What's Happening to Our Girls?

What's Happening to Our Girls?

Maggie Hamilton / Feb 24, 2020

What s Happening to Our Girls This work takes a comprehensive look at the world of young girls and the pressures they face from self esteem issues to the influence of the internet and the barrage of marketing that targets them

  • Title: What's Happening to Our Girls?
  • Author: Maggie Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • This work takes a comprehensive look at the world of young girls and the pressures they face, from self esteem issues to the influence of the internet and the barrage of marketing that targets them.

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    1. Interesting book, but a little too negative and sensational for me. I was alarmed when I read it (before my daughter started high school). My anxiety has decreased markedly over the past two years as I have seen my daughter and her friends devote themselves to study, sport, music and community service; and most importantly, develop the social intelligence needed to avoid many of the mind-sets and situations that Maggie describes in her book. An eye opening read, but too alarmist for my liking.

    2. I didn't like this book, but two of my friends really did (and we are very similar in our parenting styles and our enjoyment of this sort of non-fiction).My problem with this book was that it constantly used direct quotes from girls as evidence. The quotes were presented as examples that represented the cohort, however I just never really believed it. Many times the quotes, while showing the young person's view, did not really reflect what was really happening. I don't mean to devalue the opinio [...]

    3. Well it made me start thinking about this stuff. However it really felt like it took the worst end of the spectrum and made it sound normal. Also with all of the scare tactics there was no ways to actually help, no suggestions for how to deal with it. It made me want to read Nigel Latta's book!

    4. I was a bit worried to find that the very first reference links to an outdated and awful study that has since been taken down by Cordelia Fine in her excellent book Delusions of Gender. (The one where female babies are apparently more inclined to look at faces than boy babies. It’s bullshit. Seriously, go check. Cordelia Fine’s book is a must-read.)Hamilton’s book is already 7 years old, which is a long time in teenage-land, so it’s probably unfair of me to point out that there was nothi [...]

    5. Good book, but rather repetative in it's message. I confess I did not finish this book, as time got away from me, as well as the fact that the repetative nature did my head in after a way.I am not denying that the message the book is giving, is a valid one, perhaps this is why the message gets repeated so oftern.

    6. Spends much more time identifying the problems than providing advice. Helpful in so far as it's good to have a discussion of the issues but I would have liked more suggestions on how we as parents can address things.

    7. I have no daughters, and do not pretend to represent mainstream views, but this is interesting, and especially, in my case, because of my employment in China. Anglo-US communities have had many years to ponder the roles of modern women, and have at times been pretty fierce about our expectations for them. However, as this book makes a reasonable job of demonstrating, naive parenting, our public life, predatory marketing, and especially the mismanaged nature of the internet makes life confusing a [...]

    8. Backed by qualitative research and expert opinions, this is an essential read for parents of girls 0-21 years.Often it is mind exploding as the author deals with topics of tweens and teenagers overstimulated by media, unduly influenced by peer pressure and unleashed by loose parental boundaries.The advice for averting the social evils affecting our girls is instilling a sense of worth and high self esteem.Read it and don't delude yourself that you know what your girls are up to.

    9. It's not a parenting book but more of a guided book on how marketing can affect our children. If you are unaware of how marketing affects your children's life I would like to recommend it to you, But if you are after a parenting book of what is happening in the life of your girls look else where.The message of this book is repeated a lot and is a light read without many outside resources linked in. But overall a worth addition to your book shelf.

    10. Liked the book. Agreed with lots of what was said. Very frightening to have my 11 year old basically having teen experiences. I'm glad she has a solid grounding and that we have a good relationship. I did read a few things I hadn't considered and look at certain aspects of our relationship a little differently as a result of reading the book. Way of the world I guess - new challenges await.

    11. If you're a parent you need to read this book! Whether you have a boy or a girl, a baby or a teenager. This book discusses vital issues threatening childhood. Whilst it is a little dated in that it references myspace, the concerns it raises are very current and valid

    12. Good stuff in it - things that parents of girls should know. As a former high school teacher though, I didn't have the "Ah-ha!" and "Oh my god!?" moments I think you're meant to have when you read this.I didn't find anything new or ground-breaking here. Worth a read though!

    13. This gives the impression that most teenage girls are like this. Thankfully I've found that most of them are not.

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