Patricia Brent, Spinster

Patricia Brent, Spinster

Herbert Jenkins / Jan 24, 2020

Patricia Brent Spinster Patricia Brent is upset after overhearing her neighbors discussing her lack of dates Determined to prove them wrong she tells them that she is having dinner with her fianc on the following evening Wh

  • Title: Patricia Brent, Spinster
  • Author: Herbert Jenkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Patricia Brent is upset after overhearing her neighbors discussing her lack of dates Determined to prove them wrong, she tells them that she is having dinner with her fianc on the following evening When they show up to the restaurant to see what he looks like, Patricia is forced to coerce a young man into pretending he is there for her.

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        Herbert George Jenkins 1876 8 June 1923 was a British writer and the owner of the publishing company Herbert Jenkins Ltd which published many of P.G Wodehouse s novels.


    1. 3.5 stars. This is a witty, somewhat fluffy British romance written in 1918. There's a meet-cute: Patricia Brent, a secretary in her twenties, lives in a boarding house with a bunch of rather catty gossips. One night she overhears a couple of them snidely commenting on her lack of dates. Incensed, she announces that she won't be at dinner the next night: she'll be going out to dinner with her fiancé. It causes a sensation, and Patricia is quite pleased. She heads out to have dinner on her own, [...]

    2. Humor inglés a tope :DMe ha recordado a esas películas clásicas de enredos tipo 'La fiera de mi niña' que tanto me gustan :)

    3. A cute romance. It's set in the early 1900's so we have to look past all the sexism. Besides you can't smack a fictional character upside the head no matter how much we want.I assume the author was trying to bring up her intense pride as a barrier to her romance with the handsome and sweet young lord. But he brought her across as a bitch intent on not being made to look ridiculous.Most of the humor fell flat but there were a few good scenes. Some of the side characters were a bit interesting. Bu [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book a great deal despite it showing its age occasionally. Written in 1918, it's the story of a woman well on the road to spinsterhood who steps off that road in a fit of pique and catches the eye of a wonderful young man who has a hard time taking no for an answer. The story is charming and the characters are fun and dynamic (if somewhat idealized in a British classist kind of way).While I had a good time with the book, some markers of the era are telling and a little off-putting [...]

    5. I really like this book and I have given it five stars because of:1) the humor - in witty conversations and funny characters (well chosen)Circumstances might alter, thrones totter, but Miss Brent's decisions would remain unshaken"we women are all as unreasonable as the Income Tax"2) a charming love storyShe put her cool hands to her hot cheeks, wondering why her heart should show so little regard for her feelings3) the writer's observant eye - it is a marvelous social satire4) the way the story [...]

    6. Enjoyable, fluffy and short comedy of errors from 1918 - almost a 100-year-old. :)It can be downloaded free from Project Gutenberg gutenberg/ebooks/33353 and is still a kindle freebie on .

    7. I couldn’t help but make connections between this Lord Peter and the more famous one created by Dorothy Sayers. The comparisons were entirely favorable. Intelligent, kind, persistent, recognized as “different” by other members of their class…these were some of the qualities that the two Peters share.This book is set during World War I in London. Interestingly enough, the war doesn’t figure too much into the story, except when it makes a “guest appearance” near the end.Patricia live [...]

    8. I feel like a Scrooge giving this three stars when my friends liked it so much more, but the truth is, Patricia annoyed me to the point where I didn't see what Bowen could possibly see in her. I think I was taking it all too seriously when it was supposed to be a farce but I guess that's my current mood. (Diets are no good for anyone!)I do think that in the hands of Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison this could have been a hit.

    9. Every now and then a book comes along that is s true surprise and joy. A book you want to tell everyone about, Patricia Brent, Spinster is such a one for me. I really shouldn’t have been surprised that this was such a delight, having first heard about it from Stuckinabook and immediately going in search of a copy of it. I was delighted therefore, when my cheap, ex-library edition from Abebooks turned out to have such an attractive 1970’s dust jacket. Living the shabbily genteel existence of [...]

    10. After hearing the neighbor cats say mean things, Patricia Brent announces she will be dining out with her fiance the next evening. This is obviously scandalous! So when some of the neighbor cats follow her to dinner, Patricia accosts the first single military man she finds. He turns out to be Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Peter Bowen, hot to trot. 1. This was pretty entertaining? I liked Patricia, even with her ridiculous pride, and Peter with his schmoopy-eyed dedication and the silly plot to get the [...]

    11. Very enjoyablePrior to discovering this book, I had never heard of Patricia Brent, Spinster. Not had I the foggiest idea whom author Herbert George Jenkins was but now that I've read this book I shan't forget it and I want to read more by this author. I was immediately drawn into this story and upon being swiftly introduced to this cast of colorful characters I was intrigued and entertained. This delightful romance reads like a film. So descriptive and precise are the details of the cast and the [...]

    12. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I think that I am on a kick to read some more of these older novels. This was my second one in a row and I’m going to look for another one to start. No sex, no violence, no swearing… just pleasant characters that I can enjoy spending some time with.I became curious when I got to the end of the book and saw a list of novels entitled Herbert Jenkins’ Shilling Library. What in the world? So of course I had to look it up!Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate [...]

    13. This novel was originally published in 1918 when a woman in her 20s was considered a spinster. Fed up with the gossips at her boarding house, Patricia Brent makes up a fictional fiance to shut them all up. When the old catty gossips follow her to the location of her "date," Patricia is stuck. Seeing an available young soldier sitting alone, she seizes the opportunity to extend her lie a little longer. Peter Bowen is enchanted with Patricia and her tall tale. He would love to make it a reality bu [...]

    14. This is a light, fluffy, and very enjoyable read.It is 1918 in London. Patricia Brent is, as the title says, a spinster. She lives in a dismal boarding house and works as secretary to a would-be rising politician. And one evening, when she overhears some of the other boarders pitying her for her manless state, she has had enough. She invents a fiancé. And then she goes out, supposedly to dinner with him - but the said boarders follow her to get a look at him. What's a girl to do? Why, bounce up [...]

    15. Che sia sul grande schermo, o tra le pagine di un libro, poche cose riescono a sorprendermi in positivo quanto una commedia realmente ben fatta: perché, nonostante le apparenze, quello dell'intrattenimento disimpegnato è un terreno assai scivoloso, e accade spesso che chi vi si dedica inciampi nella banalità, nel luogo comune o, peggio ancora, nel cattivo gusto.Se tuttavia è vero che far sorridere con garbo e intelligenza è generalmente prerogativa di pochi eletti (e al giorno d'oggi sarebb [...]

    16. Deliciosa comedia feelgood. Publicada en los años posteriores a la Primera Guerra Mundial, se nota que se hace un esfuerzo por los personajes frívolos y divertidos. Fuera de contexto histórico, tal vez sea poco creíble, pero es entretenida.

    17. Set during WWI, this is a short comedy of manners, satirizing a group of genteel residents of a boarding house in Bayswater, and juxtaposing pride against love. The heroine's behaviour and sentiments may seem very silly to some, but one must bear in mind that it was first published in 1918.On the whole it was delightfully tongue-in-cheek and amusing.

    18. When I had no kids and more free time I used to record audiobooks for LibriVox and this is a book someone else recorded that I came across at that time. It seems to be very rare in actual book form but you can get it in eBook form or listen to it for free quite easily. In any case, my husband and I fell in love with the audio version recorded by Anna Simon for LibriVox and it is our go-to listening for car trips. The story takes place in 1918 London where young Patricia Brent lives in a boarding [...]

    19. پاتریشیای تنهاهربرت جن کنیزپاتریشیا دختر زیباروی بیست و چهار ساله ای است که در کوکی پدر و مادر خود را از دست داده و تنها در پانسیون گالوین زندگی میکندروزی به صورت اتفاقی صدای پیر دخترها ی ساکن پانسیون به گوشش میرسد که او را دختری منزوی و تنها خطاب میکنند که هیچ مردی در زندگی اش [...]

    20. This is the story of a girl in WWI London who asks a stranger to play the part of her fiance for one evening so that her nosy, catty, gossipy boarding-house neighbors will stop making disparaging remarks about her single state. Except, the stranger ends up liking her and decides to bring the charade to pass. There are some great characters, but in such a short book, they’re not fleshed out much. But it’s a funny, enjoyable read. In some ways it reminds me of the eccentric characters of Anne [...]

    21. This book is a gem. Patricia Brent, the secretary to a rising politician, lives in a depressing guest house in Bayswater. After hearing two of her fellow guests call her a spinster she invents a dinner date with a non-existent fiancee. The tangled web that results from this lie becomes more and more elaborate as the book roles onWritten by PG Wodehouse's editor this novel has the same lightness of humour, and appreciation of the ridiculous common to his work. The setting of WW1 London is excelle [...]

    22. I inherited this old, worm-holey book from an aunt, and thought I should give it a chance because, after all, the author did publish Wodehouse! Set in the same period as the early Wodehouses, its characters are recognizably 1920s in their way of relating to the world and to each other. But unlike Wodehouse, it is dated by its superior-but-indulgent view of women -- the 'Women never really say what they mean', 'There, there, little woman' kind of remarks. If you can manage to set that aside, an e [...]

    23. I have a thing for early twentieth-century British prose, and that is the this book's saving grace. That, and the excellent side characters. I love the way the Galvin House inmates and their antics are illustrated. The Romance is standard stuff, nothing exciting, but not bad either. This book is a product of its time, so reader beware of some casual classism and misogyny.

    24. Recommendation from Michelle (@bookmusings) - April 2016Read October 2016This was such a delightful read. Light hearted, funny, ridiculous in the most perfect way. I enjoyed it from start to finish and recommend this book to anyone who loves a fun, romantic light read. The set up and writing style remind be quite a bit of The Lark by Edith Nesbit. Which I also enjoyed.

    25. What a fun book! It should be more well known. Super fun romance with some great quirky characters including Miss Brent who gets herself into a mess just to show the catty gossips that she doesn't need their pity.

    26. Light but enjoyable romance. The interesting thing is that this was actually written in 1918, not like the many contemporary authors that write period romance. The downside is that not only the characters had traditional and old-fashioned ideas about gender, but that the author added them in random places.I wasn't completely convinced by the main couple and their motivations, I'm not sure Patricia was only proud or moral, even if I try to understand the values of her time. Even so, I identified [...]

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