The Little Auto

The Little Auto

Lois Lenski / Mar 29, 2020

The Little Auto Written by one of the most influential writers artists of the th century The Little Auto is now being reissued Mr Small has a shiny red auto but he runs into trouble when it rains and he gets a fl

  • Title: The Little Auto
  • Author: Lois Lenski
  • ISBN: 9780375810732
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Written by one of the most influential writers artists of the 20th century, The Little Auto is now being reissued Mr Small has a shiny red auto, but he runs into trouble when it rains and he gets a flat tire Then he is able to fix the tire, the sun comes out, and Mr Small drives his little auto back into the garage Full color.

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        enpedia wiki Lois_LenskiMany of Lenski s books can be collated into series but since they don t have to be read in order, you may be better off just looking for information here librarylinoisstate uniqProbably her most famous set is the following American Regional SeriesBeginning with Bayou Suzette in 1943, Lois Lenski began writing a series of books which would become known as her regional series In the early 1940s Lenski, who suffered from periodic bouts of ill health, was told by her doctor that she needed to spend the winter months in a warmer climate than her Connecticut home As a result, Lenski and her husband Arthur Covey traveled south each fall Lenski wrote in her autobiography, On my trips south I saw the real America for the first time I saw and learned what the word region meant as I witnessed firsthand different ways of life unlike my own What interested me most was the way children were living 183.In Journey Into Childhood, Lenski wrote that she was struck by the fact that there were plenty of books that tell how children live in Alaska, Holland, China, and Mexico, but no books at all telling about the many ways children live here in the United States Bayou Suzette Strawberry Girl.Blue Ridge Billy.Judy s Journey Boom Town Boy.Cotton in My Sack Texas Tomboy.Prairie School Corn Farm Boy San Francisco Boy Flood Friday Houseboat Girl Coal Camp Girl Shoo Fly Girl.To Be a Logger Deer Valley Girl.


    1. This picture book from the 1930s is absolutely charming in is vintage illustrations yet I think it would also appeal to children today who are interested in cars and/or the nuances of how things go and the activities that adults do.Mr. Small owns a little red auto. One day, he decides to take it for a drive. This is the story of that drive, and all the things he does (like pump the tires and fill the radiator with water, drive through town, stop at stop lights, drive up a hill and down a hill, e [...]

    2. My nephew adored this book! His little eyes lit up as soon as he realized that this was a pleasing story about a diminutive man and his diminutive car. He wondered aloud where Mr. Small was going in his car, and he was fascinated by the convertible nature of the vehicle. "Convertible" was a new word for him today because of this book, and he even used it in conversation with his mother at dinner! Sweet, lovely book, with a very nostalgic quality about it.

    3. Written in 1930's this book was a treasure to read to my adult special needs son. He loves anything to do with vehicles; and this simple book takes you on a trip with the Little Auto and his driver. Starting with the driver checking different things on the auto. Book helps explain things about a car through out the book.

    4. This is the first book in the Mr. Small series by Lois Lenski. I'd never heard of this series before, but the fact that it was written long before my father and mother were born was fascinating to me. The book has a simple narrative that feels like a primer or early reader, and the words and pictures are quite old fashioned. I had to explain some of the narrative, since cars have changed dramatically in the last eighty years. The book is charming, but not a particular favorite. We enjoyed readin [...]

    5. Really adorable. Love the simple drawings and we (8 yr old & I) both laughed at Mr. Small's facial expressions at times. He seemed irritated anytime he had to slow down and we both thought he would love to run over something. Although it is better suited for the 4 and under crowd, my son still managed to learn a thing or two. The policeman having to change the light by hand for one. I would gladly buy this for my younger nieces or nephew, but I looked and it doesn't seem to be in print anymo [...]

    6. A simple, old fashioned book about Mr. Small and how he takes care of his little red auto. My five year old loved this story. It seems very nostalgic, like a story my grandma read to me when I was a little. I am uncertain whether she read this actual book or just a similar story, but it still brought back pleasant memories.

    7. I was very glad to see the Little books come back into print a few years back. I loved them as a child and now read them with Sean.

    8. Cute, simple illustrations. Mr Small is driving his auto through town (in the early years of automobiles). I guess it's cute. I have no strong feelings about it.

    9. Mr small takes care of his little car from the 30s? needs to pass a house and buggy. reminds me of cowboy small. are they all the same?

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