Doctored Evidence

Doctored Evidence

Donna Leon / Feb 26, 2020

Doctored Evidence Donna Leon s riveting new novel Doctored Evidence follows Commissario Guido Brunetti down the winding streets of contemporary Venice as he throws open the doors of a case his superiors would rather

  • Title: Doctored Evidence
  • Author: Donna Leon
  • ISBN: 9780871139184
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Donna Leon s riveting new novel, Doctored Evidence, follows Commissario Guido Brunetti down the winding streets of contemporary Venice as he throws open the doors of a case his superiors would rather leave closed When a miserly spinster is found brutally murdered in her Venice apartment, police immediately suspect her Romanian housekeeper They are certain their job is doDonna Leon s riveting new novel, Doctored Evidence, follows Commissario Guido Brunetti down the winding streets of contemporary Venice as he throws open the doors of a case his superiors would rather leave closed When a miserly spinster is found brutally murdered in her Venice apartment, police immediately suspect her Romanian housekeeper They are certain their job is done after the immigrant dies while fleeing arrest, but weeks later a neighbor comes forward to defend the innocence of the accused The only investigator who believes the alibi is Brunetti, who will have to go behind the backs of his superiors to vindicate the Romanian and find her employer s actual killer As always, the indispensable hacking skills of the ever loyal Signorina Elettra are the perfect complement to Brunetti s meticulous detective work She discovers mysterious deposits in the old woman s bank account, but who made them As Brunetti investigates, his wife, at home, reads him teachings on the Seven Deadly Sins In a modern world of intrigue and nebulous morality, how do they relate to the murder at hand Doctored Evidence is charged with suspense and evokes a contemporary Venice with Donna Leon s masterful flair.

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        Donna Leon born September 29, 1942, in Montclair, New Jersey is an American author of a series of crime novels set in Venice and featuring the fictional hero Commissario Guido Brunetti.Donna Leon has lived in Venice for over twenty five years She has worked as a lecturer in English Literature for the University of Maryland University College Europe UMUC Europe in Italy, then as a Professor from 1981 to 1999 at the american military base of Vicenza Italy and a writer Her crime novels are all situated in or near Venice They are written in English and translated into many foreign languages, although not, by her request, into Italian Her ninth Brunetti novel, Friends in High Places, won the Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger in 2000.Series Commissario Brunetti


    1. Doctored Evidence, 13th novel in Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti Series deals with the investigation into the brutal murder of a unpopular elderly woman. Suspicion falls upon her maid, who has vanished. When the maid is killed fleeing from the police, Brunetti takes a closer look to homee old woman's son.We get a look into the police work in more detail and we also we see a lot more of Brunetti's relationship with his co-workers. The politics and the underhand methods that are used to undermin [...]

    2. The first half gave some excellent characterizations for the murder victim and her home health worker. And also some intense incite into Scarpa's mode of thinking and sycophant habits.But the banking minutia, the habits of the relatives of the deceased, and all their subsequent money trailing associations- that all was BELOW the 3 star level. Not only boring, but when Guido returned home now and again, there was Paola discussion that, to me, verged on obnoxious. And not just for Paola's input ei [...]

    3. This is possibly one of the most boring Brunetti books yet, but I'm upping it a star because of the neat tie-in with the title at the end. Donna Leon dropped the mic on that one and walked away, brushing her shoulders off. Some things I enjoyed in this installment:- Signora Gismondi! I would read her diary. The idea that she met her lover in London before coming home to her Venetian apartment to cook a pasta with garlic and eggplant fills me with envy.- Vianello and Brunetti go out for lunch and [...]

    4. "Um amigo seu inglês observara, certa ocasião, que viver ali era como viver num loony bin. Brunetti não fazia ideia do que era um loony bin, nem onde ficava, mas isso não o impedira de acreditar que o amigo estava certo. Com o tempo, pôde comprovar que era uma descrição precisa de Itália."O décimo terceiro livro da série do Comissário Guido Brunetti começa com a descoberta de um corpo brutalmente assassinado de uma idosa antipática detestável. Avarenta, rabugenta e sempre mal-humor [...]

    5. After the raging disappointment that was Through a Glass Darkly, I'm tempted to give this book a higher rating than it deserves based just on how much better it was. So I'll settle for three stars, which in my mind translates to "pretty good, I guess." The truth is I'm getting a little bored with Commissario Brunetti. So many little things are starting to grate at me: the way he lovingly describes every article of clothing and jewelry his smokin' colleague Signorina Elettra is wearing every damn [...]

    6. One of Leon's unforgettable beginnings - "She was an old cow and he hated her." - proceeds to an equally terse and memorable conclusion. Along the way, the Scarpa intrigue becomes a confrontation, and Brunetti examines the Seven Deadly Sins in the light of modern justice. A repulsive victim, a mediocre "victim," not to mention several examples of true virtue, including a Romanian caregiver and a golden retriever. One of Leon's best.

    7. Another Venetian mystery from Donna Leon, with its usual share of corruption, delicious food, and problematic policemen. As ever, Leon is exceptional at conveying a sense of place, especially given the small geographic area that is Venice. I liked the red herrings, and didn't guess the culprit until the end, which is what I want from a mystery novel.

    8. 3.5 starsLoved the interplay of major and minor characters and their foibles surrounding Commissario Brunetti while he diligently tries to solve a murder. An 85-year-old despised woman is found bludgeoned to death. Naturally, everyone is a suspect, depending upon your particular prejudice. I thought the plot dragged about halfway through, but Leon tied the loose ends together in a satisfying way in the end.

    9. 13th in the Commissario Brunetti series set in Venice, Italy.[return][return]An old woman is found battered to death in her apartment by her doctor who is making his weekly visit. Brunetti s nemesis, Lieutenant Scarpa, becomes convinced that the killer is a romanian woman who was a live-in housekeeper for the old woman, and who has disappeared. Her papers turn out to be forgeries, and Scarpa faxes a copy of her photo to the border police. Confronted by the police, she attempts to escape and acci [...]

    10. A housebound old woman with a mean temper and nasty habits is brutality murdered, and no one cares. No one, that is, except Commissario Brunetti. So begins DOCTORED EVIDENCE, an intriguing study of murder Italian style, one that explores the ramifications of motive, also the uneasy fit of modern murder into the list of Seven Deadly Sins. Brunetti is in fine form as he threads his way through the labyrinthine streets and waterways of Venice--which serve as a metaphor for tangled Italian law and p [...]

    11. I enjoy reading about the Brunetti family, to hear about Raffi and Chiara and the banter between Paola and Guido. I envy their kids sometimes about what food Paola cooks for them. Half of the time I think about diving into traditional Italian cooking and the other half of the time my stomach grumbles angrily and wants to be fed. I have not gotten myself one of the meals Paolo cooks though. The mystery can easily become a side kick, though I think looking at it this way is strange. The character [...]

    12. Donna Leon is the perfect author for serial addicts. She has created a great set of characters; sets her books in a wonderful city (Venice) for the readers to explore; and gives a moderate dose of philosophy or morality for us to ponder. I love her! Perhaps the only reason I have given this book three stars, not four, is that I've read three or four of her mysteries now and have high expectations---I know she'll be good, so I am not gob-smacked by how wonderful the books are.If any readers recal [...]

    13. An old woman whom everyone loathed (and with good cause) is found brutally murdered. When her Romanian paid companion seemingly goes on the run and then, on being approached by the cops, falls in front of a train, everyone assumes the case is over -- everyone except Commissario Brunetti, because it's to him that the neighbor speaks who knows the Romanian companion couldn't have done it . . .My problem with this series is that I'm very fond of Andrea Camilleri's novels, of which these seem pale i [...]

    14. This is the fifth or sixth book by Donna Leon that I have read. Her chief detective, Commissario Guido Brunetti, fascinates me. He is well-read, loves his wife and children, is diligent in his investigations and has a slightly cynical attitude toward the way business is conducted in his home city of Venice. When I read these books I feel like I have been to the city and have absorbed the ambiance of it. The relationship between he and his wife, Paola, is a mature one built on love and respect. I [...]

    15. I read this one a couple of years ago but had forgotten the plot line. On our trip back from California we listened to it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Something that came through more on the audio than reading was the humor I found myself laughing out load at several of Brunetti's comments. As with most of her stories, the plot moves slowly but is rich with characters, red herrings and brick walls. Which is probably a more realistic picture of how cases get solved.

    16. Plot was ok, very generic writing.Instead of writing about Venice, could have been in any city.I didn't even care about the plot by the end.Since it was so easy, I read it in 2 sittings, I finished anyway (despite myself).

    17. Good read but not my favorite. But life without a Donna Leon mystery to look forward to will be a sad day for me.

    18. Brunetti examines the Seven Deadly Sins to solve a murder. As always, the clever titles of Donna Leon's series makes sense at the end of the book. On to Volume 14!

    19. Another in the endlessly intriguing Commissario Brunetti mystery series, this one begins with the murder of an old, nasty, unpleasant woman. Her live-in housekeeper (an illegal immigrant from Romania) is caught crossing the border out of the country and dies - falling under a freight train while trying to run from the police. Without a criminal to interrogate and a seemingly obvious crime, the police decide not to investigate further. That is, until a neighbor who has been out of the country for [...]

    20. Another Commissario Brunetti book that crossed my inexpensive Kindle editions doorI enjoy these books somewhat, but am still perplexed as to why so many of my female friends like them so much. I've come to suspect that it's because the books are more about the interactions of Brunetti with his wife and children, his boss and the boss's secretary (who seems to be more a computer hacker in disguise), and his colleagues, and less about the crime and mystery about who the perpetrator might be. Brune [...]

    21. In this outing, Guido Brunetti returns from a vacation to find a 3-week-old murder, supposedly solved, has suddenly gained renewed life. The thorn in Brunetti's side is Lieutenant Scarpa, the much-despised non-Venetian inspector who is the pet of Vice-Questore Patta. Scarpa made up his mind that a Romanian caretaker killed an old woman, pursued the Romanian, and declared the case closed when the woman died fleeing the police. Now a new witness has come forward insisting the Romanian woman could [...]

    22. The murder of an old woman takes place when Brunetti is away on holiday with his family in Ireland and so the case is handled by Lieutenant Scarpa. It appears to be an open-and-set case with the Romanian maid seen as guilty due to her precipitous escape home. But when a neigbour of the dead woman returns from a trip to a language course in London, and presents new evidence, Brunetti secretly reopens the case.The case is set against the backdrop of Brunetti's wife Paola reading their daughter's r [...]

    23. I love these books and I always learn something new about Venice. I note that this author has a very ambiguous relationship with organized religion. There always seem to be a few barbs inserted here and there through the voice of Paola, while Brunetti himself is more ambivalent. This is the sentence that caught me totally off guard. "Brunetti, a man of sorrows and afflicted with grief, said "First of all, this is not an accurate description of Brunetti's character as shown in the other books and [...]

    24. 67. Doctored Evidence by Donna LeonAnother wonderful layered Brunetti novel with the continuing characters in both his work and home life. When a despised difficult elderly woman is killed, supposedly by her Romanian house-keeper, no one wants to investigate further, except Brunetti. With the help of Signorina Elletra, he digs into the case and finds (yet another) web of corruption and duplicity. At the same time, Brunetti’s wife is reading about the seven deadly sins, and her insightful comme [...]

    25. Oh my Donna Leon, what a marvelous book! published in 2004 I wasn't. sure I hadn't read this one (I read many of the the books in this marvelous series prior to starting documentation). However, once I started it I was happy to discover Doctored Evidence was one I had never read. I so love this series. The mysteries are always fascinating set as most off them in Venice with a bureaucratic and sometimes corrupt police department often dealing with other government agencies with similar problemsb [...]

    26. Another Brunetti yarnways worth a readThough I have only read a few of the Brunetti books, I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Each one stands well on its own. The settings are marvelously well laid out. There are times when I am reading that I can almost smell those Venice canals. The books are an easy read, neither cost mystery nor gruesome noire. Those who have not met Brunette are in for a treat.

    27. It was alrightSome went a little over my head, but that was because it is book 13 in a series so understandably I am not going to know what the writer is referring to at times. It was a bit tired at times, it felt like book 13 in a series. Often things were spelled out in a way that was annoying - the reference to how the English refer to the looney bin, for example, but overall I liked it enough to finish it. Easy bit of escapism and I liked the setting.

    28. Enjoyed this book very much. I love Donna Leon's books. Her character of Commissrio Brunetti is not only enjoyable to read but her books bring you right into the world of how Venitians live, eat and think in the beautiful City of Venice all while solving a murder.She makes her characters come to life. This one is about a miserable old woman who was murdered and no one seems to care except of course Brunetti. It's a great afternoon read.

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