Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations

Tamar Myers / Apr 06, 2020

Grape Expectations Alcohol is a no no in the Mennonite community of Hernia Pennsylvania but the events bubbling up in town are enough to make everyone feel a little tipsy A couple of unprincipled outsiders have a plan

  • Title: Grape Expectations
  • Author: Tamar Myers
  • ISBN: 9780451218629
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alcohol is a no no in the Mennonite community of Hernia, Pennsylvania, but the events bubbling up in town are enough to make everyone feel a little tipsy A couple of unprincipled outsiders have a plan to start a vineyard and open a winery So everyone s a suspect when the manager of the vineyard is found entombed in cement

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        Tamar Myers was born and raised in the Belgian Congo now just the Congo Her parents were missionaries to a tribe which, at that time, were known as headhunters and used human skulls for drinking cups Hers was the first white family ever to peacefully coexist with the tribe, and Tamar grew up fluent in the local trade language Because of her pale blue eyes, Tamar s nickname was Ugly Eyes.Tamar grew up eating elephant, hippopotamus and even monkey She attended a boarding school that was two days away by truck, and sometimes it was necessary to wade through crocodile infested waters to reach it Other dangers she encountered as a child were cobras, deadly green mambas, and the voracious armies of driver ants that ate every animal and human that didn t get out of their way.In 1960 the Congo, which had been a Belgian colony, became an independent nation There followed a period of retribution for heinous crimes committed against the Congolese by the Belgians in which many Whites were killed Tamar and her family fled the Congo, but returned a year later By then a number of civil wars were raging, and the family s residence was often in the line of fire In 1964, after living through three years of war, the family returned to the United States permanently.Tamar was sixteen when her family settled in America, and she immediately underwent severe culture shock She didn t know how to dial a telephone, cross a street at a stoplight, or use a vending machine She lucked out, however, by meeting her husband, Jeffrey, on her first day in an American high school They literally bumped heads while he was leaving, and she entering, the Civics classroom.Tamar now calls Charlotte, NC home She lives with her husband, plus a Basenji dog named Pagan, a Bengal cat named Nkashama, and an orange tabby rescue cat named Dumpster Boy She and her husband are of the Jewish faith, the animals are not.Tamar enjoys gardening she is a Master Gardner , bonsai, travel, painting and, of course, reading She loves Thai and Indian food, and antique jewelry She plans to visit Machu Pichu in the near future.Series Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Den of Antiquity Mystery


    1. At first I found the protagonist funny. She has a quick wit and it was cute. But that wore thin quickly and it became just plain annoying. The mystery itself was fine, but the characters were so annoying that I didn't really care.Now on to the kiss of death for me with this book: Her main character harps on and on about using proper English and then destroys both German and Spanish. So here it is, Tarmar Myers, I hope you're reading this: It's 'jawohl', not 'yah voll'. While 'yah voll' is phonet [...]

    2. I can’t stop reading this series. Just like I can’t stop watching repeats of L&O:SVU. It’s a sickness. I’m sure there is a 12-step program somewhere. I’m just not sure I have the strength to stand up & admit my affliction.

    3. Tamar Myers is a hoot and a half!! LOL Those who have read her books will get that reference. I have read 4 of her Penn Dutch Series. All are so funny. It seems like every other sentence I am lol!

    4. A naive farmer sells his land to buyers who want to use it for a winery and a hotel in little Hernia, PA. The Amish and Mennonites are tea-totalers and many are against the plan. And when the winery's co-owner winds up dead in the building's foundation, innkeeper Magdalena Yoder is asked by the new chief of police to find out who killed the woman. The "Pennsylvania Dutch" mysteries series is always fun. Magdalena makes a great, humorous heroine. I hope there are more in this series!

    5. Grape Expectations is a good book, but it is a slow moving story line, it didn't hold my interest. But when I finish I told myself I would read another story by Tamar Myers. It is a good Cozy Mysteries it just doesn't move real fast, it gives you a lot of information about the characters and the environment that it is set in.

    6. I enjoyed the mystery aspect of the story, but even though I typically enjoy word play, for some reason the particular style of humor in "Grape Expectations" by Tamar Myers fell flat for me.Themes of greed and paths to truth seemed to me buried under PG-13 rated puns. I recognize there was a lot of comic exaggeration at play, but I had a hard time believing certain plot points such as a police chief bringing her number one suspect into an investigation. That could be my fault for watching too mu [...]

    7. Every time I read another book in this series, I feel like I owe someone an apology . . .This is # 14 in a series that has a few surprises, contrived comedy, and a main character that I'm not sure anyone can figure out.The mystery aspect in this one was OK, but again the author shakes things up quite a lot. Over the course of the series, characters that were very much a part of the story are sometimes shoved aside by one means or another. I sometimes think that the author, just like me, doesn't [...]

    8. Alcohol is a no-no in the Mennonite community of Hernia, Pennsylvania, but the strange and unexpected events bubbling up in town are enough to make everyone feel a little tipsy. A couple of unprincipled outsiders have bought an old farm at the edge of town, claiming they want to rename the land Grape Expectations and use it to grow fruit. But their real plan is to start a vineyard and open a winery. No one likes the intruders, so everyone's a suspect when the vineyard's co-owner is found entombe [...]

    9. In the predominately, Mennonite and Amish community of Hernia, Pennsylvania alcohol is frowned upon. Imagine how upset the townspeople are when they learn an area Mennonite farmer has sold his land to outsiders who plan to start a vineyard and winery. They also plan to have a first class resort and spa. When the manager of the new vineyard is found dead in the cement footings, Magdalena finds herself a suspect as the owner of the only bed and breakfast with A list guests.

    10. A murderously fun book! A murder takes place in Amish Country and a Menonite sleuth is on the case Sounds like the start of a bad joke (a priest, a nun and a rabbi walk into a bar) but Mrs. Myers has a way of pulling you into this somehow believeable story and not letting go. Laugh-out-loud in some parts! Fun, fun, fun!

    11. was a silly and funny book. Set in a town called Hernia"Our great-great-great grandpa named it. He wanted to name it Hemorrhoid, but he didn't know how to spell it.".d from then on it was funnier and sillier!!!

    12. Weaker on the mystery side, but a welcome continued shakeup of the cast and dropping of at least some of the standard jokes helped barely eke out the third star.

    13. This is my first experience with the Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery series, and I very much enjoyed it. I am totally tickled by the characters, and will be trying some of the recipes! Another set that will be in my collection! OH MY! MUST buy more bookcases! Eight will NOT be enough!

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