When the Future Comes Too Soon

When the Future Comes Too Soon

Selina Siak Chin Yoke / Mar 29, 2020

When the Future Comes Too Soon In Japanese occupied Malaya lives are shattered and a woman discovers her inner strength in a world ravaged by war Following the death of their matriarch the lives of Chye Hoon s family are turned u

  • Title: When the Future Comes Too Soon
  • Author: Selina Siak Chin Yoke
  • ISBN: 9781542045759
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Japanese occupied Malaya, lives are shattered and a woman discovers her inner strength in a world ravaged by war.Following the death of their matriarch, the lives of Chye Hoon s family are turned upside down Now that the British have fled and the Japanese have conquered, their once benign world changes overnight.Amid the turmoil, Chye Hoon s daughter in law, Mei Foong,In Japanese occupied Malaya, lives are shattered and a woman discovers her inner strength in a world ravaged by war.Following the death of their matriarch, the lives of Chye Hoon s family are turned upside down Now that the British have fled and the Japanese have conquered, their once benign world changes overnight.Amid the turmoil, Chye Hoon s daughter in law, Mei Foong, must fend for her family as her husband, Weng Yu, becomes increasingly embittered Challenged in ways she never could have imagined and forced into hiding, Mei Foong finds a deep reservoir of resilience she did not know she had and soon draws the attentions of another man.Is Mei Foong s resolve enough to save herself, her marriage, and her family Only when peace returns to Malaya will she learn the full price she must pay for survival.

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      • Selina Siak Chin Yoke

        Of Malaysian Chinese heritage, Selina Siak Chin Yoke grew up listening to family stories and ancient legends She always knew that one day, she would write After an eclectic life as a physicist, banker and trader in London, the heavens intervened In 2009 Siak was diagnosed with cancer While recovering, she decided not to delay her dream of writing any longer Her first novel, The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds , was published on November 1, 2016 and made an immediate emotional connection with readers It debuted as an best seller in historical fiction, was named by as one of the 6 best books of November 2016 and has been compared to the work of Pearl S Buck and Amy Tan.Her second novel, When the Future Comes Too Soon an emotional exploration of betrayal, survival and what courage means was published on July 18, 2017 It has been described as intensely visceral , atmospheric and thoughtfully written with a very human touch Following the novel s release, Siak was invited to be a guest on the BBC World Service, Talk Radio Europe and CBS Boston Radio She has also appeared in the Guardian, Independent and National Geographic Traveller In addition, she is a book reviewer, events speaker and blogs at siakchinyoke blog.


    1. The protagonist in this book, seems to not be able to live in the moment. Her journey begins in Ipoh , Malaysia in the early years of WW II. The Nippon Troops begin bombing the general population and the British start to evacuate their troops and citizens. The Ethnic Chinese who have lived in Malaysia for several generations, suffer the most upon The arrival of the Japanese. Thus,begins the journey of Mai Foong, during the Japanese Occupation. She stands like a tower of strength, while the count [...]

    2. Last year I was able to review Selina Siak Chin Yoke’s first novel that followed the entrepreneurial Chye Hoon. Mei Foong, Chye Hoon’s Chinese daughter-in-law, is the star of this book, and it is every inch the powerful female tale the first installment was.You ever feel like you’ve lost your voice? Not literally, but have you found yourself in situations in which you could have fought back, but had to swallow it instead? This is not an uncommon situation for women, ancient and modern. And [...]

    3. Now when I think about it I can not say if I have ever read a book set in Malaysia. So a first for everything then. And of course it was an interesting time period too, well interesting is not the right word for the turmoil and pain it caused.Mei is happily married. She has 4 children and life is good. Until the Japanese come closer, until all the British just leave over night. The occupation has begun. At first they will hide as bombs fall and then they return to a occupied city.The book was ac [...]

    4. I learned a lot about the occupation of Malaya by the Japanese during WWII, the difficulties for the Malayan people, and especially for women raising families during a time of war and scarcity. The Chinese-Malayan women in the Malayan Series, two novels, show their strength and resilience during times of change and conflict and are well drawn characters in the novels.My full review: bookdilettante/2

    5. "The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds" followed the life of Chye Hoon, a strong-willed Nyonya girl who becomes the matriarch of her mixed-heritage family in early 20th-century Malaysia. "When the Future Comes Too Soon" picks up shortly after where "The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds" left off, with the death of Chye Hoon. Now the family's story is narrated by Mei Foong, Chye Hoon's refined, upper-class Chinese daughter-in-law, who married Chye's oldest son, Weng Yu, the one who held such promise but [...]

    6. Japanese attack and occupation of Malaya. On 15 December 1941 Mei Foong’s daughter shouts “Eggs falling on the ground”. Unfortunately, what she is seeing is the first load of bombs that the Japanese dropped not only on Ipoh but all of Malaya. It was the start of their occupation of the country which lasted until they were forced to surrender in 1945. In these years of occupation, Mei Foong must change from being the meek and obedient wife of Weng Yu to standing up to the challenges that pr [...]

    7. Novel set in WW2 Ipoh, MALAYAThere is much more written about the effect of WW2 on Europe, the States, and perhaps from an English perspective about the effect on Singapore, so it was very interesting to read a little more about the Japanese invasion of Malaysia through the eyes of Mei Foong, her husband Weng Yu and her family. The Malaysian peninsula endured so much more than being a simple route to Singapore from Japan, which the Japanese, as is well known, navigated on bicycles to get south.T [...]

    8. When the Future Comes to Soon is a gripping story that takes place during WWII when the Japanese occupied Malaysia. Although I enjoyed the story very much, I found that it was bogged down by adjectives and adverbs. A writer can get by with saying "narrow eyes" or "pencil lips" once, but when adjectives and adverbs are over used they lose their power. There were a few disconnects in the story, but since this is an advanced reader copy, I imagine they will be streamlined in the final version. Asid [...]

    9. Everything I liked about the first book--the strong, stubborn female characters, the detailed descriptions, the memoir-like childhood-to-death scope of the story--was missing here. The main character is passive, her narration barely mentions the world around her except as it relates to her own immediate needs, and the story skims over a few years of World War II and then abruptly ends (with an unsatisfying epilogue). I forced myself to finish it and wish I hadn't bothered.

    10. I never realised that this was the 2nd book in a series, but it didn't spoil my enjoyment. I enjoyed everything about this book from the plot, the characters and even the book cover. It was certainly a page turner and shall be looking out for the 1st book soon. Highly recommended.My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for my copy.

    11. novelsandnonfiction/2017/What I LikedA more exciting plot line. Though I really enjoyed the first book in Selina Siak Chin Yoke’s Malaysian series, there was a quietness and intimacy to the plot that made it somewhat less exciting than this second novel. When The Future Comes To Soon starts at the beginning of World War II, when the Japanese invade Malaysia and drive the British out. With a new female protagonist at the center of the plot – Mei Foong, one of Chye Hoon’s daughters in law [...]

    12. *Full review also on my site, judgingbooksbycovers*I was first made aware of Selina Siak Chin Yoke’s novel, When the Future Comes Too Soon by JKS Communications, who were kind enough to send me a copy of the novel before its release on July 11th. As soon as I opened the novel to the dedication page, I knew I would be in for more than just a novel – I would be getting an important history lesson as well. So on that note, buckle-up boys and girls – we’re about to do some learning. This nov [...]

    13. This is the sequel to The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds and I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I really loved The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds and I was a bit wary about the sequel because I felt like I would always be comparing the two and it wouldn't be me judging the book on its own merits, rather in comparison to the first book in the series.This book was very different to the first book in some ways and similar as well. Mei Foong was a completely dif [...]

    14.   I loved the first book in this series - The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds.  That was the story of a woman in Malaya who witnesses  the change of her area when the British colonize.  Her oldest son is educated in England and she has huge hopes for him that he fails to live up to.  He marries a Chinese girl to please his mother.  This book picks up immediately after the death of the protagonist of the first book.  Her Chinese daughter-in-law tells the story of how they survived the Japane [...]

    15. When the Future Comes Too Soon picks up where The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds left off. Shortly after Chye Hoon’s death, the Japanese bombed Malaya. Mei Foong, Chye Hoon’s daughter-in-law, must make the decision to flee the city of Ipoh and escape into the countryside. In the meantime, her husband, Weng Yu, is facing depression and becomes weak. Mei Foong must fight to keep her family safe and alive. They flee the city, but they find that they are in equal danger. Can Mei Foong be strong e [...]

    16. After enjoying Selina Siak Chin Yoke’s debut novel, The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds, I was eager to read the sequel. What makes this author’s writing so fascinating to me, is her ability to transport me into her story. In this book, I felt as if I lived through the horrific period of time, when Malaya, was under Japanese control during WWII. The only thing I found difficult, was keeping track of the characters. Once I had the names straight in my mind, though, I couldn’t put the book dow [...]

    17. I absolutely loved the first book in this series, The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds. In fact, it was my favourite book of 2016 and I completely fan-girled over it, to an embarrassing degree. So, you can imagine how excited I was for the second book in the series. I had a reminder set for the release date and I stayed up til midnight to get the book as soon as I could from the Kindle store. Trust me - I've not done this since Harry Potter where I waited outside WH Smiths for 2 hours.Everything I [...]

    18. I was profoundly moved emotionally by this novel which gives a real insight into the effects of the war in Asia, a subject about which I am woefully lacking and even though I frequently read novels set during WW2, this most vital chunk of war time history seems to have passed me by.The story is complex and as such needs careful reading so as not to miss any of the finer points which are narrated by Mei Foong, a young woman who goes to desperate lengths to ensure her family's survival, when every [...]

    19. I haven't read the previous book in the series but it didn't seem to matter as the story stands alone. I found it interesting to read the story of Malaya in WWII as I have read a few books written from the European viewpoint.I found it hard work remembering the Chinese names and won't remember the for long as they mean little to me but I coped in the book giving a face to each name.The book is set in Ipoh which I know well so I also enjoyed reading about rod names and places I knew and found it [...]

    20. After reading The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds the first book in the series, I jumped at the opportunity to read this second book. It continues the history of Malaya from the next generation dealing with WWII. It gave me a perspective I hadn't had before of what happened to that part of the world. My education seems rather USA restrictive. It seems if you are teaching history that it should be more global. They are called World Wars.Though I miss the main character of the first book, we are int [...]

    21. Outstanding & Emotional!I can't say enough of this book. It's basically about one woman who loved her family so much, she and her children, husband, and other members were attacked by the Japanese so they fled until the war was overo the jungleShe was so strong, kept her children strong, yet her husband, a whimp of a husband, was scared of everythingoh how I wanted to take him out of the book and throw him away!I won't give anything, but it's one woman's narration of life in China with 6 chi [...]

    22. The Southwest Book Club had opportunity to meet author Selina Siak Chin Yoke at their meeting on 12.19.2017 at the Southwest Branch Library to discuss her Malaysian series. Lucky for the club, Selina was visiting in the Orlando area. Fantastic turnout despite the normal hustle and bustle of the holidays. Readers loved Selina's books and enjoyed even more the chance to meet the author. Selina was engaging, dynamic and eager to answer all the questions readers presented to her. Southwest Book Club [...]

    23. I won this from a giveaway that I don't even remember entering. But boy am I ever glad that I did!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the look back into history, and the look into another culture during a world war. This book was also well written and descriptive. I felt the ending fell kind of flat. I think I was hoping for more fight from the main character Wei Foong, but I guess I shouldn't have expected it from the culture and time. This book is also apparently part of a series, so [...]

    24. A poignant story of life and how it can be changed, sometimes drastically, by war, illness or other things we have no control over. Living a life of luxury, then of deprivation, followed by poverty changed the main character in ways she could have never imagined as a young woman. A look at how we can all reach deeply to find the strength we need to survive in the inevitable sorrows and valleys we go through in life. I recommend this book to those who wonder about life and how it unfolds so diffe [...]

    25. I wish I could rate this book four and a half stars I feel that four stars are too few but yet this part of the saga did not have quite the same impact on me as the first one. I assume the reason is that the first book's heroine Chye Hoon was such a strong unforgettable character while, while Mei Foong isn't quite as compelling. The descriptions of war-time Malaysia were also not as strong and interesting for me as the old pre-war Nyonya culture that was so vividly brought alive in the first boo [...]

    26. I received a digital copy of this novel from a giveaway and enjoyed it very much. I have read many books, both fiction and non-fiction, dealing with the World War II years, but this is my first that addresses the Japanese occupation of Malaya.The author is an excellent storyteller and writes with a superb command of language. This book did not have a "happy ever after" ending. seemed a realistic telling of the culture and events of the day in that part of the world. Many people suffered and the [...]

    27. I won a copy of this book through a GoodReads giveaway.This is the second book in the Malayan series and can be read as a stand alone if, like me, you haven't read the first book. You won't be going, "Who is that? What are they talking about?" as the author does a well enough job keeping you up to date without weighing you down with exposition.All the white folk have abandoned Malaysia to the invading Japanese forces. Matriarch Wong Mei Foong (who has to be the most fertile woman on the planet) [...]

    28. On December 15, 1941 Japan dropped the first bombs on this Malayan town where Mei Foong and her family live. This is the story of of her struggle to save her family during World War II with it's hardships and learning how life as a poor person is instead of the money her family had before the first bombs. The role women played in life becomes very clear quickly and would be considered third world by most people today. Selina Siak Chin Yoke presents experiences from her maternal grandmother, Chan [...]

    29. I loved this book, a lot. With an incredibly strong female protagonist, sympathetic and believable characters, an abundance of historical details, and complete immersion into the cultural melting pot of 1940s Malaysia it ticked all of the boxes that I normally look for. My only complaint is that even those big events that could have held some driving action were still focused almost entirely on Mei Foong and not the action. But, with that being said When the Future Comes too Soon has this wonder [...]

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