Playing the Player

Playing the Player

Amy Andrews / Dec 05, 2019

Playing the Player After a long history with crappy guys high school teacher Em Newman is going man vegan Four months of revirginization has opened her eyes to her doormat imitation but baby s got spine now and some

  • Title: Playing the Player
  • Author: Amy Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781633757912
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • After a long history with crappy guys, high school teacher Em Newman is going man vegan Four months of revirginization has opened her eyes to her doormat imitation but, baby s got spine now, and some smooth talking even if he is sinfully hot rugby player, won t be adding her as a notch anytime soon.Lincoln Quinn loves rugby, women, and poker And he likes to win at all thAfter a long history with crappy guys, high school teacher Em Newman is going man vegan Four months of revirginization has opened her eyes to her doormat imitation but, baby s got spine now, and some smooth talking even if he is sinfully hot rugby player, won t be adding her as a notch anytime soon.Lincoln Quinn loves rugby, women, and poker And he likes to win at all three When his team mates bet him he can t break through Em s resolve, he s than up for the challenge But this lady has a shoebox of stipulations before she ll even go on a date with him, much less use that mouth for kissing instead of giving orders Something s gotta give but this time Em s not settling And Linc s questioning everything he ever knew about matters of the heart.

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    1. Too easy is no fun…make them work for it.As an Aussie reading an Aussie author's work that's set in Australia, it's a bit of a game of hit and miss. There’s a fine line between OTT…true blue, she’ll be right mate and how we really are. Amy Andrews nails it. It’s real and still, manages to be extremely humorous. Yes, we do have a few dodgy terms that have some people scrunching their noses, shaking their heads and says “what???” But, for me, this story is exactly how Aussie blokes a [...]

    2. 4.5 - "You have a lot of balls" Stars!Amy Andrews, returns to the Sydney Smoke Rugby series with book three, and the affable Lincoln Quinn’s story.If you have read the previous two books, you will know that Linc is known as being somewhat the ladies’ man, a label he wears with quite a bit of pride, and I must admit I do have a particular soft spot for the reformed bad-boy trope. "There aint’ nothing that can keep this groin down."For the most part Amy delivered up a story that worked in th [...]

    3. Good is my second DNF today and again it's more of a "ME" issue than the books issue. I must be in a mood today. *lol* I LOVED the first two in this series and will for sure be reading the NEXT book in this series. First I knew going in it was going to be iffy because I didn't particularly like Lincoln in the previous books. I am also not crazy when an author makes a hero out of a character that was a ubber manwhore in the previous books. I like it even less when said manwhore brags about [...]

    4. 4.5 stars. Considering this book contains a trope (loosely) that I'm that not fond of--a bet--Playing the Player played out exceptionally well and has become my favourite in the Sydney Smoke series to date. I have to admit the opening chapter of this book does neither the story or the characters any particular favours, because what I'm sure was intended to be amusing banter between the guys just makes them look like a bunch of prats with zero respect for women. But Amy Andrews quickly turned thi [...]

    5. 4 starsPlaying the Player was a fun, sweet and steamy read, I really enjoyed it.I enjoyed the storyline, I enjoyed the characters, both Linc and Em were entertaining, funny, smart and passionate people who together made a great couple.I loved watching their relationship develop, what started as a bet for Linc soon became so much more. He never expected to have such strong feelings for Em.Overall, Playing the Player by Amy Andrews is a well written, highly entertaining and steamy read. A wonderfu [...]

    6. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI loved the first two books of the Sydney Smoke Rugby Series and so I couldn’t wait for Lincoln Quinn’s book. The title Playing the Player alone will give readers a backdrop as to who Linc is. Yes, Linc is the bad boy manwhore but in this story he is the reformed player who has eyes only for Em Newman. As much as I love the idea of Linc changing his ways, I did find the connection between Em and Linc lacking in a sense. I just didn’ [...]

    7. I’d enjoyed other stories in this series but was wary of this one as the main male character is Lincoln Quinn (aka Linc), a self confessed manwhore and betting man. When the first chapter has him agreeing to something which made him seem a self-opinionated, disrespectful jerk, well, it seemed my caution had been justified. Then, however, Amy Andrews steps in and weaves her word magic and turns the story all around and he becomes the adorable, admirable reformed rake! Phew!!High school science [...]

    8. Amy Andrews does it again! Spectacular book, spectacular series! I was highly amused thru the entire thing. What could possibly go wrong when you go after a girl based on a bet ?!?! Let the games begin . I loved this story for its characterization. These are young people. They think they know it all. That's just how 20somethings are, right?! Now I'm normally not a huge fan of this age group because they make me want to poke my eyes out with an ice-pick, but I rather enjoyed Linc and Em. They wer [...]

    9. [2.5 stars] Bottom Line. Didn't do it for me; they were obsessed with the physical, the heroine became increasingly annoying, they are constantly obsessed with thinking about how the other person is, and the last 10% feels very rushed. This is my first book by Amy Andrews and I would definitely be open to trying her again. One of the problems I had was some of the cliché aspects of the main characters, so don't know if that's a pattern with her, but I hope not.Basics. Book is a sports romance s [...]

    10. My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2017/01A rugby star who plays hard on and off the field meets his match in a teacher who has no problem making him work for it in Playing the Player. Amy Andrews has a gift for penning romances that are funny and sexy, and this book definitely has humor and heat in spades.Linc and Em charmed me with their banter and were definitely hot together – both things I expected going into this book. What I didn’t expect was them touching my heart. I [...]

    11. I have had this one waiting for me since release day and I have been really looking forward to it seeing as how much I loved the first two in the series and boy did I love it MS Andrews has such a way with words she brings out the best on the pages and this one is a hot sexy awesome story one that I could barely put down I laughed and smiled throughout this journey to a very sexy HEA with Rugby star Lincoln Quinn and school teacher Em Newman, my advice get yourself a drink and sit back and enjoy [...]

    12. Mmmm, there's just something appealing about those hot rugby player types, I don't know what it is exactly. Maybe the itty bitty shorts? Anyhoo, after reading "Playing it Cool", the second in this series, in under two days and loving every minute, I was super stoked to pick up "Playing the Player". Did it live up to my lofty expectations? Uh, not quite. Let me explain:The good:This was a speedy read, with fairly quick pacing.I appreciated the lack of angst. For example, when Em found out about t [...]

    13. Title: Playing the PlayerAuthor: Amy AndrewsGenre: Contemporary Romance, Sports - RugbySeries or Standalone: Standalone Series (Sydney Smoke Rugby #3)Rating: ★★★★1/2 Stars (Rounded to 5* for and )ReviewI am in love with this rugby team. I’m the first to admit that I don’t understand a lick of it, so I’m super thankful with each book that the author goes out of her way to explain some terms, but from life inside the game to life outside of it for this unique band of characters, I t [...]

    14. I’ve become pretty partial to rugby romances lately, and Amy Andrews is high on my list of go-to authors when it comes to mixing sports and steam in fun and exciting romances. I really enjoyed the first two stories in the Sydney Smoke Rugby series, in which secondary character Lincoln Quinn is clearly a man set on experiencing all the action he can get while advancing his rugby career. In Playing the Player, there’s one woman who just doesn’t seem to be into him at all, something he can’ [...]

    15. Three stars? Three and a half stars? can't decide.Harper's best friend Em is a teacher. After a spate of bad news boyfriends where she was picking out wedding china while they were legging it out the door she has sworn off men. Four months of abstinence have helped her get a perspective although the delicious Lincoln Quinn, her best friend's fiancee Dex's team mate sorely tests her resolve.Lincoln loves women, rugby and gambling - not necessarily in that order. He fancies Harper's bubbly best fr [...]

    16. I completely adore the Sidney Smoke Rugby series by Amy Andrews and Playing the Player is the third of the series. While you don’t have to read the first two to understand this novel because they are all standalone, it would be worth reading them. Em is a high school teacher who is sick of falling for the player so after a four-month hiatus from men the last thing she wants is to catch the eye of the biggest player she knows. All Lincoln needs to fulfill his life is rugby, woman, and poker. Wh [...]

    17. ***ARC Provided by the Publisher***I enjoyed this one. Em and Lincoln were fun, and funny, together and separately. I liked who they were as people, I liked how dedicated they each were to making something with them workeven though it took a bit for them to get on the same page with this.Sometimes, it is fun to read a book that is easy, that flows, and that you enjoy. There was nothing about this book that made it all that full of angst, and the issue with the 2 of them was both a little predict [...]

    18. Loved this!! Linc was one of those characters in the prior books that I didn't really care for but I must say Amy Andrews wrote a story that changed my mind about him. Linc is an unrepentant man-whore and has no plans of changing. He's young, not bad looking, and his profession has women lining up for him. Yet the one woman who turns him down has him intrigued. Yes there is a bet and yes men are idiots. But the bet isn't what is driving Linc to pursue Em. Taking the time to really get to know he [...]

    19. A very sexy read with some fun moments. A bit rushed at the end and I wish a few scenes had been shown rather than jumping ahead to move the book along, but overall a good read and one I will rec. I'll be back to try more from Andrews and especially this series.Full review will go up on the blog later this week.

    20. I think the only thing I don’t like about this series is that the books are always so damn short. Playing the Player is no exception from the rest of the series—it’s hot, funny, intriguing, and heartwarmingly beautiful. Linc and Em couldn’t be any more different, but it’s what ultimately brings them together. Sometimes opposites do attract.We’ve known Linc since book one, and we’ve known he was the biggest player of them all. Only caring about rugby, money, and women. But what abou [...]

    21. I don't think that Amy could write anything that I didn't LOVE!! This group of men that have created a family of their own are so strong, alpha, funny and yummy!! This series strike me as different from so many others because it truly revolves around the men and their friendships and dynamic with each other. The women get along and are even BFFs in the case of this installment but Amy keeps the story about the team and the current books couple.Linc falls hard but embraces it and the feelings her [...]

    22. So I was not really a fan of Lincoln in the first 2 books. He was kind of a major jerk and player, but when he finally met his match he showed what a gentleman and all around good guy he could be. She makes him work for a date with her and you can see past his playboy exterior to the man he really is. Let's just say that while my mind is not 100% changed I am a fan of Linc's now. Em is a very smart rational woman who doesn't take any of Lincoln's normal crap. There was a moment that could have b [...]

    23. 2.5 starsI loved the first two books in this series so I'm really disappointed how this one turned out. I wasn't a fan of Linc in the previous books and I didn't warm up to him even if he was the "hero" of this one (and I use the term 'hero' very loosely here). Also, any book that makes me skip pages because the story is dragging (especially if the book is only 170 pages long) doesn't deserve more than 3 stars imho.

    24. I never knew I liked rugby until I read this book!! Cute teacher and hot rugby star!! Awesome mix to make a great story! Loved it!

    25. 4 out of 5 starsCompetition is what drives Lincoln Quinn. The sexy, rugby star doesn’t shy away from a bet. So when his teammates make wages as to how long it will take him to sleep with Em Newman, he is all in; even if she seems to hate him.Em Newman is definitely attracted to Lincoln but she is done falling for bad boys. They will just break her heart. But the more time she spends with Lincoln, the more she is falling in love with him. She really hopes he isn’t the player he seems to be.Li [...]

    26. Lincoln Quinn is a well known rugby player for the Sydney Smoke. He loves the game as well as hanging out with his teammates. He doesn't plan to tie himself down. No wife and family for him. He plans to play the field. He's attracted to Em, but she constantly rebuffs him. She doesn't want a fling. She wants it all - love, marriage and a family. To win a bet, Linc pursues her, but the jokes on him when he falls for her. What happens next is a passionate romance between the Rugby super star and th [...]

    27. “Any chance we get to love someone, even if it’s only for a little while, isn’t wasted time.” I love that line. That line made the whole book—and the element that wasn't quite sitting right—work for me. Because love isn't wasted. At least, not for Linc and Em. This is now the second book I've read from Amy Andrews, and it was just as good as the first one I read… which was the second in the Sydney Smoke Rugby series. Follow me? What I'm saying is this: you don't have to have read a [...]

    28. Review of Playing the Player (Sydney Smoke Rugby #3) by Amy AndrewsReview done for Hooked on Books & CherryOBlossoms Promotions4 out of 5 starsCompetition is what drives Lincoln Quinn. The sexy, rugby star doesn’t shy away from a bet. So when his teammates make wages as to how long it will take him to sleep with Em Newman, he is all in; even if she seems to hate him.Em Newman is definitely attracted to Lincoln but she is done falling for bad boys. They will just break her heart. But the mo [...]

    29. Well it looks like I might be in the minority on this one, but im gonna have to call Playing the Player just an OK read for me. Now, before I get stoned I would like to take the opportunity to say that the Brazen line from Entangled is my absolute favorite. I know the Sydney Smoke Rugby series has a wildly popular reputation and so does Amy Andrews, the author. She's amazing. I knew going into Playing the Player who Linc was and frankly, what he was. As the title indicates, hes a player. He's al [...]

    30. **ARC received in exchange for an honest review**Linc & Em, lol. This was a short book but kept you wanting to turn the page to see what happened next. Linc was a popular rugby player that didn't believe in love or marriage. Em wanted the total opposite. Em best friend was married to one of Linc's teammates/friend so they always ran into each other. Linc was attracted to Em and Em always shut him firm because of his reputation as a player/Manwhore.Linc and his teammates made a bet about how [...]

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