The Cute Book: Cute and Easy-to-Make Felt Mascot

The Cute Book: Cute and Easy-to-Make Felt Mascot

Aranzi Aronzo / Dec 05, 2019

The Cute Book Cute and Easy to Make Felt Mascot The world of craftsters is full of things Japanese Cute kawaii and the look created by Aranzi Aronzo is familiar to many but not until now has a single one of the hundreds of bootleg American copies

  • Title: The Cute Book: Cute and Easy-to-Make Felt Mascot
  • Author: Aranzi Aronzo
  • ISBN: 9781932234688
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The world of craftsters is full of things Japanese Cute kawaii, and the look created by Aranzi Aronzo is familiar to many but not until now has a single one of the hundreds of bootleg American copies they ve sold been in English Finally these priceless books of mascots, accessories, clothing and well, just about everything, come in ready to read English

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    1. Just the thing I need to add to my craft shelf, as if I need more I can't help myself I have all this stuuuufff that I hate to throw away, and want to make use of. THIS is the PERFECT reuse recycle book for that. If you've got bags of old clothes that you just can't part with, or love love love, but couldn't put on unless you lost 300 pounds and want to pet and cuddle with loving memories of something sweet. Make a " lovey" out of that " scrappy" thingy and put it in a place of glory, like on a [...]

    2. This crafts book, which contains patterns on how to make adorable felt creatures such as matching bunnies, is basically the cutest thing ever. (Well, ok, I bet you noodled that out from reading the title, but still.) The only drawback is that if you don't know how to sew, you'll want to run out and learn immediately because the stuff in here is so goddamned adorable that you'll want all of it.

    3. Recent birthday present. Some very cute designs featured and I look forward to testing some of them out shortly.

    4. Extreamly adorable and easy to makeyou think you don't need little felt critters? What exactly would you do with them? The real question is, what couldn't you use them for?-Nice, simple layout and playful text and ideas through out. Easy enough for begginers and youngsters, and so darn adorable even pros would enjoy making them all day. The end of the book has gazillions of ideas for using the patterns as appliques, as well as how to modify the little guys to serve every and any seemingly useles [...]

    5. This is truly adorable. The book's layout and instructions are simple. Though I don't often have a need for stuffed felt bunnies and robots, it's still fun to flip through. The cutest by far is the bunny, and I love the image in the intro of the felt bunny making its own felt bunny. Squeal!

    6. After making more than half of the felties in Nelly Pailloux's Felties I started poking around for other similar books. I located this one, took a look at it at and purchased it. By now I had the basics down so was just looking for some new patterns.I noticed a few strange and not very cute patterns (to me) but bought it anyways for some of the cute ones. The ones I thought were strange were things such as "Kidnapper", "Bad Guy", and "Liar", I think they are just the sense of humor of the creato [...]

    7. Awalnya aku ketemu sana Aranzi Aronzo di Internet dari hasil penelusuran hyperlink. Aranzi lelaki berayah Mexico dan beribu Jepang. Semetara Aronzo yang juga pemain tamborin ini adalah lelaki Norwegia campuran Vietnam dan India. Keduanya sepakat mendirikan usaha yang didasari pada kecintaan mereka pada craft dengan nama Aranzi Aronzo. englishanziaronzo/indexPengaruh Japanese Craft memang sangat kental terasa dalam karya-karya Aranzi Aronzo. Karena keduanya tinggal di Amerika cukup lama dan memul [...]

    8. illustration-wise this is 5/5but the instructions were a little "too cute" and vague. i'd recommend it to people who are confident in the basic stitching skills and know how to make the "french knot" or else your mascots won't resemble anything in the book's the only french knot tutorial that really helped me, it's all in the angle of the needle and tension of the stringaftster/forum/indexots aka softies are a great hobby to pickup though. it's almost like joining a cult. most of the *cool* book [...]

    9. It is, actually very cute. I made two of the figures for Xmas presents and people loved them. They are harder to make than they look, though, because they are soooo tiny. You'd think it would be easier to sew tiny things, but not necessarily. I wanted to share a pattern with my 10 and 13-yr. old neices and decided I should enlarge the patterns by 50% so they wouldn't get frustrated. I still want to make more of these.I also like that because the animals are really so simple, it inspires you to m [...]

    10. Very cute projects that can be made by anyone-even if you have never sewn before. Great for kids, and the projects are very inexpensive to make, since they recommend you use sheets/pieces of craft felt (usually you can get about 3 or 4 for a dollar at places like Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joann's, etc).However,if you decide that you want to make something that is going to last for a long time, I would recommend using "real" wool felt or another type of fabric, as the craft felt will pill [...]

    11. this is cute and weird. This has lots of Aranzi Aronzo characters which you make into felt mascots. Some obviously cute things - bunnies, pandas, kittens and some less so fish and frog and some down right weird alien, kidnappers and liar.I made a character called Mechani-Panda (a panda robot) but not from felt but cross stitched on stitching paper. My mum mad a blue felt bunny for a baby book for my nephew.piccy at twitpix

    12. This book is full of terrible cute creatures that you could make yourself. Stock up on felt & polish your thimble. I hope you already know how to make a french knot, because you'll be doing it a lot. The front half of the book is loaded with precious creations, and the latter portion has ideas on how to use these adorable creatures in unexpected contexts. It's short & sweet, and really cute, as you might expect.

    13. Easy to read and adorable. Do you have kids that want to learn to sew? The Cute Book is one of the best. At lest its the one that I've had the best luck using when teaching kids to hand sew.It gets 5 stars for,Fun easy patterns, simple patterns that are easy to modify and being a good interdiction to hand sewing.(And of course for being beyond cute)

    14. I took this out of the library just because I wanted to take a look at it. I'm still mildly obsessed with amigurumi, so I don't think I'll be stitching felt anytime soon. The creatures are pretty darn cute though.

    15. So much fun. It's a challenge to make the creatures in the book because of their small size, but the basic skills of constructing a stuffed toy are clear and simple. The basic patterns in the book can be enlarged and embellished to create as many different creatures as you can come up with.

    16. This is a cute book. The designs are cute, and the instructions are easy to follow. Everything is very simple. It would be find to make some of these dolls with kids or teenagers. There is no machine sewing involved.

    17. This book makes me want to buy mountains of felt and googly eyes and fill my home with creepy cute little doodads and tchotchkes. I can't knit or crochet to save my life, but I can stitch together little Frankenkitties with some thread and a bottle of Elmer's glue, you betcha. Cute cute CUTE!!!

    18. Learn to make cute and bizarre felt friends in The Cute Book. Lots of great pictures and easy-to-follow instructions make this a great book for crafty tweens or teens. I would have loved to make these when I was in my crafty teen years.

    19. Got this book for Christmas. I thought the construction of the animals was too cumbersome (all hand sewn). I never actually finished any of the ones I started, but started amigurumi instead. But cute patterns, would be good for people learning to sew/a rainy afternoon with no kids.

    20. This is the CUTEST BOOK EVER!!! Whether you make the critters shown in this book or not, it is still adorable and will make you want to flip through it again and again.

    21. Nonfiction; craft. Easy-to-make felt "mascots" (small, cute animals to hang from your bookbag, etc.) from Japanese crafters Aranzi Aronzo.

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