A Real Keeper

A Real Keeper

Rocklyn Ryder / Jun 03, 2020

A Real Keeper One smokin hot single dad vs the woman that makes him want to change his game plan Now if he can just get his teenage daughter to stop playing matchmaker and convince the sexy woman from that hook up

  • Title: A Real Keeper
  • Author: Rocklyn Ryder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One smokin hot single dad vs the woman that makes him want to change his game plan Now if he can just get his teenage daughter to stop playing matchmaker and convince the sexy woman from that hook up at the bar to stop shutting him down.Kendra I don t expect a random hook up to turn into happily ever after, so it only makes sense to put an end to this thing with Logan bOne smokin hot single dad vs the woman that makes him want to change his game plan Now if he can just get his teenage daughter to stop playing matchmaker and convince the sexy woman from that hook up at the bar to stop shutting him down.Kendra I don t expect a random hook up to turn into happily ever after, so it only makes sense to put an end to this thing with Logan before I ruin my chances of getting set up with a thoroughly vetted and researched match by a professional marriage broker, right But Logan isn t making it easy to call it quits Why does everything this man s lips do to me make me want LoganWhatever reasons Kendra has for trying not to get caught up in this thing that s getting started between us went out the door yesterday I just want to tease her, take my time bringing her up and holding her there on the edge I like watching her hover on the brink like this, showing her how well I know her body already Proving that she belongs to me.

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        In real life I m just your ordinary woman At the day job 8 hours a day that often stretches to 10 Coming home to a couple of cats that didn t notice I was gone Sometimes I have a boyfriend Sometimes I don t.Unless we re talking book boyfriends I ALWAYS have one of those Sometimes I juggle two or three, as long as they don t find out about each other, right Or maybe it just gets better when they do.I like writing steamy scenes between boys that are all hard muscle and soft hearts and the women they choose to claim as their own.I also like writing deliriously unrealistic adventures about women who won t be claimed for long Because sometimes we need a little balance in our fantasies And what do I read Total smut, the kind with over the top chemistry that gets characters to lose their minds and their clothes as soon as possible they can work out the kinks on the way to happily ever after later I also love books with sexually independent women who don t need a ring on their finger or kids at their heels to be complete I love a book where the heroine is the one kicking ass and saving the day.


    1. **ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW **I am enjoying these arranged marriage stories.  The mysterious Raven Swann strikes again.  This time, there is a little bit of a spin.  I really liked both Logan and Kendra.  Logan is a single dad of a 14 year old girl.   He was not a manwhore, wanting to be a good example for his daughter. He was married young, and divorced young (22).  He knew he made huge mistakes (never a cheater) and he made his sole focus his daughter.  This spunky [...]

    2. This one stepped away from the formula a bit. Raven Swann has taken the prices off her site for her Matchmaking services. It seems that some people were taking it the wrong way. Therefore, when she's contacted by 13 year old Mariah, asking her to find a date for her father, Logan, Raven can't decline. Logan has been co-parenting his daughter with his ex-wife for ten years. Beth was a high school hook-up who got pregnant and he married her. But he's been single since the divorce, focusing on bein [...]

    3. I reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Raven Swann is at it again, only this time something beats her to the punch in a way. Her website for arranged marriages is growing by the day. She wasn't expecting to be contacted by a 13 year old though.but sitting across from her, eating ice cream, and listening to how she wants her dad to be happy and find someone he will marry.ah, does a heart goodKendra gets a call from Raven out of the blue, a full two years after filling out the paperwork. [...]

    4. A Real Keeper by Rocklyn Ryder is a Contemporary Romance and Book 5 of the Arranged Marriage Romance series about couples who are matched by Raven Swann, a pricey matchmaker who specialises in happy arranged marriages.Mariah is a precocious 13 year girl on a mission to find her father a wife and meets up with Raven Swann, matchmaker extraordinaire, to discuss this matter. Mariah is worried about her father being all alone in the world once she's off to college but doesn't want him to know that s [...]

    5. Raven Swann, with her incredible abilities at matchmaking, strikes again when 13 year old Mariah attempts to hire her to find her dad a wife. Mariah is getting older and she wants her dad to be happy, and she especially wants him occupied so he isn't hovering over her as she ventures into her own dating world.Kendra can't believe the way she behaved, hooking up at a bar with a guy she didn't even know. But she can't get him out of her mind and he isn't exactly helping in that area. Logan seems t [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. If you've read and enjoyed the other arranged marriages by Raven Swann books in this series than you will definitely enjoy this one. I loved the characters and Raven had to go old school this time to set up the characters. Kendra had applied to Raven Swann to get help finding a match but then found out the prices and was up front about not being able to afford ituntil she gets a call out of the blue that Raven will waive the fee as she thinks she has a client that wil [...]

    7. Loved itA little different from the previous Raven Swann books. Raven takes on a special case when a 13 year old hires her to find a wife for her dad. Raven unable to use her normal methods, has to take on a more hands on approach.Kendra is surprised by the call she gets from Raven Swann. She applied a few years ago but bowed out due to the cost. Raven thinks she is a match for one of her clients. Then she literally runs into the man of her dreams, in a bar, and he was the evenings entertainment [...]

    8. Logan & Kendra didn’t know what hit them. Kendra was looking for a husband and wanted Ravens arranged marriage services but couldn’t afford it but didn’t know that Raven had a man in her sites for Kendra. Logan’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Mariah, wanted her dad, Logan, to get married so he wouldn’t be lonely once she starts high school and contacted Raven to use her services but Raven wouldn’t take her money told her they would do it on a contingency plan, if he finds his own w [...]

    9. I voluntarily received an ARC for an honest review. I loved this book! I loved to get more of Raven in the story, and how she connected with Mari. Mari is a thirteen year old girl who wants to help find her dad a wife so he won't be alone. She enlists the help of Raven to find him a match. I love how the story unfolds from there. Sometimes when you read a series the quality goes down, but Rocklyn has managed to make each book different and amazing. I always look forward to her work. Get this one [...]

    10. Another great match.Another enjoyable story in Rocklyn Ryder's Arranged Marriage series. This was a sweet focus on finding love when you seem to least expect it. I loved Mariah's sassy 14 year old input, and we also got to see a tiny snippet into Raven's personal life. (I wonder if this is a teaser for a story to come). I can't wait for the next installment in the series. Thanks Rocklyn.

    11. I received this book for a voluntary, completely honest and non incentivized review. A Real Keeper is a great story on how Raven Swann still manages to make magic happen, unofficially. I love this take in the arranged marriage series. The characters are great and the story was well put together. Fun read all around!

    12. Fun, Romantic Story of Arranged MeetingTween Mariah thinks her dad should get remarried so she contacts a matchmaker. In the meantime, her dad, Logan, meets a woman and becomes smitten.This story is on the short side, so the side characters are mostly underdeveloped, but it's still a sexy and romantic story that I enjoyed very much.

    13. I adore these books!They are short but so perfect! This one was so sweet I teared up at the end. I love Raven I would love to know more about her. This one was different then the others with the daughter involved but I loved it. I also liked how there was chapters of Raven to get to know her a little better. Can't wait to read the extra chapter and then on to the next book.

    14. What s great read! Raven Swann, matchmaker extraordinaire, does it again with Logan and Kendra. The only thing isLogan's daughter is the one working with Raven to find Logan a wife. This is a delightful story, with fun characters and a guaranteed HEA. ❤️ (I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and really loved it!)

    15. A Real Keeper is Logan and Kendra's story. Only this time, the one to contact Raven for a marriage match is Logan's daughter! But Raven works her magic and boom-love connection. I love the single dad perspective and these two are so right for eachother. Logan and Kendra burn it up between the sheets too. I love this series, each one is short and fun and unique.I received an arc of this.

    16. 3 1/2*Kendra hired Raven 2 years ago after calling off her engagement Logan she's hoping for love & children. Logan's daughter tried to hire Raven to find her dad a wife without his knowledge. Will they both find love?I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book Another lovely story

    17. **ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW **I love this book!! I have really enjoyed all of the arranged marriage books but this one is my favorite! I love how Mari, the 14 year old daughter, is the one to initiate the arranging!! Adorable! Great read!!!

    18. A Real Keeper is a real keeper.The first chapter was a bit confusing as the story started with Logan's daughter meeting with the matchmaker, but once I got by that, Logan & Kendra's story was a real page-turner.

    19. This series has so much to offer. It's entertaining, fun, with the added bonus of heat. Oh, yeah the men in these stories sure know how to melt your heat, dampen your panties and on a scale for peppers, they definitely are ghost pepper hot!This time around Raven Swann has a different type of match making going on. A teenage girl is looking for a wife for her father. Raven's fee's and list of questions is not something she can discuss with the girl but she finds a soft spot for her so she finds a [...]

    20. Better than expected!I love books with these type of story lines and most of the time the characters fall flat and the kids are written horribly. This book though had fun characters with lots of personality on them and Mariah was very well written.

    21. Fun read Was cute and sexy at the same time. Was a pretty quick read and you'll find yourself laughing at some parts.

    22. GreatBy far the best of this series. I loved the characters and their story line. I only wish it was longer to read. I hope to read more from this author.

    23. 3.5 starsShort, cute, SAFE book. *** Kinda sucks a little that I had to go hunt down the epilogue just to get the complete story though.

    24. I have read a few books by this author now and have enjoyed every one. This was a cute short story that took a couple hours to read. With this week get a twist on the stereotypical clingy person after sex. Kendra is the one pulling away and (trying to) ignore Logan's texts. Logan is the one who doesn't want to let go, calling and texting day after day. It's funny how, when it's the female character that's clingy, the storylines tend to be annoying. With Logan it's endearing. He is such a great a [...]

    25. I am soooo loving this Arranged Marriage Series by Rocklyn Ryder and this next one doesn't disapppoint. I may have said the last one was my favourite but I may have to retract that as this one is right up there. What I love the most about all these books is there is little to no drama with them. It's about two people, with the help of a match maker, finding the love of their lives and building a relationship from there. This one is about Logan who isn't really looking for anyone and has a teenag [...]

    26. Raven Swan is a exclusive match maker, who loves happy endings. Her fees are mostly for the very wealthy, but occasionally she makes exceptions to give others their happy endings. She makes one of these exceptions, when she meets with 14 year old Mariah, who wants to find a match for her father, Logan. After her boyfriend of many years finally tells her that he doesn't want to get married, veterinarian, Kendra signs up on line for Swan's services. However, when she sees the prices, she tells Rav [...]

    27. **I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book**The notorious matchmaker Raven Swann has her biggest challenge ahead of her with Logan and Kendra.When it comes to matching the perfect pairs Raven has never been wrong. But now she must bring these two together without either one knowing they are being matched. I really enjoyed this story. Although Logan was married and divorced at a young age, he never really had a manwhore kind of past. He was always determined to set a good exampl [...]

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