Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard

Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard

Alex Bertie / May 31, 2020

Trans Mission My Quest to a Beard Being a teenager is difficult enough but having to go through puberty whilst realising you re in the wrong body means dealing with a whole new set of problems bullying self doubt and in some cases f

  • Title: Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard
  • Author: Alex Bertie
  • ISBN: 9781526360687
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Being a teenager is difficult enough, but having to go through puberty whilst realising you re in the wrong body means dealing with a whole new set of problems bullying, self doubt and in some cases facing a physical and medical transition.Alex is an ordinary teenager he likes pugs, donuts, retro video games and he sleeps with his socks on He s also transgender, and wasBeing a teenager is difficult enough, but having to go through puberty whilst realising you re in the wrong body means dealing with a whole new set of problems bullying, self doubt and in some cases facing a physical and medical transition.Alex is an ordinary teenager he likes pugs, donuts, retro video games and he sleeps with his socks on He s also transgender, and was born female He s been living as a male for the past few years and he has recently started his physical transition.Throughout this book, Alex will share what it means to be in his shoes, as well as his personal advice to other trans teens Above all, he will show you that every step in his transition is another step towards happiness This is an important and positive book, a heart warming coming of age memoir with a broad appeal.

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    1. This is a brutally honest and at times painfully introspective examination of the process of transitioning FtM from young British YouTuber Alex Bertie.For Alex, living in the UK, the journey has been a long process from the gradual realisation that he felt different and wrong in his skin and assigned at birth gender, to the struggle to get into the NHS system to start his transition. But he also acknowledges that its been an easier process than it would be elsewhere in the world and it's this wi [...]

    2. I loved this book. It has really helped me reading it, and I feel that everyone should read it regardless of gender or gender identity.

    3. Alex Bertie was born female, came out when he went to college and has recently started his female to male transition. He has documented this on his popular YouTube channel sharing his journey, treatment and surgery. However, this book starts with his childhood years and continues with his story through the tweens, teens and into young adulthood.It is a first-hand account of the passage of a young transgender man, told openly and honestly in a comfortable, relaxed style and with an authentic voic [...]

    4. 5 stars because this book is important!Alex Bertie is a well-known trans YouTuber. I've been following his videos for a few months and have found them to be a great resource. Currently there seems to be a wave of anti-trans propaganda in the British media which is misleading and fallacious at best, downright dangerous at worst. That's why I think this book is so important. It's accessible, written in clear and simple language, and doesn't presuppose any prior knowledge. I think it's going to be [...]

    5. Alex has been one of my favourite youtubers for a long time, due to the fact that i relate to him so much. Ever since i heard about this book I've been super excited. And it definitely didn't disappoint! I honestly enjoyed this book so much, it was not only well written and formatted but also educational. I recently came out to my parents as FTM and the process of trying to help them understand has been excruciating. Especially since their way of coping is by completely ignoring the whole topic. [...]

    6. Excellent! This is an ideal book for young trans people, their parents or anyone interested in understanding the complexity of gender transition. It’s an honestly written account of one person’s journey, packed with sound advice for others.Five stars!

    7. It's been a while since I read this book and I've been meaning to review it but sadly I've been really busy and have fallen behind with both reviews and blogging. As a trans guy who's followed Alex Bertie ever since I moved to the UK almost 2 years ago, I was really excited about being able to read his book and jumped at the chance to the second I saw it on Netgalley. Sadly, I was disappointed. While Alex is great on video the book felt poorly written and awkwardly flowing, had it been an audiob [...]

    8. I felt like a proud older sister reading this book as I've "followed" Alex on his YouTube channel since nearly the beginning (before he was Alex). I'm so pleased he wrote this book, it gives a honest and a fairly emotionally raw account of what his life is like. I really enjoyed this autobiography . Well done Mr Bertie. Now I'll go finish watching one of his videos. :)

    9. Trans Mission is a lively memoir about being a young trans man that can be read by younger and older readers. Alex Bertie is a Youtuber who has made videos about LGBT+ topics as they affect him and others, and in this book he tells his own story of working out his identity and starting the transitioning process for him. He writes in a simple, engaging style that does not presume familiarity with the terminology he uses and that describes personal emotion in a realistic way to the extent he is cl [...]

    10. If what you are looking for is a relatable, insightful and honest insight into life as a transgender man, Alex Bertie’s Trans Mission is exactly the place to start. All too often when looking at trans media in the past I have found they’re not made with a trans audience in mind. Instead there is a painful tendency for cisgendered creators to sensationalise or alienate the transgender stories they are telling. Not once did Trans Mission give me that feeling, instead it is Alex’s truth: a ra [...]

    11. This is an important and relevant book and so I feel it deserves 5 stars. It narrates Alex Bertie's transition from female to male and all that comes along: understanding his feelings, coming to terms with his sexuality and gender identity, coming out to his family and starting medical procedures like hormone treatment and top surgery. This was very informative, both to trans people and people from all the ends of the gender spectrum. His Youtube videos are extremely important and clear and this [...]

    12. It's very informative for people who have a Transgender male in their life. Personally for me, it was very emotional and like having a conversation with Alex himself. I found him on YouTube 2-3 years ago when I was trying to figure out my gender for myself and began relating to him so much. While reading his personal account in this book sometimes I lost track of time and other got teary eyed while reading it in a public space. I wish my family members and friends would read it too so that they [...]

    13. Alex, I've been watching your YouTube channel for years and watching you grow and change into the person you are today. I was so excited to read this book, and to my joy it was as honest, friendly, informative and refreshing as your videos are. To top it all off, I thought it was lovely and so important to have your mum's words and thoughts too. This is a brilliant book for trans people, and anyone wanting to understand trans people, covering all aspects of being trans, emotionally and physicall [...]

    14. If you are the parent, friend or relative of somebody who is transgender, please give this book a go. Reading this was such a relief, seeing experiences and thoughts so similar to my own down in words - totally unreal. I think everyone needs to read this book, trans or not - it is so full of education, tips and stories that will help you on your journey, or for you to help support and understand somebody on their journey. I feel like everyone could learn some amazing things from this book - I lo [...]

    15. although the style of writing may seem very light-hearted, this is by no means an easy read the book offers a very concise and detailed insight into a trans man's journey and it does so in a language that is easily and widely understandable even to the uneducated I highly recommend to anybody wanting to learn about the topic

    16. Alex manages to be informative, covering a wage range of trans issues while also telling a moving and deeply personal story. I found the way that he acknowledges that this is only one experience of being trans and that everyone will have their own journey particularly mature. A moving, educational and still incredibly enjoyable read!

    17. I'd give this book 10 stars if i could. Very educational. So amazed at the bravery of Alex, and i can see this helping a lot of people, who are confused about this subject.Wonderful, and heartwarming.

    18. This is really enlightening on the experience of a transgender male, after following him as a youtuber for a number of years it was really good to see his whole journey come together in the form of this book. A brutally honest read that I couldn't put down.

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a heartwarming, open, honest book. It’s perfect for any trans person, any family / friend of a trans personor just anyone! Whether LGBTQ+ or not! It’s an educational masterpiece. A definite read for everyone in my opinion!

    20. I found the book very relatable, i'm only just starting my transition, this book is informative and will help me along the way. would Recommend to anyone doubting their gender.

    21. 110% relatable. Being a subscriber of his, it was nice to sort of have an extra look into his life and to compare everything we both go through as trans men.

    22. Very Trans 101 so I only skimmed it. For people unfamiliar with trans content and information about transition it would probably be really helpful. I found it a bit boring tbh

    23. This book came to me at just the right time. Alex, a YouTube star shares his transition from female to male. 'Trans Mission' shares the ups and downs of his experiences being a transgender male.

    24. Dieses Buch stand als nächstes auf meiner Leseliste für die Uni, genauer gesagt für mein Young-Adult-Fiction-Seminar. Nun würde ich dieses Buch nicht gerade als "Fiction" klassifizieren (auch wenn natürlich jede Biographie und auch Autobiographie immer noch Fiktion, eine Konstruktion, ist) und nich einmal speziell für Jugendliche. Auch wenn die Gestaltung insgesamt eher jüngere Leser anspricht, richtet sich dieses Buch durchaus an alle Altersklassen und alle Gender!Gender, vor allem Trans [...]

    25. So excited for this, I want to read it already!October 2017 Update: really sad that the audiobook version is no longer available, but I still bought both Kindle and Paperback versions.Very happy to be able to read this, it was so good! Especially great that it is accessible to younger readers 14+, very useful indeed.

    26. An brilliantly honest and open book. Alex's voice is excellent and really draws you in as he talks about his life and experiences. A hugely readable, valuable book that would make an excellent contribution to any YA non-fiction collection.

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