Small Town Scandal

Small Town Scandal

Daisy Prescott / Jan 26, 2020

Small Town Scandal Another wingmen meets his match and this time it s scandalous Carter Kelso is a man with a plan And goats Ashley Kingston is a woman with a reputation Can he earn back her love before their past catch

  • Title: Small Town Scandal
  • Author: Daisy Prescott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: ebook
  • Another wingmen meets his match and this time it s scandalous.Carter Kelso is a man with a plan And goats.Ashley Kingston is a woman with a reputation.Can he earn back her love before their past catches up with them and destroys everything On the island, my last name is synonymous with scandal With a notorious father and a famous brother, I ve been on the sidelines of ouAnother wingmen meets his match and this time it s scandalous.Carter Kelso is a man with a plan And goats.Ashley Kingston is a woman with a reputation.Can he earn back her love before their past catches up with them and destroys everything On the island, my last name is synonymous with scandal With a notorious father and a famous brother, I ve been on the sidelines of our small town s gossip circle for years Nothing to see here Just a man and his goats, happily going through life Not a care in the world Too bad it s all lies.I m tired of trying not to be in love with Ashley Kingston, our very own island jezebel Some people think she s a slut They think they know her They re wrong Screw them.Reputations can be deceiving I should know.Small Town Scandal is a second chance romance standalone novel and the fifth book in the Wingmen series You do not have to read the other novels first.

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    1. Small Town Scandal is the reason I love Daisy Prescott's writing and once again she's brought a story that sucked me right in. Second-chance romances are a staple of mine and when it's low on the angst and drama, high on the wit and feeling, throws in the odd surprise and has a Romeo and Juliet feel to boot, then you have a yourself a winner. Both Carter and Ashley are portrayed so well and easy to relate to being flawed, imperfect people like the rest of us. High school sweethearts who were cas [...]

    2. 5+++ Small Town Stars*****Remember your first love? Stolen kisses, butterflies in the stomach, goosebumps all over your body? Imagine getting a second chance at the great love you once lost. Friendship, romance and redemption are many of the things that make this book one I will never forget. Also, the very cute baby goats made Small Town Scandal my most favorite book of the series. A great summer read. Carter Kelso is tired of playing the field in hopes to forget the one girl, who even after so [...]

    3. Small Town Scandal is LIVE on all platforms! : smarturl/amazonstsiBooks: smarturl/stsibooksBarnes & Noble: smarturl/stsbnKobo: smarturl/stskobo

    4. Favorite Quotes:My coworkers have horns and horizontal pupils. At least they don’t take long smoke breaks or spend their paychecks on beer. Unlike my business partner.As I kid I compared her to Ariel the Little Mermaid with her long red hair and asked if she ever wore a shell bra. The kick to my shins proved she had legs like a girl and not a mermaid’s tail.My grandma saw me wearing shorts and called me a Lolita. Whatever that means. Said she’d pray for the wickedness to leave my body to m [...]

    5. When I finished Small Town Scandal, I realized two things: I don't know how to rate this. And I couldn't find words to review it. I am attempting to write a review 5days later. I have settled for 4stars, just because it feels right. And that's where I am stuck. I mean this book made me feel, a lot. It's not your huge drama and insta-love story. No this is typical Prescott. It's slow romance that is steady that somehow digs deep and settles into one's heart. It's a subtle thing and utterly beauti [...]

    6. Small Town Scandal is the fifth book in the Wingmen Series, but can totally be read as a stand-alone novel. Small Town Scandal was a quick and easy read for me. It was smartly written and the story-line pulled me in from the very first page. I really enjoyed the writing style and liked how well the story flowed. I thought the characters were great and I really liked Ashley and Carter. I thought the two of them had great chemistry and I was excited to see how their story was going to play out. Th [...]

    7. If you've read Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat, book 2 in this series, then you may remember Ashley Kingston. Specifically, the meat incident. If you didn't read that book, no worries, just know that she played the role as the crazy ex.Going into this book, I had to wonder if she deserved a HEA. I mean, she's the villain, right?It wasn't long into this book that my opinions on Ashley changed. Tom has become a distant memory, and as things are revealed, you come to realize that there is no lost [...]

    8. A Perfect Summer ReadDaisy Prescott's books are the perfect blend of in-depth, character-rich stories with humorous banter and situations, vibrant locales and memorable storytelling, and Small Town Scandal is no exception. The author weaves in an important life lesson throughout this beautiful, slow-burn romance, which actually, turns into something more - It's about how appearances and first impressions can be deceiving, and if we just take a minute to look under the surface, we find out the tr [...]

    9. Small Town Scandal is a second-chance romance about former high school sweethearts, Carter and Ashley, told from the perspective of Carter. I enjoy the Wingmen series because all the books in the series are told from the perspective of the hero, as opposed to the heroine.I’ve read 3 out of the previous 4 books in this series. I enjoyed the first two books in the series, but unfortunately I found this installment in the Wingmen series a bit disappointing. Carter and Ashley haven’t really talk [...]

    10. Who's the next one??? I need more of them! I'm ready to pack my shit and move to Whidbey. The Wingmen are like my family! So this can't be the last book!! PLEASE!

    11. Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict (bookboyfriendaddict). A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.4.5 Stars“Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon I’m going to make you mine. And this time, I’ll never let you go.”Carter Kelso is no stranger to scandal, his family is synonymous with the word on their small island. Carter’s managed to skirt the edges of it and is just trying to make an honest living with his goat landscaping business. He’s also f [...]

    12. *** ARC kindly provided by the authors for an honest review. ***These wingmen stole my heart Carter finally gets his HEA, not without a bit of a fight! Sweet, hilarious and so swoon worthy, Carter and Ashley rocked the boat! I adore this series. **********************I liked the Wingmen series and reading about how they each found their match is definitely worth the read. Time to finally, yes I said finally to hear Carter Kelso’s story. It was about time right??First, Carter is just… overwhe [...]

    13. Small Town Scandal is yet another heartwarming read from Daisy Prescott. Knowing the Kelso reputation, I was completely floored at how much my heart skip a beat or two for Carter and how smitten I was right from the start. I felt his frustration at being the responsible one, the older brother who held his family together when things got rough. And I understood his heartache at losing his girl, his Ashley, and the fight he had on his hands in order to win her back.There is that smart humor that I [...]

    14. Originally posted on Slow Reader's BlogIt’s no secret that Daisy Prescott is one of my favorite authors (and people). But to say I was nervous for Small Town Scandal is putting it mildly.Ashley is a character that was introduced earlier in the Wingmen series and she is far from what would normally be considered likeable. You could probably even call her a villain. So knowing that she was going to be the main character of this book had me questioning even Daisy’s exceptional writing skill. Bu [...]

    15. 4.5 Goat Man StarsDaisy Prescott is a new-to-me author and Small Town Scandal is my first book in the Wingmen series. You'd thought that I'll feel out of place or clueless for missing out on 4 of the previous books, but the author has a way of words that immediately included you in the cozy, albeit scandalous small town drama and pulled into the story of a high school romance that had ended badly. I was smitten right from the start. Having grown up and lived on a small island, I am way too famil [...]

    16. Daisy does it again, people. I adored Small Town Scandal. The romance is superb, sweet and real. Whidbey is charming (as always).Carter and Ashley were high school sweethearts - but their relationship didn't end sweetly. Both come from families with their own problems, and the stress of growing up eventually broke them up. But now, after dancing around each other for years, Carter decides he's waited long enough - he's going to go for his girl - for the only girl he's ever really loved. And whil [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this! I always love Daisy Prescott's writing, this was a sure thing. I haven't actually read all of the Wingmen books, only John's book and Dan's book (a favourite). Perhaps I should have read Tom's book and Erick's books first to truly understand back story, however I found this did standup just fine as a stand alone.Beach island romance, with a town of interesting characters and friends and family is one of my favourite tropes. I love the offbeat characters Daisy writes, the l [...]

    18. The Kelso brothers are a big part of Whidbey and this time it's Carter's turn. A second chance at the girl he let go. He and Ashley have a deep history, their story is a long time coming and made more got complicated with family history. Here we get to see their love story come together, they may have parted in a bad way but the feelings are there. Oh these two have bicker so, goading each other. Ashley herself has a notorious rep and considered a jezebel of sorts. I had a feeling their story wo [...]

    19. Daisy Prescott sets out to make readers laugh but ends up delivering more than she or her readers could have ever imagined. Small Town Scandal has elements of humor to keep it light, but it also pulls out the big guns and delivers a lesson on humility and judgmental people. Carter is the man with a life that borders on irony, but never has a heart been more true. Ashley is the woman whose peers have branded her with a scarlet "A" despite never having given her a chance. The plotline is a bit obv [...]

    20. Small Town Scandal is sexy, sweet, funny, filled with drama/scandal and an exciting romance that kept me glued to the pages! I loved how real Ashley and Carter felt. I loved that they were passionate, strong and even infuriatingly funny. I really did fall in love with these characters because this book had a wonderful blend of humor, friendship, love and even humility with how men and women are categorized differently. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and not to mention the goats! [...]

    21. Every time Daisy Prescott releases a book, I think it can't be better than the last one, and she always surprises me. Back on Whidbey, we get a second chance story for star crossed lovers who've been entangled since childhood. Family messes, gossip, challenging sexual ideals and more all wrapped up in humor and romance. And, who couldn't love a book that begins with a quote from The Breakfast Club?

    22. I'm a sucker for light hearted romantic comedies. When done right, they leave you in a good mood, wanting more. Daisy Prescott is my go-to author when I'm looking for my fix. Small Town Scandal is the fifth book in the Wingman series. You could read it by itself but you fall in love with it more if you've read the other stories leading up to this one.Carter and Ashley were high school sweethearts who go their separate ways but get a second chance later in life. Carter is the goofy misfit trying [...]

    23. I have some sort of addiction. Ashley’s the fire and I’m the moth happily singeing my wings to get closer to her flame.I've only recently discovered Daisy Prescott, and appropriately high on the Love with Altitude series, I jumped at the chance to read Small Town Scandal. If nothing else, it's a small town, second chance romance, and those are my addiction. My jam. My weakness. And this one? It's charming and funny. It's hot and steamy, a little crazy and has baby goats in jammies. Think abo [...]

    24. I received an ARC for an honest opinion.I really enjoyed this book and this series. All of Daisy's books have such a wonderful hometown feel to them and it's like you are there in that place and part of those friends and family. I definitely recommend this book and this series and I look forward to reading the other books in this series. I also recommend this author.

    25. It's Carter & Ashley's story!I was excited when it was announced that they would be getting their own book.We were introduced to them earlier in the series and of course Author Daisy Prescott delivered another couple to love in this series.I loved how Ashley & Carter's story was full of drama, hilarious banter and gave just the right amount of romance that I've always enjoyed from Author Daisy Prescott.This is a second chance romance that had my cherries bursting in pleasure.I enjoyed [...]

    26. What do you get when you take a guy, some goats, and a fiery-haired vixen with a chip on her shoulder and put them all together? You have SMALL TOWN SCANDAL, the fifth book in the Wingmen series by author Daisy Prescott.Whidbey Island might be one of my most favorite places ever. For such a small town, there sure is always something going on, and it's usually shenanigans of the very best sort. Carter Kelso is pretty much the last unattached Wingmen standing, unless you count Olaf, and, well, noC [...]

    27. Living life on an island has plenty of advantages and disadvantages. For some - small town life stifles dreams and ambitions. Carter Kelso never imagined that his path would lead him to owning a heard of goats. Making an honest living from those four legged friends. This is one of those times that dreams often find themselves changing with the times. Throughout his childhood, Carter only had eyes for one gal. Ashley was the one that Carter always imagined he would spend his future with. Then a s [...]

    28. I had been anticipating this story for a while. We met Carter and Ashley in earlier stories within the "Wingmen" series. Just when you have one opinion of two characters, you read another story and everything changes! That's what happened in Small Town Scandal. Carter Kelso is known for being a fun, casual guy who needs to grow up. Ashley Kingston is an independent woman with a bad reputation. They have been avoiding their feelings for each other (which date back to high school) for years. Carte [...]

    29. I love the men of Whidbey in Daisy Prescott's Wingmen series. Carter Kelso goes above and beyond in the swoony, quirky, flawed Hero category for "Small Town Scandal". Throughout the Wingmen series Carter has shown a slight obsession for Ashley Kingston and now he's doing something about it. Being a Kelso, he has a reputation among the islanders as irresponsible and lazy. His goat lawncare business is eccentric enough to keep the reputation alive and kicking. However, in "Small Town Scandal" that [...]

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