Escape from Aleppo

Escape from Aleppo

N.H. Senzai / Nov 20, 2019

Escape from Aleppo An Indie Next List Pick Filled with kindness and hope but also with the harsh realities of the horrors of war this heartbreaking book is a necessary reminder of what many people live through every d

  • Title: Escape from Aleppo
  • Author: N.H. Senzai
  • ISBN: 9781481472173
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An Indie Next List Pick Filled with kindness and hope, but also with the harsh realities of the horrors of war, this heartbreaking book is a necessary reminder of what many people live through every day Booklist starred review Nadia s family is forced to flee their home in Aleppo, Syria, when the Arab Spring sparks a civil war in this timely coming of age novel from awAn Indie Next List Pick Filled with kindness and hope, but also with the harsh realities of the horrors of war, this heartbreaking book is a necessary reminder of what many people live through every day Booklist starred review Nadia s family is forced to flee their home in Aleppo, Syria, when the Arab Spring sparks a civil war in this timely coming of age novel from award winning author N.H Senzai.Silver and gold balloons A birthday cake covered in pink roses A new dress Nadia stands at the center of attention in her parents elegant dining room This is the best day of my life, she thinks Everyone is about to sing Happy Birthday, when her uncle calls from the living room, Baba, brothers, you need to see this Reluctantly, she follows her family into the other room On TV, a reporter stands near an overturned vegetable cart on a dusty street Beside it is a mound of smoldering ashes The reporter explains that a vegetable vendor in the city of Tunis burned himself alive, protesting corrupt government officials who have been harassing his business Nadia frowns.It is December 17, 2010 Nadia s twelfth birthday and the beginning of the Arab Spring Soon anti government protests erupt across the Middle East and, one by one, countries are thrown into turmoil As civil war flares in Syria and bombs fall across Nadia s home city of Aleppo, her family decides to flee to safety Inspired by current events, this novel sheds light on the complicated situation in Syria that has led to an international refugee crisis, and tells the story of one girl s journey to safety.

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    1. ARC provided by the author.Nadia and her family live in an apartment building in Aleppo, Syria, so her aunts and uncles, and well as her grandmother, are all close by. When their neighborhood is being bombed in October of 2013, they have a plan to leave and head toward the Turkish border to meet Nadia's father. With the help of her older cousin, Razan, Nadia packs up her cat, Mishmish, and prepares to leave. Since being caught and injured in a bombing earlier, however, Nadia is very fearful of b [...]

    2. Nadia is a typical pre-teen---enjoying spending time with her friends and family, delighted about being selected to appear in a tv commercial, celebrating her twelfth birthday---and then she is not. Suddenly, a man appears on tv and sets himself on fire, and Syria is at war, and Nadia's world becomes a world of bombings and soldiers and fear. Her family decides they must escape to a safer place, and Nadia unexpectedly gets separated from them and must make her own way out of the turbulent city, [...]

    3. What an amazing and sad and important book! I was entranced by Nadia’s story, and I learned more about the events in Syria than I’d known before. I feel so lucky that I was able to meet the author and get an ARC of the book for my class.

    4. Twelve year old Syrian, Nadia along with her family try to flee Aleppo before the anti-government protesters break out and bombs start to fall. It's too late, and her family fear that Nadia did not survive an air raid. Here is her journey, traveling through a war torn country in hopes to reconnect with her loved ones; along the way finding friendship and unearthing Syria's rich history and rediscovering the culture of her people.

    5. It’s October 2013 and explosions from barmeela, bombs packed with shrapnel, are being dropped from helicopters by the Syrian army on Aleppo’s Salaheddine neighborhood where Nadia Jandali, 14, lives with her family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s time carry out their plan to leave the civil-war torn city and head for the Turkish border. But before they even get out of the parking lot, their apartment building is hit. Nadia, caught on the stairs, is knocked unconscious and buried [...]

    6. N.H. Senzai situates a young girl's redemptive journey of survival squarely within the Syrian conflict's heartbreaking confines--all to powerful effect. Set mostly in October of 2013, Escape from Aleppo follows fourteen-year-old Nadia's flight to Turkey (where she hopes to reunite with her family) as she befriends possibly faithless companions and crosses a city whose destruction appalls her. Despite the desolation on all sides, Nadia is still a teenager: nail-polish, television celebrities, and [...]

    7. This riveting tale follows a girl hoping to make her way out of war-torn Syria. I particularly appreciated the references to the area's history. The author deftly handled the youth perspective of the conflict's beginnings.

    8. A very balanced look into one of the tragedies of our time. A story of personal growth, aging beyond years, the terrible effects of war and the hope despite all evidence to the contrary that there is the possibility of something better. It should be mandatory reading for our leaders, but also for all of us.

    9. Oh, my heart. Aleppo and all of Syria has faded from the US newscasts, and that is bordering on criminal when you dive into the situation there. Nadia and her family live in an Aleppo and are attempting to leave the country as the war near them escalates. As they are going Nadia is frozen in anxiety and fear as she sees the helicopters approaching and gets trapped as her building gets blown up around her. Her family hopes that she is just stuck in the rubble and moves on for the safety of the gr [...]

    10. Outstanding! I felt like I was there alongside Nadia and her frightening journey. The characters are well developed and I feel that I have a deeper understanding of the situation in Syria. This is a must read for early 2018.

    11. Senzai mixes little snippets of history, facts about the conflict in Aleppo, and the history of Nadia all together. It is this amazingly cohesive mixture that rolls off your tongue. Let me just stop this review to say, if you're looking for profound touching MG books with rich characters stop what you're reading and go get this book. It is a wonderful historical fiction that not only sheds light on the history but also on ourselves. Nadia, and all the other characters around her, are really fant [...]

    12. In 2010, Nadia is overjoyed to be starring in a local commercial, loves watching her favorite singers on Arab Idol, and is meticulous about her polished nails. But on the day of her twelfth birthday party, Nadia’s world changes due to the start of Arab Spring, a wave of pro-democracy protests and uprisings that take place in the Middle East and North Africa.Flash forward to 2013. In the middle of the night, Nadia is awoken by her older cousin Razan and told they are leaving their home in Syria [...]

    13. I wanna read this.I usually never give ratings before reading. But how the hell does this have such a bad rating when it's not even out? There's zero reasons for this 🙄

    14. Escape from Aleppo is a middle grade novel by N.H. Senzai about one girl’s escape from the Syrian city of Aleppo when fighting reaches the city.The novel opens with Nadia being awoken in the early morning; her family are finally leaving the city for good. She hasn't left her house since she was injured by shrapnel from a barmeela that exploded nearby while she was on line for bread. As Nadia hesitates before exiting the building, a bomb goes off, separating her from the rest of her family. The [...]

    15. Four days.What changes a person in four days? An experience of life or death? Deciding to trust someone or not? Questioning even those kind souls who help you? Such an experience would strip away a child’s innocence. And what of becoming a refugee fleeing your own country for a safer place? Finding everything from life as you know it changed?Escape from Aleppo is a timely novel that brings its reader into the still-waging Syrian war. Nadia’s story begins sharply as her family’s neighborhoo [...]

    16. In 2011, there was an outcry from the people of Syria. As the Syrian government and the rebels locked into a dangerous war, the city of Aleppo became the battle grounds, and the citizens became the casualties. For years, Nadia had tried to ignore the signs: the riots, the protests, and even the tension in the very air she breathed. Now, Nadia can no longer ignore them. When the fighting comes to her district, Nadia is forced to flee. Once her apartment building is bombed, Nadia is suddenly separ [...]

    17. *I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*N.H. Senzai’s newest novel, Escape from Aleppo, demonstrates the power of storytelling and the importance of family, history, and culture, all while creating a story that makes the topic of Syria approachable to both young and older readers. Escape from Aleppo tells the story of Nadia, a young girl living in a war-torn Syria, who attempts to flee with her family but gets separated from them during the chaos of bombs dropping n [...]

    18. The story of Nadia's childhood in Aleppo, Syria is not one I will soon forget. The book floats back and forth between the present and Nadia's recalled memories as she travels to meet her family in Turkey. The people she meets along the way deepen the story in ways I never imagined. This books filled me with empathy for those living in a world other than my own. Each step, a challenge; every breath a new fear, never knowing if you'll see another day. This historical fiction led me to want to know [...]

    19. Nadia is surrounded by her large extended family and her privelaged lifestyle in Aleppo Syria. With polital unrest, war gets closer and closer until the decision to flee to Turkey becomes the only choice. While leaving their home, the neighborhood gets bombed and Nadia becomes separated from her family. Left to flee to the border on her own, Nadia must avoid notice by the many factions warring in her homeland. During her journey she meets a sick, elderly gentleman traveling with a donkey and car [...]

    20. Recommended for high school students 10th grade and up, young adults, and anyone interested in learning more about the Syrian war and refugee crisis in the form of a story. A timely, important, and storied look at the crisis that has ravaged Syria since 2012. While Nadia's story provides a window into the plight of Syrian refugees, it also conveys important historical, political, and social factors that have led up to and sustained the complex war in Syria. From French colonial rule to the rise [...]

    21. Timely piece that gripped my heartWow. This was a powerful book. Quietly telling a horrific all-too-real tale of escape from a war torn land, the narrative is somehow both gentle and jarring. I believe this book will help people like me understand what it can be like growing up in Syria and why people were so desperate to leave. I was pleased with the humanization of the soldiers as well. Bonus points for including Harry Potter.

    22. This was a heart-warming and thrilling children's novel about what it's like to live in a war-torn country. It follows Nadia, an average fifteen-year-old who loves singing and dancing. When her home is destroyed by the civil war in Syria, and she is forced to leave behind every comfort of her past, Nadia discovers hardship and the true history of her people. This book is a wonderful novel for middle schoolers and children, and I wish I had it when I was in elementary! I recommend it even if you' [...]

    23. Escape From Aleppo gives a kid's view of the events in Syria following the Arab Spring uprising. Senzai always does a great job of bringing current world events to American readers and Escape From Aleppo is another perfect example. I was interested in this book even more than others because many of my students are Syrian or Lebanese, so these events are particularly affecting for their families and friends. Nadia is twelve when the Arab Spring begins, and its consequences impact her whole family [...]

    24. Our young protagonist must find her way from Aleppo to the Turkish border after being left behind by her family who thought she was dead. Along the way she meets an interesting cast of characters and the reader gets an idea of the different factions vying for control of that city.

    25. ESCAPE FROM ALEPPO by N H SenzaiWar is terrifying. When you are 15 and suddenly separated from your family in the middle of a desperate flight with family members slated for imprisonment, civil war becomes a terrifying reality.Nadia, raised in an upper middle class family with all the modern conveniences Americans enjoy, is left in war torn Aleppo on her own after a bombing raid. Her family is making their way to safety in Turkey. ESCAPE FROM ALEPPO makes war real while presenting the political [...]

    26. I read this in a day- I could not put it down. I admittedly did not know a lot about Syria and exactly what horrors were occurring. My 4th graders read a non fiction piece this fall, and we spent two months working with the text. When I saw this book, I knew I needed to add it to my classroom library. It will be going into the YES! bag (a bag of books that I book talk to the class with to build excitement and then are up for grabs for the kids to read) on Monday!

    27. ‪“You have not needed me for a while now. You are much stronger than you think. And together, you are more than capable of finishing your journey north.” Nadia’s journey to safety and reconnecting with her family is one that will stick with me forever.

    28. Excellent read. This story gives you a look inside what it might be like to have your home become a war zone. It's easy to read with background information spread out enough to prevent slowing the story. It kept me engaged and made me want to learn more about Syria.I received a free digital copy of this book via NetGalley.

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