Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Keith Lowe / Jun 02, 2020

Tunnel Vision On the eve of his wedding Andy makes a drunken bet which threatens to ruin everything His task is to travel to every station on the London Underground in a single day His passport honeymoon tickets

  • Title: Tunnel Vision
  • Author: Keith Lowe
  • ISBN: 9780099416685
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the eve of his wedding, Andy makes a drunken bet which threatens to ruin everything His task is to travel to every station on the London Underground in a single day His passport, honeymoon tickets and credit cards have been hidden in various places along the way He has just twenty hours to find them or the wedding is off This is a touching and perceptive debut novelOn the eve of his wedding, Andy makes a drunken bet which threatens to ruin everything His task is to travel to every station on the London Underground in a single day His passport, honeymoon tickets and credit cards have been hidden in various places along the way He has just twenty hours to find them or the wedding is off This is a touching and perceptive debut novel about why men have obsessions and why women tolerate them.

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        Keith Lowe is the author of two novels and the critically acclaimed history Inferno The Fiery Devastation of Hamburg, 1943 He is widely recognized as an authority on the Second World War, and has often spoken on TV and radio, both in Britain and the United States Most recently he was an historical consultant and one of the main speakers in the PBS documentary The Bombing of Germany which was also broadcast in Germany His books have been translated into several languages, and he has also lectured in Britain, Canada and Germany He lives in North London with his wife and two kidscmillan author keithlowe


    1. If this book has one thing to teach you (if "you" are a writer), it's how to make your story and your narrators believable authorities on a topic. I've never given then London tube system much of a thought, but the author of this book has made it so I don't have to. Why? Because the author did his research, he knew what he was talking about. He took his time to fuse facts with him fiction.Authority. It's a good thing to have, whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction.

    2. I like to read books about where I'm about to travel so picked this up. It sounded like a fun, entertaining read about a person on public transit. One can witness so much about humanity on public transit so I thought his story might reflect this and it did. It was entertaining, a bit stressful at times, but overall was a quick, fun read. There were some times where he lost me a bit in the details of the underground, but i can see how others might appreciate it.

    3. If you are or have ever lived or worked in London, or have ever visited, there’s a fair chance you’ve been on the Tube. Chances are you’ve only ever used it to get from one place to another and not looked at all the places you could go to. This is especially true if you’re using the tube at rush hour, where your main concern is to get to your destination and get your face out of the armpit of the person standing next to you. Who cares where you can go when getting to where you need to be [...]

    4. This is one of my favourite books and I have lost count of the number of times that I've read it. The thing that made me want to read it in the first place is the fact that it's set on the London Underground. I am a self-confessed tube nerd, I love everything about it and spend most of my time on trips to London on the Underground and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Most people go to see the sights but I've seen them enough times. I just love everything about the Tube.The storyline here involves An [...]

    5. I first read this back when it first came out in 2001. Back then MTV was publishing their own books, and this was one of them. I read most of them back then: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fake Liar Cheat, Brave New Girl, Don't Sleep With Your Drummer, Dog Run, and others.I remembered I really enjoyed the story. I remembered how it ended, but couldn't remember much about how the story got to the end. So right before my trip to London I decided to reread it. It was a lot of fun to read again. I [...]

    6. A books which makes your heart raise. Follow the character through all the stations and lines of London Underground. Our hero made a bet with his friends that he could travel all of London Underground on 24 hours. The catch; he's getting married in Paris the day after and can't miss the train. If he does he will loose the love of his life, forever. It's a fun story which not only takes you on a unique adventure underground, you'll also follow Andys life and the moments which led to this and why [...]

    7. I love this book. I always read it before I go to London. For a fan of the London Underground it is a must-read. Andy has to travel to every station the day before his wedding after a drunken bet with a 'friend' who is in posession of his passport, honeymoon tickets and credit cards, all of which have been hidden in various stations across the network. Andy meets a tramp called Brian along the way who you can't help but end up liking. And you can't help but root for Andy along the way and hope i [...]

    8. Pretty cool idea.Making a bet with a bud that you can travel the entire london underground subway in one night, collecting the stamps or whatever to prove it, the night before your wedding. And to have that friend make multiple attempts to hang you up in the process. I know literally nothing about subways, but i found this book highly entertaining, and interestingRead it. Read it. Read it.

    9. Not a very good book. I'm actually surprised that it got published. The entire book is about London underground trains and two men's journey on them. There was never a climax to the story whatsoever. To be honest, the storyline was pretty boring which made it very hard to finish the book. I would not recommend this book.

    10. I chose this book for my dad who is an AVID train enthusiast. And I fell in love with this book. Anyone who understands how anyone could find travelling in trains a sport, will like this book. It's got very interesting snippets of information about the history of the railways and the Underground in UK.

    11. Not particularly profound or clever but a great little page turner. Lowe has done something quirky and neat with the setting and premise of the story, but has not scrimped on his characters or his writing, which many attempting the same feat might have done. The end fell a bit flat but the journey was great fun.

    12. This book explore's a man's journey into finally crossing the threshold of maturity, yet jeopardizing his relationship/wedding with one final dare to visit every stop on the London Underground. Thought provoking and full of interesting characters on this subway adventure.

    13. Tunnel Vision was great--incredibly well written, especially considering the amount of research and detail required for the plot. Every chapter flowed well with the next and the maps inserted in the book helped with the visualization of Andy's adventures throughout London. A great (and quick) read

    14. This book is rather fun because of the map inside the book where you can follow the journey of the character while he tries to ride every part of the Tube in a certain amount of time. The writing is so-so, but the adventure is fun!

    15. One of my favourite books.just read my slightly battered signed copy for maybe a fourth time on holiday.I love the underground and the characters in the book are very well crafted. A lot of internal monologue that does not get boring at all. I'll be reading again!

    16. newport mall's waldenbooks has had the same hundred or so titles since i was this high. when i finally broke down and bought this one out of boredom and a mild interest in the cover, i was plesantly surprised. not sure it'd be something i'd read and enjoy now, but it did alright then.

    17. Following Andy (the main character) on his subway journey is truly enjoyable. A book with a fun sense of adventure that allows the reader to join in on the excitement. A quick read that can be enjoyed at anytime.

    18. A guilty pleasure; if you really like the tube, then a really guilty pleasure. A quick - despite the length - compelling read.

    19. I read this book not really knowing what it was about, but once I started it I couldn't put it down. I learned a lot about how I felt about relationships and what they meant to me.

    20. I wanted to really like this book. I ended up just thinking it was ok though it did pick up near the end. If you liked Are You Dave Gorman? you'll find this in a similar vein.

    21. I'm not exactly sure why but I love this book. Probably because it is an exciting tube adventure and a great distraction.

    22. An interesting tale (especially if you are an Anglophile) in which the main character attempts to ride to every station of the London Tube in one day.

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