Addiction & Pestilence

Addiction & Pestilence

EdmundKelly / Feb 20, 2020

Addiction Pestilence Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Brian Phillips lies alone in the Lumpton Treatment Center reflecting on the poor choices that lead him there But when a deadly virus is unleashed Brian must

  • Title: Addiction & Pestilence
  • Author: EdmundKelly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Brian Phillips lies alone in the Lumpton Treatment Center, reflecting on the poor choices that lead him there But when a deadly virus is unleashed, Brian must flee for his life aided only by an ominous, otherworldly figure Meanwhile, Drew Murphy, a former Marine and EMT living in Boston, is haunted by his past and the daily strAlternate Cover Edition can be found here Brian Phillips lies alone in the Lumpton Treatment Center, reflecting on the poor choices that lead him there But when a deadly virus is unleashed, Brian must flee for his life aided only by an ominous, otherworldly figure Meanwhile, Drew Murphy, a former Marine and EMT living in Boston, is haunted by his past and the daily stress of his job Turning to alcohol to mask the pain, Drew is forced to confront the darkest aspects of himself when his wife walks out following an explosive argument As Brian becomes the harbinger of a devastating plague, Drew is called to his ailing mother s bedside The world is soon plunged into chaos and Drew must make the long journey home on foot, encountering others along the way each with their own hidden addictions Can those remaining fight through a disintegrating humanity and overcome their demons or will they simply succumb

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        Edmund Kelly Ed grew up in Massachusetts, just south of Boston He lives with his wife and daughter and recently published his first novel, Addiction Pestilence.


    1. The author had a great idea even though this plot has been previously written in many different forms, documenting a cataclysmic event that would indicate to many that the end of the world was here. Careful writing and deep characterizations would be key to achieving something powerful, something that hadn’t been written before.Unfortunately, there are many factors that worked to pull this story down from its potential to level ground. THE PLOT involves a toxic, experimental chemical that kill [...]

    2. ~I received a free copy for my honest review~So, wow, this is an amazing book! This is a post-apocalyptic tale that focuses on a handful of characters going through rough patches in their lives. A drug addiction, a divorce, and a deadly virus that’s sweeping the world. With so many characters, the book never gets dull. As the plot picks up, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are introduced, focusing on the white one as he spreads evil and pestilence. The writing is gripping and will catch and [...]

    3. I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.“Addiction & Pestilence” by Edmund Kelly is a post-apocalyptic novel, the first in the Slaying Dragons: A Journey Through Hell series. The novel starts off by telling the story of Brian Phillips, a man who ends up in Lumpton Treatment Center due to his rocky past with drugs. One day, out of nowhere, a creature not of this world enters Brian’s life and from there on, he must figure out a way to save himself and the peo [...]

    4. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.One star was removed because it just ends. I know this is a series, but Kelly doesn't even set up anticipation for the next book -- he just cuts it off, cliffhanger almost like he needed time to figure out what to do to get this particular set of survivors but really wanted to get the book out there. The novel starts out in a secret lab (which is housed in an addiction treatment hospital) where the staff is of course trying to weaponize [...]

    5. PESTILENCE & ADDICTION, Book 1 of the Slaying Dragons: A Journey Through Hell Series by Edmond Kelly is a well-told, top notch dystopian novel with an original twist. As the story opens the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived on Earth and the White Horseman turns loose a devastating plague, the likes of which humanity has never seen, that runs rampant killing people by the millions, then by the billions.The protagonist, Drew Murphy, is an EMT, former marine and a raging alcoholic. H [...]

    6. I enjoyed this read very much. Addiction & Pestilence wanders the well trod apocalyptic universe and does a nice job of it. While the territory is familiar, Edmund Kelly manages to keep the story fresh and carriers you along for the read. His approach is three prong: Revelations Four Horsemen; battles with personal demons, a road novel and they mix very well. The prongs are separate, yet they intertwine intimately. The overall story arch sheds light on the personal demons and the personal de [...]

    7. I really love post-apocalyptic stories, movies and TV shows. It's interesting to see how people react when chaos is outside your door. This book is a quick and easy read. I enjoyed the plot and the well, let's say, very unique characters. Although this is fiction, I feel like the reader can relate to these characters, because we all have our struggles, obstacles and vices. It can also be an emotional read. I laughed and I even got teary eyed at one point. It's a triumph to the human spirit and t [...]

    8. I was very impressed with the unique and easy to read writing style of this author. His intelligent and descriptive manner of writing not only made me feel like I was right there in the thick of things, but he also shone a spotlight on just how easily things can go from bad to worse in today's real world. One of the things I liked best about this book was the attitude of the main character. A refreshing no-nonsense, tell it like it is personality that this world could use more of. The characters [...]

    9. I liked the themes of addiction and pestilence. I really enjoy pestilence as an idea of a character/horsemen. I enjoy apocalyptic events.For me, the story took a bit to get really interesting for me. I kept wanting to feel more of what the characters were feeling but never felt that initial connection because at the start there were a lot of characters and the story alternates between them frequently. From the description, I thought Drew would be the main focus from of the story from the very be [...]

    10. Addiction & PestilenceA different look at a plague that could end the world. A government experiment using addicts to test a super plague is unleashed on the world by a shadowy black figure. As people become infected & rapidly die, a few try to survive in this new world.The book delves into the mind of addiction as the survivors try to reach their loved ones. This is definitely the first in a series & ends on a cliffhanger.It will be interesting to see where the author takes us next! [...]

    11. I thought this was a very good story. I wasn't too happy with the cliffhanger ending, though. I wasn't planning on reading a series. I guess I will have to wait and see how this all ends.I got this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

    12. Addiction and Pestilence is a fantastic post-apocalyptic novel introducing a modern plot involving The Four Horsemen. The author does well expressing an imaginative perspective on how individuals' habits and vices play a key role in the plot. The symbolism used is incredible! In a world where the populations are dwindled exponentially due to the outbreak of a massive plague, those left to pick up the pieces must call upon their own willpower to overcome their personal demons, as their survival n [...]

    13. I actually feel quite torn about this book. I really like the story line. It was pretty riveting through the whole book and some parts were downright chilling. The author captures the atmosphere very well, setting the stage for an apocalyptic nightmare that is truly enjoyable. The pacing of the story is bang on! It moves along smoothly & keeps your interest all the way through.On the other hand, the characters in this book do not get the same treatment. They are not as well fleshed out & [...]

    14. Addiction and Pestilence by Edmund Kelly is a no-holds-barred look at a Dystopian world where a pandemic has taken the world by storm. In short order, millions, maybe even billions of people in the United States and the rest of the world have fallen victim to the virus which kills, not only quickly, but violently and disgustingly. The author pulls no punches in describing the death scenes in this novel and anyone with a squeamish mind may find it overpowering at times. Kelly’s words, do howeve [...]

    15. I actually like reading post-apocalyptic novels- and this one takes you to right where it begins.Firstly- the theme is consistence and ties together: the first horseman (disease) and addiction. Addiction is portrayed in multiple forms and with multiple personalities that deal with them in their own way. It's very RAW and real, and it's appreciated as a reader.The plot is on point and the concept is engaging- Kelly does well in a genre that is pretty crowded.However, I just couldn't help but noti [...]

    16. War is constantly advancing. Biological warfare was just another method. Tired of sending their young off to die the military have a contract to Concord Labs to design a 'super battlefield bug' something they could drop on the enemy, but that wouldn't spread and die out quickly. Under the guise of a drug treatment centre Concord Labs had access to all the test subjects they could want. Brian had fallen into the same downward spiral that had claimed his wife, except he thought he had found a hand [...]

    17. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but by the time I finished the first chapter I was totally hooked! Growing up, I had a biblical scholar Uncle who studied eschatology (end times) and he often shared his thoughts with us. Scared the hell out of us! It's still one of the scariest things for me to consider. Edmund Kelly has created a diverse cast of people, warts and all, who are living this nightmare of prophecy brought to life. Kelly hints at something I deeply believe in, the terrifyi [...]

    18. Scary stuff embodying addiction via alcoholic recovery and the nightmarish vision of a deathly global plague of unknown origin. Freud & Adler would have something to say about this.Having said that, Mr.Kelly's rendering of a global dystopian nightmare borders on fantasy and possible truth. It worried me as a potentiality. The addiction route I've been down and greatly sympathetic, so I know where the story is coming from. Slaying Dragons ehat rings bells.I found it hard to put down with its [...]

    19. Wow!! This book blew me away. It took a look at the first horseman, Death and made him a realistic character that was turned loose on the world. As an experimental sickness is unleashed on the planet, Drew is forced to deal with his addiction of being an alcoholic. Assuming that he has lost those he loves, he still tries to make it hundreds of miles from Florida to Boston where he hopes that this wife and and child are alive and awaiting his return. I can't wait for the next installment of this [...]

    20. Like "The Walking Dead" with deep undertones of sinister beings, unlikely friendships, and page racing action, Edmund Kelly's "Addiction & Pestilence" fulfills its promise of taking the reader on a journey through hell.If you like post-apocalyptic worlds, are intrigued by inter-personal dynamics, or just love characters you can relate to, this is your book.I personally enjoyed the touches of Massachusetts in the plot. Mark Wahlberg could easily play the main character. I can't wait to find o [...]

    21. The four horsemen and the Apocalypse aren't knew to each other, but Edmund Kelly's take on them is. There are some really dark spots, which is to be expected when dealing with a deadly virus and the shortcomings of the human race. There are a couple of slow spots which were necessary to the plot, but other than that an enjoyable read.4.5/5 stars.

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