Swords: An Artist's Devotion

Swords: An Artist's Devotion

Ben Boos / Feb 29, 2020

Swords An Artist s Devotion Be smitten by the sword An extraordinary young artist brings the history of this noble weapon and its skillful masters into stunningly sharp relief Brave men and women have taken up the sword since ag

  • Title: Swords: An Artist's Devotion
  • Author: Ben Boos
  • ISBN: 9780763631482
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Be smitten by the sword An extraordinary young artist brings the history of this noble weapon and its skillful masters into stunningly sharp relief.Brave men and women have taken up the sword since ages of old, and a fascination with this formidable weapon grips dedicated followers to this day Here is a celebration of swords and swordsmen that spans time and placeBe smitten by the sword An extraordinary young artist brings the history of this noble weapon and its skillful masters into stunningly sharp relief.Brave men and women have taken up the sword since ages of old, and a fascination with this formidable weapon grips dedicated followers to this day Here is a celebration of swords and swordsmen that spans time and place from ancient warriors such as Beowulf to medieval knights from stealthy ninja and samurai to legendary maidens of war Illustrated with breathtaking intricacy, SWORDS reflects the passion of a true devotee, offering lavish background details on design and use as well as exquisite spreads showcasing specimens in all their shining glory.Back matter includes a bibliography.

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        The son of an Artist, Ben Boos was born in 1971, into a world filled with paint and art He compulsively doodled his way through seven years of study at San Jose State University, while wandering the world and absorbing art history He then put his head full of ideas to work as a video game developer, in his native state of California Working for Blizzard North for over seven years, and then with Flagship Studios after that, he participated in some of the most amazing years of video game history The first game he worked on sold 13 million copies, which bolstered the confidence of the otherwise shy artist Inspired by the incredible people he worked with, as well as the incredible fans of Blizzard video games, he spent several years of his life as an author and illustrator, pouring his heart into, SWORDS An Illustrated Devotion for Candlewick Press Ben Boos passed away in 2011.


    1. I couldn't believe my eyes, flipping through page after page of beautifully rendered swords from many time periods and many cultures, how visually perfect this book is! No matter whom I showed this book to (HS students, MS kids, other adults) - the reaction was the same: an astounded delight at this Feast of the Artistry of Beautiful and Elegant Swords. I'm glad the inclusion of Asian and African swords and their histories (although would have like a more balanced proportion in treatment)This ma [...]

    2. An Artist's Devotion is a most appropriate title, as Mr. Boos knows history's swords, and wields a mighty paintbrush to describe these beautiful objects. Weapons become works of art with his oil renderings, light reflecting off the steel and realistic shadows giving depth to his canvas. Sometimes you have to stare to make sure it isn't a photograph that you are seeing, but a painting. The accompanying historical text, warriors, and scenes are a basic introduction to swords and military through t [...]

    3. My interest in swords and the Middle Ages, made it entirely impossible for me to not borrow this book from the library. When I opened the first page I saw the wondrous illustrations and this book became a personal favourite. Even if the love of swords and weapons of old do not hook you, the beautiful art work surely will. This book ranges from Middle Ages Britain to Japanese ninjas. This was an great help for me in my writing courier!

    4. This is a book that truly brings the art of historical weaponry to the reader in beautiful illustrations that highlight and clarify the intricate details and shapes of the various types of swords. An oversize book, it truly does justice to the subject.I will donate this book to our local Christian school library, and I foresee this being a frequent check-out by the boys. But then, of course, I see their daddies also pouring over its pages once it is in the home.The array of swords, knives, and o [...]

    5. The swashes get buckled in this book and they do so in style. Absolutely gorgeous renderings (in digital media) of swords make this a treat for the eyes, while each sword is provided a description and/or reason for existing. The author breaks it all into sections, such as Ninjas, Samurai, Raiders, Landsknechts, and so forth. There is even a breakout on the Silla Knights of ancient Korea, which sent me scurrying for a Wiki viewing. The Scimitars of the Sultans are even explained to the difference [...]

    6. This nonfiction book is packed full of information on many types of swords ranging from Iron Age swords to those carried by ninjas. Readers will enjoy the detailed information on each type of sword and its wielder, filled with details about the blade, the hilt and the way it is used in battle. In each chapter, there is a vivid double-spread that highlights swords from that period rendered in 3-D style. This is a book that will capture children's imaginations, have them poring over the book, and [...]

    7. This is a beautifully executed book that details many different swords from across the ages. The author has created numerous incredible illustrations, which are the focus of this nonfiction book. The book is divided into chapters, each of which discusses the sword of a particular type of person, such as kings, knights, ninja, samurai, etc. There is some textual discussion for each type of person. My only criticisms are that the chapters would have been better had they been in strict chronologica [...]

    8. I would never have guessed there was so much to know about swords. Or rather I guess I knew there was, but it never occurred to me it would be so vast and so interesting to learn about! Swords covers this vast amount of information like Bronze Age swords and Iron Age swords, types of hilts, things about soldiers, knights, and more. It was so fascinating to read about. PLUS you get awesome pictures along side it! The was a whole chapter on Maidens of War. I loved this - girls who rock totally nev [...]

    9. This book is GORGEOUS! Former videogame designer Ben Boos offers his detailed, meticulous "artist's devotion" to swords of all kinds. Some text gives background information on the different users of swords throughout history: soldiers, knights, samurai, ninja. I've never had a particular fascination with weapons, but I spent a long time poring over this book, and for the middle school boys I talked to yesterday, it was like moths to a flame. This would be another fantastic gift book for anyone i [...]

    10. Ever take your boys (or your husband) to the art museum TO SEE ART and lose them to the underground chambers of weaponry and swordcraft? Me too. Good news: Candlewick has published the best book on swords and knives I’ve ever seen in any library. Sure, it’s a big picture book, but author Ben Boos calls his work “an artist’s devotion.” (Boos helped create the Diablo game fanchise for Blizzard Entertainment.) Everything from the page borders to breakaways of blade-widths, to the feathers [...]

    11. A perfect book for a reluctant reader. Boos, who stated that this book was created out of a love of swords, seems to understand the reading habits of young children as well. The book is beautifully contructed with the perfect amount of text per page. Designed in a manner similar to the DK Eyewitness books, a reader may choose to explore the illustrations, the text, or both. Boos was good enough to include a bibliography in the back. Also, bonus points to Boos for discussing female warriors early [...]

    12. All boys, and likely some girls I’m sure, were weapon enthusiasts at some point or another. All heroes use some sort of weapon, and the sword is one of the most used. This book draws very heavily from that and shows every known type of sword, with detailed description about the blade, what sort of people would use them, and how said blade was made. Every sword featured in this book is beautifully drawn, with details so well shown one could almost mistake it for a photograph. For anyone who wan [...]

    13. I came across this book while shelving in the kid's section of the library I volunteer at, and after checking it out, I was pleased to find that it wasn't simply a kid's picture book. This book is fantastic for any sword enthusiast out there. Ben Boos' illustrations were breathtaking and had me studying the pages, admiring the detailed drawings of the hilts especially. It provided a lot of interesting information without overpowering the reader and I learned a lot about the different styles of s [...]

    14. The subtitle says: "An Artist's Devotion" and it truly is. I LOVE this book. It is so neat, and so different from what I was expecting when I picked this up. The basic concept of the book is highlighting through artwork the different types of swords throughout the ages. Tidbits of fact blend beautifully with the highly artistic swords. All types of swords are drawn, from the very plain to the highly ostentacious. Although listed as a children's book, it is perfect for anyone who loves swords (fa [...]

    15. In short, this book is pretty cool. To be more specific, this book contains a few interesting pieces of info on sword moves, and how some of the swords mentioned were made, but there isn't much actual printed info about these, if that's what you're looking for.What is really neat about this book though are, of course, the illustrations. It gave me lots of ideas on designing weaponry for characters, and for my own drawings, and also mentioned a few further-reading sources that I'd previously neve [...]

    16. VOYA Review Codes: M, J, S; 4P; 3Q Sword: An Artist’s Devotion written and illustrated by Ben Boos is a beautifully illustrated book about swords; their history; the people who used them to defend and protect, pillaged and plunder; and celebrate their craftsmanship and artistry. This is a good book for anyone, especially sword enthusiast, but more specifically for young people interested in seeing and gaining basic knowledge about the evolution and different manifestations swords have gone thr [...]

    17. Beautiful book about the use of swords throughout history. The illustrations by Ben Boos include an incredible amount of detail. Illustrations are captioned with lots of interesting factual information. The text begins with ancient swords and covers medieval weapons, samurai swords, and other swords from various fighting classes around the world. Definitely an interesting read for anyone interested in cultures that have a history of sword usage!

    18. This book is filled with beautiful renderings of a vast array of different swords and related items. Though it is a juvenile book, there is a reasonable amount of information about different weapons and parts of those weapons, what purpose they served, how they were used, etc. Nicely, a good variety of cultures were represented beyond European cultures--particularly some of the African swords were quite interesting. Definitely a fun "coffee-table" book!

    19. 4Q, 2P, MThis book is simply a graphic display of various swords from around the world. It shows weapons from different time periods and nations. The author also provides brief descriptions of the setting some of the weapons would be found in, as well as the types of people who might have wielded them. While well done, only teens who have an interest in ancient weapons, be it through enjoyment of history or of manga/fantasy stories, will be interested in this book.

    20. You can't argue with the meticulous illustrations in this book. One thing that seemed to be missing however was the explanation as to why some swords look the way they do. Yes, the author explains in most places, but some very unusual weapons are not given a description. Either way, this is the book for people who like strange swords.

    21. A. loves making paper swords and was interested in looking through this book for inspiration. It did not hold his interest for long, although he enjoyed leafing through it. I think we both would have liked it more if it had more historical info about swords/sword crafting along with the illustrations.

    22. we read a lot of children's book around here. very seldom do I give one 5 stars. this has the most amazing illustrations and fun history facts. my kids have been playing imagination games based on this book for days. because i love the library, i very very seldom buy books. I am planning to purchase this one. it's just too amazing not to own!

    23. Lots of beautiful pictures, but the accompanying text seemed pretty hit-or-miss. Also, it would be nice to know more about the sources for many of the illustrations; even if they are drawn based off of "actual" weapons, I suspect many of the more outlandish ones are showpieces of a smith's craft or status symbols for owners.

    24. Truly gorgeous drawings and paintings of all kinds of different swords fill this book. This will be a sure hit with any youngster interested in weaponry.Read more on my blog: abbylibrarian/200

    25. The illustrations are brilliant, but it wasn't super informative, so I would steer clear if looking for information. Overall, it was interesting, creative, and I love to pour over the pages again and again.

    26. I enjoyed the heck out of this. Just a gorgeous book to look at and read. My kids loved looking through it with me and especially reading anything about the mythology (Irish focused too) of any of the swords.

    27. This is a really quick read -- more like a quick glance. There are lots of pictures and few words, but that does not make it a useless book. The images are as accurate as I've ever seen and I did not detect false information. In short, this book was beautiful.

    28. Pretty, but lacking in story. It's basically an artist's notebook of sword drawings, but ultimately they come across as fairly generic, and lacking in specific history or storytelling to make them compelling.

    29. Although it is written with a young person in mind, this is a beautifully illustrated book and has some neat information.

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