Lavender's Blue

Lavender's Blue

Kathleen Lines / Jan 18, 2020

Lavender s Blue Collection of nursery rhymes for very young children

  • Title: Lavender's Blue
  • Author: Kathleen Lines
  • ISBN: 9780192762818
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collection of nursery rhymes for very young children.

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      • Kathleen Lines

        Kathleen Mary Lines was a book critic, editor, anthologist and librarian from Canada An expert on children s literature, she wrote, compiled, and edited Four to Fourteen 1950 for the National Book League She also wrote the introduction to the second edition of F J Harvey Darton s Children s Books in England 1958 and edited a series of illustrated fairy tale picture books Artists for the picture books included Edward Ardizzone for the Bodley Head Lines was also the general editor of the Bodley Head Monographs and edited Lavender s Blue 1954 , a selection of classic nursery rhymes illustrated by Harold Jones The book won a Carnegie special commendation 2


    1. Harold Jones' line drawings are exquisite. This is an important record of nursery and playground rhymes. Some you wouldn't want to read to children but lots that are so important to keep alive.

    2. This was a good mix of familiar and obscure rhymes. The problem is, it was BORING. Some of the rhymes were extremely stupid and nonsensical. Some were cute. The artwork was ok, nothing spectacular. In fact, it was that artwork that made one of the rhymes make sense.

    3. This is a book of nursery rhymes for small children. This is the sort of book that is just not fun to sit and read. It's fun to open it, read one nursery rhyme, maybe two, and close it again. Additionally, you can tell that they really tried to include the best of the old nursery rhymes, however, after reading a few of them in a row you start to question whether or not they are even worth preserving. I was really hoping to find some forgotten gems in this book. Unfortunately, I instead realized [...]

    4. Lavender's Blue is a mixture of different nursery rhymes. I knew lots of these before but I enjoyed the book anyway, especially because of the beautiful pictures. And now I finally understand some of the titles from Agatha Christie novels!

    5. A collection worth owning for reference. My toddler does not enjoy sitting and looking at this book together. She is developmentally at a stage where she prefers to sing the rhymes together with hand and finger motions. However, I enjoyed looking through it and realized many references my mother (aged 86) and her mother (born in 1906 from English descendants) used during my childhood. I never really thought about where some of those old phrases stuck in my head came from like"Ladybird, ladybird, [...]

    6. I like nursery rhymes and this collection has some of the more obscure ones. I've heard bits and pieces from my grandparents. It also has a lot of the more ordinary ones. I really liked that it contains what the bells of London say.

    7. This is the collection of nursery rhymes we have in our home, and is well-loved. It's very comprehensive (my daughter refers to this as "the big book"), well-organized, and we often read/sing several of these rhymes a night. The illustrations aren't quite as bright and engaging as, say, those of Rosemary Wells in My Very First Mother Goose, but they are fun, detailed, and traditional enough that I feel a bit nostalgic whenever we read through this book.Because the selection of rhymes here is jus [...]

    8. I found this book (perhaps just this edition?) frustrating. It was divided into sections but they weren't differentiated with a font change on the divider pages. Some of the rhymes were very similar to those I'd heard as a child here in America but others were distinctly different for being English.The illustrations are pleasing and reflective of an earlier time than the 1950s when it was first published. There is also a section at the end of the book which gives games which can be played with s [...]

    9. Its not everyday you come across a book for young children with the word "slut" in it. I personally found it to be funny, other parents might not. I feel that if a child gets this far into a kind-of boring book they are entitled to find something hilarious like a naughty word. This book is a great dictionary of nursury rhymes. In my experience this book is more for adults who care for children, than the children themselves. I find that children enjoy the rhymes more if you memorize them first an [...]

    10. Lavenders Blue, A book of nursery rhymes by Kathleen Lines and Harold JonesCute nursery rhymes that I recall myself. Some my mother taught us with how to demonstrate some of them.Audio book for children and adults alike. Love the a for apple pie then b bit it, etc all the way through the whole alphabet. House that Jack built is another really good one. Fun games to play also and you are told how to do them.I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Devi [...]

    11. My husband has had this since his tiny tot days and I used to love reading his falling apart copy to our kids when they were small. I doubt they were ever into it as much as me, but I love the cross hatch illustrations, the muted palette and the rich, eloquent English in these traditional nursery rhymes.

    12. Not really a book to read in one sitting, as I did, but one to dip in and out of for nursery rhyme inspiration. What struck me while reading this was how very English and very old the rhymes are if you look at the language and recurring images. It makes me wonder whether today's kids are even taught nursery rhymes anymore?

    13. My favorite from the book:"They that wash on Monday have all the week to dryThey that wash on Tuesday Are not so much awryThey that wash on Wednesday Are not so much to blameThey that wash on Thursday wash for shame,They that wash on Friday wash in need,But they that wash on Saturday, Oh! they'reslutsindeed "

    14. A book of nursery rhymes, read for the 1001 children's books. Nice illustrations. Many children's rhymes I was familiar with, but many I was not. A few even seemed somewhat inappropriate for children or talked about beating children, so I skipped over those with my daughter.

    15. This was a great collection of children's nursery rhymes. The end also has instructions for games and hand gestures. The nursery rhymes are accompanied by illustrations that give a nice touch to the book.

    16. As a parent, these rhymes and short narratives were nostalgic and enjoyable. As a three year old boy, my son just didn't care for it. Not only was he not the least bit interested, but he actually asked me to stop reading (which is not a common occurrence in our household).

    17. great collection of rhymes, many I remembered, some I had forgotten and others I'd never heard. Great fun. bit of violence at times, though.

    18. A pretty book of nursery rhymes. I bought it in England and saw quite a few tiny differences between the rhymes we say here. It was interesting.

    19. If you have young children or grandchildren, you need this book. It is the best collection of nursery rhymes and word games -- with the best illustrations -- ever.

    20. (Read with little sister as part of the "1,001 Children's Books To Read")The illustrations were simply top-notch and this was an adorable story collection book.

    21. Great memento- collection of all the old and original nursery rhymes. Bad for trying to entertain a modern-day toddler.

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