Absolute Power

Absolute Power

Addison Cain / May 28, 2020

Absolute Power Brenya was torn from her service in Beta Sector and reassigned to serve the Commodore of Bernard Dome s aggressive physical needs Out of her depth and confused she flounders under his untried care Th

  • Title: Absolute Power
  • Author: Addison Cain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brenya was torn from her service in Beta Sector and reassigned to serve the Commodore of Bernard Dome s aggressive physical needs Out of her depth and confused, she flounders under his untried care The leader of their Dome is as demanding as he is sweet He is beautiful, and he is treacherous And he has sworn never to let her go From the internationally bestselling autBrenya was torn from her service in Beta Sector and reassigned to serve the Commodore of Bernard Dome s aggressive physical needs Out of her depth and confused, she flounders under his untried care The leader of their Dome is as demanding as he is sweet He is beautiful, and he is treacherous And he has sworn never to let her go From the internationally bestselling author of the Alpha s Claim series, Addison Cain brings you Alpha s Control Alongside the Commodore and Brenya, Shepherd and Claire s story continues under new Domes rife with intrigue and danger Absolute Power is a 13,000 word prelude to Stolen Alpha s Control, Book One Publisher s Note The Alpha s Control series is a dark Omegaverse tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

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    1. This ended up being a teaser for the full-length book. If you read the book, you can skip this entirely. There’s no new content here. It is a freebie though if you’re undecided about the full-length book and want to get a feel for it.

    2. Having just finished Alpha’s Claim which I wrongly assumed was a trilogy (well I suppose it is but it isn’t, the ending was totally unsatisfactory) I went looking for more Shepherd and Claire.3.5 to 4*I only started this prelude because I wanted to catch up with them but now I’m hooked. Again.Brenya is a grunt known as unit 17c she’s always lived in the Beta Sector and works on the exterior wall of Bernard Dome. An accident followed by a long stay in decontamination and then a total lack [...]

    3. Hero is a little cheese so far but he's backing it up with a little force so I have some pretty high hopes 😬😀 Shepherd please for the love of gawd give me more Shepherd ❤️

    4. This is a brief intro into a new place - Bernard Dome - and a new couple - Jacques and Brenya.While the dome environment and the nature of the citizens are directly parallel to Claire and Shephard's world, in its isolation, this dystopian society has developed a bit differently. It seems to be even more regimented and its people have even less freedom. Omegas were thought to be extinct.Brenya faces much the same situation as Claire did, being claimed against her wishes by a raging Alpha in the f [...]

    5. I'm simple, I see a new book by Addison Cain and I 1-click.I can't wait to continue this story.As always she had me hooked from chapter one.

    6. Title: Absolute PowerAuthor: Addison CainSeries: Alpha's Control #0.5Genre: science-fiction, dystopiaThemes: bonded/fatedHeat: 3/5Rating: 3/5I struggled with my rating and review for this one, and it's the only book (so far) I've felt the need to go back to to change my rating. Here's why.The book itself was spectacular. It introduced new characters in Cain's Omegaverse seamlessly, and made me entirely desperate to read on and indulge in the next book.However, it gets a 3* rating from me because [...]

    7. I'm an idiot. I didn't realize the the other couple already had books out But I still loved it, I'm definitely going to have to read her other books now.

    8. Can you say addictedIt ended to quickly. There is something about Addison's books that can't resist. This one author that have to have when something new comes out.

    9. I AM COMMODORE-- BY SERVING ME, YOU SERVE THE DOME--YOU OWN MEFrom the time I learned that Addison Cain was bringing out a new spinoff from her Alpha Claim series, I have heavily anticipated it. I have described it as a series you love to hate and personally considered the ending brilliant, allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions as to what truly happens with Shepherd and Claire. Well, readers, buckle up and get ready for a new ride and I look forward to the journey. While this is a [...]

    10. It isn't Shepherd and Claire but the author warns the reader at the begining and it's as good a story as my hang over book demanded I read after finishing Alpha's Claim so here is why I took a star over this great prelude. It started as a 1st person POV then it switched to 3rd and on it this way that after a while I had to reread some things to get if it was Brenya talking to me or the narrator it got on my nerve and that's why but I sure as hell that I'm delving as of right now to the next inst [...]

    11. 17Cs and Jacques story begins.This was dubbed a prequel. But do not be fooled. It is a cruel teaser, that will have you counting the days until the full story is released end of September .With her usual word-magic Ms Cain paints a picture that is frightening in its intensity. Over a few paragraphs you are immersed in a world that makes you want to slip between the pages to not only read, but smell and touch.The intense dichotomy between the two main characters will have you screaming bloody mur [...]

    12. The perfect start of Alpha's Control,it gives you the background of what happens to Brenya before she falls into the evil clutches of the Commodore of Bernard Dome,Jacques. And once you finish this,you need Stolen.i know you will!

    13. Out Of Control😵Brenya💋 is a beta worker, she works on keeping the dome over the Settlement in one piece. When she is sent to repair a crack, she falls and is entangled in her safety line, dislocating her arm and smashing her face, and her bio suit face plate. The outside air comes in and she inhales the forbidden air. But the air is fresh and the aroma of growing things🌸 fills her lungs and senses. She hangs mid air for hours, in terrible pain, not knowing if she is doomed now because i [...]

    14. I've been checking and checking and checking endlessly for Alpha's Control to come out and I squealed when I saw this!I have a feeling I'll like this book even more than I like Born to be Bound and I liked Born to be Bound a LOT! I love how this book shows us a better glimpse of Bernard Dome and I love reading more about the Red Consumption from Born to be Bound--how dystopian Europe came to be as broken as it is.I also love the concept of Brenya being initially mistaken for a defective Beta and [...]

    15. This just has me desperate to read the whole story, and to catch up with Claire and Shepherd. We're pretty much wham bam and straight into the story. If you haven't read the Alpha's Claim books then you will probably find this a little confusing - especially since it is just a 'taster' of the series to come.I really liked Brenya and felt her fear, confusion and pain. Despite her total confusion, and understandable fear, you can already see how strong a character she will be from her defence of A [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThis was a short novella in order to introduce us in Alpha's Control series.This is a dystopian dark erotic story, so I was needing some introduction to this world. This part didn't go smoothly for me. I couldn't understand why this or that was happening and after I finished the novella, I still didn't know! There was tension and mystery and I am sure that the series will be much more interesting to read.On the other hand, Ms. Cain writes beautiful, intense and dark stories and I will d [...]

    17. A fantastic getting to know you preludeFirst, and most importantly, setting expectations. This was marked as a prelude so I was expecting a prequel that would tempt me into wanting to read more, and this delivers. It establishes key points of the world building that has me yearning to learn more in addition to providing an interesting introduction to Jacques and Brenya. I would suspect this is the opposite of a done in one or stand alone, given in was a satisfying glimpse of another world, witho [...]

    18. This snippet offers enough to appease me until the book releases. You get to meet the new characters for the next series and WOW! What a rude awakening it is for the Omega in the story. Can't wait to read and get to know both of them.Alsoe snippet about our beloved Shepherd and Claire. I know so many disappointed readers will be happy to know she is alive and know they are back together. What will happen though, remains to be seen. Can't stress enough how much I am looking forward to the book re [...]

    19. I like Cain's writing. I like her style and tone and all that literary gunk. It still doesn't help my stomach settle after reading her works, no matter how well-written they are.I know her works are for a niche crowd--maybe not as niche as it once was--but after re-reading it again after all the sexual harassment accusations and related revelations, I found it difficult to stomach the writing as I once was able to. However, how I feel internally doesn't take away that it was a great read and gre [...]

    20. Just enough to drive you crazy.rry, to tempt you about the new book. I didn't think I would ever really enjoy the dystopian thing until I read book one in Alpha's Claim. I am officially a new addict. After I read Alpha's Claim I had to go read the Irdesi books. Damn!! I had thought that series was complete. Now I have to wait for book 3 in that one. I suggest you read them all while you are waiting for this one.

    21. It's actually kind of hard to rate this because it's so short, but it's a quick read that introduces us to the new characters and gives a brief explanation of the Alpha's Claim conclusion. I'm very excited to see where Addison Cain takes us. If you're a fan of this series, like I am, the gut wrenching conclusion to Reborn only left you wanting more and I think we're about to get it. Bring it!

    22. I enjoyed this taste of the new characters introduced here in the Alpha's Control books. It's great to be back immersed in the familiarity of the future world of the Domes author Addison Cain has created. Can't wait to read more about Brenya and the others! Bring on Stolen !

    23. Absolute Power, a beginningI read this short prelude of Alpha's Control and it was interesting but really too short to get hooked into further books.I need more of a background and story to hook me but I am interested.I hope I can see more of what is offer with a complete novel that covers everything and has an ending I would be happy with.I don't appreciate cliffhangers, they make me feel like a female character in a book being denied her orgasms!

    24. Well it is probably goodBut what a cliffhanger it was with that being said I don't think I will be buying the book. Maybe you have a full one in your library I will have to read a whole book weather short or long in order to give a honest review. DH from New York City

    25. I got this novella in exchange for a voluntary review. This novella goes over the part of the story where Brenya's life is changed forever. She is no longer beta unit 17c but becomes Brenya Perin, omega

    26. keeps you wanting moreI can hardly wait for the next book to come out. Addison Cains writing is deep and moving. very disturbing but leaves you wanting more. 50 shades you got nothing on this.

    27. Commodore This is a perfect example of the author's ability to create a world 🌎 that makes you feel as if your actually there. This is just the beginning of this series and I have a feeling that it will keep getting betterCan't wait to read the rest.

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