Salvation's Dawn

Salvation's Dawn

Joe Jackson / Jun 03, 2020

Salvation s Dawn This is an updated cover edition of An adult epic fantasy for fans of Feist Salvatore Le Guin and similar authors The Apocalypse was supposed to be the final war against the demons On

  • Title: Salvation's Dawn
  • Author: Joe Jackson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an updated cover edition of 9781515348580.An adult epic fantasy for fans of Feist, Salvatore, Le Guin, and similar authors.The Apocalypse was supposed to be the final war against the demons Only a few days passed before a new evil surfaced Now, rumors have begun to circulate of a civil war, one with a demonic taint beneath it that hints at an underworld invasion.This is an updated cover edition of 9781515348580.An adult epic fantasy for fans of Feist, Salvatore, Le Guin, and similar authors.The Apocalypse was supposed to be the final war against the demons Only a few days passed before a new evil surfaced Now, rumors have begun to circulate of a civil war, one with a demonic taint beneath it that hints at an underworld invasion It is a situation that demands investigation by one of the world s greatest demonhunters.Still reeling from her unprecedented resurrection and eight years of fighting, Karian Vanador is called upon to look into the threat Why was the remote island of Tsalbrin chosen And who or what is truly behind the unrest Assigned to an unlikely group of young heroes, Kari must learn to rely on than just her legendary prowess She will need their strength to battle her internal demons, just as these young heroes need her strength to battle their physical foes.Together, they must unravel an underworld plot before Citaria is plunged into worldwide war again.Salvation s Dawn is the opening volume of the Eve of Redemption series If you love epic fantasy in the vein of Terry Brooks, RA Salvatore, Raymond E Feist, Ursula K Le Guin, and similar authors, you ll love the depth, complexity, and far reaching worlds of this series.

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        An avid fan of fantasy, Joe tries to combine shades of some of his favorite authors writing Tad Williams, Raymond E Feist, and RA Salvatore, among others into his own world The result is a world of rich descriptions, complex politics, and heart racing combat.Joe was born on November 19, 1976 on Long Island, New York A graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor s degree in Accounting, he started writing Sci Fi short stories in fifth grade after seeing the movie Aliens in the theater After getting into Dungeons Dragons with friends as a teenager, his interests moved to Epic Fantasy, but still rooted in a Sci Fi alien world The Eve of Redemption series represents the culmination of years of world building and back story development, much of it through epic ADD campaigns, that takes familiar epic fantasy and brings it to an alien world.Joe currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife and daughter When he s not chasing his daughter around the yard or counting beans for his bosses, he s usually imagining the next turn on the long road that the Eve of Redemption series brings.If you find any errors in his writing, Joe is happy to make corrections.


    1. Karian Vanador is a terra-dracon demonhunter who has been resurrected several centuries after her death. In the wake of the Apocalypse, Kari has been summoned by her deity to join a band of of half-demons known as the Silver Blades on a mission to try to stop another war. Salvation's Dawn is a very complex epic fantasy novel featuring a female lead character who is a species that is sort of a type of dragon. With demons, dragons and hunters my curiosity was peaked early on in the read even thoug [...]

    2. Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption #1) by Joe Jackson is an epic tale which I was not expecting! I thought this would be just a regular story but this is so much more. This whole world the author has created is so meticulously detailed in the creatures, culture, societies, the magic, the geography, and the well developed characters that it is like looking at an epic screen in my mind! So much went into making this world and he delivers this in such a way that makes it come alive rather than des [...]

    3. Salvation’s Dawn is an epic fantasy with a strong female lead that’s – and this is something new for me – not a human. While, of course, I’ve read plenty of books about vamps, faeries, goddesses, aliens and such, I don’t think I can remember a character as epic as Karian. (By the way, I love her unusual name.) Her description alone was a promise of a big adventure full of magic and sharp swords and sorcery. I don’t want to give away too much, since the author will do it way better [...]

    4. This book is an incredible fantasy novel, just not the book for me. I rounded up because I know just how much some of my friends would love this novel, even if it didn't do the trick for me. Karian Vanador is a terra-dracon demonhunter, resurrected many years after her death to help fight a war. Now that the war has been won, she has been summoned by her deity on a quest with the Silver Blades, a team of half-demons, on a mission to try to stop another one from breaking out. The world building h [...]

    5. Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption, #1) by: Joe Jackson, is the first in an epic fantasy series. The story follows the main character Karian Vanadar, who is a demon-hunter, and the Silver Blades through an apocalyptic war. I am a huge fantasy book lover and dived right into this book! The world created by Joe Jackson came as a major surprise to me. In a magnificent way! It was clean-cut, intricately-woven, very imagincative and detailed. What more can a reader ask for?! I was amazed and delight [...]

    6. wow, I am not even sure where to start.It's been a while since I read a book like this. It followed a steady pace throughout. The plot was mostly unpredicatable. It follows Kari, a terra-dracon, as the main character who was resurrected several centuries after her death. She was sent on a mission by her deity with a group of people who didn't know it was possible for one to be resurrected let alone that a resurrected being was in their midst. The book follows Kari's journey with her companions t [...]

    7. I definitely enjoyed my time with this. I came in with hesitations, both for being a self-published novel, and also for the lack of reviews on , but I was pleasantly surprised. The lead, Kari, is as good as those few reviews say. She is uniquely human, and still alien. I didn't feel like she was shoe-horned in at all. The relationships across the board, both romantic and naught, were dynamic, and fun. I loved the banter between siblings. Really immersive.I was astounded by the amount of world-bu [...]

    8. Salvation’s Dawn: Eve of Redemption, by Joseph Jackson, details the adventures of Karian Vanador, demonhunter, and the Silver Blades. As the war of the Apocalypse is fought to a close, Karian is summoned abruptly to the service of her deity, and sent with the band of half-demon adventurers known as the Silver Blades on a crucial mission: to avert another war. War-weary and lonely, Karian accepts the mission from a sense of duty alone. She isn’t certain what to expect from her assigned compan [...]

    9. Salvation's Dawn by Joe Jackson is the first installment of what's to be an epic fantasy series, and it's a strong start. One of the things that Jackson executed best was the world-building, an integral part to any epic fantasy story. I was blown away by the amount of creativity and thoughtfulness put into the races and cultures of the world that Jackson has created.I'm a huge fan of intricate, interwoven stories between characters, factions, and races, and Salvation's Dawn sets up the potential [...]

    10. At first I wondered what I was reading as there isn't much of a set-up or world building at the beginning, the author just drops in right into the story and you have to figure it out from there. It's a world populated by humans and other creatures, a world where the inhabitants walk and talk with their gods. A world of many different races and beings.Quite honestly, I got lost with all the connections between the people and their gods and the sub-species of the different races.This doesn't distr [...]

    11. What's a demon hunter to do when the war ends? This was an enjoyable book. It reminded me of old stories of the crusade, and returning Christian soldiers, but with demons. A book that was hard to put down.

    12. Intriguing epicMuch better than expected. Magic and intrigue intertwined together with sense of humanity at it worse with the final outcome of higher forces overcoming and displaying compassion, understanding and tolerance of different races to show them at their best.

    13. Salvation's Dawn, where do I begin, well with Chapter 1, of course. Chapter 1 is a little hard to get into, I must admit. Mind you, the author does not smack you over the head with world building, but he does have to build a whole new world for you before you can fully appreciate the story line. Much of the story is dependent upon the reader knowing and understanding the world. So my advice, is to take your time reading the first two chapters, but definitely stick with it because the rest of the [...]

    14. This book is very interesting for a number of reasons. First, let me give you all a description of the roller coaster of awesome I got to ride for a few days. Salvation’s Dawn takes place in a world not much like earth at all. There are creatures, humans, demons, even half-demons. But—get this—the main character is NOT human! And this is not a children’s book. It’s not often I come across books where the main protagonist is not human. I’ve read things about vampires and wolves and su [...]

    15. A worthy addition to the epic fantasy canon“If it so pleases you, we will fire dance in his honor.”This story is a treasure, a work of art, a labor of love and a magical artifact. Weighing in at 446 pages and something near 200,000 words, Joe Jackson’s first foray in epic fantasy nails both epic and fantasy. Featuring the rare strong female lead, who is not human but demon-hunter, black and winged, but simultaneously all female and all warrior, Jackson’s world and heroine are fresh and u [...]

    16. I must admit that I thought at first that I did this book a great disservice by reading it in between Harry Potter books--my first reading of the Harry Potter series. I mean I'm walking around at work expelliarmus'ing people I don't like, and I was dying to continue that epic series like none other before it. However, I have been wanting to read this book from the first time I saw the cover, and knowing that the second book was coming out I felt like it was time to experience Salvation's Dawn. A [...]

    17. Salvation’s Dawn is definitely on the complex, epic side of the fantasy spectrum. It is set in a world with a diverse range of races and a large religious pantheon. The races are not generic—they are visually striking and they are not all humanoid, which is very refreshing and I adore that aspect. The world feels believable and consistent. The naming of the races are deliberate and sensical. Definitely done with care. The character names are the same way. There was care put into the world-bu [...]

    18. Eve of Redemption, Book I, Salvation’s Dawn: A long awaited review…Joseph Jackson is a very serious writer. To explain, even within the prologue the scope of this work is expansive and the following chapters only serve to paint a larger picture; no, that doesn't quite do this depth justice. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel MAY approach reasonable facsimile to the breath-taking expanse of world-building that this author has undergone. Is it an amount of effort that I'd personally undergo on [...]

    19. A great adventure into a dark fantasy that will grab you and not let go till the very end, Masterfully written. I loved it!!

    20. A complex and descriptive read!Joe Jackson has created a fascinatingly complex world with depth and consistency (including varied races, religions, histories, countries, etc) that captures the reader’s curiosity. His descriptions throughout were clear and well written which made is easy to picture both the world and it’s inhabitants while reading. However, at times, it was a little too detailed/ descriptive, which I feel detracted from the story as whole (although, I generally prefer minimal [...]

    21. This is a great start to what promises to be an incredible fantasy series. Citaria is a well-thought-out, vivid world filled with lush landscapes and fascinating races, mostly non-human. I think one of the more interesting aspects of the world is that humans crashed on the planet thousands of years ago and many of the population’s expressions, foods and pastimes are a result of their integration into the world.Karian Vanador is the heroine and this is her story for the most part. A resurrected [...]

    22. Enter a world of half-demons, humans, and dragon-like people. The world building in this book is simply spectacular, bordering on, but not quite stepping over, the line to overdone. I give the book five stars, I did enjoy the story of Kari, a demon-hunter who is also one of the draconian people in the book. The story is very complex and interesting, our main character after all is a demon-hunter who is also friends with half-demons, so you have to really get into the book to understand it, hence [...]

    23. Jackson has created an entertaining and readable tale of light versus dark, good versus evil that will grab your attention and not let go. We encounter the main character Kari, at the close of a world altering apocalypse. Our reluctant hero was resurrected against her will, 200 years after her death, in order to fight in the war. Now that the forces of light have prevailed she returns to her guild for guidance and instruction. The guild assigns her to an existing company known as the Silverblade [...]

    24. The novel follows the tale of Kari a demon-hunter fresh out of the Demon Wars. I love a strong female character and she doesn't disappoint me. Joe doesn't give us a male character with a female name, she holds onto things that make her feminine and that makes me very happy. The book is filled with twists and turns as the post Demon War world throws its challenges at her. Joe has built a very clear and detailed world for the reader that doesn't leave you scratching your head aboutwait what does s [...]

    25. Well, what a fun read this was. At first you feel like you are getting to much information but then you realise that the world is very fleshed out with various and wide ranging characters. Karian Vanador, the protagonist, is a demon hunter under the command of Zalkar. He is the god of justice through mercy. She had died previously and have been resurrected for an unknown reason. The plot, characters and world is beautifully created. Everyone are unique towards themselves, the characters around t [...]

    26. Jackson has created a spectacular world that combines a bit of science fiction with what may be the next epic fantasy world to garner a ton of fans. With one of the strongest female heroines, Jackson has developed Kari, a demonhunter sworn to obey her Order, as a cross between a woman of true nature and genuine raw emotion and the unyielding warrior most authors peg as men. After being summoned from duties diligently served, Kari must once again enter the darkness to unleash the light. The cast [...]

    27. Salvation’s Dawn by Joe Jackson is amazing! I must admit my fantasy reading tends to lean closer to vampires and were animals, but half breed demons and demon hunters are awesome. I started reading this book with no real ideas about the book, but when I realized the main character was female I was excited. Fresh from battle and ready for her next assignment, Kari is focused and driven to fulfill her duty. Joe Jackson has created a detailed new realm that lets the reader see his world in detail [...]

    28. I really liked this book and the characters. I am very impressed with the amount of detail the author has put into creating this world. I also like where the story is going. I only have one problem: I want more information. While I was reading, I would often think: "I need a map" or "I really want a chart of the races and the different deities." So imagine my pleasure when I found the appendixes at the end of the book with precisely all the info I wanted. I guess I should have paid more attentio [...]

    29. A great story about Good vs Evil. I enjoyed this book very much. The characters were well developed. This book had lots of things I like for me in it. I loved the magic and the sorcery and the strong female character. I think will have to watch out for more books on this series. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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