Evangelho de Sangue

Evangelho de Sangue

Clive Barker Alexandre Callari / May 25, 2020

Evangelho de Sangue Clive Barker retorna sua poderosa voz narrativa em grande estilo Evangelho de Sangue o sombrio sangrento e brutal pico do terror narrado pelo mestre inquestion vel do g nero e ansiosamente aguardad

  • Title: Evangelho de Sangue
  • Author: Clive Barker Alexandre Callari
  • ISBN: 9788566636857
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Clive Barker retorna sua poderosa voz narrativa em grande estilo Evangelho de Sangue o sombrio, sangrento e brutal pico do terror, narrado pelo mestre inquestion vel do g nero, e ansiosamente aguardado pelos f s.Evangelho de Sangue oferece uma jun o clara dentro do universo de Barker Os leitores mais atentos j perceberam que as hist rias dele se passam em um mesmoClive Barker retorna sua poderosa voz narrativa em grande estilo Evangelho de Sangue o sombrio, sangrento e brutal pico do terror, narrado pelo mestre inquestion vel do g nero, e ansiosamente aguardado pelos f s.Evangelho de Sangue oferece uma jun o clara dentro do universo de Barker Os leitores mais atentos j perceberam que as hist rias dele se passam em um mesmo universo, mas, agora, o mundo de Hellraiser explicitamente unido ao do detetive Harry D Amour que aparece em outras hist rias do autor, como o conto The Last Illusion , presente no sexto volume dos Livros de Sangue, e no romance Everville.D Amour, que se dedica a investigar casos sobrenaturais, m gicos e malignos, vem encarando seus dem nios pessoais h anos Quando ele se depara com uma Caixa das Lamenta es, seus dem nios internos s o substitu dos por dem nios de verdade, conforme ele se v enredado em um terr vel jogo de gato e rato, absolutamente complexo, sangrento e perturbador Evangelho de Sangue reconduz os leitores ao tempo marcado por dois de seus mais ic nicos personagens, que conduzem a hist ria em uma batalha entre o bem e o mal t o antiga quanto o tempo, onde o autor conecta a mitologia de Hellraiser ao Inferno b blico.

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      • Clive Barker Alexandre Callari

        Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, the son of Joan Rubie n e Revill , a painter and school welfare officer, and Leonard Barker, a personnel director for an industrial relations firm Educated at Dovedale Primary School and Quarry Bank High School, he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department It was in Liverpool in 1975 that he met his first partner, John Gregson, with whom he lived until 1986 Barker s second long term relationship, with photographer David Armstrong, ended in 2009.In 2003, Clive Barker received The Davidson Valentini Award at the 15th GLAAD Media Awards This award is presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individual who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for any of those communities While Barker is critical of organized religion, he has stated that he is a believer in both God and the afterlife, and that the Bible influences his work.Fans have noticed of late that Barker s voice has become gravelly and coarse He says in a December 2008 online interview that this is due to polyps in his throat which were so severe that a doctor told him he was taking in ten percent of the air he was supposed to have been getting He has had two surgeries to remove them and believes his resultant voice is an improvement over how it was prior to the surgeries He said he did not have cancer and has given up cigars On August 27, 2010, Barker underwent surgery yet again to remove new polyp growths from his throat In early February 2012 Barker fell into a coma after a dentist visit led to blood poisoning Barker remained in a coma for eleven days but eventually came out of it Fans were notified on his Twitter page about some of the experience and that Barker was recovering after the ordeal, but left with many strange visions.Barker is one of the leading authors of contemporary horror fantasy, writing in the horror genre early in his career, mostly in the form of short stories collected in Books of Blood 1 6 , and the Faustian novel The Damnation Game 1985 Later he moved towards modern day fantasy and urban fantasy with horror elements in Weaveworld 1987 , The Great and Secret Show 1989 , the world spanning Imajica 1991 and Sacrament 1996 , bringing in the deeper, richer concepts of reality, the nature of the mind and dreams, and the power of words and memories.Barker has a keen interest in movie production, although his films have received mixed receptions He wrote the screenplays for Underworld aka Transmutations 1985 and Rawhead Rex 1986 , both directed by George Pavlou Displeased by how his material was handled, he moved to directing with Hellraiser 1987 , based on his novella The Hellbound Heart His early movies, the shorts The Forbidden and Salome, are experimental art movies with surrealist elements, which have been re released together to moderate critical acclaim After his film Nightbreed Cabal , which was widely considered to be a flop, Barker returned to write and direct Lord of Illusions Barker was an executive producer of the film Gods and Monsters, which received major critical acclaim.Barker is a prolific visual artist working in a variety of media, often illustrating his own books His paintings have been seen first on the covers of his official fan club magazine, Dread, published by Fantaco in the early Nineties, as well on the covers of the collections of his plays, Incarnations 1995 and Forms of Heaven 1996 , as well as on the second printing of the original UK publications of his Books of Blood series.A longtime comics fan, Barker achieved his dream of publishing his own superhero books when Marvel Comics launched the Razorline imprint in 1993 Based on detailed premises, titles and lead characters he created specifically for this, the four interrelated titles set outside the Marvel universe were Ectokid,


    1. Like many fans, I entered into The Scarlet Gospels with significant expectations. Not only is it Clive Barker's first novel for adults since 2007, it's one he's been teasing since 1993. Over the course of those 20+ years it's grown from just another short story destined for a new Books of Blood collection to a massive 232,000 word epic, before being edited back down to the 100,000 word final book. That means, of course, that more than half the story has been edited out of the final text, includi [...]

    2. As much as I love horror I shamefully admit this is my first Clive Barker. Of course I know of his work and of his movies but finally I have gotten around to reading his book. Scarlet Gospels ends the series started with Hellbound Heart and brings two of Barker's best-known characters together. The Hell priest, better known as Pinhead and Harry D'Amour.Although this is the ending of a series what it offered up in the way of a stand alone read was outstanding. Barker is known for his grasp on hor [...]

    3. I was disappointed. I’m not sure what I was expecting but this wasn’t it. Clive Barker often blends urban fantasy in with his horror but this time the horror was almost completely overshadowed by the urban fantasy aspect. There was blood, and hooks, and hell, but I can’t remember any moments that compare to the uncomfortable horror of The Hellbound Heart. My friend, Gregor, called it cartoonish and I think he nailed it.I had two major complaints. The setting in hell didn’t work for me. I [...]

    4. Compare this to the recent attempt by Stephen King to unearth previous cinematographic glories: They both sucked. With "Dr. Sleep" the maestro of the macabre tried to inject some life into the story of "The Shining", which seemed to everyone pretty much a closed case. But not so. Also, the Pinhead/Hellraiser resurrection seemed to be a safe bet at the time, & it ALMOST was. The descent into hell is scrumptious, true: the descriptions are as indispensable as anything the British Monarch of Go [...]

    5. The Scarlet Gospels sees the long awaited return and a crusade to the heart of purgatory for two of Clive Barkers most powerful and resolute characters.The Cenobite Hell priest infamously known as Pinhead, although he's none too fond of that nickname and anyone using it will experience his knowledge of pain and its mechanisms, usually via the odd hook and chain attachment. And occult private investigator Harry D'Amour, a man tattooed to within an inch of life with elaborate warning and protectiv [...]

    6. Had I never read Clive Barker, and if I was not a huge fan of his work, I might have enjoyed this novel. However, being a huge fan of Barker's, The Scarlet Gospels was a major disappointment.The Scarlet Gospels lacks passion and depth. The characters are not well-developed and we’re dependent on prior knowledge to provide any background. It's hollow. It's like a movie sequel, deficient the complexity of the original. It feels as if Barker handed off an outline to a ghostwriter and then signed [...]

    7. THE SCARLET GOSPELSExpectations are a funny thing. They leave you all excited and giddy. They have you impatiently waiting for the big day to arrive and when it does it very rarely lives up to the expectation. We all do it, we all big up the one thing we are most looking forward to and then feel empty and disappointed once we have consumed it. The life of a reviewer isn't so much like a box of chocolates, it is more like a box of chocolates where someone has stolen all the coffee creams. The Sca [...]

    8. Bless Clive Barker, but this book is red-hot molten shit.Alright, so, real talk. Hellbound Heart is a good book. It is an exquisitely intimate description of grand desires. In it, Barker already showcases two things: 1) He does not know when to stop. The opening chapter where Frank winds up masturbating on the floor is so sleazy. It's a shame because 2) Barker is a tight as hell writer. The first half of any given chapter in his books is a solid gold brick. He's as uncompromising a writer as his [...]

    9. This is a panacea for my horror-starved heart.You know these two movies? I still continue to love Lord of Illusions and Hellraiser. I gushed blood over these two gems for many years. So what could make my day complete? You got it; a pale scarlet horse comes riding up to my doorstep to hand me this gorgeous little tome featuring Harry D'Amour and Pinhead performing an intricate dance around one another; filling me up with a horrid rooting fascination for anything that Pinhead tries to accomplish, [...]

    10. 3.31.16-I was so excited when I saw this audiobook ready to download from my local library's catalog. Then I was so disappointed when I started listening to it. I'm not sure if it was the narrator, if Clive Barker is no longer my thing, or if it's just not the right time for me to be listening to this book. I guess it doesn't matter because the end result is the same-DNF with no rating.

    11. Classic visceral and terrifying Clive Barker. I made the mistake (and I'm NOT EVEN A BEGINNER HERE) of reading the opening sequence just before bed. Very entertaining (if you like murderous pin-headed Cenobites with penchants for disembowelment), fast-paced, and definitely not for the faint of heart. A must for hardcore horror fans or passionate Barker readers, but the dripping amount of gore makes it a difficult sell to a general readership. I loved it though! Then again, I'm dead inside :D

    12. It's been a long time since I read anything by Clive Barker and after reading The Scarlet Gospels, I cannot help but wonder if my memories of what I read as a teenager are largely rendered through rose coloured glasses.To be fair, I thoroughly enjoyed the first quarter of this book. Having "Pinhead"/High Priest hit a gaggle of magicians like a freight train was delightfully gory and over-the-top. I thought, at that stage, I was in for something special - other reviews be (heh) damned! Even the n [...]

    13. A number of years ago, we received confirmation that Clive Barker was working on a continuation, and ending, of the story he’d started with The Hellbound Heart and his directorial debut, “Hellraiser.” The Scarlet Gospels would be a final showdown between the most infamous Cenobite of all, Pinhead, and Barker’s demon-fighting PI, Harry D’Amour, who’s appeared in a few of his other works.Twenty years and a few format changes later, these gospels may at last be unsealed, but they may no [...]

    14. I recently finished reading The Scarlet Gospels, by famed horror author Clive Barker. I usually like Barker’s work and have been a fan of his for a long time but this book was a huge let down. I haven’t always liked everything he’s done but usually the darker stuff he creates is great. The last Barker book I read was Mister B. Gone and I loved it. His descriptions of demons and Hell in that book are a world above what he penned in Gospels.I’ve read several reviews on The Scarlet Gospels [...]

    15. A fascinating tour of Hell featuring two of Barker's iconic figures: the Cenobite and Hell Priest Pinhead and paranormal detective Harry D'Amour. Grotesque, bizarre, violent, perverse, sophisticated and at times beautiful, the novel that finishes the story line of Pinhead and continues that of D'Amour is a missed opportunity for Barker. This could have been his masterpiece.I have to admit, I haven't read much of Barker (Weaveworld, The Thief of Always, Abarat and a few short stories), but what I [...]

    16. I have been intrigued by this book ever since I heard about it and like many of Clive Barkers books they seem to take forever to come out. I am not sure if he keeps working on them till the very last moment or if his publishers are a little over eager in releasing details - either way it feels like a very long time till I finally got my hands on a copy.So the whole Hellraiser / pinhead saga for me started many years ago with the Hellbound heart which ironically was collected in an anthology of v [...]

    17. Stupid sexy violence!!A bit like The Magic School Bus Goes to Hell. And by that I mean AWESOME!Whenever I'm recommended a fun novel I usually hate them. And I hate most fictional things that the majority of men like: Breaking Bad you know, whatever else men like. I don't know a big enough sample size to accurately represent a population of divs. Because it seems like the ONLY stimulus a meathead wants from fiction is "Whoahhhhh" or "Coooool!" and if that's all a novel has going for it, normally [...]

    18. I have seen several of the HellRaiser movies, however this is the first book that I have actually read about the famed Pinhead. I can remember watching some of the movies and being scared but fascinated at the same time. So I was looking forward to reading this book. Well it did have the horror and gore that I was expecting from this book. I was fascinated by everything happening in this story. I would be lost in the moment reading and have to tear myself away to attend to real life. I could rea [...]

    19. 3.75; I've never been a Barker fanatic; I've yet to read the majority of his novels, and while I enjoyed the Books of Blood, for me it doesn't come close to other horror collections from the same period - Campbell's Dark Companions, Wagner's In a Lonely Place, Schow's Seeing Red or Klein's Dark Gods - that I hold in far greater esteem. However, I also believe The Hellbound Heart to be an undisputed masterpiece, and so a sequel to that work has been something I have eagerly awaiting ever since it [...]

    20. The long awaited sequel to the blood bound heart. I have to say that although it wasnt as good as the first, still it was interesting. We get the ussual Barker gore fest especially in the beginning. The picture of hell that barker paints was, at least to me, really cool. I wont talk about it as to not spoil it for anyone. Overall it was a great book on its own. I'd give it 3 stars but i am putting one additional star just for my man pinhead;) gotta love him. 4 stars

    21. Clive Barker's return is sure full of gore, Cenobites, and violence, but at times it seems like it was written by someone trying to sound like Clive Barker.

    22. I've been a huge Barker fan for decades and loved both the Hellbound Heart and the Hellraiser movies (OK, the first 2 movies mostly). I'd been warned that The Scarlet Gospels was a bit disappointing, but I had no idea how right they were. The list of gripes with the book is long, so I'll stick to the main ones.The first warning is that the Hellbound Heart link is not there. Yeah, we have Lemarchand's box and cenobites, but not the book versions. These are the movie versions. Pinhead, who was the [...]

    23. Barker's long-anticipated novel features occult detective Harry D'Amour, last seen in the stories "The Last Illusion" and "Lost Souls" and the novel EVERVILLE, coming up against the Cenobite known as Pinhead, last seen in the novella "The Hellbound Heart" and of course the HELLRAISER films. It's the crossover event of the year and, being most definitely a horror novel and not a fantasy, a much awaited return to form for the author. For the most part, it lives up to my heightened expectations. Th [...]

    24. This book is, in a word, ridiculous. I was a fan of Barker back in the day. In the early nineties, I couldn't get enough of the new, darker wave of horror, and Barker was the poster boy for this particular brand. I still remember the terrible covers of the Books of Blood, gummy worms on plastic masks but the stories haunted. In the Hills, the Cities remains in my subconscious. So I was quite pleased to hear that he was returning to the horror world with this long -awaited book. So imagine my dis [...]

    25. I'm an enthusiastic lover of Clive Barker's fantasy - Weaveworld will be forever in my all-time top 10 books - so I was excited to read The Scarlet Gospels and I probably should have read the blurb before I did and would have known this was a change in direction, a re-visiting of old characters, a return to horror, etc. etc. In short, this was not what I was hoping for. Compared to the novels I love, this lacked all depth and beauty of language. All the characters lacked depth - it was all abou [...]

    26. This is a book that author/artist/filmmaker Clive Barker has been hinting at writing for over a decade at least. While he has continued on moving away with his unique style of fantasy and in recent years, children's series Abarat, he said he would return to the horror genre which started his career all those years ago.Given that this is an author who totally changed what we could expect from horror fiction in the 80's with his Books of Blood series, and the man who created the film monster Pinhe [...]

    27. Harry D'Amour who is a detective to the Supernatural and the hero from the Clive Barker film Lord of Illusions has been called on a case after a man who passes away wants to get rid of the things in a house he left abandoned in New Orleans. When Harry gets there and discovers the puzzle box that sends others into clutches of the Cenobite Hell Priest Pinhead's clutches, he is captured and must fight for his life against the Hell Priest's evil plans. Will he and his friends survive against the dem [...]

    28. Harry D'Amour, paranormal detective, is summoned to New Orleans for a new client who had recently passed, but what he stumbles into is something he wasn't prepared for. While Harry is used to dealing with demonic forces, nothing in his past has prepared him fully to go to war with the Hell Priest, otherwise known as Pinhead. After Harry refuses an unholy offer by the Cenobite, he knows his life, and of those he loves, is in mortal danger. And Harry may have to go to Hell to stop Pinhead, whose i [...]

    29. This book is simultaneously a terrifying trip into Hell, an awesome kind-of-follow-up to The Hellbound Heart and a truly satisfying adventure with a gang of likable characters. We join our hero Harry D'Amour (who apparently is in other Barker shit that I haven't read yet) who, along with his blind medium partner Norma is operating a kind of Ghost Closure service--helping the dead tie up their loose ends and unfinished business. The dude they're currently helping would like Harry to go to his man [...]

    30. This book totally sucked me in from the opening sentence, and made me wonder why more people aren't aware of Clive Barker? (Granted, he's not as prolific as Stephen King or Brandon Sanderson, but his stuff is GOOD, and worth the long wait between novels.)I've re-read Weaveworld, Imajica fairly recently, and The Thief of Always is a spectacular modern-day fairy tale. Yet, while those are more understated and dream-like, this book is far more gripping, due it visceral depictions of atrocities both [...]

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