The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy

K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate / Dec 08, 2019

The Conspiracy Jake s dad and brother Tom have left for a meeting of The Sharing where Tom may force their dad into involuntary Yeerk infestation Jake must save his father but for the first time his quick thinkin

  • Title: The Conspiracy
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780439070317
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jake s dad and brother Tom have left for a meeting of The Sharing, where Tom may force their dad into involuntary Yeerk infestation Jake must save his father, but for the first time, his quick thinking tactical mind freezes up with everything at stake.

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    1. In case you were wondering if the gut punches ever stop coming, the answer is no. No, they do not. First Marco and his mom, and now Jake and his brother. Applegate plays hardball in #31: The Conspiracy, where Jake and his family will be away from the city for four days, which is a problem for Tom's Yeerk, who must return to the Yeerk pool in three days to feed. This sets into motion a bizarre (and somewhat absurd) chain of events while Jake breaks down and wonders if he will have to kill his bro [...]

    2. This is one of the Animorphs books that stood out to me more as an adult than as a kid. It's an interesting look at what happens when push comes to shove for Jake. What happens when the Animorphs' strong, stable leader breaks down? What happens when he must choose between saving the world and saving his family? The contrast between Jake's thinking process in #31 and Marco's thinking process in #30, when put into similar situations, is especially interesting. Another thing that stood out to me up [...]

    3. More family feelings from Jake, as his family is forced to go on a four-day trip -- longer than Tom's Yeerk can survive without access to Kandrona rays, and so his Yeerk-infested brother sets his sights on possibly killing their father, and Jake has to choose between them and how to manage the situation. My description sucks, but god, this was a feelsy one.So what I love about this book is the fact that it comes immediately after #30 The Reunion. The contrast between Jake and Marco's approaches [...]

    4. So, now this is a full blown war. In many senses. This is another small stakes book, but gosh it is heavy. Jake and Tom's great grandpa dies, and they have to go away for four days. Too long for the yeerk to survive. So now, Tom either will be killed because he is free and can blow the whistle on them, or his yeerk can kill or infest his dad with another one. When infestation fails, Tom tries to have his father gunned down.Yea.Jake ages a lot in this brief book.There are a lot of really good quo [...]

    5. I really don't know what to say about this book. I loved it, but this series is becoming darker and darker.In this book and the last, a horrible decision has had to be made and in both cases that decision has been taken out of their hands. It happened with Marco and the decision to kill his mother and here with Jake, deciding whether to reveal the Animorphs for his father's life. It makes me wonder about the course of the series. Throughout these books the Animorphs have been trying to stay on t [...]

    6. This book was really emotionally intense. However, I feel like it could have used a longer story; they seemed to wrap things up really quick at the end. I am glad I have the next book here at home; so I can start that tonight, and hopefully it will clean up some of the ends that I felt were left hanging in this book.

    7.    Now it’s Jake’s turn to make some very tough decisions about his father, as Marco had to make about his mother last volume. Jake’s great-grandfather has passed away, and now they need to make a 4 day road trip to his isolated cabin for the final arrangements, wake, and funeral. One day too long for Tom’s Yeerk to survive without the Kandrona rays. Jake is feeling too close to this, to make the clear decisions needed to save his father from either death or infestation by the Yeerks, [...]

    8. JAKE! (Insert angry face) I really had a hard time with this one, especially following the Marco dilemma in the previous book. Jake's grandfather has passed away and he and his family must travel to get to the funerale trip is supposed to take four days. The Yeerk in Tom's head has a major problem with that and must either turn their father into a Controller or kill him. So of course Jake is not okay with his father dying or being Controlled. However, the fearless leader of the Animorphs loses h [...]

    9. I must have confused this book with another because I thought for sure it ended differently, but regardless, this is another intensely personal fight for an Animorph -- which feels like three in a row now, of very intensely personal battles against the yeerks -- and the fight gets really real and really focused for Jake as he struggles just to keep his father alive and free, and risks the rest of humanity and his friends to do it.

    10. I randomly chose this for a book report. It was a much better choice than I initially thought. After reading this front to back ten times, I got a good message. Lots of symbolism can be found with the grandpa's death or the way Tom tries to kill Jake's dad. At the same time, it's a repeat of Marco's family issues with someone else.

    11. Loved reading this book. The tension built steadily over the whole book. There were a few thrilling points where, as a reader, you thought something intense was going to happen, but nothing did. It all lead up to the climax, which was intense. Nice resolution.

    12. Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!Jake and his family have to attend a family funeral, and they’ll be gone to the middle of nowhere for four days. No Yeerks. No Yeerk pools. No Kandrona rays. Tom isn’t happy, but Jake’s dad is adamant. Now Jake and the Animorphs have to keep Jake’s dad alive, or Jake will have to make the ultimate choice: his father, or his brother.This most certainly was not one of my favourite books when I was a kid. I didn’t like the reactionary element – th [...]

    13. This starts out with some of the usual stuff about Jake feeling the pressure of leadership, and adds a point about knowing the capabilities of one's team. We've heard that before, but not as often. He ends up making good points about how it's hard to be on the defensive because you're waiting for the enemy to make their choice. Also, you can make only so many defensive stands, and want to go on the attack eventually, so I understood that move.I had thought Grandpa G was a grandfather rather than [...]

    14. This story shares a number of similarities with The Reunion, but I did feel as though it approached them better. The concept is more straight forward. There's no elaborate plan. Just Jake as he tries desperately to protect his oblivious father from the Yeerks. While Marco's story only lead to a single choice - would his mother have to die - Jake's story dips its feet into more morally grey areas. The question isn't just will he be able to save his father, but what lengths will he have to go to d [...]

    15. Jake's great-grandfather dies, requiring the whole family to go out to a cabin for funeral-related events for four days. Since his brother Tom is a Controller, this is trouble for the Yeerk in his head. Jake's dad won't let Tom skip the functions, so the Yeerks try first to infest his father and then to kill him. Jake and the Animorphs manage to prevent these attacks from succeeding, but Jake is coming apart at the seams and making bad decisions because he's too close to the issues, so Marco is [...]

    16. This story centres around Jake, where the whole my-brother-is-a-Controller thing finally poses more of a problem than an eavesdropper on the home telephone line. Jake’s grandfather passes away and they organise to travel for his funeral. This is a problem for Controller Tom, who can’t be away from a Kandrona pool for more than three days,or the Yeerk in his head will suffer a slow and painful death by starvation. As such, Jake overhears Tom arranging for their father to be made into a Contro [...]

    17. Jaaaaaaaaake!! My heart bleeds for you, dude, both when I first read this as a kid and now even more so as an adult.Having this back to back with Marco's mess with his mother is a brilliant choice, as it really pulls out the difference of how these two think. Jake, for all his leadership, is still at heart an emotionally bound guy who loses his calculations when his family really becomes involved. Marco doesn't hold it against him, but definitely pushes back to become the leader and strategist J [...]

    18. In this book, Jake, an Animorph is stuck with a hard decision, to save his Yeerk infected brother or his father. The Animorphs are a group of kids gifted with morphing technology from the Andalites, an alien race, to assist in defeating the Yeerks, another alien race wanting to take over the whole galaxy. The Animorphs have to fight off the Yeerks to save the Earth, but the problem is they are everywhere. In this book, Jake’s great grandfather had died so they have to go prepare his funeral, a [...]

    19. Jake ends up in a situation he can't figure out, for probably the first time since he became leader of the Animorphs. It's wonderful to see people who are usually the tower of strength really fall apart once in a while. If Jake didn't do this once in a while I wouldn't believe in him as a person.Notable moments and inconsistencies:This book was ghostwritten by Laura Battyanyi-Weiss.Jake is said to have a "Grandpa G" in this book who identified him at a young age as having an "old soul." It's not [...]

    20. Jake admits that this is another pointless battle in the end. Well maybe you need to lose a battle in order to win the war (got that from H Jackson Brown).He almost killed his brother Tom here cuz Tom, or the yeerk in his head almost killed/ turned their father into a controller. Jake would not have that. (Btw me too haha, murder, ugh please)Marco saw through Jake though. He knows that Jake is losing it and that might cause a terrible mistake. You gotta admire Marco's brilliant strategies. He is [...]

    21. Essentially, this book's sole purpose lies in updating us on Jake's emotional state and further hammering home the point that he is just as fragile as any of the other Animorphs, especially when it comes to family matters. Marco played the realist, as usual, but he also had to act in an emotionally supportive role, as he fought to keep Jake from getting the team killed.There were a few very cinematic, suspenseful moments in the story -- Tom and Jake at the cabin and Jake's World War II dream are [...]

    22. I have good and bad things to say about this particular book. I absolutely loved the plot and the way that we were finally getting some more character development. While it was painfully ghostwritten, it was still a fun read. I felt like in the last book, the ghost writer focused a little too much on Marco's development than any other characters, leaving them wall flowers in the story, and I think it's a similar case with this book. I was glad to see a book that focused on Jake since he was star [...]

    23. On the whole this was pretty riveting. Jake is really struggling and you can see it, along with the complex moral decisions he has to make while he's falling apart. Though of course he doesn't have to to do it alone and that's what makes this book-- the camaraderie. This was an interesting beat to directly follow Marco's in the last book-- and shows more of Marco's ruthless side, even as you can see it's not a part of him he likes but it's a part of him he'll keep using to keep everyone alive an [...]

    24. Jake's brother Tom is controlled by a Yeerk and the Yeerk is willing to do anything for its survival and that includes killing anyone in its way. This book was similar to #30 in that one of the Animorphs needs to make a tough decision that impacts their loved ones' lives. I didn't like how the book seemed to brush off Marco's recent loss though. However, I did like how the strong friendship between Jake and Marco was highlighted. The Conspiracy is one of the few books in the series which doesn't [...]

    25. Jake's ability to lead objectively is put to its greatest test, as a non-negotiable, four-day trip to a family funeral puts his brother Tom's Yeerk in a potentially murderous position towards Jake's father. The Conspiracy is especially poignant coming on the heels of The Reunion, as Jake not only struggles with the desire to save his family as Marco did, but with the temptation to misuse his authority as the de facto leader of the Animorphs to do it. We also get to see Jake acknowledge just how [...]

    26. kali ini lebih dewasa nih ceritanya beberapa halaman pertama langsung bisa membuatku penasaran apa yang akan dilakuin Jake saat menghadapi situasi tersebut.Dan untuk pertama kalinya, kepemimpinannya diragukan, bahkan dia berselisih paham dengan salah satu teman baiknya.Dan aku geregetan dengan endingnya!! lagi-lagi seperti itu, meskipun ditulis dengan baik tanpa terkesan menggampangkan sih. tapi, hmm

    27. Ahhh, and we get more choices between family and the cause. The age-old horrible question. And for these teens to have to deal with again and again. They know that their families aren't actually the important ones here. Only peripherally, in that their missions are easier without having Yeerk family members. Interesting to see Marco's role for parts of this one. And the final solution is so obvious it's a wonder none of them thought of it sooner.

    28. Fantastic SiFi series for a young reader. I enjoyed reading these with my daughter. The storyline is good and the plot interesting, wouldn't take much to make these great adult SiFi stories. Highly recommended

    29. I'm starting to get tired of this series, finally. We've been reading three chapters after dinner almost every night for at least a year. Despite my feelings, I think we're going to read all 54 or however many there are.

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