House of Penance

House of Penance

Peter J. Tomasi Ian Bertram Dave Stewart / Feb 21, 2020

House of Penance A horrific take on the true story of the Winchester haunted house and one woman s mission to wash away the blood curse of the Winchester rifle from claiming her own life and soul This is a tale of gui

  • Title: House of Penance
  • Author: Peter J. Tomasi Ian Bertram Dave Stewart
  • ISBN: 9781506700335
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • A horrific take on the true story of the Winchester haunted house and one woman s mission to wash away the blood curse of the Winchester rifle from claiming her own life and soul This is a tale of guilt, ghosts, and guns of how fortune brings misfortune as a grim and determined woman oversees the construction of a house twenty four hours a day for twenty years, withA horrific take on the true story of the Winchester haunted house and one woman s mission to wash away the blood curse of the Winchester rifle from claiming her own life and soul This is a tale of guilt, ghosts, and guns of how fortune brings misfortune as a grim and determined woman oversees the construction of a house twenty four hours a day for twenty years, with the simple motto of keep busy building or get busy dying Collects the six issue miniseries.

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      • Peter J. Tomasi Ian Bertram Dave Stewart

        Peter J Tomasi is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics.


    1. The darkest souls are not those which choose to exist within the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to move silently among us.----------------------- Dr. Samuel Loomis, Halloween (2007) House of Penance is a fictional account of a non-fictional character, Sarah Winchester, and her rather colorful life as a widowed wealthy mistress who spent a fortune to construct Winchester mystery house.In this imaginative adaptation, Peter J. Tomasi paints a world which is inches away from forces of hel [...]

    2. As a general rule, I don’t seek out stories that primarily classify themselves as horror stories—not, contrary to popular belief, because I’m a giant weenie, nor because I lack a strong stomach (having been on the receiving end—head to toe—of post-yogurt-consumption toddler puke (perhaps the vilest smelling substance in the history of creation) on multiple occasions and managed to hold down my lunch, I think my strength of stomach has proven itself to be sufficient to handle a little c [...]

    3. This book was absolutely incredible. A superb piece of psychological horror that takes the reader from reality to the pits of Hell and then back again (and then back again). This may be one of the most disturbing comicbooks I've ever read. I have a feeling it's going to linger in my subconscious for a long time.Ian Bertram draws things as they feel rather than as they are and the effect is so damned creepy I kept feeling the need to look behind me. If I had to compare the feeling I got reading t [...]

    4. House of Penance is loosely based on the life of Sarah Winchester, the 19th century American heiress who went mad after the death of her husband and daughter, and then spent decades and a massive amount of the Winchester fortune on constant work on her San Jose mansion, which is still around and known today as the Winchester Mystery House (the house’s design is mental, full of staircases and doorways to nowhere).“Loosely” in that Peter J. Tomasi dramatizes Sarah’s life, changing her husb [...]

    5. Most of you know the name Winchester because you associate it correctly with a particular brand of firearms. Some of you know the story of Sarah Winchester, who thought the family was cursed through the killing her family’s guns brought about. But just in case you don’t know the story, here’s a quick look:enpedia/wiki/Sarah_WIf you didn’t click on that link I can say Sarah went a tad mad, deciding that the thing she needed to do to make restitution for all the gun murders was to keep add [...]

    6. What if Edgar Allan Poe had written a western? I think I just found out the answer to that question. House of Penance is a strange and macabre horror tale. I didn't not expect to like it as much as I did. The start of the story did not have me convinced, but as the story developed it grew on me. It is a rather original tale.In the early 1900's Sarah Winchester, wife of the firearms magnate William Winchester, loses her beloved daughter and husband within months of each other. Grief stricken she [...]

    7. When I started this comic I had no idea about the supposed curse on the Winchester house or Sarah Winchester. I started looking up the legend(s) while reading the comic and it is indeed a fascinating story (the true bits as well as the lore that got added).The story goes that Sarah Winchester lost first her daughter and then shortly later her husband. Supposedly, she believed to be cursed (many say due to all the death her family's company brought to the world in form of guns/rifles) and thought [...]

    8. I judged this book by its cover and did not get the story I'd expected which turned out to be a good thing.This isn't really a horror comic, it's more a look at psychological trauma and how it manifests in the physical world. It's actually a terribly sad story about Sarah Winchester and the reason she built the The Winchester Mystery House. There's been some liberty taken with dates and I don't know if Mrs. Winchester actually watched her neighbors from a bedroom window, but the story checks out [...]

    9. The Fall of the House of Winchester. Loosely based on stories of the actual Winchester mansion, this tale is the story of Sarah, heiress to the Winchester fortune. She is haunted by the ghosts of everyone killed by Winchester firearms, and has teams working day and night to build her mansion. The house is never completed. Rooms are constantly reworked. There are stairways to nowhere and doors that open onto sheer drops. As long as there is constant hammering and construction, the ghosts can't ge [...]

    10. A fictional Poe-like take on a historical figure. Sarah Winchester was haunted by all the death and grief caused by the guns her family sold. As heir to the Winchester fortune, she moved to California and started construction on a house that she would continuously modify for 38 years. It contains stairs that go nowhere, doors that open to nowhere from great heights, etc as she tried to confuse the ghosts she believed haunted her. All of this is factual and the Winchester Mystery House can still [...]

    11. I thought it was horror but it isn't. It's a beautiful story about grief and guilt, and how murders are haunted by the ghosts of their victims. Basically, it displays both grief and guilt as "bloody monsters" to show how real their are to the people who feel them. Very interesting graphic novel.

    12. A Winchester Rifle Co. heiress hires gunfighters and murderers to build a crazy mansion 24 hours a day, in perpetuity, in order to keep evil spirits from.gesumably bad stuff.Aimless, muddled, and largely plotless. The wealthy heiress is mad with grief and all of her workers are violent and wracked with guilt. Red tubes are used to representI'm not sure what they represent; not everyone can see them, they come and go without warning, and they don't seem to DO anything. There's something about how [...]

    13. Wow! Beautiful and dark fable about a bloodcurse and the quest for redemption. Inspired by true events, this is the tale of the heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune and her mission to stave off a curse through building a labyrinthine mansion that will confuse and placate the dead. I love the style of this comic. Gorgeously gothic and dripping with blood and poetic compositions that illustrate the minds of our two main characters.

    14. This is a good (if exceptionally loose) take on the story of Sarah Winchester, heir to the fortune of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, which was maybe cursed by the ghosts of those killed by the weapons the company manufactured. This seems like a particularly apt moment in our nation's history for the story of the Winchester Mystery House to be told, even in a highly fictionalized form, though those looking for some new insight into gun violence may not find it here.The "story and words" b [...]

    15. More creepy than outright horrific, this is the engrossing story of the Winchester house and one widow's attempt to keep the spirits of gun victims from robbing her of her soul. Amazingly beautiful artwork throughout. Really well-done.

    16. Muddled and plotless. A wealthy heiress is mad with grief and all of her workers are violent and wracked with feelings of guilt. Red tubes are used to representblood? Maybe a visual manifestation of the demons that plague her, but not everyone can see them, they come and go without warning, and they don't seem to DO anything. The art was creepy and different, so it had that going for it, but largely underwhelming and lacking in terms of the tension that makes for a solid horror story.

    17. Like A Stairway in the Real Winchester House - It's Interesting Even If It Doesn't Lead AnywhereThis is beautifully drawn and colored, but it is pretty much all premise with some interesting "incidents" that will probably keep you reading despite your misgivings.The premise is fine - the real Sarah Winchester spent twenty years and her share of the Winchester Arms fortune building a huge, gorgeous, weird house in San Jose, California. It's now a well-known and heavily visited tourist site - load [...]

    18. This is certainly a different kind of horror comic. First of all, it's somewhat based on reality. Obviously big red tentacles didn't actually pop out and there are other liberties taken, but it's interesting enough that someone this crazy did exist and embarked on such a wild project. But the heart of the book isn't some retelling of history. That's the other thing that differentiates it from a genre full of monsters, body horror, and gore. It's a tale about guilt, the search for redemption, and [...]

    19. Im not so keen on the story, to me a story that has a villain or an evil a existence should be strong. And in my opinion t wasn't that strong in this story. The pacing is very slow, the events are not very mysterious or mind catching. I really enjoyed the artwork and style of illustrations. I would read it only once.

    20. Where do I even begin with this one? The art is absolutely gorgeous--lush, a simple color palette, Gothic. The main character's design is my favorite; she looks like a haunted Tim Burton character (which is to say, a Tim Burton character), but without an accompanying Johnny Depp cameo. Thank god for small mercies, I suppose. The story features historical figure Sarah Winchester as a haunted widow building the (in)famous Winchester house in the late 1800s. From the first few pages, Tomasi clues y [...]

    21. Anyone who is interested in the paranormal (like me) probably knows about the famous Winchester House. For those who don't know, the story goes like this: after the deaths of her daughter and husband, Sarah Winchester - of the famous Winchester gun manufacturer - was told by a medium that her family was cursed by the all the victims of their namesake rifles. In an effort to appease these vengeful ghosts, Winchester authorized the construction of a gigantic mansion in San Jose, California, a comp [...]

    22. Y’know what? With neutral connotations, this in all honesty, reminded me of Hair Shirt. They’re both graphic novels telling stories of personal baggage through stylised, gruesome, harrowing art that’s supposed to make you feel uneasy. Horror that doesn’t really have a “face”. House of Penance being very gutsy and well Hair Shirt being very hairy. This is probably the most prevelant use of eye expression I’ve seen in comics thus far. Throughout the book, the artist utilises body lan [...]

    23. The Winchester mystery house has exerted a morbid fascination historically bound to Manifest Destiny, the occult sciences of spiritualism and the nascent opposition to gun violence. Heiress to the Winchester firearms fortune re-invests the money derived from the sale of guns in building and perpetually re-building a mansion to house the ghosts of innocent victims of gun violence and to escape the vengeful spirits of the villains who died by the gun. Her madness and mourning is cleverly omitted i [...]

    24. House of Penance is a weird little book. I didn't realize it was semi-biographical going in, and after doing some research, it's a truly fascinating phenomenon to make a comic about. The art is disgustingly enchanting, and easily the best part of the books. The way Bertram plays with anatomy and architecture is awesome, as well as all the bizarre, gory blood effects. House of Penance is super interesting, and was a worthwhile read, though boy howdy does this plot go nowhere. It just sort of tell [...]

    25. Really interesting graphic novel. Based on the infamous Winchester widow who was known for being incredibly wealthy and incredibly tragic and for supposedly building endlessly on her enormous house, either for protection or to placate spirits who have been killed by Winchester weapons. This story is pretty damned fascinating in general--there is a film with Helen Mirren due to be released later this year based on the legends and Stephen King's Rose Red uses some of the same ideas. Using a somewh [...]

    26. An interesting enough story, but it plays very loose with history-- Sarah Winchester was already 60 at the time period of this story, and lived another 16 years after the earthquake at the climax, though probably not at the mansion. I guess you shouldn't expect accuracy from an artistic work, but the real story of the the Winchester Mansion is strange enough I don't think you would need to change that much to make an interesting story.Anyway, the other thing that really stood out to me is that t [...]

    27. This was a very fantastical book with some off putting imagery and a story about t muchbut I found myself enjoying it all the same. I have visited the Winchester Mansion in San Jose which was the whole reason that I was interested in this book. The story twists the facts of Sarah Winchester so much though that there is very little truth in the book and a whole lot of supposition. I grimaced at a few of the bloodier images but overall I found myself compelled to continue reading to learn more abo [...]

    28. Tomasi takes an actual event (the building of the Winchester mansion) and delves into a supernatural interpretation that may or may not be all in Mary Winchester's head. In the actual history of the home being built, it came about because Mary Winchester lost her daughter and husband within six months of each other and was told by a psychic it was punishment for all the people killed by Winchester rifles. The men working for Winchester are all seeking penance, but some simply cannot reach it. Ma [...]

    29. I liked the premise, and the art style was refreshingly different, reminiscent to me of Jan Brett art that took a turn for the super creepy. So, why didn't I like this? ::shrug:: It lacked the tension and momentum that I enjoy in a horror story, and the art, while a perfect fit, started to feel redundant. Peter J. Tomasi's messages about the gun control, the injustice of "manifest destiny," and redemption, were too ham-handed for me. This was especially noticeable, because the story also lacked [...]

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