Di and I

Di and I

Peter Lefcourt / Feb 22, 2020

Di and I From the author of The Dreyfus Affair comes an uproariously funny love story about Princess Diana s affair with an American commoner A fast funny trip through the looking glass into an oddly engaging

  • Title: Di and I
  • Author: Peter Lefcourt
  • ISBN: 9780060976682
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of The Dreyfus Affair comes an uproariously funny love story about Princess Diana s affair with an American commoner A fast, funny trip through the looking glass into an oddly engaging mix of royal family scandals and Hollywood derring do Los Angeles Daily News.

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        Peter Lefcourt is a refugee from the trenches of Hollywood, where he has distinguished himself as a writer and producer of film and television Among his credits are Cagney and Lacey, for which he won an Emmy Award Monte Carlo, in which he managed to keep Joan Collins in the same wardrobe for 35 pages the relentlessly sentimental Danielle Steel s Fine Things, and the underrated and hurried The Women of Windsor, the most sordid, and thankfully last, miniseries about the British Royal Family.He began writing novels in the late 1980 s, after being declared marginally unemployable in the entertainment business by his then agent In 1991 Lefcourt published The Deal an act of supreme hubris that effectively bit the hand that fed him and produced, in that inverse and masochistic logic of Hollywood, a fresh demand for his screenwriting services It remains a cult favorite in Hollywood, was one of the ten books that John Gotti reportedly ordered from jail, and was adapted into a movie starring William H Macy, Meg Ryan and L.L Cool Jay that premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.Subsequently, he has divided his time between screenplays and novels, publishing The Dreyfus Affair in 1992, his darkly comic look at homophobia in baseball as a historical analog to anti Semitism in fin de siecle France, which The Walt Disney Company has optioned twice and let lapse twice in fits of anxiety about what it says about the national pastime and, by extension, Disneyland He is hopeful that a major or even minor motion picture will be made from it in his lifetime The book continues to sell well in trade paperback it s in its fifteenth printing, and, as such, acts as a small but steady cottage industry for its author, who, at this point, would almost rather keep optioning it than have it actually made But not really In 1994, he published Di And I, a heavily fictionalized version of his love affair with the late Princess of Wales Princess Diana s own stepgodmother, Barbara Cartland, who was herself no slouch when it came to publishing torrid books, declared Di And I ghastly and unnecessary, which pushed the British edition briefly onto the best seller lists Di And I was optioned by Fine Line Pictures, in 1996, and was quietly abandoned after Diana s untimely death the following year Someday it may reach the screen when poor Diana is no longer seen as an historical icon but merely as the misunderstood and tragic figure that she was, devoured by her own popularity.Abbreviating Ernie, his next novel, was inspired by his brief brush with notoriety after the appearance of Di And I At the time he was harassed by the British tabloids and spent seven excruciating minutes on Entertainment Tonight He was subsequently and fittingly bumped out of People Magazine by O.J Simpson s white Bronco media event of June, 1994 In a paroxysm of misplaced guilt, the editors of People, to make amends, declared it a Beach Read, which helped put the book ephemerally on the Best Seller lists during the summer of 1994 Anecdotally, however, the author spent a lot of time combing the beaches that summer without seeing a single person reading his book.Lefcourt s research on a movie for HBO about the 1995 Bob Packwood canard was the germ for his next novel, The Woody He began to see that the former senator s battle with the Senate Ethics Committee was a dramatization of the total confusion in America regarding appropriate sexual behavior for politicians Packwood became the sacrificial lamb taking the pipe for an entire generation of men Basically, he got his dick caught in the zeitgeist After President Clinton got his caught in a younger zeitgeist, nearly costing him his job, The Woody became all the topical It asks the question What is the relationship between a politician s sexual competence and his popularity in the polls If Packwood had been as smooth as Clinton, he would be the majority lead


    1. Leonard Schecter is hired to write a mini-series about Princess Diana. While reading numerous books about her, he comes to believe that she is waiting for a White Knight to rescue her and he is that knight. He goes to England and under the premise of writing an epic poem about the royal family, he insinuates himself into the Royal Family. When he and Di fall in love, Leonard devises a plan for the two of them to run away, with William and Harry in tow.Hilarious!

    2. Moderately funny weird alternate history comic novel. The repeated jokes ran thin and I felt the usual squick one feels about explicit RPFs, but at the same time, the author seemed to capture a decent likeness of Diana's positive qualities. Still, weird, especially since she was still alive when he wrote it.

    3. This book was, obviously, funnier and cleverer before Diana died, but it's still a sweet, fluffy fantasy. Leggy aristocratic princess swept off her feet by a nice American who smuggles her and her boys to California to start over. A nice romp with likable characters and some fine plot choices.

    4. This novel about Princess Diana having escaped to America, living with an average guy and joining a bowling league is so utterly outlandish that it's tremendous fun!

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