Dust Bath Revival

Dust Bath Revival

Marianne Kirby / Jan 24, 2020

Dust Bath Revival year old Henrietta Goodness Hank to all that know her has heard all the stories about how the Dust made the dead rise She s heard about how life changed But that was a long time ago and Hank is re

  • Title: Dust Bath Revival
  • Author: Marianne Kirby
  • ISBN: 9781620071922
  • Page: 431
  • Format: ebook
  • 16 year old Henrietta Goodness Hank to all that know her has heard all the stories about how the Dust made the dead rise She s heard about how life changed But that was a long time ago, and Hank is ready for another normal dry and dusty Florida summer She knows the thunder doesn t really promise rain Instead, Hank and her brother will do their chores, run into town16 year old Henrietta Goodness Hank to all that know her has heard all the stories about how the Dust made the dead rise She s heard about how life changed But that was a long time ago, and Hank is ready for another normal dry and dusty Florida summer She knows the thunder doesn t really promise rain Instead, Hank and her brother will do their chores, run into town as much as they can get away with, and lock up tight and safe in their Aunt Marty s house once the sun goes down That s the plan, at least, until an itinerant tent revival rolls onto their land, with a Reborn one of the risen dead traveling caged with them The arrival of an unknown cousin connected to the revival starts Hank on the road to solving a mystery that even the government might not want unraveled There s nowhere to go when the night isn t safe and there s no one to trust when everyone might be part of a conspiracy to keep the Reborn walking.

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        Marianne Kirby writes about bodies both real and imagined She plays with the liminal space between vanishing and visibility she thinks the things that go bump in the night need to spend some time in the sun.A long time writer, editor, and activist, Marianne is a frequent contributor to women s interest publications, news outlets, and tv shows that require people to have opinions She has been published by the Guardian, xoJane, the Daily Dot, Bitch Magazine, Time, and others She has appeared on tv and radio programs ranging from the Dr Phil Show to Radio New Zealand.Marianne was born in Florida and returned there, because Florida Weird calls to its own She has briefly escaped again but is already plotting her eventual winter migration.


    1. I've developed a prejudice against books with 16-year-old protagonists. There are almost as many book synopses that start with "16-year-old so and so…" as there are book titles along the lines of Somebody's Daughter or Wife or Sister or whatever. I've begun to find those descriptions immediately off-putting.Fortunately, I usually don't read synopses before I start books these days, so Hank, 16-year-old protagonist of Dust Bath Revival, slipped by me. I'm glad. Because this is a stay-up-past-yo [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Hank is rather used to her life. The Dust is so many years ago that no one is really scared by the Revived anymore. However, it might be there are more dangerous things lurking around the corner. It was not the read that I expected, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I'd expected a zombie story, but zombies really made up only a fraction of the story. It was a bit confusing at times (because not all seemed to make sense) but I forgave the book s [...]

    3. This YA story of zombies, hunger, and south Florida has haunted me since about 2007, when the author sent me what would become an early chapter.I don't like zombie stories. But this one ate my brain. (sorry)"Hey, are you still working on that thing?" I'd ask. "When do I get more about the Florida zombies?"Pretty pesty behavior, as far as writers go - but this is worth the wait.Hank's world is so hot and full of glare that I found myself squinting when I read it. The world is rich enough that I [...]

    4. Dust Bath Revival (Feral Seasons #1) by Marianne Kirby is not at all what I expected, which is good. There are soooo many twists and turns that the author has you in a pretzel shape half way through the book. Just when you think you figure out where the plot is goingBlam, you are so wrong! Then you get comfortable, bame did it again! This book is creepy, suspense-filled, action packed, unpredictable (completely!), and I can't wait for the next book! I am really sick to death, no pun intended, of [...]

    5. A fascinating new take on the zombie genre, Dust Bath Revival drips with voice and atmosphere. Set in the midst of a decades-long historic dust storm, Kirby absolutely nails the north Florida vernacular. The novel is creepy in the best way, and I kept peeking over the top of my pages as I read it late into the night to make sure no Reborn had somehow sneaked into my house.Main character Hank is complex and likable. Kirby kept me on my toes with the danger she places Hank in, and I zoomed through [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this! Kirby paints a vivid, visceral picture of a near-future US where fear of zombies (and becoming a zombie yourself) dominates nearly every aspect of life. I really appreciate her thoughtful, detailed descriptions of the South and country life, and the unsettling sweetness of much of the story. It's more on the subtle end of the spectrum, which works for me as someone who doesn't usually do horror or zombies. And of course, I finished this while my train was stuck, and I was [...]

    7. Ohhh, what a smart take on what could have a cliche--zombies. This looks at the whole thing differently, to the point that is it seems not only plausible, but probable. And Marianne Kirby can translate emotion into metaphors that have texture and edges and remind you that these are real people feeling real things. What a delight. Sequel, please. I need to know what happens to Hank. Like, right now.

    8. Kirby nails the north Florida setting, metaphor and attitudes. Loved the first half of the book beyond reason and could happily have read more about the traveling tent revival and what-all went on there.Second half of the book, not so much.This feels like two completely separate books glued together in the middle. I'm sure the second in the series will help solve that problem, but I'm not sure I'll seek it out.

    9. a skilled, polished, and exceedingly readable book!I reserve the 5 star rating for only the best. Ms. Kirby is a skilled writer and this work is well polished. This is as good or better than any of the post-apocalyptic YA stuff out there today. It is also just a little bit off center without being overt or cute. I read it straight through and enjoyed myself more than I have for quite some time.

    10. A worthy addition to the genre of zombie novels, the highlight of this one for me was the voice, which evokes the Southern character of Henry and draws her world to brutal life. Henry is a queer fat girl growing up in an isolated farm near a small rural community uncovering secrets in her dangerous life. Great character and muscular prose make this a winner.

    11. Well, it didn't go where I thought it was going. There's an awful lot left unexplained. Many more questions than answers. But it's written in first person, so the reader is limited to the knowledge of the narrator. There's a lot she doesn't know. And a lot that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Which leaves me feeling like I don't really know whether I like it or not.

    12. Source: Advanced ebook copy from the publisher. No compensation received for this review, and it is my honest opinion.Rating: 4/5 starsRecommended?: Yes, absolutely. It is a gorgeous, haunting southern fairytale about hunger and danger and how little we see even when we try to look at the world.Content note: Non-explicit violence to animals.Dust Bath Revival is a gorgeous, haunting southern fairytale. The story is a slow burn build, and the world opens up for the reader in a slow, sensuous way t [...]

    13. See my full review of this title at: sofewbooks/2016/0. This story of 16-year-old Hank begins with her ordinary life in dust-filled, post-zombie-infected Florida. She faces another normal, boring summer with her brother Ben on their Aunt Marty’s farm. Or so she thinks. Things change when an itinerant preacher and his followers rent a field from the family and set up their tent revival freak show. From there, things take a turn for the worse and just become more and more sad and bizarre as the [...]

    14. I received a copy of this from the publisher in exchange for a review. It's like 4am right now, so I'll probably write a better and more detailed review at some later date, and put it on my blog. A few brief thoughts while it's fresh in my mind, though. This is a zombie story, though a take on it I haven't seen before, and one I enjoyed more than the last one I read because, despite cannibalism, it was considerably less gross. The setting was ambiguously 20th century, as far as I could figure ou [...]

    15. Hank Goodness (nobody calls her Henrietta) is a teenage girl growing up in strange times. The Dust came years ago, and that's when the dead started walking. They call them the Reborn.The sound of an oncoming storm doesn't always mean rain--sometimes it's just a Dust storm, and those are probably worse. The sound Hank hears one night isn't a storm, but the sound of unfamiliar engines outside the house she lives in with her aunt and brother. It's a traveling preacher looking to set up in one of th [...]

    16. Great fresh plotI was hooked from the first paragraph. I finished the book in a day. It's just that good. Hope for more to come.

    17. Amazing read! What is sure to be the beginning of a fantastic series. Unlike any other book I've read. Highly recommend!

    18. Can't wait for the next one! Dust Bath Revival is intriguing, surprising, and absolutely tactile. The characters are delightfully imperfect. I can't wait for the next book!

    19. I think this sounded more YA from the description. Really interesting first novel and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series

    20. This is a very well-written novel with some really dark twists.I picked up this novel from a random search on , and I was thoroughly satisfied with the purchase. There are no superheroes in this dark, post-apocalyptic zombie flick well as of it yet. In the beginning, our main character, Hank, is an out-of-the-town tomboy just going on with life as she knows it. And every night, the doors shut and the zombie-like Reborn are left to prowl. Things are just moseying along, country-style, until the r [...]

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