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Solo When Tessa Duvall a struggling artist reluctantly agreed to accompany her best friend Holly to a party at the elegant Charrington Grange Hotel she had every intention of sneaking off early For part

  • Title: Solo
  • Author: Jill Mansell
  • ISBN: 9780747267454
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Tessa Duvall, a struggling artist, reluctantly agreed to accompany her best friend Holly to a party at the elegant Charrington Grange Hotel, she had every intention of sneaking off early For parties full of strangers bored the knickers off Tessa and this one proved to be no exception until she encountered Ross Monahan, whose wicked reputation was as high profile asWhen Tessa Duvall, a struggling artist, reluctantly agreed to accompany her best friend Holly to a party at the elegant Charrington Grange Hotel, she had every intention of sneaking off early For parties full of strangers bored the knickers off Tessa and this one proved to be no exception until she encountered Ross Monahan, whose wicked reputation was as high profile as the hotel he owned and ran with such panache But whilst Holly set about ensnaring his reluctant brother Max, Tessa simply accepted Ross for what he was, a sensational one night standuntil she realised, weeks later, that one night stands can have far reaching consequences.

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        Jill Mansell lives with her partner and children in Bristol, and writes full time Actually that s not true she watches TV, eats fruit gums, admires the rugby players training in the sports field behind her house, and spends hours on the internet marvelling at how many other writers have blogs Only when she s completely run out of displacement activities does she write.Jill Mansell s books have sold over ten million copies and her titles include Making your Mind up, Fast Friends, Good at Games, Sheer Mischief and Solo, among many others.


    1. Ugh! Ugh, ugh, UGH!! I cannot begin to review this book, I just can't. I am so DONE and OVER with Jill Mansell. What is wrong with you? What kind of sad, pathetic life have you led to make you come up with such disgusting drivel?I could not have thought her books could get any worse, but oh my God, they could. They really could. I wish there was a 0 star rating I could give this book to appease my anger and loathing for it. How can ANYONE think this was worth 5 stars?The characters are an embarr [...]

    2. Let me tell you before hand that I love Jill Mansell's books as my reviews serve testimony. They provide exactly what I crave - a light quick and enjoyable read and sometimes even tend to surprise me. Reading the blurb I knew exactly what I was getting into - A story about a rich handsome playboy who falls in love with a free spirited independent girl as they play cat and mouse and all this ultimately leads to thehappily ever afterAnd that is precisely what this book was. But alas! in no way was [...]

    3. I’ve read quite a few Jill Mansell books and I’ve started to notice the pattern that most of them follow:-The rich guy that sleeps around until he finds the perfect woman and falls in love with her in about five minutes in spite of her bland personality-The beautiful best friend who is flighty and shallow but has a good heart-Endless descriptions of what the characters are wearing (some of which are bizarre- orange pants and a purple sweater? Is the author color blind?) -The same phrases use [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this one, but some of the characters were just too annoying to me. It’s funny that this is one of her most loved books and so far, it’s my least favorite from her. But still a solid four stars!

    5. Another fun read by Mansell.Mansell is great at weaving several plots together but not losing the reader's interest. Mansell's books are full of surprises from one page to another. I found it hard to put the book down.***************Spoiler Alert***************This one was about Tessa. She meets Ross and has a one night stand. The consequences of this meeting begins the tangled web.The characters:Holly-Tessa's friend who is in love with Ross's brother MaxMax-Ross's brother who is not one of my f [...]

    6. Solo is an awful story, totally a waste of time and money. Irritating, infantile, TSTL 'heroine' ((view spoiler)[seriously, having unprotected sex with a stranger???? (hide spoiler)]), annoying, clichéd 'hero', nonsensical storyline. Not recommended.

    7. This was adorablea typical Jill Mansell, my only issue was that it dragged on a bit so I did find myself getting impatient for the end but it was worth the wait!

    8. 3 stars – rounded from 2.5 Usually a book from Jill Mansell is a must-grab for me as her stories are full of humor and heart, often with multiple characters that are compelling and intriguing. I was hoping for the same in this bad boy makes good story. Tessa is an artist, wholly different from her best friend Holly and completely unconcerned with the outward trappings of wealth, and not interested in a relationship. Holly is a bit more driven, focused, and completely convinced that Tessa needs [...]

    9. When you read a Jill Mansell book, you know that you are in for some quirky characters who fall in and out of love, frequently sabotaging their own chances for love, and doing so with warmth and humor. You can see yourself in these people, and you cheer them on.Solo, however, turns all of that on its head.This is the first Jill Mansell novel I've read in which I resoundingly disliked every character I encountered. Not only did I not wish them well, I started rooting for them to suffer dire heart [...]

    10. I just love what Jill Mansell does with words. This book twists relationships around like pretzels until you're just not sure where anyone stands or with whom they stand. Simply amazing! Full review to follow.My Review:This book has gotten widely mixed reviews. Everything from one to five stars. I personally gave it a five-star rating. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! It was totally different from the other Jill Mansell book I read, Three Amazing Things About You, but it was just as good in its [...]

    11. Actual Rating: 3.5 StarsA reissue from 1991, Solo was a novel filled with enough drama and lust to put most soap operas to shame. But add in a few tender moments and some funny bits to balance out all the bed-hopping and you have something that is unique to Jill Mansell’s style of writing.All right. So this was definitely a dramafest that, although quite amusing, might possibly be hit or miss with some readers based on the reviews I’ve seen for it. I think it helped that I’m familiar with [...]

    12. this is awful. Super rich guy and poor struggling artist from disadvantaged single parent home blah blah. This is trite, clichéd pathetic and TEDIOUS. There is NO chemistry. The book makes fairytales like Cinderella sound realistic. Its utterly ghastly. if the "hero" wants to really show he's committed to being a husband and father (or at least hoping to make a good impression as a husband let alone father) than he needs to have more than money and good looks. He acts like an idiot. And other t [...]

    13. It reads like one of those thick Malay romance novels. You'll know the ending before the story even begins, but it's the process of analyzing feelings and thoughts reflected in each character that makes this readable. We all know what it is like loving someone hard, not getting enough of them yet at times being totally upset with them, or unable to identify our feelings towards them. This is one novel that will lend you some words to that complicated feelings of love we all have in our life.

    14. I LOVED THIS BOOK! i think that this is one of Jill mansell's best books. I loved all of the characters in this story and the story had me thinking and wondering about what would happen in the end of the book and whether it would be a happy ending!!! A FANTASTIC READ!!!

    15. Tessa Duvall is an independent artist, who depends on no one but herself. It doesn't matter that she's barely scraping by: she has her pride. When Tessa reluctantly agrees to accompany her best friend, Holly, to a party at the ritzy hotel where Holly works, she isn't expecting much. Tessa isn't one for the lavish affairs that take place at the Grange--a hotel owned by the two incredibly wealthy Monahan brothers. That night, however, Tessa meets Ross Monahan, a renowned playboy. The two have a on [...]

    16. I love Jill Mansell. But this is one of her earlier works and it only ranks a 2.5 rounded up to a 3 for me. The stupidity of Ross, the main love interest, was confounding and frustrating. There wasn't as much humor as later works and that worked into my rating, as well.

    17. Jill Mansell is a master at writing contemporary romances set in English small towns. They’re always filled to the brim with characters, storylines, and laughter. This book was no different…except that the more that I read this book, the more pissed off I got. The different stories worked for me and while I was more invested in Max and Holly, I was still interested in what was happening with everyone else. Everything was going swimmingly until about halfway through and the stuff that worked [...]

    18. Three's a crowdTessa doesn't fit in at these grand events with all the grand people her best friend, Holly, loves. When she sneaks out, her intentions were to leave, not have a one nighter with known take, Ross Monahan. You couldn't live in Bath and not know the Monahan brothers and the string of broken hearts in their wake. Little did Tessa know Ross would be staying in her life for a completely different reason. Ross couldn't stop thinking about the woman who challenged him, and left without a [...]

    19. I literally read 19 pages before I got annoyed with both leads. Ross because he referred to Tessa as 'not like other girls' who wear so and so, too much make-up/perfume when really he should shut the fuck up because there is nothing wrong with other women. And I found it absolutely ridiculous that he's head over heals over this chick because she wasn't into his 'charms'. And Tessa! Oh my god what a typical stereotype of a white, middle class, plain-but-not-really and absolutely judgemental chara [...]

    20. After reading An offer you can't refuse and giving it a 5* rating I rushed out and bought 3 more of Jill Mansells books. Mmmmm I'm sorry I didn't leave this one to read last, then again I've still to read the other two. This was a book that really turned me off to the wanton "men whores" that obviously parade in this world . I know it's only a story but ideas have to come from somewhere !! This book describes the utter stupidity of men who treat women like bicycles and women who get " laid" for [...]

    21. mad about a man who's dangerous to know? surely it is better to go solo tess is not a party person and is a struggling artist living in a small rented cottage and just about surviving at a party she meets ross, a co-owner of the hotel, andf she knows all about his reputation. h.e one thing leads to another and after an night in bed together she finds she is pregnant determined to stay on her own two feet, she stubbornly refuses any assistance. add into the mix his brother max, a very successful [...]

    22. As usual, Jill Mansell has once again written a saccharinely sweet and witty romance that is also rife with heartache and drama. When Tessa inadvertently falls for a notorious playboy she has no concept of what kind of topsy turvy journey she's about to embark on. He's a sexy, rich womanizer. She a beautiful, headstrong "starving artist". They come from completely different ends of the social spectrum, yet there's just something about them that works- until it doesn't.This is a story that will h [...]

    23. The summary is given above, so I'll just give my initial responses to "Solo." This book contains many characters and was kind of a strange read for me because all of their lives were intertwined in some way, which was a little too unrealistic for me. The book doesn't really develop any of the characters, except the Hero, to my satisfaction because there are so many side stories going on. Overall the book was an ok read. I didn't really enjoy how much the Hero "Cheated" even though it never quite [...]

    24. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of chick-lit, women's fiction, romance type book, but I did quite enjoy this one. Not the thing I would have picked for myself, I rescued it from my sister's bookshelf when she started discussing getting rid of them. Sacrilage!!Tessa Duvall is a struggling artist who hates parties, but is dragged along to one by her best friend, Holly, who has a crush on the host, Max Monaghan. But it's Ross Monaghan that Tessa meets and, despite knowing he's an unfaithful, [...]

    25. Jill Mansell often has multiple characters in her books who are all connected in some way. Usually it works but with this novel it just felt too much. If it had been a little more streamlined then I would have rated the book higher. EDIT: I also think the story (as well as character development) could have been improved if Ross had had the sense to give Antonia her marching orders sooner. Having her move abroad was just too convenient. If we are to believe that Ross could commit to Tssa then sur [...]

    26. Jill Mansell is my go-to author when I want something fun, light and solid. It's never a five-star book, but I always enjoy them, they have fun characters and they make me laugh. It's almost a guarantee. This Mansell book doesn't have any of those elements. It's my least favorite so far. I really had to wrestle my way through the book. First of all I didn't sympathize with the leading character Tessa, couldn't relate to her on any level. She was very one-dimensional and normally they will become [...]

    27. I usually enjoy Jill Mansell for a bit of light relief and a happy ending without too much cliche. This stood out as an early book. The men were all assholes who don't change but looks and money seem to make that ok. I don't enjoy the love conquers all idea, their bad behaviour should at least be addressed, not forgiven as inevitable on such a 'good catch'. Also the initially strong and principled main character Tessa becomes a ridiculous sap by the end. Turns out it's not that the Ross' behavio [...]

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