Mated to the Werewolves

Mated to the Werewolves

Crystal L. Shaw / May 25, 2020

Mated to the Werewolves He rescued her but at what cost When fierce dominant Jude Black goes on a mission to spy on an enemy werewolf pack he never expects to meet his mate One glance at sweet gorgeous Lena has his fists

  • Title: Mated to the Werewolves
  • Author: Crystal L. Shaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He rescued her, but at what cost When fierce, dominant Jude Black goes on a mission to spy on an enemy werewolf pack, he never expects to meet his mate One glance at sweet, gorgeous Lena has his fists clenched and his wolf snarling she s his, even if she bears the enemy s claiming mark Lena spends her days cowering from her alpha s vicious temper She feels like a brokHe rescued her, but at what cost When fierce, dominant Jude Black goes on a mission to spy on an enemy werewolf pack, he never expects to meet his mate One glance at sweet, gorgeous Lena has his fists clenched and his wolf snarling she s his, even if she bears the enemy s claiming mark Lena spends her days cowering from her alpha s vicious temper She feels like a broken woman, beaten down and lied to, until she s rescued by an unknown wolf who lights every nerve in her body aflame Strong, compassionate, and irresistibly handsome, Jude is everything she thinks a real mate should be But when Jude says he s her true mate, her shattered heart doesn t know what to believe In a battle for life and love, Lena must free herself from the past and learn to trust her heart again or risk losing her true mate forever This standalone novel contains a growly alpha werewolf that s just as hot as he is protective Guaranteed happily ever after This book is a standalone, but features characters from the entire Shadow Falls series If you d like to start from the beginning, please see the Author Note below to view the other books in the Shifters of Shadow Falls series

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        Be the first to read Shifters of Shadow Falls first eepurl bN7tOzI love fantasizing about sexy alphas who conquer without mercy and take risks without fear There are always obstacles in life and love ranging and I enjoy exploring those struggles in my writing Above all else, my strong heroines will prevail and love will conquer all Always facebook AuthorCrystaI hope you re enjoying the world of Shadow Falls and my sexy, fiercely protective alphas 1 Offered to the Werewolves 2 Taken by the Werewolves and 3 Claimed by the Werewolves are a 3 novella serial depicting three intertwined love stories The remainder of the series consist of standalone, insta love stories complete with a happily ever after, but continue to give the background story of Shadow Falls 4 The Alphas Captive 5 Mated to the WerewolvesComing Spring 2016 Dragon s HeatThe Beast and His Beauty


    1. I really enjoyed Jude's story. I think Jude's character is my favorite so far ;)Jude has finally found his mate. Problem is, she has been claimed by another werewolf and she's pregnant. Ofcourse he's furious about this fact, but when he sees how they are treating his matehe sees red. He has to get her out of there !!The pack Lena is in is a crude and viscious pack and the alpha who claimed her even more so. Lena has been abused and treated like crap, but there is no way for her to escape in her [...]

    2. This amazing paranormal series just keeps on getting better! This time it is Jude’s turn to find his mate, only to discover that she’s already been claimed by the Alpha of a problematic rival clan that he’s been sent to spy on. Not only has she been claimed, but she’s pregnant and being mistreated, abused and not even fed properly. She’s broken and that calls to Jude’s wolf, he has to get her out of there.… Can he get her out to safety? Will she realise he is her true mate?The char [...]

    3. ARC REVIEWBook Five of Crystal L. Shaw's Shifters of Shadow Falls. I have not read any of the other books in this series and I do feel like I've missed out on something but just picking this up and reading it was fine, it isn't imperative that you read the others but it's a good idea. This is the first book by Shaw that I have read and I hope it's not the last. I'm not crazy over first person but I make exceptions if the story is good enough. The story at times felt a little rushed the action wa [...]

    4. AhhhhhhThe feels within this one Nothing better than coming back to a place you LOVE! What I find super cool with this series Is that even thou we're reading books based on one alpha pair at a time we always get to see the going's on with previous couples.Even more, loved the fact that this alpha had to rescue/take his rightful mate from another brings on a whole new set of fuzzies when he had to fight (literally) for what Is rightfully his.Jude was so compassionate at the same time fierce and p [...]

    5. Aaaa, I've waited for Jude's story. He wants a mate, but instead of searching for her, he has a mission from his Alpha. Check on a pack that may be a problem for the other packs. His alpha's mission becomes his own. Not only is the pack a cruel group but the alpha has CLAIMED JUDE'S MATE! She is there, beaten, broken and claimed by the wrong wolf. Can he rescue her and get her to safety?Lena won't just leave there are three reasons even with the horrible treatment. To leave there is more, can sh [...]

    6. Mated to the WerewolvesShifters of Shadow Falls SeriesBook 5Crystal L. ShawGifted exchange for an honest review.Jude goes on a mission to spy on the enemy werewolf pack, he never expects to meet his mate Even though she bears the enemy markJude was to report back his finding to his Alpha & packAfter seeing how Shadow & his other Mate treated the pups & later Lena, He decided that he couldn’t leave them behind… Lena spends her days cowering from her new so call pack. Shadow may no [...]

    7. Jude finally gets his HEA! Lena, Lena, Lenay what can I say about her? First, she was mated by a werewolf that was not her true mate. Jerk! Second, she was abused to no end and impregnated by this animal. (pun intended) And Third, not only is she fighting for her survival and that of her unborn baby but also her niece and nephew that are with her since her sister had died. Now in walks Jude, actually he more than just walks in. Anyway, Jude is Lena's true mate but she will not trust that becau [...]

    8. *** Great shifter romance ! *** Jude Black is spying on a pack, when he senses his mate. Problems occur, when he discovers she's pregnant by an evil Alpha who claimed her, though she wasn't his mate. Jude rescues her and her niece and nephew. Lena's been abused and is frightened, but hopeful being with Jude. Jude is strong, solid, and loving.He's a devoted mate to Lena, and the anticipation is grand. Loved Jude ! Great characters, as with Crystal Shaw's books, and it's interesting, deep, and sex [...]

    9. While scouting out a pack that needs to be put down, Jude Black senses something he’s wanted to find forever, his mate. What he didn’t expect to find was her mated and very pregnant with another wolve’s pup. Lena knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s killed. The only thing she cares about is the baby she’s due to have and her niece and nephew. When an unknown wolf sneaks into her hut to take her, she fears she might be leaving one prison for another.This is the first one I’ [...]

    10. I was hooked from beginning to end, this is a great shifter series. Jude is out spying on an enemy werewolf pack and to his shock she has already been claimed by another. Lena has been beaten down and broken what the seers told her about her mate were nothing but lies, until she meets Jude. This is a fast paced action packed read I loved it and can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next!

    11. Continuing from the previous books this one follows both Jude and Lena. But we also see some of the previous characters and read from their point of view as well. Again I loved these series and books. My advice would be read 1 - 3 first before reading any of the other books as it helps to understand what is going on. In Jude and Lena story their is a lot of rivalry and bittness from the pass and the seers and what they foretold. Jude was smuggled out of his old pack along with his brothers when [...]

    12. Crystal L. Shaw has rocked another book in “The Shifters of Shadow Falls” series. “Mated to the Werewolves” is packed with love, lust, brutal wolves, and wolves to the rescue. This is one book you do not want to miss. Crystal has taken a story line and characters and made the work together in order to make this book a success. She grabs your attention from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. She makes you fall in love with Jude, while he is trying to help is mate adjust to [...]

    13. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I love this series, so was excited to get the next installment and had been looking forward to Jude's story, when we meet his mate she is being held captive in such horrible conditions it's heartbreaking, especially considering she's pregnant - no-one should be treated the way she's being treat and Jude just cannot leave her for one minute to get help from his pack so makes the decision to risk his life, and potentially hers, and [...]

    14. *I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review*MATED TO THE WEREWOLVES(Shifters of Shadow Falls #5) by Crystal L. ShawJude Black is out on a mission for his alpha, spying on the enemy. Whilst watching the messed up pack, he finds his mate. She's scared, broken, and pregnant. His furious that anyone dare touch what is his, but she is his and his not leaving without her. He comes up with a plan to rescues her from the viscous alpha. Lena spends her days staying out of her rut [...]

    15. Title:  Mated to the Werewolves   Series: Shifters of Shadow FallsDestination: Book 5, StandAlone, 138 Pages Author: Crystal L Shaw Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #PNR #Werewolves #WolfShifters My Score: 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆  ♢■□●○♢■□●○♢■□●○♢■●○♢I've got to say book 5 is exceptional just like the first four. Ms. Crystal has a knack for showing strong women characters, some are abused but they get right back up. Thinking back to the beginni [...]

    16. When Devin left Shadow's Pack and left the alpha Shadow alive he never could have guessed what would come be happen in the future. But when whispers of Shadow's pack doing unspeakable things comes to Devin's ears he send Jude to spy of the pack.Jude has been loyal to Devin ever since he joined his pack. He knows how hard it is to live in a pack with a dictator as an alpha. Having had a traumatic incident happen to him in his old pack and having to run to ensure his safety, he is thankful and dev [...]

    17. I received this for a honest review. This is a standalone so do not worry if you have not read any other books in the series. You can not read this book without your heart breaking for Lena. Here she was claimed by a alpha that was not her mate. She was to the place in her life were she did not know what to believe or who to trust. Here she was pregnant with Shadow’s baby and Shadow’s other mate wanted her dead. Shadow had not love or compassion for Lena. Lena knew one thing and that was she [...]

    18. Mated to the Werewolves by Crystal Shaw is book five in the Shifters of Shadow Falls series but can certainly be read as a standalone.In this book, we have Lena who is marked and mated to a horrific wolf. One who doesn’t care about her and abuses her at every chance. The only reason why she is still alive is because she is caring his pup. You might be asking yourself how this is possible if they are mated…well, he’s not her true mate and when her true mate spies on her pack, he intends to [...]

    19. Jude is watching Shadows pack and all its weakness when he sees her, his mate and she is pregnant. He sees red. How dare someone claim what is his. He has to get her out. He does just that and gets her and her family to safety. She thinks he is just like Shadow and falls into submission. When they reach the Shadow Falls Pack, she is stunned. It's beautiful and all the members are so friendly. She goes into labor almost immediately. Jude freaks out but stays right be her side. The baby is born he [...]

    20. Jude does not expect to find his mate when he is sent on an assignment against an enemy of the pack. His mate has been claimed by another and he won't stand for that. His mate is in bad condition and terribly mistreated. He knows he can't wait any longer to rescue her for this life.Lena was lied to and told the wolf was her mate. He then revealed his true self. She wants her freedom but it is not the right time. She is scared when another wolf claims her as his mate too. Is he lying to her as we [...]

    21. Omg I think this may be the best in the series already, Jude knows Lena is his fated mate. Lena has been taken and now pregnant with Shadows pup :-( he has her trapped in a hut, all but unfed, abused, her only reason for survival is her pup and her sisters children. There mother killed and no one else but Lena to care for them even Shadow and his small pack don't seem to bother with barely feeding the pups and All Jude can think of is his mate, her abuse at the hands of a killer. He's torn he ne [...]

    22. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.I think the series gets better as it progresses. I was anticipating Jude's story after the sneak peak in book 3. I was a little disappointed that Jude's story was delayed, but I am better now.I liked Jude's character and actually wished that there was more. Lena's condition and the condition of her niece and nephew are deplorable. Despite the circumstances, Jude stands strong and supports Lena, and has patience. Who do [...]

    23. ARC for an honest review.I really don't know what to say about this book. I'm a little torn with saying what I mean right now. While this book has enough info for you not to have to read the previous books, I found it missing something. I understand the need to mate because I love werewolves as much as the next paranormal fan but I can't condone that he doesn't explain or reassures her when she is so fearfull or when she submits. But again, there is the lack of bonding from her side and he feels [...]

    24. Thrilling story about Jude finding his fated mate and the complications it brought with it. While secretly checking out a reputed nasty pack deep in the woods, Jude discovered one of the women of the Alpha living there was HIS fated mate. She appeared to be starved and abused to the point of being cowed down by the Alpha and other pack members. Later Jude would learn the woman had been lied to by the violent pack leader and forced to submit as his fated mate. When Jude rescued her from the dread [...]

    25. This is a great story of a shifter named Jude and his mate Lena. However, in the beginning Lena is with Shadow. another alpha, who claimed her. Jude is on a mission to spy on the enemies only to spot his mate, he is filled with anger that Shadow has taken his mate and claimed her. He notices that she is pregnant. The longer he watches the more he wants to take her away and protect her yet he also wants to go back and get Devin. Once nightfall arrives and everyone is asleep he sneaks down below a [...]

    26. Continuation to a wonderful series that was started. I enjoyed delving more into Jude's past and watching the story unfold.Lena - such a quite spoken character. I feel like she had to go through hell just to find her true calling. I can't wait to see in future stories how she continues to grow and mold into her alpha role. Jude - I think his name suits his personality so well. I love how even though he didn't care to be an Alpha, he took on the role just like he was born to do. He stepped into t [...]

    27. I enjoyed Judes story a lot. It was by far the best. While scouting out the Shadow pack for Devin, Jude came across a girl who was pregnant and poorly treated by her mate. After several moments of watching one of Lena pack member drag Lena out by her hair that she was his mate. Lena was poorly treated and not well taking care of. Jude waited till nightfall occurred to help Lena escape with him. She would not leave without her niece and nephew. Jude risked both their lives to go in a hut to get t [...]

    28. I got this book for an honest review.Story about Jude and Lena. Jude checking out the enemy group finds more than he intended and that is his true mate, Lena, but there is one thing that he didn't plan on is seeing her heavy with child, knowing it's not his. Which makes matters worse in his eyes since another Alpha took what didn't belong to him.Upon reading this book, I did like the story between these 2 characters and understood her being hesitant at times. I guess the only thing I didn't care [...]

    29. I got this arc for a honest review.It was my first book from this writer, but I am into shifter stories, so I was looking forward to read it.There was the warning that the book could be read as a stand alone, but that it would be better to read the other books first.I decided to go read it without the other books and it you can do that without a problem.This book can be perfectly read as a stand alone.But there are people mentioned in this book and I guess there stories were in the other books, [...]

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