My Next Door Omega

My Next Door Omega

Ashe Moon / Jun 06, 2020

My Next Door Omega Kell Eden and Parker Leipold hate each other s guts They re the two best students in their program but that s where their similarities end Kell is an omega with a confidence problem and he just can

  • Title: My Next Door Omega
  • Author: Ashe Moon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kell Eden and Parker Leipold hate each other s guts They re the two best students in their program, but that s where their similarities end Kell is an omega with a confidence problem, and he just can t understand why Parker always singles out his best work with the harshest critiques He s always been a jerk from the very first moment they met, and Kell is certain it s bKell Eden and Parker Leipold hate each other s guts They re the two best students in their program, but that s where their similarities end Kell is an omega with a confidence problem, and he just can t understand why Parker always singles out his best work with the harshest critiques He s always been a jerk from the very first moment they met, and Kell is certain it s because Parker has always lived his life in the lap of luxury.Parker is an alpha who gives zero f cks He knows he s the best at what he does, and what anyone else thinks about him doesn t matter except when it comes to his home life He s kept that a big secret, having been cut off by his parents for supporting his estranged brother and four year old nephew, who both live with him in his tiny apartment With them to look after, Parker couldn t care less about anything else especially not finding a mate.When Kell and Parker get assigned as partners for a school project opposites attract, and the two rivals in close proximity find themselves struggling to deal with their unusual and mostly unwanted attraction Especially when they realize they re next door neighbors.

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    1. This was a quick, easy read. It seems like others have enjoyed this, and although I didn’t dislike it, I felt like very little actually happened. Kell was a good character, but I found it hard to like Parker. He was rude, unapologetically so, and he didn’t seem to care much about other people’s feelings. I know that he cared for Kell, but I wish that he would have showed that a little more and been a bit less standoffish. The story was formulaic, the love story aspect moved very quickly - [...]

    2. Nice!I think this is the first Ashe Moon book that I’ve read and I’m always wary of authors who are new to me because I don’t know if it’s going to be good or if it will just crash and burn. So I’m usually kinda skittish when I start reading, wondering if the next page is where disaster will be. Luckily, this was great!! The writing was flawless. Characters had character and layers. Plot line was pretty solid if simple. So why only 3 Stars? Well, because it was a pretty low angst, low [...]

    3. Kell and Parker are the best artists in their class, and are seen as rivals. Kell doesn’t think Parker likes him, and he’s not a huge fan of the other man. A class project has them working together, and as they work together, they get a bit closer, and a mutual attraction is born. Parker is keeping a secret, will it being them together or tear them apart when it comes out? I liked this, but I don’t understand why Parker isn’t up front about his family from the start. Luckily, their misun [...]

    4. This is my first book by this author and I enjoyed it. I liked Kell a lot and for the most part I liked the interactions between him and Parker. But it's much harder for me to like Parker especially when he didn't apologize to Kell for a big misunderstanding that he was at fault for. He explained the truth of things but didn't say "I'm sorry I didn't explain before"received and ARC for review purposes

    5. My Next Door Omega (ARC) was graciously provided to me by the author for an honest review.  "Art in the Omegaverse"      What a wonderful and welcomed new read I wish I could read all over again.  I absolutely loved it and as I feel myself trying not to float away from this present dreamy state, I will attempt to write this new review, and, I will gladly do so.     Having just read, My Next Door Omega by Ashe Moon, I feel like I've come across a new and talented author, one who I will g [...]

    6. Another brilliant read💙I received this book for an honest opinion.I know that I always have a good read with Ashe Moon and as of yet have never had a duff book and I still haven't. This book is about Kell who is a talented artist that goes to a prestigious art college but is shy and does not have the confidence in his own talent and worth so is working in retail instead of in his dream job of selling his own pieces like most of the others in his class.Parker seems to have it all, talent that [...]

    7. I give this 3.5 stars I loved Kell, Parker's brother (William) and nephew and they redeemed this story for me. Kell was a wonderful character who needs someone to build him up and help him with his confidence issues. Parker is an all around jerk, (not to his brother or nephew) but everyone else is treated as if they don't really matter. He never once tells Kell sorry for a misunderstanding even though it was because he was acting shady that wrong conclusions were jumped to. Like stated earlier K [...]

    8. This is an interesting book and I really enjoyed it. It is well-written, entertaining and the characters are engaging. Kell is an art student who has no confidence in himself or his art. His fellow student, Parker, is an excellent artist but he is very abrasive and doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. When they are put together for a class assignment their attraction to each other is clear. Parker has not told Kell about his past and his family issues so when there is a misunderstanding Kell [...]

    9. Love when you least expect I already love this author and this is one away from previous work, but I feel in love from the first page. Two students both extremely gifted artists but never had anything to do with each other.Kelly an omega and Parker an alpha have been in the same college art classes since freshman year, both not really mixing with the other students. Kelly feels as though Parker is overly critical of his work, always having an opinion that was not greatly constructive. Parker was [...]

    10. This was a really sweet story that is full of angst. Parker is a man who is an excellent artist and has an excellent future ahead of him. Now though he is losing his trust fund from his parents because he took in his brother William and his little boy. Kel is another excellent artist, but has no self esteem to speak of and is unable to sell his work because of his shyness. Parker takes exception to that and critiques Kel's works in a cruel fashion. Thrown together they find that they are drawn t [...]

    11. I like this story. Kell is a good person who needs to believe in himself. Parker is a great brother and uncle, but his people skills are non-existent. The two men meet in art class, where they are the most talented students; then they find out that they are neighbors. The men don't get along well at all, then their teacher pairs them up for a project. A new understanding, along with attraction, begins to form between them.I like both Parker and Kell, though each need to be shaken now and then. I [...]

    12. An entertaining book the writing was good if not a bit predictable. The plot was interesting and it was steady throughout the book. There were a couple of things that I would have liked more detail and info. on. I found the story and characters likeable. The characters were developed and thought out. Kell Eden and Parker Leipold are the MC’s of this book. There was humor, Mpreg, art, paintings, family, unhappy workplaces, a friend and so much more in this book. I did like a part towards the en [...]

    13. Beautiful as all the other stories from Ashee Moon, this one talks about Parker and Kell, two incredible artists and men, starting from their creativity they build a life going through all the passion and the uncertainty all of us experience when love is concernedis story shows how smart and prepared is this writer able to space from fantasy to reality talking of worlds very different from one other with the same capability and the same knowledge. An undoubtedly good reading and a very refreshin [...]

    14. This was a very enjoyable read for a Sunday afternoon. This is not my first book by this author, and once again I enjoyed the writing. You won’t find lengthy descriptions of events and detailed analysis of feelings. With few words, the author conveys very well the mood, the background, the overall sense of two apparent rivals who discover they may definitively become a power couple. Each has a positive influence on the other and it is easy to understand that they will have a bright future. A l [...]

    15. A good and cute enemies to lovers story. Kell and Parker are both art students in the same class. Parker has always been very arrogant and very critical of Kell's work. As Parker and Kell get to know each other when they're teamed up together for a project, they start getting to know each other and sparks fly. They have a few bumps in the road on their journey to their HEA.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    16. Another good book from Ashe Moon.Parker is an arrogant but very talented artist. Kell is also a talented artist, but lacks confidence in himself and his work.Kell takes offense to Parker's critic of his work and believes that Parker hates him. Parker and Kell are now teamed together to work on an art project. Watch as secrets are revealed and their relationship sizzle. This is a low angst, sexy read. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

    17. Understanding the artists.This is a sweet quick read. Kell and Parker both are students at ADA but Parker is a loner and very talented. Kell wants to be the best artist but he can't work up the nerve to put himself out there. He can't figure out why Parker hates him and always puts down his work. There relationship is going great until a misunderstanding happens and Kell runs. Can Parker get his man back. I voluntarily read a arc copy

    18. not gonna lie, Parker pissed me off a lot! lol but i grew to love him. i def loved Kell, but he needs to work on his self esteem. but like they say, opposites attract. i love the struggle and then finally the coming together. they both struggled with wanting each other, but they are pretty perfect together. would def recommend!

    19. I really enjoyed this book great story plot and easy to follow along I never got bored while reading this book. The connection between both MC was a treat to read. I am looking forward to reading more books by this Arthur. I voluntarily review this book for my honest opinion.

    20. Hopeful This was a wonderfully written story. Kell is a talented artist with low self-esteem while Parker is a talented artist with a humongous ego. However they do say opposites attract. This is a brief glimpse into a story as old as time.

    21. Omg this book was absolutely amazing. This book was a page turner that I just couldn't stop reading until the end. I had absolutely loved reading this book. I would highly recommend this book. I had voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book.

    22. CuteShort, sweet, and sexy read. Opposiyes attraxt with just a smidge of drama. Lots a sparks with two very different people . Liked it a lot.

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