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Pious He is a muddied dirty bird He is the kind of man that will savagely kill you then deliver the most heartfelt eulogy at your funeral Carpious Mightson is not who he appears to be wearing the guise of

  • Title: Pious
  • Author: Kenn Bivins
  • ISBN: 9781452473888
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • He is a muddied, dirty bird He is the kind of man that will savagely kill you then deliver the most heartfelt eulogy at your funeral.Carpious Mightson is not who he appears to be, wearing the guise of a handsome leader of virtue He appears friendly, God fearing, hard working and loving Little do his neighbors, co workers, and girlfriend know that he harbors a disturbingHe is a muddied, dirty bird He is the kind of man that will savagely kill you then deliver the most heartfelt eulogy at your funeral.Carpious Mightson is not who he appears to be, wearing the guise of a handsome leader of virtue He appears friendly, God fearing, hard working and loving Little do his neighbors, co workers, and girlfriend know that he harbors a disturbing secret that contradicts his polished reputation That secret is threatened to be unearthed when Ian Kaplan, a registered sex offender, moves into the neighborhood.While Carpious is struggling to maintain his manufactured life, someone is brutally murdered in the neighborhood and his ex wife resurfaces Will the consequences of new crimes exhume buried ones

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        Kenn Bivins is the best selling author of Pious and the Wedding Disaster of Felona Mabel His work demonstrates that he has a penchant toward telling multi layered redemption stories where definition between black and white is cleverly blurred.


    1. Pious is a book about forgiveness. Throughout the story, we see so many different things that mask themselves as peace and forgiveness, but this isn't a book that lets you walk away thinking redemption is all niceties. In fact, if I had to summarize the story in a sentence, I'd say Pious is a book that teaches us that forgiveness is not about forgetting sins, but about accepting them, living with the consequences, and slowly building a bridge across the chasm that those sins create.I applaud Mr. [...]

    2. PerceptionsMechi Lane is a quiet, peaceful, family-friendly subdivision. It’s a place where neighbors know each other’s names. It’s a place where children can play freely with no worries. It’s also a place where a convicted murderer lives, unknown to his neighbors. Years ago Carpious Mightson took a life and subsequently spent many years in prison. The Carpious of old is a stark contrast of the gentle giant his neighbors have come to know and love. All is good until Mechi Lane gets a new [...]

    3. I received a copy of "Pious" from the author through a First Reads giveaway. 3.5 stars."Pious" is an interesting story about the picture-perfect community of Mechi Lane, the consequences of secrets, and ultimately the rewards of forgiveness. Carpious Mightson is seen as a pillar of virtue and hard work in his neighborhood; his neighbors and those close to him trust him and see him as a good, God-fearing man. Everything changes when Ian Kaplan, a registered sex-offender, moves into the neighborh [...]

    4. Just the name of the novel Pious was intriguing to me. The cover was a bit eerie to me, I decided to purchase on my new Kindle. Kenn Bivins (the author) took redemption to another level with his debut novel Pious. Carpious the character is dealing with a demon, yet a very loving human being. I truly was rooting for him throughout the entire novel. This novel is spiritually inclined well written and easy to read.The surrounding cast is relatable and real. When Ian Kaplan arrives on Mechi Lane Car [...]

    5. In Pious author Kenn Bivins introduces readers to Carpious Mightson a man whose troubled youth led him to a twenty year imprisonment. At the onset of the novel Carpious has served his time and now has embedded himself into the tight knit community of Mechi Lane. Mechi Lane is a suburban oasis filled with proud home owners and hard working families. This is exactly what Carpious was able to transform himself into after his incarceration and he sees no reason for any of his neighbors to know about [...]

    6. The characters in PIOUS by KENN BIVENS are complex and psychologically thrilling to meet in literature. I made life discoveries in this novel. Some words or wise proverbs written about the internet became real and meaningful. Carpious is the main character. Carpious is the most complex character. When I began the novel, I thought of him as so special. He is a man any person would feel happy to have as their neighbor. He is open, intelligent and always willing to help his neighbor. Little did I k [...]

    7. Mechi Lane is a family oriented neighborhood that anyone would be proud to reside in. The people in this close knit community look out for one another and are hardworking and sociable. However, behind the facades and closed doors, the citizens are not who they portray themselves to be.Carpious Mightson is the cornerstone in this loving community. To his neighbors, he is a man of integrity. He is a role model and father figure to his girlfriend Sydney’s eight-year old son, Solomon. He’s even [...]

    8. PIOUS: n: marked by sham or hypocrisyI’m a sucker for stories that shine a light on the inner workings of the lives of those living in safe and secure, small-town suburbia. Call it the voyeur in me, but I love peeking behind the curtain at the intimate details that make up the every day lives of characters that could very well be my next-door neighbors. Let’s face it; from time to time we all get envious of what the next guy has. Perhaps it’s a bigger car, or maybe a bigger home, or even a [...]

    9. Oh yes. Now this was a good book. Very realistic, very truthful and suspenseful as well. I felt connected to all the characters, and unlike most, I felt sorry for Carpious. He tried to leave his past behind, but his past caught up with him. After 10 years, 10 years of making himself a better person, he threw it all away over an assumptionat his sex offender neighbor assaulted a child. It never happened but Carpious believed it, and killed him. I could almost understand why he did this, because h [...]

    10. This book reads like a rollercoaster. It moves along at a steady pace, then takes off and jolts you in ways you could not have imagined. On the surface, the book is about a man (Carpious), his past and how unresolved issues from his past claw their way into the present as he tries to move forward with his "new" life. Beneath it all, the entire book illustrates (through ALL the characters) the concepts of perception, prejudice, reform and forgiveness (to name a few) in ways that cause a certain d [...]

    11. Pious Almighty. Holier than thou. A character with such peculiar novelty. This was a solid read from start to finish. Kenn's ability to characterize the best and worse of what makes us human through these characters is what makes the story so gripping to read. The writing is fluid and paced beautifully. The story is simplistic in nature -- beautiful and engaging; however, the events unfolding and their impact in the characters' world are chaotic and keep you immersed the whole time. I found myse [...]

    12. What can I say That I throughly enjoy reading Pious, he potrayed this peaceful tranquil life only to find out that his past was lurking around.Ilove how it starts off as real peaceful then it sets you up for twist and turns through out the book.Once you get settle in to whats going on Mechi lane Here comes another twist thats thrown in the mix that will shock you.A must read,of course it's a five star read

    13. I won this book on , and am always honored to be chosen for a "first read." While the plot had lots of twists and turns, I was not fond of the author's style. I get the whole "forgiveness" theme; I just feel that the characters were shallow and simplistic, like the language used. I was more than a little bothered by the inconsistency in verb tense and found a lot of the writing cliche, even amateurish. That being said, the storyline was intriguing.

    14. Best read in a long while This novel was full of suspense and had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I felt myself becoming so invested in the characters. Every emotion inside of me surfaced from love to hate. I felt as if I were a neighbor living on the block. I really enjoyed this read and look forward to reading the second novel written by Kenn. Kudos on a job well done! #NOAF

    15. Very gripping! You are taken into the lives of so many different characters so effortlessly that you lose yourself within each one. Each character in this book is easy to relate to in either a personal way or simply reminding you of someone you know. I rarely find that in most books, especially ones that are such a quick read. Includes a lot of lessons/messages that stick with you as well. This will definitely become one of my yearly rereads.

    16. This was such a good book, (with a cover I love). it started off slow (only for a few pages) but it picked up pace and did not stop till the end. Kept my attention and read it in less than a day, will definitely read this again! Looking forward to reading more of Mr. Bivins work.

    17. An avid reader of urban fiction, I initially had low expectations of this novel; not because I deemed the author Kenn Bivins incompetent but merely because it was of a genre I was not familiar with. (Yes, this admission may suggest I am close-minded; however, I prefer the term loyal.) lol… Surely the author would not hold my interest long enough for me to complete the novel, much less cause me to “cheat” on urban fiction, my beloved genre, by branching out to that of suspense. Surprisingly [...]

    18. Full and detailed review, at cynthology/2016/01The book begins with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s quote: “No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” This is the premise of Pious. The book told me a lot about how judgmental we tend to get, and how we are quick to pass sentence before we know the truth about other people’s lives. The omniscient narrator draws back once in a while to o [...]

    19. This may be the most poorly written book I have ever read. All the characters were one dimensional, and there were so many story lines going on that we couldn't get into any of them. It honestly read like a freshman attempt at a novel for homework. Lots of descriptive words were used but there was no substance whatsoever. Any one of the many story lines would have potentially been a great book if they were better written. Strange that the violence was so graphic and the rest of the book was so s [...]

    20. This book started out slow, but picked up some momentum in the middle that kept me reading, it is the story of a seemingly reformed convict who wants to do better, but cannot forgive himself and then his past comes back to haunt him and he makes all the wrong decisions. I would probably give this book 2 1/2 stars at some points and 3 1/2 at others. The writing was all over the place and a lot could have been left out.

    21. For a first time Author Kenn Bivins did an excellent job in portraying a great story of redemption on so many levels. The book will draw you into the world of Carpious making you love him, hate him and everything in between. This book made me more intuitive towards topics I would not normally think about. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to enjoy a great book!

    22. Put this book down twice, and stupidly picked it up again based on the reviews. Highly predictable, supposedly about forgiveness. I don't understand why we're supposed to feel sorry for the main character or see why anyone would forgive him based on multiple things he does. Not for me.

    23. Some good and unexpected twists helped to keep me interested. The epilogue felt a bit predictable to me at that point in the book, even though it was meant not to be.

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