Many Years from Now

Many Years from Now

Paul McCartney BarryMiles / Dec 15, 2019

Many Years from Now During the past year Paul McCartney has been in the public s eye than at any time since the peak of Beatlemania over thirty years ago His fans have been treated to the best selling Flaming Pie and Sta

  • Title: Many Years from Now
  • Author: Paul McCartney BarryMiles
  • ISBN: 9780436280221
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • During the past year Paul McCartney has been in the public s eye than at any time since the peak of Beatlemania over thirty years ago His fans have been treated to the best selling Flaming Pie and Standing Stone albums, a full hour of Paul on Oprah, and this thoughtful and comprehensive biography that brings us closer to the man than ever before Based on hundredsDuring the past year Paul McCartney has been in the public s eye than at any time since the peak of Beatlemania over thirty years ago His fans have been treated to the best selling Flaming Pie and Standing Stone albums, a full hour of Paul on Oprah, and this thoughtful and comprehensive biography that brings us closer to the man than ever before Based on hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews over a period of five years, and with complete access to Paul s own archives, Barry Miles has succeeded in letting Paul tell the story of his life as a Beatle in his own words It includes Paul s recollection of the genesis of every song that he wrote with John Lennon and the fascinating details about their remarkable collaboration.

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      • Paul McCartney BarryMiles

        Sir James Paul McCartney MBE, known as Paul McCartney, is an English singer songwriter, composer, multi instrumentalist, poet, entrepreneur, painter, record producer, film producer, and animal rights activist He gained worldwide fame as one of the founders and members of The Beatles McCartney and John Lennon formed one of the most influential and successful songwriting partnerships and wrote some of the most popular music in rock and roll history After leaving The Beatles, McCartney launched a successful solo career and formed the band Wings with his first wife, Linda Eastman McCartney, and songwriter singer Denny Laine He has worked on film scores, classical music, and ambient electronic music released a large catalogue of songs as a solo artist and taken part in projects to help international charities.McCartney is listed in Guinness World Records as the most successful musician and composer in popular music history, with 60 gold discs and sales of 100 million singles His song Yesterday is listed as the most covered song in history and has been played than 7,000,000 times on American television and radio Wings 1977 single Mull of Kintyre became the first single to sell than two million copies in the UK, and remains the UK s top selling non charity single Three charity singles have since surpassed it in sales the first to do so in 1984 was Band Aid s Do They Know It s Christmas , whose participants included McCartney His company MPL Communications owns the copyrights to than 3,000 songs, including all of the songs written by Buddy Holly, along with the publishing rights to such musicals as Guys and Dolls, A Chorus Line, and Grease.An iconic figure in contemporary culture, he is regarded internationally as an entertainer and humanitarian Aside from his musical work, McCartney is an actor, a painter, a poet, and an advocate for animal rights, vegetarianism, and music education he is active in campaigns against landmines, seal hunting, and Third World debt.


    1. Paul truly was the creative genius behind the Beatles. Yes, all four members were crucial to the group - it wouldn't have been the Beatles without John, Paul, George, or Ringo, and the contributions each made were priceless. But Paul had the vision and drive, especially in the later years. Yes, he can be a wanker, but that goes for most everybody.Thsi book examines Paul's life and his art in a very honest and complete way. A must read for any Beatles fan and for ALL Paul fans.

    2. This is a good Beatles book to get because Paul includes his own personal back story on all of his songs and The Beatles songs (not much if it is one of George's, though. Too bad). It is neat to be able to pull the book off the shelf and consult it when on Beatles kicks (if you like the more technical info, Revolution in the Head is the book to get). I personally love reading about the claims that John Lennon wrote Paul songs such as Eleanor Rigby (despite all evidence to the contrary). Paul was [...]

    3. I spent the week with Paul McCartney. While this book was tooooooooooooooooooo long, it brought back memories of growing up with the Beatles. The end wasn't a surprise, written in 1997, it about ended with John Lennon's death and it was sad.

    4. I absolutely loved this book. It was very informative, smart, honest, charming, cute - as if you'd doubt that; it's Paul McCartney! - and, surprisingly funny and definitely heartbreaking, especially towards the end. Paul's every phase of life is just so interesting to read about - not because he's famous, or because he's a Beatle, but because it simply is. Personally, I thought there was considerably little written of The Beatles's Hamburg and The Cavern era, which are my most favorite eras, but [...]

    5. Along with author Miles, McCartney himself adds a paragraph or two every 3 pages or so, making this book a de facto autobiography of his Beatles years, and McCartney's work with Miles in establishing Indica Books as a leader in counterculture art, periodicals, underground newspapers and literature in 1960s England.It's also, frankly, a bit funny to read about how mundane the life of a "superstar" can be. Mick Avory has commented that McCartney was "the most competitive bastard I've ever met" in [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. It sat on my book shelf a while before I got to it but it was nice to read a book that Sir Paul approved and one that a lot of his interviews over the years was used as the basis for the book. Basically the book is trying to set the record straight on Paul and how he was the original avant garde Beatle being a swinging single in 60's London going to plays, performances, traveling, enjoying the night life of the city, hanging with artists, poets, other musicians ( like [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book by author Barry Miles. Who better to write a book on Paul himself than someone who knew him. I've read many books on "the cute one" and I'd say this for me is the definitive book on Paul McCartney, tho I've heard Revolution in the Head is another gem. I did like how the author incorporated Paul's interviews throughout the book. The book focuses on Paul's birth, the formation of the Beatles and then the dissolution of the band. Highly recommended for the Beatles fan.

    8. Detailed and heart feltThe story begins with Paul's parents, Jim and Mary McCartney. The book follows Paul's boyhood. Between the narrative sections, Paul adds comments of details, in his own words. I know the history of each of the Beatles pretty well, but I must say I learned some interesting things. I didn't know Paul was a Boy Scout for a time. The book follows the Beatles story, from Paul meeting John, forward. One can tell by Paul's comments that John and he were as close as brothers.Some [...]

    9. This was the very first biography I ever read and I loved it. This not only gives you a good picture of McCartney's life but the whole history of the Beatles and a good overview of the 60s in general. There is so much detail in here to poke a stick at. I must say however that I found the last 1 or 2 chapters less enjoyable because all the information centred around Sir Paul but that is my only gripe. says that this is by Paul McCartney when it is actually Barry Miles, a famous biographer who ha [...]

    10. This is as close to a ghost-written autobiography as you'll get and is a companion - and riposte - to the giantLennon RemembersRolling Stone interviews (essential reading, even for non-Beatle fans). So old Macca comes across as being heartily sick of the Saint Lennon myth and decides to give his version of events - yes, McCartney was a rocker too, yes, he was avant-garde too blah blah. All quite true. One thing the world isn't short of : unnecessary Beatle books.I didn't even want to read this! [...]

    11. The coolest thing about this MacCartney bio is that the author, Barry Miles, personally knew Paul from the time that he moved to London and began living with actress Jane Asher. Barry Miles was buddies with her brother, Peter Asher, who later formed Peter & Gordon, and then went on to produce albums by Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor. Barry Miles was part owner of the Indica Gallery, the bookstore/art gallery where John Lennon met Yoko Ono. It's 600+ pages long, and all told from the inside. [...]

    12. This is as close to an authorised, official book on McCartney as there has been. Barry Miles has remained a friend of Paul since they met in the 60s, and there are frequent passages from Paul himself - direct quotes reflecting on and adding unique detail to the events described.Paul casting about his memory and blurting out some peculiar tangential thought adds a conversational feel, and this always pleasantly offsets Miles' fine, informative prose. It's often to comic effect, as in the afterwor [...]

    13. This book is comprised largely of long interview responses from Sir Paul, and there has always been something about his interviews that puts me off - it seems that everything he's saying has been rehearsed, or internally edited somehow. The book is also almost comically anti-John, and a little too fawning towards its main subject. I can't think of one criticism the book makes, or where it casts Paul in a less than flattering light - but then, it does completely skip over the 80s. The palpable hu [...]

    14. This book is essentially a really long interview with Paul McCartney. I'm not sure why I read it. I am a fan of the Beatles, but McCartney is not a terribly interesting subject, especially compared to John Lennon. Macca was the better (more technically proficient) musician and vocalist, and you could argue, the superior songwriter, but Lennon is a much more fascinating character. Lennon was a mean, paranoid, delusional crank. By comparison, Paul always comes off as a bit dull. But, the book does [...]

    15. Did you know that Paul -- not John -- was actually the cool, arty, intellectual Beatle? It's true -- just ask him!A right load of self-serving codswallop. Allegedly a biography, but written by McCartney's best friend and spattered throughout with manipulative treacle and unnecessary one-upsmanship with a dead man. Blech.

    16. Absorbing if somewhat prejudiced version of Mccartney's role in the Beatles. However a must read for all Beatles fans.

    17. It's about Paul McCartney. It's authorized by Paul McCartney. It's co-written by Paul McCartney. I can't write an objective review - I loved it!!!

    18. I read a fair number of Beatles books, so I thought I'd get Paul's take on his time with the Beatles. This isn't specifically an autobiography, but Barry Miles (who knew Paul quite well back in the day) spent many, many hours talking with him, making it probably as close as we're likely to get. This was written shortly after Paul, along with George and Ringo, had done the Anthology project, and I really got the feeling that this was Paul's attempt to shore up his own personal share of the Beatle [...]

    19. I've read quite a lot of books about The Beatles but this is the strongest one to date. Initially I was concerned about this being an authorised biography of McCartney (he had final edit), but the detail by author Barry Miles is extraordinary. I don't think I've ever read such an atmospheric and vibrant recollection of Swinging London and the social history of this era. McCartney if anything is particularly open and reflective being interviewed by an old friend and allowing access to his private [...]

    20. What's great about this book is that it is a narrative between the author and subject. Taken from interviews. However, it really focuses on Paul as a Beatle. Which is to say, if you really want to read about his development as a musician, his time with Wings and as a solo artist is just as important. But it doesn't go there. Where it does go is getting inside the mind of one of the most prolific songwriters - EVER! And also, puts you right in the passenger seat of the Beatles breakup.If you dig [...]

    21. This is tremendous book, rich in great detail, that covers the life of Paul McCartney from his childhood through the end of his career with The Beatles. It's very interesting to see different perspectives and points of views, even on stories and topics that you know well. The honesty that Paul shows when talking about a variety of topics such as who wrote more on a certain song, the relationships between the four Beatles, as well as his personal relationships is refreshing. I'm also quite impres [...]

    22. Great read! Paul has a great way of expressing his thoughts that embodies intelligence, compassion and a regular kind of guy, (albeit, a regular ENGLISH kind of guy), tone. His memory is fantastic.This is a mostly one-sided recollection although the co-author, Miles, a friend of Pauls, was around for many of the events discussed.Linda was still alive at the time this was written.Johns' death had occurred before this was written and that event is discussed.Great book for fans of Sir Paul McCartne [...]

    23. It took me almost an entire year to read this - not only because I alternated this reading with others in the past ten months, but also because this ambitious biography is, in fact, very ambitious. More than 600 pages to tell the story of Sir Paul McCartney, the most successful musician ever - and my greatest hero - from his childhood until 1997, date of publication of the book, through the narration of Barry Miles, a long-time friend of McCartney, and an incredible amount of transcripts from va [...]

    24. Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now is a straightforward biography chronicling McCartney's childhood through the formation of The Beatles and their bitter end. The book is the closest thing we will probably get to an autobiography from McCartney himself and much of the material is based on interviews alongside with access to his archives. It certainly helps when you get to write a book about one of the famous men in the 20th century. The book itself is well-written and covers all of the major ev [...]

    25. Bought this in a bargain store, haven't yet considered reading about McCartney, (John is my favorite Beatle), and this book gave me a thorough perspective of Paul. Found it rather amusing, cannot stop reading it due to the incredible information I have been reading about McCartney's personal recollection. Though, published in 1998, this book is still definitely a good source of Beatle information, it is mainly rounded about the Beatle era and not just wholly McCartney. I was very astonished by t [...]

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