I Hate Image - Free Comic Book Day 2017

I Hate Image - Free Comic Book Day 2017

Skottie Young Jean-François Beaulieu / Feb 21, 2020

I Hate Image Free Comic Book Day None

  • Title: I Hate Image - Free Comic Book Day 2017
  • Author: Skottie Young Jean-François Beaulieu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
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      116 Skottie Young Jean-François Beaulieu
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      • Skottie Young Jean-François Beaulieu

        Skottie Young has been an illustrator and cartoonist for over ten years working for entertainment and publishing companies such Marvel, Warner Bros Image, Upper Deck, Mattel, and many He is currently illustrating the New York Times Best Selling and Eisner Award Nominated adaptions of L Frank Baum s OZ novels with writer Eric Shanower The series has gained acclaim from both fans and critics.Skottie currently lives in Illinois with his family, Casey, Baxter and their Saint Bernard, Emma.


    1. An insanely funny journey through Image universe!This single comic book is part of the Free Comic Book Day event in 2017.Creative Team:Creator, Writer & Illustrator: Skottie YoungColors: Jean-Francois BeaulieuIMAGE UNIVERSE DIDN’T HAD A CHANCE AGAINST HER!In case you’re not familiar with the title, let me give you a brief orientation. I Hate Fairyland is a comic book title from Image Comics, creation by the talented and popular artist Skottie Young, where the main character, Gertrude, go [...]

    2. THE NINETIES SUCKED!!!If you too agree that 90s testosterone/busty bad girls/cyborg/demons/vigilante/machos with kneepads, shoulderpads and big guns comics sucked (maybe not all, but a lot of them were really bad), probably this is just best page in the comic history.If you are not afraid of violence in comics and you ever dreamed to see Witchblade, Darkness,Savage Dragon and Rick Grimes (I always forget TWD is an Image comic!) die by a violent gruesome death, this is just the comic for you.If n [...]

    3. Horrible and disgusting. Also, such an old and tired joke and Young is bringing nothing new or funny to the table here.

    4. Being that I absolutely love the I Hate Fairyland series, this issue was my most anticipated of the comics today. Image is my favorite comic publisher, and I even met Skottie Young at BookCon last year. That being said, this was so much more enjoyable than I even expected. This issue has Gertrude (the main character of Fairyland) on a mission to the Image headquarters, and of course she stumbles upon many other Image characters along the way. My favorites were all mentioned: Bitch Planet, The Wa [...]

    5. I recognized most of the characters, but I guess I'm not so invested in Image as I thought. Gert is the protagonist of the series I Hate Fairyland. To show her feelings for it, she decides to go through the Image universe all the way to its creators to force them to fix things for her. The road is long and she meets many caricatured Image characters (view spoiler)[that she usually leaves decapitated or otherwise eviscerated with help from her trusty axe (hide spoiler)]. The ending might not be w [...]

    6. Skotty Young draws a pretty good parody of lots of Image Comics characters. Lots of cartoon violence here. I do want to check out his own Image series, I Hate Fairyland, of which this is a sample.Thanks, Free Comic Book Day!

    7. Fully immersed now in comics and particularly "I Hate Fairyland", I looked forward to Free Comic Book Day. But it was a busy week and we had made the drive on May 4th because, well . . . May the Fourth Be With You. So, I was going to take this year off with all that was going on. Then I saw a post somewhere from Skottie that he had created "I Hate Image" comic for Free Comic Book Day and that is why Fairyland was in recess this month. Really?I texted the LCBS to ask if they would have it. I love [...]

    8. I read a lot of comics, so the whole free comic book day thing never really got me to go to my local store and stand in line with the crowds. But when I saw that this was one of the books being given away, I had to go! And well worth the trip! Picked up my pull list and five free comics. Marvel did a Deadpool kills the Marvel universe and it was awesome! Image picked the perfect character to murder theirs!

    9. I had most been anticipating this comic, as Skottie Young released the cover awhile back and I loved the mash up of Image characters with Gertrude the foul mouthed sociopath from I Hate Fairyland. She encounters and brutally attacks members from The Walking Dead, Saga, Southern Bastards, Black Science, Paper Girls, Invincible, Chew, Revival and The Wicked+The Divine. The ending with the Image partners was a fun shout-out. This comic was definitely a winner for it’s sick humor.

    10. CONTENT WARNING: LOTS OF BLOOD, GORE AND VIOLENCE! NOT FOR KIDS!I never thought that this was the Free Comic Book Day Issue I was looking for! This is literally the Deadpool of Image comics. It roasts Image's famous comic books series usually the protagonist of the "I Hate Fairyland" series.I wasn't interested in reading "I Hate Fairyland", but this has made me slightly interested!Image definitely put some quality into their FCBD Issue. They've done me proud!

    11. Look, I've never read "I Hate Fairyland" but now I kind of want to? (Which, I think was the point.) I was quite amused and enjoyed seeing all the other Image comics. Though, one has to wonder; now that she's killed them and "the partners" does that mean Image is folding? ;DI really like seeing Motor Crush represented. Plus Paper Girls! And poor Rick.

    12. بمناسبة يوم الكتاب المصور المجاني، تعود جيرترود الفتاة العنيفة النزقة المتهورة من جديد في محاولة جديدة للخروج من ال"فيري لاند" وتضطر من خلالها للتعامل مع كافة العوالم التي قدمتها "إيمدج كوميكس" والمرور عليها وصولًا إلى مقر "إيمدج كوميكس" ومقابلة طاقم الفنانين الذين وضعوها ف [...]

    13. Got this comic on Free Comic Book Day, and just had to see what it was about. I have read the first volume of I Hate Fairyland and this does not disappoint. Gertrude and her mighty battleaxe carve their way through the Image Universe of yesterday and today making her way to Image Headquarters. Thank you Skottie Young for such a funny and refreshing read.

    14. I haven't read any I Hate Fairyland but wanted to check it out. If it's anything like this, it'll be wacky/crazy and light. Not usually something I'd spend money on for personal preference but this is an amusing enough read with all the cameos from other Image characters.

    15. I really enjoyed this parody that poked fun at Bitch Planet, Saga, The Walking Dead, East of West, Black Science, Paper Girls, Chew, Invincible, Witchblade, Savage Dragon, Hack/Slash, Revival, Spawn, and probably a few others that I didn't recognize. I had a good laugh at it.

    16. The art was good. THere were some amusing parts. ButI didn't get into it. I really wanted to, but I just didn't. I still want to give I hate Fairyland a shot though.

    17. It was pretty solid for a free comic. Makes lots pf references to other Image titles that I love, and made me feel like I'm somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to current graphic novels.

    18. This was a fun disposable little story. I really like Skottie Young's art style but the story is too silly for my taste.

    19. All thanks to Free Comic Book Day 2017! Robert Kirkman's creation is diverse. :)

    20. that was a REALLY WILD TRIP YOU GUYSainlessly entertaining and perfect for the short format. not sure if i could have enjoyed this in a longer format tbh

    21. I love the I Hate Fairyland Series and so I was VERY excited to see one of these left when I arrived for Free Comic Book Day! (Like squee-worthy excited).This comic follows Gertrude as she tries to make it to the Image offices to confront them about leaving her in Fairyland for so long. On the way she has to pass through a bunch of other Image Comics locations and meets some of the characters as well. There is a glimpse of Saga and The Walking Dead - the two I recognize, then a bunch of others. [...]

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