Quest of the Dreamwalker (Corthan Legacy Book 1)

Quest of the Dreamwalker (Corthan Legacy Book 1)

Stacy Bennett / Dec 05, 2019

Quest of the Dreamwalker Corthan Legacy Book A perfect captive Cara didn t know her will had been stolen until she escapes with borrowed courage Cloistered in the Black Keep with only her father for company Cara is an unwitting prisoner bound

  • Title: Quest of the Dreamwalker (Corthan Legacy Book 1)
  • Author: Stacy Bennett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A perfect captive, Cara didn t know her will had been stolen until she escapes with borrowed courage Cloistered in the Black Keep with only her father for company, Cara is an unwitting prisoner bound by chains of ignorance and lies rather than iron until she meets a captured mercenary in her father s dungeon He kindles within her a spark of compassion she never knew sheA perfect captive, Cara didn t know her will had been stolen until she escapes with borrowed courage Cloistered in the Black Keep with only her father for company, Cara is an unwitting prisoner bound by chains of ignorance and lies rather than iron until she meets a captured mercenary in her father s dungeon He kindles within her a spark of compassion she never knew she had and lends her an unfamiliar strength But, the mercenary is slated to die, sacrificed to her father s magic like all the others Only this time, Cara can t turn a blind eye Unable to endure her father s cruelty any longer, she vows to help the mercenary escape Now, as they flee to a world she s only dreamed of, she finds defiance has a steep price Her very existence endangers everyone she has come to care about Who is she that her father refuses to let her go To uncover the secret of her past, she must unravel the mystery of her dreams and claim the heritage of her own magical blood before her father claims her as the last sacrifice.

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    1. Cara leads a lonely existence under the wrath of Sidonius, a dark sorcerer, in the isolated confines of Black Keep. Never have Sidonius' captives caught her attention before until two men of the Sword, tough mercenaries, peak her interest and make her question her very existence. The captivity they are held in, Cara finds, is also her own - her life with Sidonius has been woven in lies and mysteries. As Cara sets out to discover the truth about her past and her future, she is in for the adventur [...]

    2. Absolutely bloody fantastic. If you were here in front of me I'd be shaking you with both hands telling you to read this book. I've literally just finished it. READ IT.

    3. You may also find this review on Books, Vertigo and Tea.Wow! Well this was my bombshell for 2017. I admit I went in with an open mind but not expecting a whole lot. I could not have been more wrong.Side note: Please excuse any misspelling of names. This is an audiobook review. I made every effort to research proper spellings at the time this was written.Cara is shackled to the Black Keep by the lies of her father, the sorcerer Sidonius. An unwilling pawn in his quest to achieve immortality, she [...]

    4. My original Quest of the Dreamwalker audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Kept in a black keep for all her life a young woman knows nothing more than what her father, Sorrenus,  allows her to know and feel.  She has no feelings, nothing but the knowledge that she should be grateful to father and help him with his rituals.  That is until Cory and Archer, prisoners, offer her an insight into other human interactions and that it’s ok to want more.  Their conver [...]

    5. A young girl has lived her whole life in a bleak and dark keep. Her only companions are her beloved bears and her father who only calls her daughter. Every month she sees her father bring strangers to the keep and she is forbidden to talk to them, every month he makes her lie on a cold altar while he does magic to her, every month she abides by his rules until the month that Cory and Archer are brought to her keep. She realises that she can't let father kill them. So she does the unthinkable and [...]

    6. Enjoyable story. I really liked the characters, except for Cara who was a bit of a limp dishrag, but then her characters was supposed to be that way. There was a solid reason behind it, so it worked. Especially since Falin more than made up for it, along with Archer and Khoury. Included are several background characters that only add to the richness of the story. I love the way the author describes things as well. Looking forward to the second book.

    7. The strongest attributes of the novel are the characters who all have individual character traits. I love the descriptive style of the author, instantly I’m able to visualize the story as I’m reading and this is a must for me. The authors writing style flows very well and has no problem putting sentences together, so they not only make sense but also cause the reader to feel the tension of the story. A must read for all fantasy buffs.

    8. Excellent story, with great description and well rounded characters. Eloquently written.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next in this series. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy, or just to somebody who is looking for a great book to read.

    9. This is my review of the audiobook version of the book - I posted it on Audible first:)It's a great adventure set in a fantasy world and it's a story of self-discovery, too As we follow Cara and her companions, she discovers her strengths and weaknesses, finds out that she is not a "snowflake" and that what she does matters and influences the lives and fates of others. I like that aspect of the book; throughout the story there are several instances where that simple fact of life, that we are all [...]

    10. I received a copy if the audiobook for an honest review.Zachary Johnson did a wonderful job as narrator. He kept me engaged in this story. It is hard for a narrator to make you feel invested in a book. When we are first introduced, into this amazing world Stacy Bennett has created, we find Captain Khoury Mason having regrets and doubting why he is a mercenary. He has been doing this job for so long that he cannot remember why this is something that he got into. He is doubting everything and he w [...]

    11. Quest of the Dreamwalker is the incredibly strong start to the Corthan Legacy series!Dreamwalker is a magical adventure that explores the need for freedom, self-discovery, and companionship. Cara is a young woman who has been caged her entire life, locked away by her father who uses his magic for evil means. It is here that she meets Khoury and Archer, and here that we get to see her learn what it means to make her own destiny. I love when a fantasy novel surprises me like this one did! I read f [...]

    12. Listened to this on audible and thoroughly enjoyed it. Exciting storyline with fun characters. Hard to "put down" but took my time listening so that I could "savor" every minute of it. Stacy Bennett created a fun story and Zachary Johnson portrayed each character superbly. He pulled you into the story through every character and every word. Can't wait for book 2.

    13. My review is based on the Audiobook. Quest Of The Dreamwalker is a thrilling in depth tale. The characters are well developed and as the reader follows them along their journey there are moments of hate, love, sorrow, betrayal. happiness - this story touches on every emotion possible. It is well worth your money being a novel of 426 pages, the audiobook is over 14 hours of listening joy! Zachary Johnson does a spectacular job as narrator. The characters are easily identifiable and distinguished [...]

    14. She has spent her entire life within the walls of the black keep with no name except for Daughter. Her only company is Father and her beloved bears. Endless tundra and black mountains stretch around her, and she knows she'll never step foot outside. Every full moon, Father forces her to lay her body on his alter while he casts his magics on her. It's a violation of her very soul, and she sends her mind to the cool forests to escape the pain.Khoury is a mercenary, his body covered in scars and hi [...]

    15. Wow…Awesome start to a series! If you love epic fantasy quest stories and are looking for your next fantastic listen, STOP, look no further. You have found it. This was a great story. From start to finish. The story pulls you in immediately and just keeps getting better. This is one of those books that I couldn't wait to get back to and was irritated whenever I had to stop listening. As soon as it was over I went looking to see if the next book was available. Unfortunately, not yet.It's defini [...]

    16. Cara has been trapped in her father’s Keep since she was born. When Captain Cory is captured by her father, Cara forms an alliance with the man and makes a daring decision to escape with him. Fate has plans for Cara, she has a special gift and her father is on a mission to bring her back and bring her to heel. Talk about daddy issues!Amazing story! Author Stacy Bennett is penning an epic story that I see going on for some time. This audiobook is just under 15 hours in length and I feel like we [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book immensely- appreciated the character development from beginning to end though wish there would have been more of a bridge between the characters identity there are some minute progressions in identity then a leap to where the characters finish the book. Appreciate the detail of the journey but the end was certainly rushed. The last 3 days of the book take place in pages while the first part of the book is several weeks long- another 20 pages of detail near the end would balan [...]

    18. An evocative fantasy that will enthral youI usually know straight away if a book is going to fit with me, and from the first paragraph I knew this one would fit like a glove. Stacy Bennett’s writing enchanted me right from the start with beautiful and lyrical description that let me slip into Cara’s world. The writing is captivating, gorgeous prose, and words that weave – dreamlike – through your imagination.Cara is the titular dreamwalker, though she doesn’t know that, in fact there [...]

    19. I just finished rereading this book because my sister, niece and brother-in-lawand I have formed a book club group. They wanted me to suggest a book, and since we're all lovers of fantasy, I suggested, QUEST OF THE DREAMWALKER. It's a book I loved when I first read it, and have continued to think about long after my first reading. I know people who say they hate fantasy. That makes me sad, because to me well written fantasy books such as this, help me get a better perspective on human experience [...]

    20. *I received a free ARC of this book. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*This book is epic fantasy at its finest: following the usual tradition of Chosen One orphan/s with hidden powers, who are the only ones able to stop great evil; but adding the unique twists and nuances that make it impossible to stop reading.In this case those hooks include the characterisation: the author brings each character to life for the reader, so we feel their struggles and emotions, and flinch when t [...]

    21. This epic fantasy is well-written, a page-turner and wonderfully preformed!Cara has been “used” by Father all her life as she dutifully obeys the only human she has ever spoken to. Cara has never been allowed beyond the stables where she cares for her beloved bears. The people who come to the Keep are captives who become no more than dust in Father’s ceremonial room. Cara has strange dreams of a beautiful woodland where she finds shelter when Father “feeds” on her soul.A new set of cap [...]

    22. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?Absolutely. This was a great fantasy that kept me enthralled through the end.What did you like best about this story?I was not able to guess how the story would progress. There are a few twists that I did not see coming and were welcome surprises.Which scene was your favorite?My favorite scene was the escape from the black keep. All the characters were struggling with trust but held a common goal: escape. The author did a great job showi [...]

    23. Khoury, Archer, and Falin are very strong characters.Read full review in the 2017 April issue of InD'tale Magazine.

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