The Pirate's Daughter

The Pirate's Daughter

Margaret Cezair-Thompson / Feb 26, 2020

The Pirate s Daughter WINNER OF THE ESSENCE LITERARY AWARD IN FICTIONIn Hollywood s most famous swashbuckler Errol Flynn arrived in Jamaica in a storm ravaged boat After a long and celebrated career on the silver s

  • Title: The Pirate's Daughter
  • Author: Margaret Cezair-Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780812979428
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • WINNER OF THE ESSENCE LITERARY AWARD IN FICTIONIn 1946, Hollywood s most famous swashbuckler, Errol Flynn, arrived in Jamaica in a storm ravaged boat After a long and celebrated career on the silver screen, Flynn spent the last years of his life on a small island off the Jamaican coast, where he fell in love with the people, the paradisiacal setting, and the privacy, andWINNER OF THE ESSENCE LITERARY AWARD IN FICTIONIn 1946, Hollywood s most famous swashbuckler, Errol Flynn, arrived in Jamaica in a storm ravaged boat After a long and celebrated career on the silver screen, Flynn spent the last years of his life on a small island off the Jamaican coast, where he fell in love with the people, the paradisiacal setting, and the privacy, and brought a touch of Tinseltown glamour to the West Indian community Based on those years, The Pirate s Daughter imagines an affair between the aging matinee star and Ida, a beautiful local girl Flynn s affections are unpredictable but that doesn t stop Ida from dreaming of a life with him, especially after the birth of their daughter, May.Margaret Cezair Thompson weaves stories of mothers and daughters, fathers and lovers, country and kin, into this compelling, dual generational coming of age tale of two women struggling to find their way in a nation wrestling with its own independence.

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        Margaret Cezair Thompson is the author of a widely acclaimed previous novel, The True History of Paradise Other publications include short fiction, essays, and articles in Callaloo, The Washington Post, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Graham House Review, and Elle Born in Jamaica, West Indies, she teaches literature and creative writing at Wellesley College.


    1. Onvan : The Pirate's Daughter - Nevisande : Margaret Cezair-Thompson - ISBN : 1932961402 - ISBN13 : 9781932961409 - Dar 432 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2007

    2. This has all the right ingredients for historical fiction - exotic setting, a famous film star as a character, real events woven into the story, a coming of age story and a feel for the local culture in Jamaica at the time. I have read about 2/3 of it and just don't feel compelled to read more. Hard to put my finger on it. I think I don't really care for the MC all that much and there are some issues with respect to children that bother me. (I have a hard time with stories that are sad with resp [...]

    3. *Note: Spoilers included -- This book was quite a page turner (atleast the first 3/4s). Having frequently visited Jamaica myself, I was impressed with how Cezair-Thompson captured the native dialect, landscape, and political instability that came with Jamaica's independence from Great Britain in the 60s. Also, she does well describing the prejudice often experienced by white Jamaicans, or even people of lighter skin - this actually turns out to be one of the central components of May's struggle [...]

    4. In 1946 Errol Flynn's boat was shipwrecked in Jamaica on its way to Haiti; he fell in love with the country and bought a small uninhabited island off the coast of Port Antonio called Navy Island, continuing his rascally ways, hosting wild parties where he drove Truman Capote into the swimming pool, and Marilyn Munro danced and a young local girl called Ida, infatuated with the handsome movie star, becomes his lover at 16 and gives birth to a baby girl, May.This is the story of Ida and May and J [...]

    5. Sometimes when I'm on the subway, there will be an ad for a Caribbean island, and I just want to dive in (Remember the girl on the beach in Barton Fink?) That was this book. Every night I picked up the book and dove into the picture.Lush, vibrant prose. I was utterly transported! No stock characters, honest, real, grabs you in and holds you through the whole story. Swashbuckling pirates, beautiful women, Obeah womenCezair-Thompson is a brilliant novelist.

    6. A powerful and evocative look at Jamaica through the eyes of a young woman, and later her daughter; the child of an illicit and passionate love affair with the Hollywood heart-throb Errol Flynn. Although fabricated, Flynn really did own Navy Island off the coast of Jamaica in the middle of the 20th century and this story is the result of the author's fictional imaginings of events that took place during this time.The descriptions of the Caribbean are very vivid and Cezair-Thompson's rendering of [...]

    7. I read this book as it was featured a few years ago on "Richard and Judy's Book Club", and I was not dissappointed by it.The story is separated into different parts, three is in 3rd person narrative and two in 1st person narrative in the forms of letters. The parts written as letters I enjoyed the most as they just focused on the thoughts and feelings of just May and Ida. The two main characters are Ida and May. Ida is a teenager when the story begins, she is a real daddy's girl and is desperate [...]

    8. I struggled to get through this novel. It took so long to get going and it never grabbed me. It's the story of Ida, a Jamaican girl who meets the actor Errol Flynn as a young girl and ends up having a daughter with him. Although the daughter May is the title character, she doesn't really come into the story until the second half of the book. The first part is all about how Ida meets Errol and eventually becomes his lover at the age of 16. The relationship doesn't last and Ida is left to raise he [...]

    9. This book was up and down to me. It was a nice read but sometimes I was missing something. It needed more and less. Does that make sense? There were times when I wanted more information and then there were things that could have been left out and served no purpose. I loved the whole entwining Errol Flynn and Jamaica. How many stories are set in Jamaica? AND the best part was the Bob Marley was not mentioned until page 300. It was a shock! I thought for sure it would have been mentioned in the ti [...]

    10. This was an entertaining read - for me, more like a summer book, nothing too heady, just fun. I loved getting a sense of the dialect and some of the political strife faced by the islanders in the 60's.

    11. I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to anyone who loves fictional stories based on real events, history, or the lives of real people. Find it and enjoy!

    12. This was a most unusual book and a most unusual choice for me to read. I found this rather obscure, but beautifully produced book, at the library book sale. I picked it up thinking it would probably be a titillating piece of Hollywood froth, mostly about Errol Flynn and his cronies. Well, it is not a piece of Hollywood froth, but there is quite a bit about Flynn's life as lived on his private island just a mile or so off the mainland of Jamaica. However, the main story line follows two women for [...]

    13. Finally a book about love and life that does not require a woman to be raped in order for the audience to be entertained.Set in the beauty and turbulence, this is a wonderful story about love, loss, family, identity and coming to voice. Margaret Cezair-Thompson proves you can write well about hard and painful realities without gratuitous violence.The voices of the four women in this book, Oni, Esme, Ida and May, carry the story; but their lives are deeply affected by their men. Colorism, race, c [...]

    14. The Pirate's Daughter is the fictional story of Jamaican Ida Joseph, who at 16 has a baby with Errol Flynn. The majority of the book follows their daughter May as she grows up on Navy Island with her Mother and Stepfather Baron Karl von Ausberg.I didn't find the plot overly captivating but it was a relatively quick summer read. I found the revelation at the end about Karl von Ausberg intriguing and was disappointed that this hadn't been revealed earlier and more made of it.

    15. People and places change. These changes are not always easy. Change can become a time of brutality, a time to deal with death and a time to choose whether to go or stay. In this case, it is Jamaica and an island named Navy Island. There is a mother and daughter, Idea and May. There are movie stars, spies and apples and bananas galore. It is a place of beauty reaching its sunset.

    16. I picked up this book immediately after being swept away by The True History of Paradise. I enjoyed this book and thought it was a good read. The story was engaging and I especially enjoyed the historical and sociopolitical elements that MCT folded into this book. For instance, she mentions "The White Witch of Rosehall" and the presence of CIA in Jamaica who are trying to monitor it and its neighbor Cuba. (And for the record, I found True History to be much better. I don't think an author's book [...]

    17. Um romance picante ou não muito durante trinta anos na Jamaica. Mostra o que duas gerações de mulheres passa por causa do amor e da espera por esse mesmo amor. Tinha algumas expectativas que não foram atendidas.

    18. I started this as an audio book, and finished the text version. Somehow the book lost momentum, both in listening and then in the haul to finish it. It left me sad, because it's a sad history of Errol Flynn's outside daughter, May, and his abandoned teenaged lover, Ida. I put the book down for awhile after Ida succumbed to the temptation of Errol, the exiled movie star. I admit I have no enthusiasm for Hollywood stars, no great admiration for Errol Flynn and no desire to watch his movies after r [...]

    19. Great book about life in Jamaica - and Erroll Flynn! Bit sad in the end, as all the partying, happy people were all gone. But a very good and interesting read.

    20. Ida is just a young girl in 1946 when Hollywood swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn ends up in Jamaica after a storm sends his boat off course. Her father, a taxi driver, ends up driving Flynn around and then moves into real estate, helping Flynn purchase a Jamaica home when he falls in love with the island. Flynn is in and out of Ida’s life for years and they fall into a relationship when she is still just a teenager and in school.Ida has dreams of marrying Flynn (who is already married but separ [...]

    21. Pirates have for decades had a sort of pantomime feel to them especially in literature. Thanks to the likes of Long John Silver, Captain Pugwash, parrots and pieces of eight. But in reality they never lost their fearsome bloodlust, they just started wearing t-shirts and cut-off jeans , dumped cutlasses for Uzi’s and AK 47’s and made the coast of Somalia a no go area, thanks to the reach of 24/7 news. While on the silver screen, the swashbuckler’s of old had lost their appeal until Disney a [...]

    22. I love the concept and the form of this book: A fictional speculation (Errol Flynn's illegitimate bi-racial daughter) on a factual situation (Errol Flynn's exploits in Jamaica). Perfect for an Xmas gift card purchase, and right up my alley.Margaret Cezair-Thompson does well with the big-picture landscape of Jamaica, both political and social, particularly around race, class, self-determination and colonialism, but for my taste as a reader, her rendering of character doesn't develop too far beyon [...]

    23. Some books seem to be slow starters for me. This was one of them but I grew to really enjoy the heroine, May, Errol Flynn's bastard daughter so much. Flynn plays a minor role in her life.The story begins when Errol Flynn, the movie actor, encounters a storm at sea. He and his schooner, Zaca, limp into Jamaica where he meets Eli and Ida Joseph. From that moment, young Ida idolizes the actor and fancies herself in love with him. Flynn falls in love with Jamaica and returns often and eventually sed [...]

    24. bookcrossing/journal/6I enjoyed this very readable family saga set on the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica, a perfect summer read.The appearance of some real-life characters along with the Jamaican setting for this family saga gave the story for me the feel of reality. Errol Flynn arrives on the island when his yacht is shipwrecked and he soon decides to make a home for himself on the island. He sees the paradise of Jamaica as a chance for him to make a fresh start. He befriends local Eli Jo [...]

    25. I liked this book quite a bit, both for the fiction and for the history of Errol Flynn and Jamaica. Admittedly, the best parts of the book were the non-fictionalized parts, but the fiction was well-written also. What is true is that Erroll Flynn, on his way to Haiti, was blown off course by a hurricane and landed by mistake in Jamaica. He fell in love with the land and bought a small island right off the coast of Jamaica and lived there for many years. It is also true that the 1960's brought not [...]

    26. What if?I listened to the abridged audio-book version of this novel and, judging by other people's comments about the book being too long and dragging, that was probably a good choice. I really enjoyed my version and was quickly immersed in the relationship between sixteen-year-old Ida and the charismatic Errol Flynn. (I had to Google him, just to see if he was as good looking as everyone made out.) I also benefited from having the Jamaican dialect read to me correctly, which was much more seaml [...]

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