. The book has a creative plot and upturning events. The book is appropriate for middle schoolers who enjoy fantasy novels.

    21. This book displays all of the virtues of a really well-written novel for children in the classical mode: an interesting story that shows young readers more of the world; simple, elegant writing; a child character who does things, doesn't just think about them; wisdom in its telling. A wonderful book.

    22. Very nice mystery with some interesting themes neatly woven into the story. Two youngsters, one a human named James and the other a beetle named Marvin join forces to prevent an art theft. Along the way they become friends, overcoming Marvin's inability to speak or write human. Both learn a lot about themselves and their abilities and form a lasting friendship.

    23. This was really 3 1/2 and Walt liked it just fine, I just found it somewhat pedestrian. I did appreciate learning more about Albrecht Durer, but I think some of the detail about art and museums and art theft went over Walt's head. Still it was a fine read aloud, just nothing special.

    24. Masterpiece is an amazing book. It's about a boy who finds a cockroach in the cabnit who can make a picture that looks like a familiar painter or artist picture.

    25. I starte reading this book with my 6 year old daughter. It challenges her and it has created a curiosity for art. The interweaving of art and history made this a joy for me as well.

    26. Masterpiece by Elise Broach is a delightful fictional story consisting of a unrealistic relationship between a beetle and a young boy. Marvin the beetle lives under the kitchen sink in Pompadays’ apartment. James Pompadays is a young boy who just got a really bad birthday party. Marvin makes a miniature drawing of the outside street view through the window. However, Marvin gets caught by James and this starts their adventure. James gets acknowledged by the miniature drawing and eventually both [...]

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