Lighthouse Nights

Lighthouse Nights

Jake Vander-Ark / Jun 04, 2020

Lighthouse Nights Jules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths When Jules falls in love with their eighth target she s forced to make a series of life or death d

  • Title: Lighthouse Nights
  • Author: Jake Vander-Ark
  • ISBN: 9781976508011
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths When Jules falls in love with their eighth target, she s forced to make a series of life or death decisions and a single, impossible changeGHTHOUSE NIGHTS is a frightening parable about haunting regret, maniacal hatred, and ultimate redemption This fast paced story isJules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths When Jules falls in love with their eighth target, she s forced to make a series of life or death decisions and a single, impossible changeGHTHOUSE NIGHTS is a frightening parable about haunting regret, maniacal hatred, and ultimate redemption This fast paced story is as touching as it is twisted and highlights a disturbing new trend among American teensE MIDNIGHT MASTERMIND SERIES is a savage anthology of pulp stories about Trevor, a charming sociopath caught between the love in his heart and the storm in his gut Lighthouse Nights is BOOK ONE in the series, though Trevor s adventures can be read in any order.

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        I want to offend my readers I want them to fall in love, to lose their minds, to think and feel and dream If they re not shellshocked and hungry by the final page, I haven t done my job Whether it s a modern day fairytale or hardcore science fiction, Jake Vander Ark attacks every story with brutal realism and down to earth characters No subject is taboo Truth is paramount.The School of the Art Institute of Chicago influenced the experimental quirks of his stories, while his pursuits in Hollywood hammered the importance of traditional storytelling This unique fusion of structure and innovation gave life to the most beautiful girl in the world in THE ACCIDENTAL SIREN, the gritty morality tale of LIGHTHOUSE NIGHTS, the cryptic prologue of THE BRANDYWINE PROPHET, and the mind melting climax of THE DAY I WORE PURPLE.When Jake isn t writing, he s building rustic furniture for his small business, engaging with his readers online, and livin it up with his dog To see of his creative work, check out vanderarkbooks.


    1. Internet predators, they are not just of a sexual nature. Trevor and Jules fed their twisted tastes in entertainment while lining their pockets with stolen goods by entering chat rooms created for those contemplating suicide. Instead of being a support system, they became the spark that ignited the final blow that would end one’s life. They would act as a co-conspirator, a fellow crushed human who wants to escape the pain of life, but cleverly they would encourage the victim to go first, then [...]

    2. This book was really a bright spot.I'd gotten to the point where I was reading many books that were slow-moving and just not all that compelling, and then I picked up this slim little volume and all that changed.Jules and her boyfriend Trevor help people die. Only people that really want to die; they troll a suicide chat room looking for the lost and downtrodden, make a "pact" to die with them, then rob the corpses blind once the other party has departed. It's a good living, and after all, they [...]

    3. This book gets a 5 because yet again, Jake Vander Ark has managed to leave me speechless.When I read the synopsis for this book, I thought to myself,"There is no possible way he can swing this story and not have it turn out badly! The subject is so taboo, that everyone avoids it or slams it. People will never be receptive to this type of thing." I thought that surely I was going to have a hard time swallowing this book, and admittedly, it was a rather hard read for me at first. For as long as I [...]

    4. lighthouse nights is gritty poetry. It is both intensely disturbing and exhilarating, a suicide-themed love story that should not work but does. Vander Ark creates a fast-paced story with beautiful attention to detail, a rare and wonderful achievement few writers can manage. Ultimately, lighthouse nights is a story of redemption, of striving to become a better person after spending too much time wandering through a personal hell. It grabbed me from the first page and didn't let go until well aft [...]

    5. ***I received this novel as a request from the author for an honest review. ( And boy am I ever honoured and glad to do so! :3 )I honestly was wondering where my heart went at the end of this one. :cLike againWHAT. THE. FUDGING. HELL. DID. I. JUST. READ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!My response as I was reading along was mainly like this: Okay no capitals, okay, that's fine, hmmm oh Jules WHY Trev is a CREEPO Oh Gabe, Gabe, Gabe.oh BLOODY HELL NO JOHN . Emma Emma Emma don't do that . oh Jules wow some p [...]

    6. Holy mother of pearl. I think I literally just said "holy shit" aloud about five times in a row--even after finishing the book. I'll start off by claiming that I can't seem to enjoy novels by self-published authors often, if ever. This isn't saying professionally published novels are always great; more like, good self-published authors are hard to come by. But Jake Vander Ark--he's good. Save the occasional grammar mistakes, his writing style is absolutely fluid. Lighthouse Nights is all sorts o [...]

    7. Review first appeared on my blog: Book Addict 24-7I received this novel from the author for review.Dark and seductive, Lighthouse Nights by Jake Vander Ark is a gripping story of two teenagers who cross paths under one of the worst possible circumstances. Vander Ark displays his gift for the written word yet again, if not more precisely, in this novel about suicide, love, and the decisions we make. What caught my eye right away was the writing style. Vander Ark disregards capitalization, save fo [...]

    8. Trevor and Jules are a dysfunctional couple who take advantage of suicidal people they meet in an internet chat room. They encourage deeply depressed individuals to end it all so they can steal their valuables. Trevor is clearly psychotic, with no qualms whatsoever about what they're doing. Jules, on the other hand, is running from a tragic past and has more of a conscience. When it comes time to help Gabe Jones commit suicide she falls in love with him instead, driving Trevor into a dangerous a [...]

    9. Lighthouse Nights was about a couple, Joules and Trevor, making fun and is trying to get certain kids to commit suicide. Joules and Trevor end up facing the deaths of many of these kids. Later in the book, Joules travels to Gabe's house to try to make him commit suicide. She stayed at his house for a while without his parents finding out. In the end, she ended up falling in love with him. I thought that this book was very interesting. I felt like it was harder to concentrate on the idea of the b [...]

    10. I believe Jake Vander Ark is one of the most brilliant (and underrated authors) out there. Lighthouse Nights is even better than The Accidental Siren, and that alone was wonderfully written.Lighthouse Nights focuses on two people, Jules and Gabe, who have completely different personalities from the beginning of the book to the end. The character development is almost unbelievable. We watch the characters suffer, them heal, and find what they're missing in each other although, by the end, the "ot [...]

    11. I discovered this book about a year ago, and I am so happy I read it. At first, I won't lie, I was apprehensive about reading it. It was a different style then most books, but the idea fascinated me. The story of Jules, Gabe, and Trevor is one that will stay with me forever. After reading this book, I just sat in front of my computer in shock and awe. I thought something of this caliber should be on every YA bookshelf in bookstores across the country. It is a story that makes you cry, laugh, and [...]

    12. Very dark, but very good. Voice is very clear even though it's in the third person. Each character has a purpose, and a motive. Even in their darkest moments, you could see the reason behind their actions, no matter who it was. You feel just as connected to characters who have been there the entire book (Jules, Gabe, and Trevor)as ones that where for only one scene. But most of all it shows realistic reactions to hard topics, such as lying, depression, and suicide. These things are not easily fo [...]

    13. "lighthouse nights" is a thrilling, fast-paced page-turner that's the perfect mix of drama, violence, adventure, love, deception and redemption. It's beautifully dark and tragically touching. The author uses a unique writing style that's original and intriguing, stealing the reader's attention from page one. This book is an eye-opening piece of truth wrapped up in a sexy, entertaining work of fiction. In the world of literature today; one that's been flooded with sad clichés, poor writing and b [...]

    14. I'm not a person that typically reads dark stories, but I loved Vander Ark's first book so much that I decided to give this one a chance. I'm extremely glad I did. His writing once again drew me in and kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning. There were multiple points where I was yelling at my computer screen or hugging my knees to my chest because there was just so much going on. I really felt for all the characters, even the ones I didn't really like. It was an incredibly dark, twi [...]

    15. I am amazed at the high level of character development in such a short book. It was an absolute page turned with a pretty unique storyline. It's funny, I just finished a 300 page novel before I read this that I really couldn't care less what happened to the characters because they were faceless, by chance I read a 117 page book and become completely absorbed into the characters. Although the grammar here and there could use some work in this book, it really was refreshing to read something you j [...]

    16. I so love your books. Never boring and I always feel compelled to finish them that day. :) which in me speak means it is enthralling, I read SO much that if it dosent hold my interest I try to finish, but then I move on. From there only my fav authors that keep me thinking abouth their series after I have finished (enough to remember that I did want to read the next book in a series) get my reviews Your books are def worthy of amazing reviews! Loved this one as much, maybe even more than the acc [...]

    17. Wow. :3I wasn't a huge fan of "The Accidental Siren", I think mainly because it was about KIDS in what I saw as deep, adult situations, or at least what should be. But there was still something about the book that I was drawn to. So I decided to read another one of Jake Vander Ark's books and chose "Lighthouse Nights"d I can't seem to come up with anything to say other than wow! :) It was deep,dark and twisted, more so than my usual reads, but I definitely enjoyed it! Couldn't put it down!

    18. I enjoyed the book. The story was well developed and thought out as were the characters. The characters were also easy to like, relate to and understand, even the not so nice ones. The subject matter was very thought provoking and original as well. The downfall, though, with was the ending. I would have liked to see Jules explain to Gabe exactly what happened and also to learn more about the real person. 4 stars.

    19. A 1.5.Disappointed- tremendously.After scouring the internet for months to find this bloody book, obsessing over the blurb and dying over the cover, I, quite miraculously, stumbled upon a mobi version and almost exploded with glee. I don't even fucking know how this book got a rating of 4.16. Really, it's actually horrifying- makes me think of weird conspiracy theories.

    20. This book was actually free on Barnes and Noble's website, so I wasn't expecting much, but I finished in about 24 hours, and it is beautiful. The writing is beautiful, the plot is intriguing, the characters are interesting. The only flaw, really, is there are time the writer gets really close to cliches, but not close enough to bother me.

    21. Godly! Superb! "lighthouse nights" is thrilling, heart-stopping novel filled with twists and turns that leave you breathless. It's the perfect recipe of drama, violence, love, and the struggle of twenty-first century life. This novel will definitely leave you gripping the edge of your seat into the dark hours of the night.

    22. 'Lighthouse Nights' by Jake Vander Ark is a thrilling and heart racing novel. This book is filled with twists and suprises that makes you want to keep on reading. Vander Ark uses a unique writing style that makes the novel even better. I would recommend this novel to everyone! A truly great book.

    23. This book is so twisted but such a real life possibility, it's frightening.I'm deeply disturbed yet amazed at the sick genius

    24. Read this book in about a day, and I really enjoyed it. This book is just fresh, and really good. It's thrilling and sexy, and all around beautiful. This is a great read.

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