Beyond the Empire

Beyond the Empire

K.B. Wagers / Apr 07, 2020

Beyond the Empire The adrenaline fueled explosive conclusion to the Indranan War trilogy by K B Wagers Gunrunner turned Empress Hail Bristol was dragged back to her home planet to take her rightful place in the palace

  • Title: Beyond the Empire
  • Author: K.B. Wagers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • The adrenaline fueled, explosive conclusion to the Indranan War trilogy by K B Wagers.Gunrunner turned Empress Hail Bristol was dragged back to her home planet to take her rightful place in the palace Her sisters and parents have been murdered, and the Indranan Empire is reeling from both treasonous plots and foreign invasion.Now, on the run from enemies on all fronts,The adrenaline fueled, explosive conclusion to the Indranan War trilogy by K B Wagers.Gunrunner turned Empress Hail Bristol was dragged back to her home planet to take her rightful place in the palace Her sisters and parents have been murdered, and the Indranan Empire is reeling from both treasonous plots and foreign invasion.Now, on the run from enemies on all fronts, Hail prepares to fight a full scale war for her throne and her people, even as she struggles with the immense weight of the legacy thrust upon her With the aid of a motley crew of allies old and new, she must return home to face off with the same powerful enemies who killed her family and aim to destroy everything and everyone she loves Untangling a legacy of lies and restoring peace to Indrana will require an empress s wrath and a gunrunner s justice.The Indranan WarBehind the ThroneAfter the CrownBeyond the Empire

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    1. I adored the first two books in this space trilogy, and the third book is even more intense, more enthralling, as the gunrunner-made-reluctant-empress strives to save the empire and avenge the butchery of her family. The only criticism I can offer is that the sheer number of names was difficult to keep straight at times. This book was everything I hoped it would be, and I was delighted to find out at the end that the series would continue with a new book!

    2. Sadly, all good things come to an end. I always get a little misty eyed when I get to the last book in a series I’ve really enjoyed. Beyond the Empire by K B Wagers is the final novel in The Indranan War trilogy and we’re going out on a high, it is an absolute blast.Though Hail Bristol remains front and centre in this book, and by extension the entire series, it is still very much an ensemble piece. I’m particularly fond of Emmory, her Ekam (think chief bodyguard/chief of staff) and Zin (h [...]

    3. 2.5 stars. I LOVED the first two books, reread them happily, and went into this book hoping to love it too. But the more progress I made, the more I thought, "This is sloppy."Yeah, this is going to be a rant.(view spoiler)[Storytelling:- Wilson's identity has been the biggest mystery in the series, and the reveal did not work for me. I mean, great, at least it wasn't her dad, but when the Big Reveal happened I wasn't shocked or even derisive. It was very "Who? Oh, Johar was right after all. That [...]

    4. I enjoyed the first two but this one was a smoother read, largely because the tangle of names and titles felt more manageable than usual. I'm not sure if the ludicrously large cast of characters was handled better or if I just started to get used to the chaos. I loved Hao's role in this one, so it was nice to see that he didn't get lost in the mix.On the "room for improvement" side of things, characters spent too much time explaining each other's feelings and reactions to Hail, and some people f [...]

    5. This whole trilogy is action-packed, fast-paced, and has great characters and world-building. I'd love to see it on TV at some point. Highly recommended.

    6. I actually finished this book 2 days ago, but I've been unable to even think about putting my thoughts down until now. And even now, I know I'm not going to do it justice. I loved the book and the loved the series! I just clicked with the characters. Or they clicked with me whatever. *LOL* I'm pretty sure there might be people out there who think Hail, the gunrunner empress, is too perfect, but you know what? She's like my superhero. Yes, she's one of the best gunrunners in the galaxy and you do [...]

    7. Somehow I wasn't grabbed by this final book in the trilogy as much as I was the previous two. In the other books there was some downtime where the characters could just be themselves and reflect. Here, the action is nonstop as we barrel towards the conclusion and the end of the attempted coup against Empress Hailimi.I love Hail as a character, as always. She just treads the line of antihero perfectly to not be a turn-off; it's understandable how ruthless she is and how she got to where she is no [...]

    8. Despite really enjoying the previous two books, for some reason the third book didn't really do it for me nearly as much. There is a lot of the book that felt like the same scenes and conversations were repeating themselves and almost the entire last act felt like a bunch of extra padding when the main villain revealed himself to be a Bond villain with a penchant for games, traps, and riddles (this evolved over the course of the book, but became a bit ridiculous by the end).What works? I still f [...]

    9. delivreenlivres/20Un fin de trilogie de toute beauté. Et si ce tome est plus lent que le précédent dans sa première partie du fait qu'une Impératrice n'est jamais vraiment au centre de l'action, la seconde partie et la fin ont bien comblés mes désirs. Je suis un peu triste de finir cette histoire, mais heureusement l'autrice à annoncé qu'elle écrivait une autre série dans le même univers, du coup j'ai hâte d'en savoir plus.Pour remettre un peu les choses dans leur contexte, cette s [...]

    10. The Indranan War books were quite the perfect popcorn read even if it featured a fabulous hook for the lead character and based it on a matriarchal society with some inspirations from the Hindu culture. All this made it an effective hook to get in.But once in, it really was the frenetic pace, Hail's background and the camaraderie that she shares with the people who accepted her as the Empress that made books 1 and 2 stand out. Book 3 is no different, even as the stakes escalate forcing Hail to t [...]

    11. Exciting conclusion to this trilogy, with a very satisfactory ending to wrap things up with a flourish.It was interesting to see our heroine Hailima becoming more accustomed to actually being the Empress, accepting the limitations that the title and responsibilities placed on her gunrunner tendencies. She still managed to get herself into a lot of personal danger, however she was more willing to accept her Bodyguards' protection and their desire to keep her safe.The Villain's identity came as a [...]

    12. Nice enough ending to the Indranan War trilogy, with the primary mystery solved of who Wilson really was and why the civil war began. Fairly weak otherwise, but not unpleasant to fans of the series. Even though I had read the series without terribly long intervals, I found the mix of characters blended into each other as the Empress mourned their losses and/or repeatedly feared risking the lives of her supporters. Found myself scanning some of the scenes instead of really reading and being engag [...]

    13. The final chapter in the Indranian War trilogy, K.B. Wagers sticks the landing. The book itself probably is a 4, with some slight pacing issues as we approach Hail's plan for retaking her planet and finally confronting Wilson after all that he's done, but the ending of the series was so strong that I'm bumping the score up to 5 for that. Wagers made me care so much about these fictional characters that a certain death scene (obviously not saying who. There are many characters in this book and I [...]

    14. I really liked reading this trilogy. There's space battles, no sappy love triangle or romance angle at all, and one kickass ex-gunrunner empress. She never wanted to be empress. She had two sisters and a niece in line for the throne before her. Their biggest mistake was to leave Hail alive and kill everyone she loved. She was a princess, but more than that she was an independent gunrunner who never gave up hope on finding the man who killed her father. Then they killed the rest of her family, an [...]

    15. The first Indranan War book was billed as a Star Wars analog; I thought it spent more time in the politics of an empire in turmoil than Star Wars ever would. This book, however - a ragtag band of misfits fighting against an evil government in power in the capital system? Not much more Star Wars than that. I happened to see The Last Jedi while reading this and managed to get plot points mushed between the two of them.My only complaint, for the entire series - if main characters laughed or stuck t [...]

    16. It was fun to read about Hail taking back her empire, and bring justice to her murdered family and friends.It was also fun reading about Hail kicking ass. A lot of that ass kicking was as a leader, and wasn't direct foot to glutes, but we had some straight to the jugular butt bashing. That said, I would have enjoyed it more if Hail would have gone all out more often.One very good thing about finishing the novel was that I saw there will be a second series, The Farian War. I deeply hope to see Ha [...]

    17. Loved it, a fitting conclusion to the trilogy but with clear setup for the next book/trilogy.One of the things I enjoy about KB's writing is how she fleshes out even the most minor supporting cast members so well. It's all too common in sci-fi to see the main characters get lots of detail and everyone else being essentially interchangeables bar their name & allegiance.Here they are ALL characters in their own right, which made me care about them a lot more than I expected. One character's ar [...]

    18. This wasn't as engaging as the previous two, but this might be because i read all three back to back to back. it was still a fun read, which I describe as "imagine if Han solo and princess Leia were the same person." I continue to appreciate how Wagers' galaxy far far away is populated by descendants of earth people of color--and keep many of their characteristics, culture and even ethnically distinct names.I also appreciated the lack of romance for the main character and that the secondary char [...]

    19. Things remained interesting with lots of entertaining fights. I was kind of disappointed with Wilson's reveal and thought Hail should've been able to figure it out a lot sooner without needing an actual picture. She should've had at least have a suspicion. I mean, how many people were close to her and her family like that? Maybe because I read all three books in succession, but it was pretty easy to figure out that he was likely one of her brother's friends that 'died'. Particularly since it was [...]

    20. Somewhat bumpy, but satisfying windup of the Indranan War series. Hail, her Body Guards, and friends from her gunrunner days close in on the man who is killing her family and instigated the current war. This could have uses a little more editing- more people came out of the woodwork with bit parts than the reader could keep straight. But the main character, Empress Hailimi Bristol, is smart, tough, and inspires unshakable loyalty from her people. kind of like Leia Organa.A good, action-packed es [...]

    21. Third instalment in a series I have been enjoying. Smuggler is called to her true role as Empress of a star system. The first two books deal with her being forced back to take over, and not wanting to, and then fighting enemies on all fronts to hold her position.By book three I was kind of hoping for more but many of the themes are a little bit on repeat with no real developments of interest. Still fun and readable but missing the edge that would have made it special. There will be follow ups an [...]

    22. Very nice ending to this series. I love these characters and their interactions and I'm really happy that while this series is over there will be future novels with Hail and her BodyGuards and friends.I've had some issues with antagonists in this novel, mostly their raison d'être as it's said, they seemed a bit inconsistent but I still enjoyed this novel very much.Looking forward to the Farian War series!

    23. This was good. Tons of action, and lots of characters to remember (I forgot a few) but that was fine. Just keep reading. It ends this story arc and gives some satisfaction but I am thrilled to see Wagers is beginning another story arc set in the same world, publishing next year. Yay! I wasn't ready to let everyone go just yet and I guess I don't have to.A fun kick butt heroine, some space opera, lots of action and political intrigue. Good stuff.

    24. Aside from a few passages which I had to re-read a few times to really understand who was speaking, I greatly enjoyed this book. It was a great end to the series featuring Halili Bristol's transition from gunrunner to empress. All the major characters were well drawn and comprehensible motivations.

    25. Okay so I read nearly 50% of this book and still 1) nothing has happened and 2) I don't care anymore. I'm not sure what happened between book 2 (which, though I didn't think was amazing, I nevertheless enjoyed) and this one, which just felt like a slog, but something did, and I don't have the time to waste on boring books anymore.Too bad.

    26. This was so much fun! An excellent conclusion to an action-packed space opera. Wagers presents a well-conceived, excellently executed adventure packed with otherworldly sights, thrilling space battles, political intrigue and humanity. Tight, propulsive plotting and well-drawn characters made this book, and the two that precede it, a joy to read.

    27. Last book of the Indranan War trilogy. What a fun, fun series. Love the characters, lots of action, exotic world-building, with palace intrigue and political brinksmanship. Looking forward to the new books she's writing. Bring the gunrunner back!

    28. A riveting conclusion to the seriesThis was a riveting conclusion to the series. The characters are all compelling and the hero and villain of the series is well written. Their interaction made this series worth reading.

    29. A fitting endAn excellent wrap-up to one of the great Space Opera stories of the past few years. Wrenching and triumphant , but if you're reading a review of the third book, you know it already. Get going--the empress is waiting.

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