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Paddle to the Sea A young Indian boy carves a little canoe with a figure inside and names him Paddle to the Sea Paddle s journey in text and pictures through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean provides an excellen

  • Title: Paddle-to-the-Sea
  • Author: Holling Clancy Holling
  • ISBN: 9780808551515
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young Indian boy carves a little canoe with a figure inside and names him Paddle to the Sea Paddle s journey, in text and pictures, through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean provides an excellent geographic and historical picture of the region Geography of the best kind made vivid by the power of imagination Horn Book

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        Born in Jackson County, Michigan, in 1900, Holling Clancy Holling graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1923 He then worked in a taxidermy department of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and spent time working in anthropology under Dr Ralph Linton During this period, he married Lucille Webster, and within a year of their marriage accepted a position as art instructor on the first University World Cruise, sponsored by New York University For many years, Holling C Holling dedicated much of his time and interest to making books for children Much of the material he used was known to him first hand, and his wife, Lucille, worked with him on many of the illustrations Holling died in 1973.


    1. Canadian Indian boy carves a small wooden canoe with a little figure in it, named Paddle-to-the-Sea. He places it on top of a snow-laden hill, and leaves. Soon the snow starts melting and Paddle starts on his voyage. He slides into a brook, leading to Lake Superior, and from there to the other Great Lakes.This book is halfway between a regular picture book and an illustrated book. Each left-hand page is filled with text, a chapter, describing a stage of the voyage. These text pages are illuminat [...]

    2. "I am Paddle to the sea, please put me back in the water"This is another book I remember reading over and over. I can still picture some of the wonderful illustrations in my mind from this book. The cute little hand carved canoe on it's own adventure. It makes a strong case for taking care of the environment, beautiful pictures, and a wonderful "message in a bottle" type story-line.I can see the little canoe and it's totem paddler stuck in the log about to get cut at the saw mill when the Lumber [...]

    3. "I am Paddle To The SeaPlease put me back into the water"An Indian boy, living on a river north of Lake Superior, writes this on the bottom of his carving of an Indian in a canoe, and sets Paddle on his way. Helped by the people he meets on the way, Paddle-to-the-sea travels through each of the Great Lakes on his way to the ocean. Another wonderfully told and illustrated story from Holling Clancy Holling, who provides an emotional hook to the adventures of the inanimate Paddle, and serves as an [...]

    4. I found this book the day before Bay Books, an independent bookseller, closed its doors in Concord, California. Perhaps I should say that the book found me. Why would I buy a children's book? It must have been the local book dragon whispering in my ear, for I am grateful for this great find. The author takes us on a trip that starts in the great northern wastes of Canada, and we follow the carved toy through the wilderness and down in to the Great Lakes of the States. Along the way, we find out [...]

    5. I read this book to my seven and nine year old, and everyone enjoyed it. Most of the books that I have read to my children are ones that I remember enjoying from when I was younger, but this was my first time reading this wonderful story. We did not read it all at once, we only read one or two pages a day, but every day they were begging me to read more. No one was allowed to read a head but I could see both of my older children itching to pick it up and look through it. Now that we have finishe [...]

    6. 49 months - I really enjoyed reading this with my daughter. I was expecting it to be about a real person paddling the Great Lakes but this idea is much more creative. A great geography lesson and lots of other learning too. Great vocabulary about nature. It would be fantastic to have a newer version of this book with more vivid colors in the illustrations. The art style is very much Group of Seven-esque. A good story to introduce my little dual citizen to natural connection and resources the two [...]

    7. **** Caldecott Honor (1942) ****I really enjoyed this story of a carved indian canoe making a journey from the Upper Great Lakes of Canada all the way to Atlantic Ocean and beyond. The color images are spectacular, and it's fun finding the canoe, named "Paddle-To-The Sea" in each picture. Not so great are the black & white images, which can be difficult to decipher, but are nonetheless interesting. Some have referenced the use of the word "injun" as a problem, but really it is not used derog [...]

    8. My all-time favorite book from childhood. For years after reading it, I made plans for setting free little boats on various rivers. One idea was to attach a radio transmitter so I'd know one day my boat actually made it to the ocean. It hasn't happened yetbut I still dream

    9. I have one of the original hardbound copies (in terrible shape) that we found at a sale in Ocean Grove, NJ. I have read it many times since then. Never wanting to give it away or sell it. A lovely story from the Midwest. I have now lived in Minnesota for almost 50 years and the story is even more precious now.

    10. I was really surprised how much my 7 year old liked this book! We read it in small doses and tracked Paddle on the map and really enjoyed it.

    11. Holling C. Holling’s 1941 book Paddle-to-the-Sea was the first grand adventure story I read as a child. Not that I read it in 1941. I’m not that old. I read it in the 70′s. Nevertheless, decades later, I’ve not forgotten it or the sense of wonder it instilled in me. I still love adventure stories today. They never get old.The book follows the journey of Paddle, a 12-inch, handmade pine canoe complete with a wooden Native American pilot, as it travels from Lake Nipigon, Canada all the way [...]

    12. I had never heard of this book before reading it for my Caldecott Challenge, but I'm glad I did. This is definitely one of the longest Caldecott books I've ever read, so long they don't even put it in the picture book children's section of the library (it was in fiction). It won a 1942 Caldecott Honor. While I wasn't really a fan of the color illustrations (with the exception of the cover page and the two-page map journey in the back of the book), I loved the black and white ones because they we [...]

    13. This is one of my all time childhood favorites. A Native American boy's spirit of adventure and exploration is embodied in a beautifully carved bit of the North Woods. It is easy to identify with Paddle as he journeys through waters calm and fierce, to route for him to triumph against the odds and meet his goal of reaching the sea.The book succeeds primarily because of the Caldecott Honor illustrations. The lead character is a piece of wood, lovingly transformed into a tiny Native American sailo [...]

    14. I borrowed this from Kristin and really loved it, even though it took me forever to get really and truly into it. I kept trying to read it right before bedtime, which didn't work in my favour. Something about the writing style just had a soporific effect on my already weary mind. I sat down to read this on Friday and made it through, all in one go. I love the writing style, love the little comments in the margins and all of the helpful maps and diagrams throughout.One of the things I love about [...]

    15. I read this to my 7, 6, and 4 year old. They all loved it. Which actually surprised me, because I thought with how long it was and the descriptions of a sawmill, locks, etc, they might get bored, as they normally do in non-fiction books (it almost reads like non-fiction at times). But no, they were fascinated. I enjoyed it too, although it's a bit long and we had to read it over two nights, and isn't the typical adventure/fairy tale that I usually like to read to my kids. Some reviews said it wa [...]

    16. 1942 Caldecott HonorFavorite illustration: The large map showing Paddle's journey.Favorite line: "You will go with the water and you will have adventures that I would like to have." --Chapter 2Kid-appeal: An interesting story, but it is very long and does contained dated references to Indians as Injuns. I was surprised to hear my neighbor's 5th grade class recently used it in her Waldorf classroom. Could see multi-subject uses for the book with math, language arts and social studies.

    17. May 14, 2014: I am looking forward to reading more of his books! The author has found a very creative and enjoyable way to explore geography and nature. September 27, 2015: Still an excellent book, this time around. We love HC Holling's work!

    18. This is a gorgeous story. I love reading it to my boys and the history and geography of the Great Lakes is only a bonus.

    19. This book is amazing! The pictures are great and the story is an adventure. I liked to look at the map after each chapter and follow his path. ~ Caleb

    20. Another childhood favourite, and one that stands up well to re-reading as an adult. While I can remember my mother reading it to me more than fifty years ago, I enjoyed it more when I was able to read it for myself and take my time poring over the beautiful illustrations. The book was very much on my mind when I first visited northern Ontario in my twenties, and saw Lake Superior and the Nipigon region for myself. While my older brother ended up with our childhood copy, I am fortunate enough to [...]

    21. • 1942 Caldecott Honor Book •I really want to like this book because the story is really awesome, a small part of it takes place in Wisconsin (!) and the illustrations are beautiful, but it felt so dry to me. I must have started reading this book four times before I finally made it through. And, I know this was written in 1941, but why couldn’t the newer editions change the word “Injun” to “Indian” or "Native American"? What intrigued me perhaps the most was the version I read is a [...]

    22. My 4th and 5th grade kids loved this! They have been learning a lot in school about different writing techniques and dress-ups. Holling C. Holling's writings are rich with metaphors, similes, personification, rich vocabulary, and varied interesting sentence openers and structures. The illustrations in Holling C. Holling's books are fantastic, including the various sketches in the margins. My 5-year old child surprisingly followed along and often requested we read further in this book during meal [...]

    23. This is still a quaint and charming story that recounts the voyage of a little wooden canoe carved by a First Nations child in Northern Ontario with the hope of making it from Nipigon country to the sea - the Atlantic Ocean. In doing so, it takes readers on a tour of the landscape - wilderness and human - that existed at the time of the book's writing in the early 1940s. The little boat passes through many hands along the way as adults and children are touched by the audaciy of its goal and want [...]

    24. I never thought of the idea of starting in the snow and going all the way to the sea. It's like paddle-to-the-sea did almost the water cycle. I find it fascinating he idea of the man who did it first. The story itself is a very intresting and fascinating story that people should read, learn from it but also apply it to life as a metaphor.

    25. For several weeks I have been rewatching the magical Northern Exposure, so when an episode had Chris in the Morning sharing this book with his listeners I returned to it. Voila! Seventy years later and the book is still a wonder. I wonder if the show's creators named Holling Vincour after Paddle's author - not farfetched.

    26. Great book! Tells of a wooden boat and his adventures in a charming way. I learned quite a bit about the Great Lakes and even had a laugh or two! This is one children's book that I had no trouble finishing. It was fabulous. Can't wait to read with my kids.

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