This Love that Feels Right...

This Love that Feels Right...

Ravinder Singh / Jan 24, 2020

This Love that Feels Right BRAND NEW Exactly same ISBN as listed Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering

  • Title: This Love that Feels Right...
  • Author: Ravinder Singh
  • ISBN: 9780143423027
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check ISBN carefully before ordering.

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      220 Ravinder Singh
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        Ravinder Singh is a software engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India.He was brought up in a very small town of Orissa called Burla After spending most of his life there, he has recently moved to Chandigarh Owing to the Nature of his work, he has visited various parts of the world and he wishes to continue doing the same in future Apart from reading and writing, The Author has a keen interest in working out in the gym Occasionally, he loves playing snooker his favorite game He is crazy about Punjabi Music and loves dancing to its beats I Too Had A Love Story is his debut novel.


    1. Ravin's book usually makes me cry.It will have so much of emotions and I will be emotionally bonded with that book for a day or two.But this book,made me THINK.This book challenges my entire perception which I had .Maybe its right,Maybe its not but I loved the way Ravin has justified every single thing.Manvika's audacious character is laudable!!The way she takes stand in her life is just awesome Loved the page where ravin made a clear point saying,Marriage is not something which curtails someone [...]

    2. This is the story:A lady joins a gym to lose weight and get in shape. She falls in love with her trainer. Trainer goes to Canada. (The end)WTF!!There's some philosophy at the end which is supposed to make us think about the institution of marriage and love.In the end, the author asks a question.Is Manvika, who cheats with her husband fully knowing it right? Or is Naina who 'almost' cheats, but hides it from her family right?Well, both are wrong. The ending is a little food for thought. But the c [...]

    3. Not upto my expectations though I am not heart broken like I was from the previous book. Things I like are Naina's innocence, Aarav's self-control (it is very difficult to find guys like that these days). I felt the plot was very weak and definitely will not approve Manvika's idea of open marriage! Overall, its an okay read if you are looking forward to kill time.

    4. Read it to gather perspective!Based on a theory which is as much a taboo as it is prevalent, this book takes you through a journey you just might want to question and yet deep down agree to.

    5. Ravinder Singh you are undoubtedly my fav Indian author! I have always been a fan of your writing. I was so hooked to this book that in no time I finished it. As I was reading the book, emotions were on a high and I was very anxious to know how the book unfolds. The MIND and the HEART are 2 very funny things, putting people in unavoidable situations. You want things and then you have reality strike you hard. Today one is more emotionally drawn, and stories like yours fill those void spaces ! Thi [...]

    6. Really Pathetic love/Affair scripted from someone who has given one of the memorable love stories in Indian Romance.

    7. Not Interesting. With so much expectation I took this book. Butthe starting page of brief about story only says the whole story.It is just like Preety Shenoy's 'My Secret Wishlist' novel.Same story, With reading of 3-4 chapters I returned this book.Try something new Ravin, apart from Love topics.

    8. Predicable from beginning. The beauty of "I too had a love story" is completely missing here. Definitely not one of the best of ravinder singh.

    9. Here is my first letter to author about book's review :-)Warm greetings!Hello sirIts great pleasure to share our thoughts with author which may support/contradictory to the story.Well,exactly i couldnt take one point to start to pointout in storyline Let me start from Manvika's sort of debate with Naina Need, want and curiosity. Its quite brilliant classifications very rare case of mutual understanding as like Manvika and her husband particularly(wish to know his name :-))s beyond Matured unders [...]

    10. This Love that Feels Right is one of Ravinder Singh's recently popular book. This book is not that old lovey dovey romance story infact it highlights a new perspective of seeing love. We all know Ravinder Singh for his forte in romance and here he talks about something which is considered as a taboo in today's world. I was so excited that I ended up pre- ordering the book. I saw that frame and I kept looking at Ravin's pic for good 10 minutes. I won't say I am his die hard fan as there is whole [...]

    11. Society will never live you in peace you have to tackle your relationship problems and have to handle them, your own ways like swimming in the ocean with sharks around, one wrong turn or twist you are goneory teaches us love, understanding , maturity in relationships, and respect for the person we have some connection during a relation.

    12. I didn’t want to seem presumptuous or foster a premature opinion about Ravinder Singh's work (even though the temptation was a battle to resist!). I decided to give this book a chance. The plot seems painfully predictable. When there is a young unmarried man and a young unsatisfied wife, meeting regularly at a posh gym, where one is the other’s trainer and a lot of focus is on the ‘body’ of it, saucy gym attires, sweat and breathlessness…what happens next is a no brainer. If the obviou [...]

    13. One more so-called love story from an Indian author. I am hurt deep down !!The least person I expected such blunder was from Ravinder Singh, as his previous love stories are up to some par.I don't understand why he came up with such blunder! As someone who liked his writings, I feel really bad !Protagonist is a housewife, ~25years, born and brought up in conservative environment, married to similar environment.Meets up two persons in her quest to reduce weight (for her wedding anniversary). One [...]

    14. Thank you Ravinder Singh for writing this novel. It really explains the way in which a marriage should work. Great conversation between Manvika and Naina. I really thank you for explaining marriage in such a simplified way.

    15. This time ravin sir came with a new subject but fails to frame it. The story is quite impressive and boring as well. The concept of the book is unique and commendable but the way author frames the book was disappointing. The ending is just like any typical Indian book but it leaves you with questions.Coming to characters my favorite one is manvika. She knew what she was doing. She was bold, intelligent as well as confident but I don’t like her her views on an extramarital affair. Aarav is perf [...]

    16. He brilliantly penned it this time. It requires lots of guts to come up with such a bold concept with reasonable quotient. Debate blown up my mind and it sounds pretty logical. The very topic which am so against of after i read my perspectives became neutral.Before taking their relationship to the next level, he clearly came up with brilliant piece of debate. each and every line in the debate has its own strength and it does make sense. Am so impressed with it and he put down every word in a con [...]

    17. About love. First loves; and life, and reality stabbing you in a corner towards the left. And eventually, what you learn, and with which you start to live.Review : There were good parts to it, and there were also, the not so good.Some places I could really feel like I was a part of it and some I wasn't able to connect with.As no two persons or instances are ever the same, and so were the different phases and all the many different emotions I went through while reading it.I liked the book nonethe [...]

    18. The novel is more about the agrument over marriage or we can say so called concept of marriage which society has engraved in our mind. The side story was added just to support the argument, to show the gravity of point. And initial 25-30 pages were just to creat an environment. I can understand if auther had written a essay over the topic we wouldn't have left that much thoughtful. As for the concept of extramarital affairs and describing it as choice of freedom is like writing new rules for mar [...]

    19. love , love , love.There is nothing but a love story in the book.of course it is what the cover page says .but as a regular reader of ravinder singh i expect something different from of the same romance genre.I don't know how long will ravinder singh write on the romance genre.He has the potential to write big thing but still unwilling to come out of his comfort zone.The book is nice but every twist and turn ,even the ending of the novel is so obvious you could see it a mile away expectation kil [...]

    20. Ravinder takes up a hot social topic which many dares not to touch and has tried to bring out a convincing solution to it through Manvika. I personally feel like the solution is vague and unconvincing. Naina's character wonderfully portrays the 'crush' dilemma faced by every individual. This book is an emotional roller coaster till you land on the last chapter. In the epilogue questions that arise on the mind of Naina is epic.

    21. As a die-hard fan of Ravinder Singh I should say am terribly disappointed. No proper love story, no proper narration either. And the biggest failure is the plot with which the story is knit. I just read this one as I couldn't restrain myself from reading your work Ravin Please, a better plot and an even better narration is what I expect next time when I see your name as an author on a book!!!

    22. Got a signed copy on the first day.To be true I was really excited about the book and kept myself stay updated.And,when I got the book,I started with lots and lots of enthusiasm.But,it left me disappointed.It was the poor work so far by Ravinder Singh,I've read.Totally disappointed and even felt bored at many aspects while reading the whole of it.Somehow,I did complete it at a cool note.

    23. As most of them think LOVE, a simple word but with a complex meaning. Well LOVE can be defined with another simple word, FREEDOM. A brave attempt by the author on a theme that is still considered to b as a taboo in this society. This book do make us think.

    24. Thank God Ravinder Singh didn't break my heart this time around! Totally loved the story. And Naina and Aarav. <3I hate Siddharth. :(Only argument is, I don't agree with Manvika's concept of open relationship.

    25. I'm a great fan of Ravinderi read most of his books ept is good but the story is quite boring in the beginning, Not up to my expectation' also ending of the story is not good. I like Aarav character, he is perfect, even though Naina she was the main character. I can give max ***

    26. I liked how the modern views on relationships are portrayed in this book. With the pros and cons of love outside marriage the storyline justifies the actions of the prominent characters.

    27. A safe and clean storyKind of felt incomplete reading the book. Because it doesn't completely give you a closure. Simple Story. Not as good as his previous books.

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