The Curious Sofa

The Curious Sofa

Edward Gorey / Jan 21, 2020

The Curious Sofa The Curious Sofa is a classic book by Edward Gorey published under the pen name Ogdred Weary an anagram The book is a pornographic illustrated story about furniture according to the cover Accord

  • Title: The Curious Sofa
  • Author: Edward Gorey
  • ISBN: 9780151003075
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Curious Sofa is a classic 1961 book by Edward Gorey, published under the pen name Ogdred Weary an anagram The book is a pornographic illustrated story about furniture according to the cover According to reviews, there is nothing overtly sexual in the illustrations, although innuendos and strategically deployed urns and tree branches abound The New York TimesThe Curious Sofa is a classic 1961 book by Edward Gorey, published under the pen name Ogdred Weary an anagram The book is a pornographic illustrated story about furniture according to the cover According to reviews, there is nothing overtly sexual in the illustrations, although innuendos and strategically deployed urns and tree branches abound The New York Times Book Review described it as Gorey s naughty, hilarious travesty of lust Gorey has stated that he intended to satirize Story of O.

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        Born in Chicago, Gorey came from a colorful family his parents, Helen Dunham Garvey and Edward Lee Gorey, divorced in 1936 when he was 11, then remarried in 1952 when he was 27 One of his step mothers was Corinna Mura, a cabaret singer who had a brief role in the classic film Casablanca His father was briefly a journalist Gorey s maternal great grandmother, Helen St John Garvey, was a popular 19th century greeting card writer artist, from whom he claimed to have inherited his talents He attended a variety of local grade schools and then the Francis W Parker School He spent 1944 1946 in the Army at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, and then attended Harvard University from 1946 to 1950, where he studied French and roomed with future poet Frank O Hara.Although he would frequently state that his formal art training was negligible , Gorey studied art for one semester at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 1943, eventually becoming a professional illustrator From 1953 to 1960, he lived in New York City and worked for the Art Department of Doubleday Anchor, illustrating book covers and in some cases adding illustrations to the text He has illustrated works as diverse as Dracula by Bram Stoker, The War of the Worlds by H G Wells, and Old Possum s Book of Practical Cats by T S Eliot In later years he illustrated many children s books by John Bellairs, as well as books in several series begun by Bellairs and continued by other authors after his death.


    1. Ohhhhhh it just hit me how euphemistically sexual it was. -.-Like, really. I don't deserve to wear my "Perverted and Proud" badge anymore.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH, MY

    2. Σε μια στιγμή μπαίνει ο κύριος Απόστολος στο γραφείο, και κράταγε την αυτή του, και την ακούμπησε πάνω στο γραφείο. Εγώ μπαίνω αμέσως, και χωρίς να την δω, του την πάτησα. Μετά, ανοίγει την πόρτα η Κυρία Ντόρα, μπαίνει μέσα, την βλέπει πατημένη και την τρώει. Μετάαα, μετά ήρθε ο [...]

    3. With drawings more like sketches this is far from my favorite Gorey, but it is a deliciously risque forest of euphemisms.I had to revise my rating upon further review. Yes, the drawings are simple, esp. compared to the density of lines in some of his other books, but there remains the same amount of grace and humor in their minimalism. 4 stars!

    4. Laughing out loud. That's what I was doing the entire time my brother-in-law read it aloud to me. It was so hilariously, deliciously demented. A very, very naughty book, without ever showing anything, without ever naming a body part or anything explicitly vulgar. In fact, you could read this as a small child and think it was perfectly innocent. Oh. My.

    5. There is something deliciously demented about Edward Gorey (who published this work under an acronym of his name; Ogdred Weary). This book is a silly, naughty romp that tangentially explores some very dark and frightening places. It's a dirty little quickie for book lovers."Looking out the window she saw Herbert, Albert, and Harold, the gardener, an exceptionally well-made youth, disporting themselves on the lawn. They were soon joined by Donald, Herbert's singularly well-favoured sheepdog, and [...]

    6. Hilarious . . . :-) I admit I had to look up a 'Lithuanian typewriter', as I'd never heard of it before ;-)But seriously, a lot is left to one's imagination, as neither the graphics nor the text are pornographic in itself. It is what's implied that makes this little book hilarious :-) It really is such a delicious, funny, witty read that it had me grinning several times, and I fully agree with Michelle Morrell's earlier review :-)

    7. THE CURIOUS SOFA: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary is one of Edward Gorey's works in which the story is told through delightful pen-and-ink drawings with witty captions. A 1961 send-up of Victorian pornography, the book's thirty pages tell the adventures of Alice, a young woman swept into a long series of sexual adventures. THE CURIOUS SOFA's cleverness lies in that on one hand it reveals nothing obscene--one would hardly have to fear if a young child came upon the book. A good example captio [...]

    8. If Florence and Emily from Little Britain were to write a pornography, this would be it."But we are laaaaaaaadies and we must read laaaaadies pornography you see"Finally, an Edward Gorey tale that is not wrist slittingly depressing! The men are all extraordinarily something or other and the women free from all inhibitions. This is a deliciously demented read. However nothing is revealed or shown in the drawings. It is up the reader to see between the lines and outside the frames of the illustrat [...]

    9. This is a strange little book by Edward Gorey. The book is full of ambigous references to exotic sex acts, but nothing is ever explicitly shown or described. It will probably take you less than 10 minutes to read this book, but you will wonder about it for weeks to come.

    10. Porno! Tapi bisa tidak disebut pornografi ya? Lah tidak ada gambar yang porno :D. Lalu: Elsie had expired during the night, and gloom descended on everybody. Kenapa si Elsie? Diapain pake saucepan? Lalu: sofanya ngapain? Misteri >_<.

    11. Despite being a self-proclaimed 'pornographic work', 'The Curious Sofa' is a surprisingly subtle and, considering it comes from the brain of Edward Gorey, unsurprisingly amusing yarn. Darkly whimsical in tone and, although certainly not explicit, concerning a slightly more adult subject matter than the rest of Gorey's work, 'The Curious Sofa' follows the adventures of a particularly open-minded young lady called Alice and alludes to all manner of compromising situations, ranging from a romp with [...]

    12. Although I love Gorey's art and dark wit, I wasn't a fan of The Curious Sofa. There weren't rememberable characters, the jokes didn't always land, the variety of stories didn't flow great together, and I found nothing remotely erotic about the book. Not to say I went into this thinking it would turn me on but at the very least, I expected Gorey to take sex serious at some point. He didn't and neither did I in liking this book. Two stars for quality illustrations and an interesting attempt.

    13. I saw this at the bookstore this week and picked it up. I had read it as part of a larger collection of his work, and for some reason it is being re-released. But yay that it is. The cover features a sofa with a couple legs visible through a doorway. The title is The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary, but it's not really pornographic (sorry, I know you were hoping to read something titillating here!), and really by Gorey, of course.The copyright is 1961, and the artist/author Gor [...]

    14. Oh Edward! I knew you were nasty underneath all your PBS special drawings. This is delightfully dirty, and only in a way that is most telling about the own reader's mind. Fortunately, mine is filthy. I had to read this for a burlesque show where everyone reads the same book- in this case- 'The Curious Sofa', and then writes a song inspired by it. If you'd like to take a look- I wrote a song from the view point of the main character in the book for this show- and you can see it here. Dirty, dirty [...]

    15. "a pornographic work", October 22, 2014This review is from: The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary (Hardcover)Much of Edward Gorey's work is utterly witty and delicious, but I'm afraid this one (largely) missed the mark for me. Featuring a bunch of 1920s looking people -including a number of 'well-proportioned' gentlemen - frolicking at a house-party, I just didn't find it hugely funny.From our heroine perusing an album of 'instructive chromolithographs' to a married couple, both [...]

    16. Bizarre humor and sly innuendo, and art by Edward Gorey. What more can you want? Short and cute. Kind of a coffee table or gift book, really. Best thing about this book for me, personally? I accidentally had a large book buying order shipped to my dad's house. He unknowingly opened this large box, and this book was on the top. Why oh why does it have to have a subtitle announcing it's pornographic! The "porn" is all innuendo! I don't even think there's any nudity in the entire book!Le sigh.

    17. Oh gosh. This book. I innocently picked it up at the tender age of 5 or 6 (it was lying around at someone's place for some reason), not knowing what the P word meant yet and I skimmed through the book as though it was a REAL children's book. I then reread it in high school and gave myself a good slap in the forehead as I realised that it was laced with sexual innuendos (and subtle puns).Edward Gorey sure did a great job with the subtlety in the illustrations. Jeez.

    18. A small children's size book for adults, beautifully illustrated by the "eccentric" (quite a mild word for this man!) Edward Gorey with suave, non-titillating Edwardian to early 1920s style fashions but with quietly shocking blunt statements, such as "Still later Gerald did a terrible thing to Elsie with a saucepan", of all forms of sexual and sensual adult play with a menacing, almost Gothic undertone. Chilly, truly for being such a sweet little book judging by it's cover!

    19. This book is the most wonderful, icky-sweet icing on the Edward Gorey cake favorite of his has always been 'The Iron Tonic'at perfect mixture of Victorian creepiness with kooky humor and literate clevernessThe Curious Sofa is like the Iron Tonic on Ecstacy (lame thing to say, but true)less creepy (but still a bit!) and more saucy. Gorey has always worked in a touch of the bawdy, but in this tale he works it on out!

    20. I always liked those Tipper Gore labels that turn up now and again on CD cases: "explicit content," they say. They seem to imply that the content of music is consistent (that all music is about sex, basically) and that the artist's limited freedom is in choosing to address it implicitly or explicitly. The Curious Sofa (or, say, Sam Cooke) is a good example of implicit content: work that, for the most part, remains unfairly undistinguished by a warning label.

    21. Almost as touching as an enthusiastic sore, bizarre horror and adult context are the topics that melts with the author's perturbed mind. And what I enjoyed the most about this short tale, maybe too short, was the meaning of every plot twist was left to the reader's imagination; in wich mine was nothing but a dreadful acknowledgement about (and this might be just my filthy and warped mind) the approaching end of Sir Egbert's party. Droll.

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