Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts

MichaelGrant / Nov 18, 2019

Purple Hearts New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant unleashes the gritty and powerful conclusion to the Front Line series and evokes the brutal truth of World War II War is hell An epic tale of historical

  • Title: Purple Hearts
  • Author: MichaelGrant
  • ISBN: 9780062342232
  • Page: 294
  • Format: ebook
  • New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant unleashes the gritty and powerful conclusion to the Front Line series and evokes the brutal truth of World War II War is hell An epic tale of historical reimagining, perfect for fans of Code Name Verity and Salt to the Sea.Courage, sacrifice, and fear have lead Rio, Frangie, and Rainy through front line battles in North AfrNew York Times bestselling author Michael Grant unleashes the gritty and powerful conclusion to the Front Line series and evokes the brutal truth of World War II War is hell An epic tale of historical reimagining, perfect for fans of Code Name Verity and Salt to the Sea.Courage, sacrifice, and fear have lead Rio, Frangie, and Rainy through front line battles in North Africa and Sicily, and their missions are not over These soldiers and thousands of Allies must fight their deadliest battle yet for their country and their lives as they descend into the freezing water and onto the treacherous sands of Omaha Beach It is June 6, 1944 D Day has arrived.No longer naive recruits, these soldier girls are now Silver Star recipients and battle hardened Others look to them for guidance and confidence, but this is a war that will leave sixty million dead Flesh will turn to charcoal Piles will be made of torn limbs The women must find a way to lead while holding on to their own last shreds of belief in humanity.

    The Military Order of the Purple Heart The Purple Heart National Convention The th Military Order of the Purple Heart and th MOPH Auxillary National Convention are in Branson, Missouri July . Purple Heart The Purple Heart Foundation Donate The Purple Heart Car Donation is fast, free and tax deductible All proceeds benefit programs that support veterans and their families Purple Heart Pickup Service will collect tax deductible contributions of usable clothing and household items right at your curb. Purple Hearts Aug , Directed by Sidney J Furie With Ken Wahl, Cheryl Ladd, Stephen Lee, Annie McEnroe In middle of the Vietnam War, a Navy surgeon and a nurse fall in love Their affection for one another provides a striking contrast to the violence of warfare. Things You Need to Know About the Purple Heart Medal

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    1. I’ve been a huge fan of this series from day one, and Purple Hearts did not disappoint. In fact, it’s probably the best ending to a trilogy I’ve ever read. THE CLOSURE WAS REAL. We got to see what the characters got up to post-war AND their obituaries so we know what they did with their lives as a whole. Thank you, Michael Grant, I’ve never been more satisfied with an ending. Not to mention, we finally learn who’s been writing these stories! (And I guessed right!)I feel like in each bo [...]

    2. What an ending. This book is powerful, graphic, gut-wrenching, and heartwarming all at once. Grant does a superb job. This series will stick with me for a long time.

    3. Full review to come but for now please know I am fairly sure this is my favourite series of all time. It desperately needs more attention- nothing I've ever read has come anywhere near as close to capturing the horror and futility of war as this series. These girls have my heart. I am broken and fixed all at once. Rainy Schulterman is queen.--------------------------------------- I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review See, the thing is? They don't know we're the good guy [...]

    4. It is very rare that I find a series where each book is better than the last, and this is one of my favorites. It is also very rare that I am overcome by tears reading WWII or YA fiction due to the fact I read so much of it but this book grabs the reader by the throat and heart from the first page until the last. As WWII rages on, we are still following Frangie, Rio, Jenou, and Rainy through the trials and tribulations of women in the front of the war. This book is even more brutal than the las [...]

    5. Hats off to you, Michael Grant, for writing what I hope will become a must-read trilogy for anyone.I’ve just finished this surrounded by articles in today’s press about the furore over whether or not to wear a poppy in remembrance of those who fought in war. From this remoteness, even though we can read of atrocities committed throughout the world at the touch of a button, it’s all too easy to forget about the sacrifices of those who went to war. We should never forget.In this final instal [...]

    6. I just can’t think of a full sentence to describe this book. Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Fantastic. Michael Grant you have truly outdone yourself this time! Also Jack Stafford.

    7. "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail - think of it, always."I'm not sure how to review this one. I loved these characters, of course, but for the first time after reading a Michael Grant novel, I'm not sitting here bowled over by who they were and what they went through, because there was an even bigger story here, and that's what's [...]

    8. I can't say enough good things about this series. As a Young Adult Librarian, I am well read in the world of YA but generally, I tend to be HIST FIC averse especially when it has to do with WWII. But with these inescapably powerful and well developed characters (even the characters that you meet simply for an interlude), the heart and turmoil and realness that's given to their roles as soldiers, and the unique and fresh spin on WWII I can't praise this series enough. This was a well rounded an [...]

    9. This was an amazing end to the series. The author was very frank in his descriptions of the horrors of war. While not being overly graphic on the reality of the atrocities that happened during WWII, neither did he gloss over any of it. The book evoked very real tension, fear, and empathy you feel for those that found themselves in the middle of situations, that they would never have dreamed of being a part of. I feel as if I can better understand a small amount of what soldiers went through at t [...]

    10. This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review An epic tale of a reimagined World War II comes to an explosive end in this third and final book Purple Hearts. Michael Grant created an alternative history in which women were allowed to enter the army and fight alongside the men on the front lines in Europe. Having earned accolades, promotions and the right to go home to America at the conclusion of the previous book, Rio, Frangie and Rainy decide to stay for [...]

    11. In this final Front Lines book, the characters we’ve grown to know so well over the last two books are firmly overtaken by history. It’s 1944, the tide has turned in the war but things are far from over yet. D-Day, the Hurtgen forest, the Battle of the Bulge and the horrifying discovery of the camps, VE Day and the aftermath are all covered, with our heroines slotting in here and there inside these well known pieces of history.The action is compelling, even if the well known events mean the [...]

    12. Original review posted here* I have been given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *It doesn’t feel like long ago that I was first introduced to this series, and now I’ve read the final one. It’s been emotional!Rainy, Rio and Frangie are all decorated war heroes now, but their battle is still raging on. Rainy is keen to see the war to an end after her torture in Italy, Rio is good at being a soldier and doesn’t know what she’d do if she went home, and Frangie wants to [...]

    13. This trilogy is absolutely heart wrenching and incredible. I lost count of how many times I cried while reading this book. While I’ve read a lot about WWII, Grant includes so much in these books that I had never heard about before: Hürtgen, Sicily, Kasserine, Salerno, etc. The characters are so vivid and full of life. Reading about their experiences hit me hard. Despite this being an alternate history series, it is incredibly profound and absorbed me more than any of the many historical ficti [...]

    14. Soldier Girls part iiiAs the author notes, the events from D Day to VE Day are much more widely known than those tnat form the background to the first two books in this series. For this reason, I found the settings problematic, even jarring. Despite this, the experiences of the soldier girls shine with truth in all their gritty, gory, lice infested detail. I suspect a reader with less knowledge of the European campaign will find this book enthralling.

    15. Incredible I am speechless after finishing this book. It consumed my whole day as I was unable to turn away until the book was done. Grant has succeeded in creating an intriguing, action-packed, and emotional novel yet again, allowing us to follow these soldier girls until the end. I am especially thankful for the last few chapters detailing the after that these women deserved. It is bittersweet that the series is over, but I wouldn’t want it to end any other way!

    16. This is the final book in a 3 book trilogy. In an alternate view of history, the follows three young women who enlist in the military during WWII and fight in the infantry. They joined as girls, but after fighting in Italy, Sicily, North Africa, D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, they are brave, fierce, hardened soldiers. I loved the action and the characters. I liked the first two installments of the series a little better, but this one is good too.

    17. The way the end trailed off and doesn’t let us get really understand how much of an effect the girls of had on the postwar world did bother me, so from any other writer I might’ve given 4.5, but these books are just so well written that it’s hard to do so

    18. I really enjoyed Purple Hearts. I liked how the characters fought in famous battles, but instead of discussing exactly how it happened, it was more about the characters. However I wished that Frangie could have been in more chapters. It seemed like she was only there when the author wanted to make a point about racism.

    19. Frontlines Series Ratings:Front Lines: ★★★★★Silver Stars: ★★★★★Purple Hearts: Lost Interest in Series/Author

    20. I am utterly in love with this series. A moving, powerful story of war and equality that manages to challenge, educate and entertain in equal parts. The author does a brilliant job yet again very cleverly blending fact with fiction to create a believable alternate history of WWII.Readers of the first two books in the series will already be familiar with our wonderful trio of protagonists - Frangie, Rio and Rainy. They are such compelling, unique, memorable characters that I became utterly invest [...]

    21. I am so in love with this book; it was explosive, fast-paced and more gruesome than ever. Five big fat, shiny stars from me. Purple Hearts absolutely met the super high standards already set by the previous two books in this utterly addictive alternate version of history. Michael Grant cleverly weaves his characters and their stories together with some genuine events from WWII and perfectly captures the notion that every soldier had their own story, and fought their own version in a War which to [...]

    22. I have never read a conclusion more solid than Purple Hearts. It had me feeling so many different emotions from start to finish. I was crying, laughing, angry, actually, it's more like I was outraged in this novel. I was furious at the Nazis and I was furious at the people still not showing these brave women the respect they deserved. This story was the bloodiest and most action-packed novel in the trilogy. It focused on most of the major battles toward the end of the war, which really ignited m [...]

    23. I was sent a copy of ‘Purple Hearts’ from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.‘Purple Hearts’ is the third and final book in the Front Lines trilogy by Michael Grant. I’ve really enjoyed the previous two books in the series and the world book day short story so I was so excited to get approved for a copy of ‘Purple Hearts’The story follows Rio, Frangie and Rainy through the liberation of France, concentration camps and on to the end of the war. After being awarded Silver Sta [...]

    24. Oh boy this book! I’ve been waiting a year for it and it did not disappoint. WARNING SPOILERS!!!!What I love most about this trilogy is that if does not glamorize World War II. It shows the grit of it and all the negative things we like to push away. It’s unsettling and uncomfortable, which is exactly the way War is supposed to be. You shouldn’t be comfortable. The most unsettling chapters (besides the obvious one in the camps) are those from the point of view of replacements. Through the [...]

    25. A "big" ending for an ambitious and thrilling historical trilogy! Grant hasn't shied away from depicting the full horror of war, but this last installment is particularly gritty and hones very closely to historical detail. I enjoyed seeing an uptick in the interactions among the three principal female protagonists; the scenes felt natural, not contrived. D-Day to Hurtgen to Clervaux and finally to Buchenwald -- all very critical turning points in the war from the standpoint of the American infan [...]

    26. This is the finale in the Solider Girls trilogy (following Front Lines, and Silver Stars) , and follows Rio, Frangie, and Rainy, through WW2 and their deployment to Europe (particularly, Omaha Beach, Hurtgen, and the Battle of the Bulge).With finale books you always worry that they aren't going to deliver, and it isn't going to be wrapped up as well as you hope, but this one is brilliant. You follow the characters through their experiences of war through Omaha Beach, to the discovery of the deat [...]

    27. This is by far one of the best series I've ever had the privilege of reading. I love how realistic and honest it is, I love how it examines war from different angles, and I especially love the portrayal of the service men and women. Like I already mentioned, I don't know anything about life in the military, but I feel like this book has shed some light on the subject in a way that's easy for anyone to understand.I also hope that anyone who reads these books will not only read the novels themselv [...]

    28. Wow, where do I even begin. Not just this book, but the whole trilogy. Amazing! I was never one to be interested in history, and this trilogy has put me on a path to knowledge. This mixes the fiction of women fighting in WW2 with the reality of events and brutality that occurred. Not only is Michael Grant asking the question of why women did not fight, but also paying tribute to not just the American soldiers but all of the soldiers in the Allies. He doesn't hold back in what he shows you, he sh [...]

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