Alfie: (The Turtle That Disappeared)

Alfie: (The Turtle That Disappeared)

Thyra Heder / Feb 21, 2020

Alfie The Turtle That Disappeared Nia loves Alfie her pet turtle But he s not very soft he doesn t do tricks and he s pretty quiet Sometimes she forgets he s even there That is until the night before Nia s seventh birthday when nA

  • Title: Alfie: (The Turtle That Disappeared)
  • Author: Thyra Heder
  • ISBN: 9781419725296
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nia loves Alfie, her pet turtle But he s not very soft, he doesn t do tricks, and he s pretty quiet Sometimes she forgets he s even there That is until the night before Nia s seventh birthday, when nAlfie disappears Then, in an innovative switch in point of view, we hear Alfie s side of the story He didn t leave Nia he s actually searching for the perfect birthday preNia loves Alfie, her pet turtle But he s not very soft, he doesn t do tricks, and he s pretty quiet Sometimes she forgets he s even there That is until the night before Nia s seventh birthday, when nAlfie disappears Then, in an innovative switch in point of view, we hear Alfie s side of the story He didn t leave Nia he s actually searching for the perfect birthday present for his dear friend Can he find a gift and make it back in time for the big birthday party From the author illustrator of Fraidyzoo and The Bear Report comes a warm and funny ode to friendship even when the friends see the relationship, and the world, very differently.

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    1. This is a truly exceptional picture book. I wish it was being talked about more. The story is fresh, funny and interesting. The illustrations are incredibly warm and inviting. A storytime winner!

    2. I don't usually rate the 5 million picture books I read, but I'm rating this one because it is everything. My new favorite of 2017, instantly, boom.

    3. 10/14/2017 ** Alfie is a turtle - one who disappears. This book, which is really two stories, tells the tale of Nia, who got a turtle for her 6th birtday, and Alfie, the turtle, who went exploring and was gone for a full year.Heder's prose is spare, leaving the reader space to savor the words and appreciate the illustrations. The text doesn't really convey that Alfie was on his adventure for a full year, but the illustrations give clues about the changing seasons, and the birthday balloons with [...]

    4. Terrific! The plot twist in the middle takes this one from seemingly ordinary to a total delight. BEAR REPORT is a favorite of mine and she is continuing to create exceptional books. Note to self - pay attention to Thyra Heder's career!The illustrations are also adorable. This would make a wonderful writing prompt and a fun way to talk about perspective.

    5. My library has a pet turtle who lives on my desk and has surprised me with his personality. So, yes, I read this book and thought immediately of Murphy the turtle, who loves seeing shining faces and showing off his turtly yoga poses.Alfie's owner is equally enamored with her reptile, especially because they're the same age. But the turtle's obscure reptilian ways don't hold her attention for long. But, as their shared 7th birthday approaches, we suddenly see inside Alfie's mind and discover that [...]

    6. This delighted me in a way I’m not sure how to describe. Perhaps it’s the brief story told by Nia, a little girl who got a turtle for a pet, who named it Alfie. She said she was six, so now so was Alfie. There are things about Alfie that we learn, like how still it (he?) stays, and the illustration shows Nia sketching him. She showed Alfie her wiggle dance, wrote songs for him, but mostly he stayed in his shell. But one day, right before Nia’s seventh birthday, Alfie disappeared, and that [...]

    7. Such a sweet story about a young girl and her turtle. Halfway through the story, the point of view shifts from Nia, who has lost Alfie and doesn't know where he has gone, to Alfie and his pursuit of finding a present for her. I was relieved that he was okay. Was a gentle reminder that we should not take our pets for granted and forget about them when the newness has worn off. They are still living creatures and some of them don't have the capability to make their voices heard when they need to b [...]

    8. Brought a smile to my face. I loved the switch in point of view to Alfie, the turtle. The cover art seems to give a small hint with its split "screen" that the telling of the story is divided. Careful observation of the illustrations show the passage of time as Alfie makes the trek outside--the tree is in bloom when he's at the stop of the fire escape, no blossoms and changing leaf colors at the middle, and then he falls into a pile of leaves at the bottom. By the time Alfie crosses the yard, a [...]

    9. My first read of 2018 and, if this was any indicator of how my reading will be like for the rest of the year, then I'm expecting lots of great surprises in store!I'd been wanting to read this picture book since it came in the store but it was only after seeing other bloggers rave about it that I decided to pick it up. A great story about one friendship seen from two perspectives- the girl's and the turtle's. I was pleasantly surprised by how the story turned out and loved the very expressive ill [...]

    10. Nia got a pet turtle, Alfie, for her sixth birthday and she tells us all about him! Including the fact that he goes missing on her seventh birthdayWhere in the world could he be?At that point, we suddenly switch to Alfie's perspective and find out what exactly he's doing when he's lost.This is a great book that will definitely interest slightly older kids, such as kindergartners and first graders. Heder's watercolor illustrations are especially well done--I love the reunion scene between Alfie a [...]

    11. A little girl gets a turtle for her sixth birthday. At first she spends a lot of time with him: introducing him to her friends, telling him jokes and teaching him how to dance. But she finally gives up because "he didn't do much." And the turtle disappears. Switch to Alfie's perspective. He loved the friends, the jokes and the dancing. And now he wants to get Nia a present for her seventh birthday. And he ventures out in the world to find it.Cute and a great way to introduce perspective to young [...]

    12. Let me tell you the things I love about this book.1. The main character is a person of color.2. The main character is a girl.3. The book switches points of view in the middle and we can see through the eyes of the turtle.4. We think all is lost, but its not.5. The turtle teaches us persistence.6. This book is slow and gentle (like a turtle).7. The illustrations are beautiful.8. If you look careful, you'll see a little bit of a surprise ending.

    13. I'm always down for a story about a turtle, but this one almost gave me heart palpitations. I held my breath just about the entire time that Alfie was on his journey. Of course, I should have known that this is a picture book so of course there would be a happy ending, but I couldn't help it because I just loved little Alfie so much. The illustrator did a superb job expressing all of the little guy's emotions. 5 stars for an original story with adorable illustrations!

    14. This is a terrific picture book to discuss point of view with young readers. Nia loves her pet turtle, Alfie, and he loves her, too. Told from alternating points of view, this book shares their experiences. The illustrator did a wonderful job showing the worldview of both the little girl and her pet turtle. This could be a great mentor text to help kids write from different perspectives.

    15. A little girl gets a turtle when she turns 6 and by age 7 she has started to lose interest in her pet. But Alfie the turtle hasn't forgotten and wants to find the perfect present. Thus, he embarks on a year long quest. Its' not quite clear what Alfie does for that full year but it does show his devotion for his girl.

    16. Another book with very cute art, but also a very good story. I like how it gives the two perspectives, the little girl and the turtle. I'm pretty sure turtles don't have that level of emotional awareness, but it is still quite cute to read. I also really like the afterword, with the author describing her real turtle that provided the inspiration for this story.

    17. Nia got Alfie the turtle for her 6th birthday. She loved Alfie but she didn't think that Alfie loved her. Eventually Nia forgot all about Alfie until he disappeared right before her 7th birthday. Nia was mistaken that Alfie didn't love her. He set off to find her the perfect present for her 7th birthday.

    18. Thanks to Chicago Public Library and Betsy Bird for the list of 2017 Best books. This certainly is a lovely example of memoir and I think because of the authors note will be useful even with older students, but if perfect for the 4-7 year old set.

    19. What fun! Thyra tells the story of her real-life pet turtle, Alfie, through the eyes of a child named Nia. The cover art is what drew me in initially. A beautiful book about a child's love for a pet and the pet's love for a child.

    20. Turtles have always seemed like boring animals to me. Until now. This book was not only a beautiful piece of art that I couldn't put down until I was finished, but it was also a very unique idea. Telling a story from both the girl AND the turtles perspective? Genius.

    21. One of our family's favorite books features a little girl, her turtle, and a year-long adventure. Look closely at the present Alfie finds and gives to Nia and you might recognize it from earlier in the book!

    22. This set out to be a sweet but straightforward picture book experience, and then! plot twist in the middle, and it's all kinds of awwwww Awesome illustrations, great storyline, great pet turtle action. Altogether delightful!

    23. Such a sweet story about a girl and her pet turtle! Well done illustrations, funny, and I adore the turtle's determination to find just the right gift for his girl's birthday, no matter how long it took him.

    24. So cute, a little sad at times for poor determined Alfie. The point of view flip is adorable. Love the dog's suggestions too!Is it fair to guess the Alfie this Alfie was named after was in turn named after the tortoise in Esio Trot?

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