Rescue Me

Rescue Me

Vesper Vaughn / Dec 09, 2019

Rescue Me ELLA I need to put some distance between me and my psycho boyfriend before things go sideways That means leaving California and going home to Texas But what waits for me looks like at least as much tr

  • Title: Rescue Me
  • Author: Vesper Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ELLA I need to put some distance between me and my psycho boyfriend before things go sideways That means leaving California and going home to Texas But what waits for me looks like at least as much trouble trouble in the form of my first crush, my first love, my first everything Luke Davis wasn t much than a kid when he ran off to join the military Now he s bELLA I need to put some distance between me and my psycho boyfriend before things go sideways That means leaving California and going home to Texas But what waits for me looks like at least as much trouble trouble in the form of my first crush, my first love, my first everything Luke Davis wasn t much than a kid when he ran off to join the military Now he s back after three of tours of duty and the only thing he wants to see is me He s six foot four of brawn and ink and menace and talking about second chances LUKE I broke Ella s heart eleven years ago and I should stay far, far away from that gorgeous, curvy temptation But one look at her and I know I need her back I want her in my arms and in my bed She s skittish, for sure But I won t let anything stand in my way If her low life ex shows up in town making threats I m going to show him and everyone else that Ella has always belonged to me RESCUE ME is a standalone romance novel with steamy scenes, no cheating, and a happily ever after.

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    1. Nope not doing it. Read the sample and the H takes some random ow home from the club. A club he visits 5 times a week. And he regularly stays the night at the hotel down the street. And even more disgustingly he offered the ow $500 for sleeping with him. Now I need to scrub this from my memory.

    2. This is the first book I have read by this author and now I need to go get all the rest. Our H is Luke Davis, a former military man. Our h is Ella Hanover, a young woman who just finished medical school. Ella has a psycho boyfriend that she breaks up with at dinner. She has just finished medical school and is waiting to see where she is being placed for her residency. The stress is really getting to her as she is hoping not to be sent back home. Her memories from there aren't good. Her high scho [...]

    3. This is the first book that I have read by Vesper Vaughn. Have to say I am glad she asked me to read her book, it was a very good book. I believe in second chances and do overs. This book had both. The book has everything I look for in a book. It has sense that makes you cry, laugh, scared, you feel happiness, and tell Luke to “Take me”! Nothing like a gorgeous BAD BOY!! The second thing is it had a story line that worked the characters into it perfectly. Third, she grabs your attention at t [...]

    4. Hot marine pining for his first love? YES PLEASE!!!!!~~~I received an ARC of Rescue Me by Vesper Vaughn for an honest review!~~~Rescue Me is the third book that I have read by Vesper Vaughn, and boy am I hooked!!! Ms Vaughn sure knows how to reel you in and catch you. I love how she has the characters returning to their roots and finding themselves, especially since they had run away to begin with thinking they could escape who they were and their pasts.Ella Hanover is a medical student who brea [...]

    5. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.Holy Hotness!!! You just can't go wrong with a good military man. Luke Davis is hands down the hottest man I have come across in a book, well for a Marine anyway. I have me a bonafide army man at home, but hey this is fantasy land and I can dream about a Marine right?Luke broke Ella's heart eleven years ago, and now she is back in his life, and he is going to make dang sure she isn't going to leave ever again. The way Luke remembers the little things [...]

    6. I kinda thought Luke the hero was a little creepy as well. He had some stalkerish tendencies too. So it's hot nice stalker vs psycho stalker.

    7. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Luke and Ella, high school sweethearts. Luke breaks Ella's heart by going off with the military and she is left crying at the bus stop in a small "one horse town." Now it is eleven years later here is that same small one horse town. Ella - physician, just finished school and waited for where she was being placed for her residencyyou guessed it back home. She is also esca [...]

    8. Now. When I was reading this, I didn't remember that the title includes "Bad Boy" in it. I don't consider Luke to be a bad boy at all, to be completely honest. He's a Marine who did a stint in private contracting, and now he's in the handyman trade. What's nice about this second-chance is that there wasn't any harsh animosity. There's chemistry, playfulness Both these characters have grown up, neither is looking at the other for who they were eleven years ago, but both also know, without a doubt [...]

    9. 4 -- Handyman -- starsElla and Luke go to the same school, but get to know each other in their last year of high school. They fall in love and become inseparable. They want to spend the rest of their lives together, but Luke joins the military and Ella goes to college far away. Ella didn’t want Luke to go away, but he did it anyway and that was the end of their relationship.Several years later, Ella moves back home when a spot at as doctor becomes available there. Luke already moved back, beca [...]

    10. An intriguing story that will have you riding the proverbial roller coaster of emotions, from ex’s that you still love, to ex’s that you don’t, past ghosts that need to be put to rest and stalkers that need to be put away. Ella has been away from Buxwell for almost eleven years, only to find herself returning after completing her residency as a doctor, because of a special incentive program to help with her student loans. Some of the ghosts of her past seem to still be haunting her, but sh [...]

    11. These two had a connection in high school but went their separate ways. Now that she is returning, he is ready for the commitment he resisted all those years ago when he joined the military. She is a doctor and ready for a new life. She is not that excited to return to her hometown and revisit old pain. However, it does give her some space from her ex. From one ex to another, she will have to deal with her feelings. Luke and Ella are two people that really cared about one another but were young [...]

    12. Good Read!!!I loved Luke and Ella's story. I loved how the author depicted how smart and unassuming Ella was but was still able to get the attention of the popular guy. Luke fell fell for Ella because of the person she was. Luke helped build Ella's confidence and that helped Ella value herself as a person. I liked how Vesper dealt with Luke's injury to his leg from the IED. Luke was able to handle his injury as a part of war and was able to share it with Ella. He had some PTSD as most of our ser [...]

    13. I loved this emotional and romantic story about reclaiming lost love. Ella is a doctor returning home to Buxwell, TX. Buxwell holds some bad memories for Ella. It's where Luke, her high school sweetheart broke her heart, among other things. What she doesn't know is that Luke is still in love with her. My heart melted when he told her "One day I'm getting you back, Ella. You don't know it yet, but I am." (Sniff, sniff.) How sweet is that? Vesper Vaughn just does it to me every time. Until I read [...]

    14. Eleven years ago, Luke got on a bus for Army basic training leaving the love of his life, Ella, watching and crying.Current day, Ella Hanover has just finished her medical residency. She has put in her ten choice locations and is waiting for her letter of fellowship. She finally gets the letter; she is going back to her small hometown, Buxwell, Texas!Current day, Luke Davis has been medically discharged and is back living in his small home town of Buxwell, Texas. He has made a good life for hims [...]

    15. When I first started the book I was worried that I wasn't going to like it. There was just something about the way this was written that bugged me right away. I still cannot put my finger on what the issue wasWell, the blurb about the book really is the story. There are no big surprises or anything crazy that happens. What I really did like was the very end, it was very cute. Overall, the book had no major issues to it, it was a decent story and I guess a little more wholesome than I was expecti [...]

    16. Ella and Luke was a high school sweetheart with sweet but bitter past. They separate when Ella's mom died in a storm and Ella wasn't able to hold Luke not to join the military. Yes, Ella was heartbroken that time. We can really agree to Ella of her hatred and disappointment towards Luke when they meet again. Yeah, I kinda hate Luke also for that!What I love about this story was their second chance. It was sweet and heart warming. Luke's determination for getting Ella's back was nice and fun! And [...]

    17. This was my very first Vesper Vaughn book I've ever read as I was gifted a copy by the authorI loved this story sooo much, if I could give it more stars, I totally would!!! The sweetness and the chemistry, the story line, everything about it was amazing. I was glued to this book from start to finish.

    18. I received this book as an ARC from the author and in return will give my honest review This was such a well written book. I read this book straight through. I loved everything about this book. The small town and all the people was what got me. Oh and Luke I do love me some Luke. Doesn't get any better then him. This is a must read sexy, charming, funny and all together great!!

    19. Arc review For honest review. Ella and Luke are high school sweethearts that come back together afters years apart. This story was very cute. lots of good writing.

    20. Loved this. Old flings fight though the past mistakes and become a super strong connection. I liked everything about this book all except for Jason. You'll have to see why

    21. It started out great but then weird things started happening. It all felt so fake. Not natural. Forced. Not my favorite.

    22. Good bookI liked this book. Liked the characters. These two were cute together. This book has some drama and romance and sex.

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