Bokura Ga Ita #1

Bokura Ga Ita #1

Yuuki Obata / Dec 15, 2019

Bokura Ga Ita Bokura Ga Ita is a Japanese romance manga centering around the high school life of freshman girl Nanami Takahashi

  • Title: Bokura Ga Ita #1
  • Author: Yuuki Obata
  • ISBN: 9783770466054
  • Page: 473
  • Format: None
  • Bokura Ga Ita is a Japanese romance manga, centering around the high school life of freshman girl, Nanami Takahashi.

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    1. If you got here, and you haven´t read this manga, then STOP RIGHT THERE.If you like the romance where girl and boy love each other and do everything to make the other happy, altough sometimes they act like fools, then go and read something else. THIS is not for you. But, if you like idiot girls in love with boys that treat them awful and don´t deserves them, then keep going and cry a river with this. Now, the review: DIE YOU SON-OF-A-B**CH!!! Argh!!! I´m sorry for the flame, but this guy is t [...]

    2. Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsWe Were There by Yuki Obata was my first shojo manga, and I have to say I enjoyed it very much. I’ve read a couple of graphic novels before, but this was a different experience as the reading flow is a bit more unique because it keeps with the original Japanese format. I was impressed with the art work that complimented the engaging storyline. I will admit that I made a few mistakes with the reading flow and had to go back for a redo for a page here and there, but [...]

    3. This is a big "no" for me. I am very picky about romance in my shoujo, I know that. But I think it should be a general rule of thumb that, when a guy casually tells you that he would kill any girlfriend of his that cheated on him, and then grabs you by the throat to prove his point, you should run. Run like the wind. Yano, the apparent love interest, was so disturbing to me that I had to force myself to finish this volume. No more.

    4. I read this series because I'd been recommended it so often, and also because I own the series, and I owe it to my money to read the manga I buy. Unfortunately it's not the series I had hoped it could be. Every time you were left with a hanging question about where the story would go, I predicted the outcome. It was NEVER the outcome I'd hoped for. The outcome was always convenient. Always expected. And never profound.The characters are weak. I think this is the overall problem I have with the s [...]

    5. Summary:We Were There is about Nanami, a first year high schooler, who develops a crush on a seemingly carefree boy in her class. Her feelings are conflicted and confused as she starts to find out more about the boy, and the happens of his mysterious past.Opinion: I bought We Were There on a whim because the art on the cover looked interesting and the title seemed like it would make a good story-- I honestly didn't know what to expect! The novel ended up being a pleasant surprise though and I ho [...]

    6. I love this anime, it's very realistic and it also talks about very sensitive issue about love, relationships and premarital sex. Romantic and emotional, and definitely at the beginning it's full of twists and turns that it might confuse you at first but that makes it more compelling. I have not read the manga entirely but only the latter volumes.

    7. This is one of those manga that you hear a lot about and so you can't help but go into it with a certain amount of optimism. Sadly that sometimes leads to a lot of disappointment.The story starts out with Nana, a girl who doesn't know anyone at her new high school and desperately wants to make friends. Of course she immediately falls for the most popular boy in the school. The interesting bit comes when this popular boy takes an interest in her. Wow, I don't like him. Obviously damaged he's got [...]

    8. This review is for the animeApparently the way the anime and the manga ends are different--but this review is for the animeI can't describe Bokura Ga Ita. I've only watched the anime, but still.Anyway, I just finished the anime within the hour that I'm typing this review. I can't describe the way this story made me feel.This was officially the first ever series capable of making me cry. And even though I'm super childish and emotional and overreactive, I don't cry much over books and movies and [...]

    9. Uno. Adoro este manga hasta cierto punto porque la música de su anime es super linda, habla de cosas que otros mangas no lo hacen y sí, tiene varios temas que van para más la categoría de josei. Dos. POR QUÉ NADIE ME AVISÓ DE ESTO ANTES DE QUE LO EMPEZARA A LEER. Me terminó por destrozar el corazón cuando lo leí, así que si desean sufrir de una forma nada bonita pueden leer este manga, si no pueden optar mejor por otro.Qué dolor señores, qué dolor.

    10. Not for those who has 'faint heart'. I mean this manga got suicide in it, sex in such young age, cheating, etc. For me, I may become annoyed with some of the characters, but come to think of it, it's reality. Nothing goes sweet all the time. Human sometimes makes bad choices. That's what the mangaka wants to emphasize in this.Overall it's a great manga.

    11. I still don't know why I started this book. I didn't want to read it after seeing some comments on the anime. It was supposed to be a sad one and I normally stay away from sad manga and anime. Th drawings are acceptable. Not my style though. But the story is interesting.

    12. It's rare that I don't like a sappy shoujo manga. This is one of those occasions. I found both central characters uninteresting and not worth following. So glad that I just got this book from the library.

    13. Ok, I lied I only read the 1st chapter but usually that's what makes or breaks it for me. In this case, I probably won't be continuing with this series. As mentioned before I'm quite a shipper and love complicated ships. Yet, In this case, it's pretty set in stone. And it's the girl who has fallen first. I don't know why I find it more entertaining when the guy falls first maybe because in society nowadays I only see it the opposite way around. Anywho it seems pretty typical the only thing I was [...]

    14. I rate this as a 5 because I love the story line of the main characters, how they slowly develop their bonds for each other and also slowly knowing each other background despite the bad or good. It first began off two young person whose 15, one is Nana, she planned to make many friends at her first day of school and met this guy name Yano who was popular. At first, Nana hated him because he lied to her about a girl name that Nana wanted to vote for in the class but when they both kept on meeting [...]

    15. I am surprised I'd never heard of this before recommended it to me -- it is exactly the sort of thoughtful and emotional shoujo manga that we really like. There was nothing surprising in this first volume, but I still (view spoiler)[caught my breath the second time Yano tells Nanami 'Can't I just not know?'. It's a lovely true moment. (hide spoiler)] I hope it stays strong in future volumes!

    16. 1) There's no chemistry. 2) The guy is a grade-A fucking douchebag, even for shojo manga. 3) The story is slow and rather insignificant. 4) Promotion of psychological/emotional abuse that's validated due to "romantic" feelings. 5) Just no.

    17. A͚̺͎̪̙̲̽̾͜zͦ͆͏ư̘͂ͦr̸̤͓̤̀e̘̲̫̻̭̭͔̍͐̿͆̂ ̸̍̂́̽̑(̯̜̟D̙̞̭̉͒ͯ̏ͩͯa͙̎͒͘n̛̮̓͋ͧ͑̿͐ċ͒̌̒͊̈́̒͟ĕ̂ͨ'̘͕̫̘̀ͧ͊ͭs̊̊ ̼̤̬̼͈̞̬ͪ̓͒B͚̜͓̘̞̍ͤ͒̊̃̀a͉̠͚͚̭͛́ͨ̚ͅͅb̯)̝ͤ͊

      Um how about nois was just plain awful I normally don't read sappy love stories I'm lying, I do but this one I can't condone because this girl doesn't understand how much of a psycho this guy is and the plot is just slow and obvious.

    18. I like that while the story is based in a high school setting, the subject matter is a bit more mature and discusses things like mortality and serious relationships.

    19. All around this manga was kind of odd and certain parts ended up making me uncomfortable: Death and Car Crashes.

    20. I've been reading this series on and off for a couple of years. Yesterday at around 11 PM, I decided to read the series completely from the beginning. I didn't stop reading until 5:27 in the morning. I've tried reading the series from the beginning a couple times before, so this was literally my fourth time reading this volume.As I read, I felt this small tug at my heart. Maybe it was from the pain of my first and failed "love", or from the love that I wish I could have had, or from the characte [...]

    21. **Re-Read in May 2017 - 4 starsWow, I really enjoyed this the second time around. Husband picked it up for me, and I also found out that the second half of the series takes place after high school, which really appeals to me!I think what clouded my view of it before is that I was comparing it to Sand Chronicles, but they are different stories. The story had a lot of twists and turns, and there are some really intriguing mysteries to unpack. I love how the two protagonists show that we all have d [...]

    22. Chapter 1.No me acuerdo realmente quién me recomendó ver Bokura Ga Ita pero fue lo mejor que alguna vez hicieron, ¿ok?Primero, sí, vi la serie, pero hasta el capítulo 9. Luego lo quise retomar pero no antes de leer la manga. Y ver de nuevo la serie y yoNo me arrepientoMe encanta Yano es demasiado cuchi en la vida! jkajksdaY Nanami es otra cosa cuchi en la vida.Nanami y Yano son tan cutest couplesChapter 2.Me cae súper mal Yamamoto, jumY amo a Takeuchi. Siento algo que no debería sentir po [...]

    23. To those who just saw the anime we are not talking about the same story the manga is so, so, so, much more deep, sad and beautiful.The manga includes YANO's and Nanami's love story not only in high school but for years after. the story only deepens after Yano leaves (in the end of the anime).I cried so much with this manga, Yano made my heart ache. How he gave up on their love (he had his reasons)but still always loved and longed for her.And Nanami trying to start her life over, without him,but [...]

    24. Not gonna lie, I read this when I was much younger and liked angst. (Not that I grew out of angst, but yeah). This is a pretty long series, and it's motivated by a girl's really strong feelings for a guy hung over an ex who passed away. The guy is a bit flit, but is sincere. You might not like it because he is a bit of an ass, but there is a compelling melancholic thread that you can't just let go off. There are really beautiful, moving dialogues here. I especially liked the vividness of the gir [...]

    25. 2 stars may look like I did not like the manga, but I did. It is a dramatic shoujo, way more than I thought, and it was OK. I guess I was expecting more as this is one of the most popular manga/anime. Nana is the new girl at school and she tries to get friends. She meets Yano, one of the most popular boys in school, who actually has an interesting, but sad story. His girlfriend, the first one he ever loved, died not long ago.Yano is an OK character, but I could not get into any of the characters [...]

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