The Woody

The Woody

Peter Lefcourt / Feb 28, 2020

The Woody Senator Woody White is being blackmailed by his wife sued by his ex wife shaken down by a Vermont maple syrup kingpin terrorized by his neo fascist housekeeper and dragged into litigation over a f

  • Title: The Woody
  • Author: Peter Lefcourt
  • ISBN: 9780671038557
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Senator Woody White is being blackmailed by his wife, sued by his ex wife, shaken down by a Vermont maple syrup kingpin, terrorized by his neo fascist housekeeper, and dragged into litigation over a fender bender in the Senate parking garage But when he is stricken with an ill timed case of ED Erectile Dysfunction , the desperate player faces his biggest campaign killerSenator Woody White is being blackmailed by his wife, sued by his ex wife, shaken down by a Vermont maple syrup kingpin, terrorized by his neo fascist housekeeper, and dragged into litigation over a fender bender in the Senate parking garage But when he is stricken with an ill timed case of ED Erectile Dysfunction , the desperate player faces his biggest campaign killer of all and goes to hilarious extremes to keep himself in the running Peter Lefcourt holds a perfectly cracked mirror to the spin filled world of Washington s sexual politics and asks a penetrating question How hard does a politician have to be

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        Peter Lefcourt is a refugee from the trenches of Hollywood, where he has distinguished himself as a writer and producer of film and television Among his credits are Cagney and Lacey, for which he won an Emmy Award Monte Carlo, in which he managed to keep Joan Collins in the same wardrobe for 35 pages the relentlessly sentimental Danielle Steel s Fine Things, and the underrated and hurried The Women of Windsor, the most sordid, and thankfully last, miniseries about the British Royal Family.He began writing novels in the late 1980 s, after being declared marginally unemployable in the entertainment business by his then agent In 1991 Lefcourt published The Deal an act of supreme hubris that effectively bit the hand that fed him and produced, in that inverse and masochistic logic of Hollywood, a fresh demand for his screenwriting services It remains a cult favorite in Hollywood, was one of the ten books that John Gotti reportedly ordered from jail, and was adapted into a movie starring William H Macy, Meg Ryan and L.L Cool Jay that premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.Subsequently, he has divided his time between screenplays and novels, publishing The Dreyfus Affair in 1992, his darkly comic look at homophobia in baseball as a historical analog to anti Semitism in fin de siecle France, which The Walt Disney Company has optioned twice and let lapse twice in fits of anxiety about what it says about the national pastime and, by extension, Disneyland He is hopeful that a major or even minor motion picture will be made from it in his lifetime The book continues to sell well in trade paperback it s in its fifteenth printing, and, as such, acts as a small but steady cottage industry for its author, who, at this point, would almost rather keep optioning it than have it actually made But not really In 1994, he published Di And I, a heavily fictionalized version of his love affair with the late Princess of Wales Princess Diana s own stepgodmother, Barbara Cartland, who was herself no slouch when it came to publishing torrid books, declared Di And I ghastly and unnecessary, which pushed the British edition briefly onto the best seller lists Di And I was optioned by Fine Line Pictures, in 1996, and was quietly abandoned after Diana s untimely death the following year Someday it may reach the screen when poor Diana is no longer seen as an historical icon but merely as the misunderstood and tragic figure that she was, devoured by her own popularity.Abbreviating Ernie, his next novel, was inspired by his brief brush with notoriety after the appearance of Di And I At the time he was harassed by the British tabloids and spent seven excruciating minutes on Entertainment Tonight He was subsequently and fittingly bumped out of People Magazine by O.J Simpson s white Bronco media event of June, 1994 In a paroxysm of misplaced guilt, the editors of People, to make amends, declared it a Beach Read, which helped put the book ephemerally on the Best Seller lists during the summer of 1994 Anecdotally, however, the author spent a lot of time combing the beaches that summer without seeing a single person reading his book.Lefcourt s research on a movie for HBO about the 1995 Bob Packwood canard was the germ for his next novel, The Woody He began to see that the former senator s battle with the Senate Ethics Committee was a dramatization of the total confusion in America regarding appropriate sexual behavior for politicians Packwood became the sacrificial lamb taking the pipe for an entire generation of men Basically, he got his dick caught in the zeitgeist After President Clinton got his caught in a younger zeitgeist, nearly costing him his job, The Woody became all the topical It asks the question What is the relationship between a politician s sexual competence and his popularity in the polls If Packwood had been as smooth as Clinton, he would be the majority lead


    1. Woodrow Wilson White is "a scandal-ridden senator being investigated by the Ethics Committee, being sued by two women [his ex-wife and his current wife, who is a lesbian] and the Senate Majority Leader [Trent Lott], and being sent dog parts in the mail by an Italian neo-Fascist." So, things couldn't get any worse, could they? You wanna bet?It isn't absolutely necessary, but it would perhaps increase the reader's enjoyment of the book if he/she were old enough to remember what was happening in Wa [...]

    2. Peter Lefcourt writes funny books. The The Dreyfus Affair A Love Story was an amusing history of a major league shortstop who "comes out" and discovers there's more to life than baseball. Abbreviating Ernie is the story of a successful urologist who is abruptly castrated while in the midst of a kinky sexual escapade with his wife in the kitchen of their home in Schenectady. The urologist also makes an appearance in The Woody, a hysterical novel that had me laughing out loud. Woodrow White is a s [...]

    3. I freely confess that I hold Peter Lecourt in high regard as a canny progenitor of the fratirist's art (to make an unlovely term even more so). This comic novel about boneheaded liaisons in Washington politics coincided with the early Clinton scandals, although it's just possible the events that inspired it had more to do with the embarrassments of Gary Hart's earlier presidential campaign. As Jackie Mason said, "That guy was on top of everything!"It's stunning to think how innocent those days n [...]

    4. This is a hilarious comedy about Woody, a Senator from Vermont whose term is about to expire. Naturally, he's trying to get reelected. He's a real slime dog who thinks nothing of accepting money from gangsters and from the Togolese government. Not intended for the super serious reader, this book is a fast, fun read

    5. Comical look at behind the scenes politics during the Clinton Administration as Woodrow Wilson White, democratic senator from Vermont, navigates his way through influence peddling, ethics investigations, infidelities and partisan politics as he seeks his third term in office. Much of the action is very funny and the characters are well developedI couldn't help but believe that what I was reading was exactly what goes on in Washington and Vermont!

    6. Amusing but now dated tale of a Vermont senator seeking re-election, while being involved with a lesbian wife, mafia masquerading as Vermont maple syrup lobby, lobbyists from the Republic of Togo masquerading as a Tourette's Syndrome awareness group. Meanwhile, a pack of beltway workers who are gay don't know that two in their group is actually not gay at all.

    7. This was surprisingly funny. I bought the hardcover on sale (waaaay on sale) so I didn't have high hopes. It sat around in my bookcase a few years before I finally decided to give it a shot. It brought back memories of the late '90s Clinton scandals and the beginning of my career in newspapers. I laughed out loud more than once.

    8. A book has to be really good for me to read more than once and this one fits that criteria. This is a hilarious look at politics in Washington. I Highly recommend.

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