Walt Whitman: Words for America

Walt Whitman: Words for America

Barbara Kerley Brian Selznick / May 30, 2020

Walt Whitman Words for America The pioneering team that brought you the Caldecott Honor winning THE DINOSAURS OF WATERHOUSE HAWKINS focuses their remarkable skills and vision on Walt Whitman poet American Civil War hero Did you k

  • Title: Walt Whitman: Words for America
  • Author: Barbara Kerley Brian Selznick
  • ISBN: 9780439357913
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The pioneering team that brought you the Caldecott Honor winning THE DINOSAURS OF WATERHOUSE HAWKINS focuses their remarkable skills and vision on Walt Whitman poet, American, Civil War hero.Did you know that poet Walt Whitman was also a Civil War nurse Devastated by his country dividing and compelled to service by his brother s war injury, Walt nursed all soldiers UnionThe pioneering team that brought you the Caldecott Honor winning THE DINOSAURS OF WATERHOUSE HAWKINS focuses their remarkable skills and vision on Walt Whitman poet, American, Civil War hero.Did you know that poet Walt Whitman was also a Civil War nurse Devastated by his country dividing and compelled to service by his brother s war injury, Walt nursed all soldiers Union Confederate, black white By getting to know them through many intense and affecting experiences, he began to see a greater life purpose His writing could give these men a voice, in turn, achieve his greatest aspiration to capture the true spirit of America Dramatic, powerful, deeply moving, this consummate portrait of Whitman will inspire readers to pick up their pens open their hearts to humanity.

    Walt Whitman Quotes on Love and Life Oct , Walt Whitman was an American poet and journalist who s considered one of America s most influential and innovative poets This lovely collection of Walt Whitman quotes will inspire you to see beauty in the world and push past all of your struggles. Words with Walt Whitman The Good Men Project May , Mr Whitman recently spoke to San Antonio poet Don Mathis in an exclusive interview for the Good Men Project The words of Old Walt are in italics, Don Walt Whitman Words for America by Barbara Kerley Walt Whitman Words for America by Barbara Kerley is a biography that would be great to use in grades through I would use this as a read aloud for grade and maybe then as an independent read for grades and This book would be accessible for all students because there are no emotionally hard topics that they would need to explore. In the Words of Walt Whitman A THEMATIC ANTHOLOGY pages of poetry and prose, all created out of Whitman s own verses and sentences, each page devoted to a prominent theme in the writings of America s greatest poet On a mobile device this site works best in landscape horizontal orientation. Walt Whitman, Carol of Words ling.upenn CAROL OF WORDS Walt Whitman Earth, round, rolling, compact suns, moons, animals all these are words to be said Watery, vegetable, sauroid advances beings, premonitions, lispings of the future, Behold these are vast words to be said Were you thinking that those were the words those upright lines those curves, angles, dots Every Atom Belonging to Me as Good Belongs to You Whitman Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you, Walt Whitman wrote in one of his profoundest verses, in a golden age of science and social change, yet an era at least as divisive as ours The sentiment became a focal point for Figuring and inspiration for The Astronomy of Walt Whitman the special pop up edition of The Universe in

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    1. walt whitman is an odd choice for a children's biography, says me. i like his poetry just fine, but at the end of the day, he was a weird little nudist who traveled america writing erotic poems. to continue this series, i would like to compile the little golden book of henry miller, and a child's treasury of genet. oh, how the parents will cheer me as an added bonus, this book has a little cutout through which you can stick your face or whatever you want to stick through there and pretend that y [...]

    2. This is a classy book, and it’s beautifully put together, from the cover with a cut out section and all the way through, the telling of the story and the illustrations work together beautifully.Much of Walt Whitman's poetry is included, including complete poems from Leaves of Grass added in at the end of the book. (It makes me want to pull out my copy of that book; I suspect I’d have to add my edition to the ’ database as it’s so old. I haven’t read anything from it since my teens.)Thi [...]

    3. This isn't a very inspiring biography of Walt Whitman. Being that it is for children I shouldn't find this too surprising, but after reading some of the other children non-fiction books I was expecting a little more. I'm sure Brian Selznick worked hard on the illustrations, but they seemed pretty weak. Not that his drawing style in his other books is great, but in the Cabinet of Hugo whatever the title is, and the Harry Houdini book they added something wondrous to the story, here they seemed to [...]

    4. It took me several weeks to finally read this book. I kept wondering, could one write a picture book biography of "The Good Gray Poet" in a way that could even slightly convey the heart and soul that sings through his own poetry? Well, the team of Kerley and Selznick manage to capture a miracle within the pages of their book. I was deeply moved by this lovingly crafted biography, as much an ode to Whitman as it is to the men and women of America for whom he wrote his own poems.The story begins, [...]

    5. Walt Whitman: Words for America by Barbara Kerley is a biography that would be great to use in grades 3 through 6. I would use this as a read aloud for grade 3 and maybe 4 then as an independent read for grades 5 and 6. This book would be accessible for all students because there are no emotionally hard topics that they would need to explore. Also, this book covers a majority of Whitman's life starting at age 12, so students really get to see how his writing and life progressed. In a classroom I [...]

    6. This book is a good read for children who are older in age and have been reading on their own for awhile. It's a great introductory story of Walt Whitman and his life. If a child is interested in American Literature then this would be an awesome book for them to learn a bit of history from. I, myself, learned things about Walt Whitman that I didn't know prior to reading this, so I was pleased by the large amount of information that the author packed into a small book. I could see a young child b [...]

    7. Barbara Kerley did an exceptional job at turning the story of a famous poet's life into that of a hero's. Her description of Whitman's life took readers back in time. This short biographically styled story gives young readers the opportunity to find meaning in some of Whitman's deepest poems. While reading about this time in American history students find out why Whitman wrote the poems he did, his time and important role on the sidelines of the Civil War, and who he was really speaking for thro [...]

    8. This is a wonderful picture book for older readers. Walt Whitman was a selfless Civil War nurse. The illustrations are just beautiful. The pages are over-sized with an old-fashioned design. Poetry is incorporated into the pages. Walt hoped to be the voice of America one day. When the war starts, Kerley makes a large painting of soldiers in their uniforms. As the war continues, Kerley shows the relationship between Whitman and his embattled president who he would see on the streets of the capital [...]

    9. I picked this up to read with my kids for National Poetry Month, and am so glad I did. It is beautifully written and illustrateda moving biography of one of the greatest American writers of all time, this book inspires you to celebrate our country and its people--exactly as Whitman's poetry and life experiences have for centuries. I love that it is kid-friendly, yet still something an adult can learn fromd the inclusion of Whitman's poetry throughout is a true gift. Bonus: the section at the end [...]

    10. If you don't know much about Walt Whitman, this book is a great starting point! It will also make you want to learn more - or at the very least you will want to read more of his poetry: "O Captain! my Captain!" This would be a great book for introducing Walt Whitman to older students, or as a companion book in a unit about Abraham Lincoln or the Civil War. Barbara Kerley's text and Brian Selznick's illustrations work hand-in-hand to tell the story of Whitman's life. Don't skip the author's and i [...]

    11. I am reading an book called Walt Whitman Words for America by by Barbrac Carley. This an five star rated book because it is the best auto-biography I ever read. This book is about a poet writer in the civil wars writing poems about the war, and visiting the hospital to help wounded soldiers. He is a true hearted person who never gave up trying to beleive in his hopes of the war ending swiftly, and that his poems helped stop the war. Also, he was just like Abraham Lincoln, and was loyal to him ev [...]

    12. 1.This is a biography, junior book.2.The amazing story of Walt Whitman, a man whose poems gave a voice for the American people. Whitman was not only a poet but an amazing American who would do anything for his country.3.A. Barbara Kerley wrote a magical biography about the legendary poet, Walt Whitman. Along with Brian Selznick’s gorgeous and genuine illustrations readers are taken back in time to understand Whitman’s life and poetic purpose. Not knowing much about Walt Whitman before readin [...]

    13. I am very appreciative to this book for familiarizing me with this remarkable man. I have heard Walt Whitman’s name before but that all he was to me, just a name. I did not know who he was as a person. This book is proof of the importance of literature. People live on through the words of a book and in a sense become immortalized.Whitman was a patriotic man and a talented poet, but more importantly than that he was a very kind and compassionate man. I learned from the book that he made a great [...]

    14. Being a fan of Walt Whitman's poetry, when I stumbled upon this book I naturally couldn't resist reading it. It was difficult to believe that his poetry could be adapted in a manner suited for children's appreciation, but I must say Kerley and Selznick have done a terrific job. The story follows the life of Whitman with segments of his poetry strategically placed in the timeline. This construction paints a vivid picture of what our country went through during the civil war. We follow Whitman's [...]

    15. This captivatingly illustrated book grabs the reader's attention before one page is even turned. The forest green cover is titled and embellished in gold and the center is cut out to frame an illustration of Walt Whitman as a young man. Each stage of Walt's life from becoming a printer's apprentice at the age of 12 to when he wrote a loving tribute to the slain President Lincoln is captured in authentic pictures by Brian Selznick (author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret.)The text of this story is [...]

    16. A great picture story Junior biography. A wonderful book beautifully put together with illustrations, details, and real-life adventures of Walt Whitman. This biography illustrates and tells of Walt Whitman's life from the time he was a young boy and how he loved words. In this dramatic, true story, you can travel witth him through a young America, read his poetry celebrating our nation and its people, experience his life-altering work in the Civil War, and discover that there are many ways to lo [...]

    17. A gem of a picture book, no surprises with an illustrator like Brian Selznick. I had never heard of the American poet Walt Whitman prior to reading this book and found him a quite interesting personality. Calling Walt Whitman a poet is surely an understatement, as you will discover when reading the book. he did and was so much more, e.g. a newspaper publisher, a printer, an office boy, a teacher, a journalist. However, more than anything else, his constant efforts to help others and make his cou [...]

    18. Sibert Honor BookWhat a gorgeously illustrated book for the backdrop about one of America's most beloved poets. The book begins with the title page and on the page opposite it: the words inverted as a nod to Whitmans first job as that of a typesetter apprentice at the tender age of twelve. I learned so much about this poet that I never knew in regards to his dedication to the Civil War soldiers and how some of his most famous poems, most notably "O Captain! My Captain!", came to be penned. The a [...]

    19. Although Walt Whitman may be an unusual choice for a children's biography about a poet who wrote for adults, this is a passionate tribute to a man who loved words in every form, whether in typesetting for newspaper articles, in newspaper articles he wrote himself, in the books that he read or in the poems that he began to craft. The power of words seemed to lure him on through his travels, and what he wrote was inspired by the events of the time, including the Civil War and the assassination of [...]

    20. I only had a chance to skim this book, but the illustrations are AMAZING. I am very into art so the fact that this book had new and innovated graphics made me very happy. The pages that i did skim helped make more sense through the pictures. From just skimming this book i learned alot about Walt Whitman, until reading this book i only knew he was a poet who lived in the woods for a number of years to prove a point to society. I had know idea that he had such a great impact on civil war. He was a [...]

    21. What a beautiful book! I loved the story. It grabbed me from the very beginning as I remembered having a toy printing press as a child. Wish I could have been as prolific with mine as Walt Whitman was with his. Oh, but his was part of the real thing!I loved how the author presented this biography. I felt closer to the reality of this great poet. The illustrations were amazing!The reason I didn't give this five stars was one of my biggest gripes of books like this. If the information on the last [...]

    22. Walt Whitman: Words For America tells the story of the great writer, Walt Whitman, and includes details of his life that are little known, such as his time serving as a civil war nurse. This book’s absolutely beautiful illustrations tell the stories more vividly than the words do, and that’s a feat in itself. Included throughout are works that Whitman wrote as well, which was a nice touch. I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would enjoy it and I would highly recommend it. This cou [...]

    23. Category: Biography – InformationalReview Source: Sibert Award Honor 2005This beautifully illustrated biography of poet Walt Whitman gives us an insight into his childhood and life. We learn that he held his first job as a typesetter apprentice at age 12 and that he had a great respect for Civil War soldiers, who were often the subject of his work. Walt Whitman’s poems are geared more towards adults, but I think that introducing kids in middle school to his work is fine. The book has many of [...]

    24. I think I've always had Walt Whitman and Henry David Thoreau lumped together as the same person in my brain. What a remarkable man. I love to read non-fiction because it inspires me to read more books on the subject or genre. This book did not disappoint in that arena. Now that I have Walt figured out, I need to go read 'Leaves of Grass', 'Memoranda', 'Drum-taps' and then figure out H. D. Thoreau. If every book I read leads to a handful more, I'll never finish my list!

    25. I love mirror image of the title page! How unique! Selznick's illustrations are once again INCREDIBLE!! The partially nude illustration makes this a questionable text for the classroom. The illustrations of Lincoln and Whitman are absolutely phenomenal! Not knowing the history of a person so well-known can be changed so quickly in a few short pages. Walt Whitman was a wonderful man. I am sorry to say it's has taken me this long to find out about his compassion and selflessness.

    26. "O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done.The ship has weather'd every rack, the prize we sought is won.The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exhulting,While follow eyes the steady keep, the vessel grim and daring;But O heart! heart! heart!O the bleeding drops of red,Where on the deck my Captain lies,Fallen cold and dead "

    27. One of the things I love most about continuing to read children's literature is the amount of knowledge I gain! This book was always the "impossible to shelf" book in my libraries and not once did I take the time to read it! What an amazing man Walt Whitman wasch more than just the poet we remember him as!

    28. Barbara Kerley and Brian Selznick team up again for another nonfiction picture book biography, this time focusing on Walt Whitman's life as he becomes the poet of the people and a strong supporter of the troops. Includes extensive author and illustrator notes as well as a selection of poems excerpted in the story proper. Of course, Brian Selznick delivers another visual treat.

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