Bark If You Love Me

Bark If You Love Me

Louise Bernikow / Dec 15, 2019

Bark If You Love Me A single city woman meets Mr Right he has amber eyes and a wily heart There s only one catch he has four legs and a tail Relatively indifferent to the natural world allergic to dogs and happily inde

  • Title: Bark If You Love Me
  • Author: Louise Bernikow
  • ISBN: 9780156010955
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • A single city woman meets Mr Right he has amber eyes and a wily heart There s only one catch he has four legs and a tail.Relatively indifferent to the natural world, allergic to dogs, and happily independent, writer Louise Bernikow never had a pet and knew nothing about caring for one But one day while running along Manhattan s Hudson River, she came across an abaA single city woman meets Mr Right he has amber eyes and a wily heart There s only one catch he has four legs and a tail.Relatively indifferent to the natural world, allergic to dogs, and happily independent, writer Louise Bernikow never had a pet and knew nothing about caring for one But one day while running along Manhattan s Hudson River, she came across an abandoned boxer He had a gimpy leg and a dim past, but Bernikow instantly, bewilderingly, did the one thing her mother always warned her not to do she brought the strange male home.Here is the comical and offbeat story of their first year together Libro, as she comes to call him for book, in Spanish , introduces her to the curious world of dog runs and dog people, and to a local dive where the bartender pulls pints from the tap and dog biscuits from the drawer Bernikow, in turn, introduces Libro to the eccentric neighbors and to life as a media hound When they meet a handsome man and his equally handsome dachshund, life takes an unexpected turn for both of them.Wonderfully written and captivating to the last, this is a remarkable tale of companionship.

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    1. It's a cute read and I didn't know it wasn't fiction until I was almost through it. It's very cute -- a nice quick read for people who love dogs or women who just aren't having luck at finding the right person to spend their life with. Moral - Your life partner doesn't have to be human.

    2. What a heartwarming story!!! Though I did NOT like 2 particular events (page 64 and 151). But despite those 2 things, the book was adorable. The writer made me laugh out loud, but I had to warm up to her. She was VERY out of touch with animals and dogs before she found Libro. But boy did he do a number on her! I would love to meet this dog in person. I was already a huge fan of boxers before reading this, but the star of this book shines like no other. He did his breed and his owner proud! If yo [...]

    3. I loved this book. When I first started, I thought I wouldn't because she seemed so anti-dog, I thought, what is a woman like this going to do with a poor dog? She almost hated dogs, it seemed like, from the beginning of the book, but gradually, Libro wormed his way into her heart and her life, and I couldn't wait to see what else they'd get into for him to prove to her that she was totally wrong about dogs. At one point, she even considered bringing in another dog, and I thought wow! Now haven' [...]

    4. Louise is a single lady who lives in New York. She finds a dog and names him Libro. Louise's admits, she is out - of - control, and has no interest in being converted by a dog. She states, "The dogs owners understand that dogs bad behavior is temporary." She didn't. As, Louise grows to enjoy the companionship of Libro, she softens and we get to see the improvement he makes on her quality of life.In Libro and his dog friends we see the traits we love about dogs- loyalty, intelligence, uncondition [...]

    5. I want to have a dog, but now I can’t because of my situation. I have been dreaming of the day when I have a dog. (In my plan, I will three years later.) To comfort or calm my longing, these days I often wander around the shelves of the books about dogs in my local library.I borrowed this book because it was not a know-how book. This book is a story of a single woman and an abandoned dog. The woman who makes a living on my own in N.Y.C. found a boxer in a park accidentally. She wrote her new l [...]

    6. This is an enjoyably cute, and heartwarming book about the unexpected "falling in love" with a four-legged fur baby, and is a great read for all dog lovers, especially women who can relate well to the author's descriptions of her triumphs and woes regarding life and men. Bark if you Love Me feels as if it's been taken off an episode of the show Sex and the City in it's comical portrayal of a no nonsense busy city woman telling her tale of finding love and companionship with an animal whom she kn [...]

    7. As a veterinary student and dog owner, I was appalled at the complete lack of basic dog-owning knowledge portrayed by the protagonist of this book (aka, the author). She acquires an injured dog and never provides the proper medical care to make it comfortable. She seems nonchalant when her dog attacks another dog, and doesn't even take her dog to the vet when it has puncture wounds IN ITS HEAD! And the real clincher is (SPOILERS) at the end where she finds out the previous owners of the dog paid [...]

    8. As an animal lover and dog owner, I really wanted to like this book. The cover is very appealing, but the story simply lacks. I honestly had to make myself finish reading it, after picking it up and putting it down several times. It's not a difficult read, but the author spends a lot of time whining about her life, which quite frankly, sounds pretty darn good. I get it, she's not an animal person, never owned a dog. And total kudos to her for adopting a dog who would otherwise become a shelter s [...]

    9. I liked reading about the dog, but I thought the woman writer (I have never heard of her)is very egotistical. A writer who is jogging one day, she comes upon a crowd surrounding a cop car. In the car is a boxer, beaten and abused who was found tied to a tree. She takes it home, and the book is about their first year together. I found it very hard to believe that the dog was allowed in stores like Armanis, for one. When she talks of people she knows, she seems like nothing but a name dropper. I w [...]

    10. A charming tale of how a human and a dog can rescue each other. A city girl with no experience with animals meets a special dog and without knowing why rescues him and takes him home. Her live is never the same's better! It is a lovely story of how he turns her world upside down and helps it expand.All the better because it is a true story. I'd love to meet Louise and Libro (love that name!)in person some day! I highly recommend this book to dog lovers and skeptics alike. Maybe especially to ske [...]

    11. This was such a cute little read. It only took me a few days to get through it, and I was sad when it ended. The book is about a young writer living in NYC that in the beginning, claims to not be a "dog person." However, she comes across a gangly boxer in Central Park and decides to invite him into her home. The book continues on how her the author and her new man, "Libro" come to be in their first year together. I am looking forward to reading the sequal.

    12. A single woman who never thought of herself as a dog person suddenly finds herself sharing her apartment and her heart with one.I'm very much a dog person but I shy away from reading about them.After the author hooks you into loving their dog and his/her's zany antics the books usually end telling you about their last days spent together. Which always makes me cry. Not the case with this one. This is a fun, enjoyable book. With a happy ending.

    13. This book was very interesting and kept me hooked. It made me want to keep reading on to see what happens next. The lady rescued a dog from a police car. The dog had been abused. It occurred in a big city with lots of people and traffic. The lady was weird, she rescued the dog but was scared of it and it took her a while to become used to the dog. I would recommend this book to people who like reading about rescuing animals in need just because they care about life.

    14. I read this several years ago, attracted by the boxer on the cover. My "significant other" for 13 years (a decade longer than I've spent with a man) was a boxer with natural, uncropped ears, and I have a special affinity for the breed. I remember it as an enjoyable read, but I think the owner suffered a bit too much from separation anxiety, if my memory serves. 3 1/2 stars.

    15. This was such a heart-warming story! I think she's a lucky woman to have found such a special dog. I do believe they saved each other! There were a few spots in the book that made me upset with her, well angry really, but she was being honest and admitting to it was a step in the right direction. There's a sequel to this that I can't wait to start so I can know more about Libro.

    16. I liked this book because I am unhealthily in love with my dog. But he doesn't bark to tell me he loves me. He is far too respectful to do that. But about this book, I thought the main character was a doormat and let herself get used by men. I would rather be at home with Taz than out with a dirtbag of a date.

    17. This is a fantastic book but is there any way I can eread it? I really would like to I'm using for my school book report but also take it home to read! It would be helpful if I had it on my phone at home and in my locker to read or work with at school! Otherwise it's a heart-warming story!

    18. Cute memoir about the author and Libro, the Boxer she adopted off the street after professing to be a non-dog person.

    19. I loved this book. Again a book about a dog/human relationship. Liberal single non dog loving female in NY comes across a homeless doge adventure begins!

    20. Feel good story about taking in a stray who steals your heart and teaches you a thing or two. I'm a sucker for this type of story.

    21. I would recommend this book for fellow dog lovers. It's funny at parts and moving in parts and anyone who loves dogs will find much to love here as well.

    22. The author, an unlikely dog owner, rescues a lost boxer Libro. The boxer has many lessons to teach Louise, yet maintains his "dogness" Lovely story.

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