The Building Boy

The Building Boy

Ross Montgomery / Feb 26, 2020

The Building Boy All at once it was as if the stars leapt closer Grandma grabbed the boy raising him high above the rooftiles on her head She was alive The boy s grandma was a famous architect Her garden is still fu

  • Title: The Building Boy
  • Author: Ross Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9780571314102
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • All at once, it was as if the stars leapt closer.Grandma grabbed the boy, raising him high above the rooftiles on her head.She was alive The boy s grandma was a famous architect Her garden is still full of old building materials Unwilling to accept she has gone, the boy builds a giant structure from the bricks and girders he finds And then Grandma comes to life TheAll at once, it was as if the stars leapt closer.Grandma grabbed the boy, raising him high above the rooftiles on her head.She was alive The boy s grandma was a famous architect Her garden is still full of old building materials Unwilling to accept she has gone, the boy builds a giant structure from the bricks and girders he finds And then Grandma comes to life The boy is whisked away on an epic adventure across fields, through oceans and atop roofs But where is Grandma taking him Beautiful, thrilling and extremely moving the extraordinary debut picture book from much loved author, Ross Montgomery.

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        Ross Montgomery has worked as a pig farmer, a postman and a primary school teacher, so writing books was the next logical step He spent his childhood reading everything he could get his hands on, from Jacqueline Wilson to Beano annuals, and it taught him pretty much everything that s worth knowing If you looked through his pockets you d find empty crisp packets, lists of things to do, and a bottle of that stuff you put on your nails to stop you biting them He lives in London with his girlfriend, a cat called Fun Bobby, and a cactus on every available surface.


    1. Although I liked this book, I think that the message might be a little complex for kids in the target age range. It is a story of a boy losing his grandma, and finding a way of coping with his pain honoring his grandma and her legacy.Vivid illustrations.I received this copy in an Early Reviewers Giveaway in LibraryThing.

    2. Sent to me as an early review book, I was excited to receive this one! As someone who had a wonderful relationship with my grandmother, this book automatically brought endearment. A boy who loves his grandmother who reads books to him and who previously won many awards for her architectural abilities, she promises to built a special house for him. Alas, she passes away, leaving the boy heartbroken. Picking up a hammer and nails he designs and builds a model of his grandmother. There is a very sw [...]

    3. A sad book in which a young boy's grandmother dies so he builds a robot version of her. Beautiful illustrations. Poignant story. The end is a little too philosophical/symbolic, even for me.

    4. Ik heb deze in het Nederlands gelezen. Misschien voeg ik ooit nog de Nederlandse editie toe. Maar na 20 bibliotheekboeken die voor het meeste er niet waren. had ik geen zin om deze ook nog te doen. Redelijk boek, maar ik vond het maar een vaag verhaal. Opeens gaat de robot leven? Opeens gebeurd er dat? Meh. :|

    5. A sophisticated picture book about a boy who fulfills his architect grandma's dreams, via magical realism and imagination, told with intriguing illustrations and lively, rich language.

    6. I received a copy of this title from Allen & Unwin for review.A Top Book of 2016 pick!Ten Second Synopsis:A boy decides to finish his grandmother's dream of building a big house for the two of them, but finds some unexpected help along the way.I'm not sure if it's something to do with the soft, moonlit scenery, but The Building Boy certainly cast its gentle and inspiring ambience over this stony reader. The industrious and colourful endpapers depicting engineering and design drawings give th [...]

    7. Oma is te oud geworden om huizen te bouwen, op het laatst kan ze eigenlijk niets meer en dan op een dag is oma weg. Alleen haar eigen huis staat er nog en daar is niets leuks of gezelligs meer aan zonder oma.De jongen heeft gelukkig wel een goed idee en gaat aan de slag. Van allerlei materialen van en bij oma's huis maakt hij een enorme pop, met oma's ogen, oma's lieve gezicht, oma's bril en kleren net als oma droeg. Als hij klaar is, zegt hij 'Oma, wakker worden!' en dan gebeurt het! 'Oma' doet [...]

    8. This book is a bittersweet masterpiece. When it was first released last year I bought it without hesitation. I had flicked through it but not actually read the story before buying it. I bought it solely based on the illustrations by the AMAZING illustrator David Litchfield who is, without doubt, one of my favourites! When I got it home and read it my heart was shattered into a million pieces and then put back together again. This was released only a little while after I lost my grandma and from [...]

    9. Montgomery's story reveals how strongly the feelings of belonging and homeliness are tied with who is inside the home and the memories that we share within it. When a little boy's grandmother dies his sense of home passes with her and his home becomes alien. A feeling that may be too familiar to children and should be discussed sensitively. As a way of coping with this grief, the little boy tries to rebuild his grandmother, who take him on a journey of self acceptance, guiding him to realise tha [...]

    10. This book is about a boy who's grandmother builds half a house for him before she dies. Unfortunately she never manages to finish building the house. The boy misses his grandma so he decides to build her. The 'DIY' grandma comes to life and takes the boy through water and across a city to the half finished house. The boy asks grandma how he is supposed to live in a half built house and she tells him he has already built it. The grandma slots into the finished gaps to create the house. The last p [...]

    11. 5/5 *****This bookBring out the tissues. *You've been warned* This hit close to home as I lost my Dad when I was eight, and we lost my son's paternal grandmother (my mother-in-law and BFF) when he was one. So reading it to him was an emotional experience, but still brought a smile to my face in the end.The illustrations alone are enough to warrant purchase. Absolutely stunning. And the endearing message that you rebuild and heal after loss by remembering your favorite "pieces" of your loved one. [...]

    12. This book was so beautifully illustrated. It is stunning! The story is about a young boy that clearly loves his grandmother. They sit and read together and she talks about her job as an important architect. But the grandmother gets older and then one day she is "gone." The boy has a dream about creating an amazing building that would continue his grandmother's legacy. I also agree with some of the other reviews, that this concept would be very difficult for younger readers to understand. However [...]

    13. -Disclaimer: I won this book for free through giveaways in exchange for an honest review.- What an exceptionally sweet & heartwarming book! If I saw this book in a store I would probably buy it alone because of the amazing illustrations and cover. The mood of the book is soft and the pictures compliment that perfectly. It had everything I would want in a children's book and it will definitely be a favorite of mine for life. I really don't know what else to say, I liked the book that much.TB [...]

    14. This is a sweet story about a boy and his grandmother and about the power of creativity when faced with loss. The Building Boy has a strong female role model in his grandmother, who was an architect. After her death, The Building Boy carries on their dream of building until a School for Young Architects has been created out of the building Grandmother started and finished by The Building Boy and the pieces he used to create his Robot Grandmother.

    15. Liked this story of a little boy whose grandmother was a famous architect and promises to build him a house one day. But then she becomes too old to do so.Again, I liked the story. But the grandmother dies and the boy builds a replica of his grandmother, which comes to life. The story gets rather muddled after that. It's a bit strange.

    16. I liked very much the illustrations, but found the story to be rather weak and not really coming together. It's a touchy and difficult subject but I don't think that this approach is particularly good in helping children understand the idea of loss, or learning how to deal with it, for that matter.

    17. A little bit sad. Boy lives with his grandma, and she gets older then passes away and leaves him alone. So he builds a grandma and she comes to life. She takes him to the house she built for him and he finished it.

    18. Illustrations are beautiful and the relationship between the boy and his grandmother is touching. I love that she is a good female role model. The building of a grandma robot and it running through the ocean with the boy was just a bit too fantastical and philosophical for me!

    19. Although it's a little bit "Iron Giant: The Geriatric Edition," this story beautifully illustrates that our loved ones remain a part of us even after death.

    20. I absolutely love this book. I brought this book for my little sister as a present for her first day of big school. The story is about a little boy and his grandma, who was an architect in her younger days. The story brought tears to our eyes, with smiles at the end from both of us!

    21. A very high four out of five. Miss 11 guessed that this was a story about loss and bouncing back almost immediately however this tale of passing on legacy and love is in no way somber or depressing. Montgomery's carefully chosen words roll from ones tongue like chocolate pearls while Litchfield's drawings exude charm and purpose that give the visually hungry reader much to feast on. A supremely beautiful tale of enduring love and ingenuity.

    22. My daughter had this as her bedtime story tonight. What a lovely story. The illustrations are amazing. It's about a boy and his grandma who was an architect in her younger days. The story made us have a tear in our eyes but the ending made us smile. She wanted it read to her again.

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