The Third Eye

The Third Eye

Lois Duncan / Feb 21, 2020

The Third Eye When Karen closes her eyes the visions come Through time and space she sees a place where stolen children sleep And if Karen denies a young policeman s request for help the children may never go ho

  • Title: The Third Eye
  • Author: Lois Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780440802747
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When Karen closes her eyes, the visions come Through time and space, she sees a place where stolen children sleep And if Karen denies a young policeman s request for help, the children may never go home again.

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        Lois Duncan born Lois Duncan Steinmetz was an American writer and novelist, known primarily for her books for children and young adults, in particular and some times controversially considering her young readership crime thrillers Duncan s parents were the noted magazine photographers Lois Steinmetz and Joseph Janney Steinmetz She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Sarasota, Florida Duncan started writing and submitting manuscripts to magazines at the age of ten, and when she was thirteen succeeded in selling her first story.Duncan attended Duke University from 1952 to 1953 but dropped out, married, and started a family During this time, she continued to write and publish magazine articles over the course of her career, she has published than 300 articles, in magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, McCall s, Good Housekeeping, and Reader s Digest After her first marriage, which produced three children, ended in divorce, Duncan moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to teach journalism at the University of New Mexico, where she also earned a BA in English in 1977 In 1965 she married Don Arquette, and had two children with him.Duncan was best known for her novels of suspense for teenagers Some of her works have been adapted for the screen, the most famous example being the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer, adapted from her novel of the same title Other made for TV movies include Stranger with My Face, Killing Mr Griffin, Don t Look Behind You, Summer of Fear and Gallows Hill.In 1989 the youngest of Duncan s children, Kaitlyn Arquette, was murdered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, under suspicious circumstances Who Killed My Daughter relates the facts and conjecture about the still unsolved case Duncan s second book about her daughter s murder, ONE TO THE WOLVES ON THE TRAIL OF A KILLER, picks up where the first book leaves off and contains all the new information Kait s family has uncovered from private investigation The 1971 children s book Hotel for Dogs was released as a theatrical movie in 2009, starring Emma Roberts That book has now been republished by along with two sequels, News for Dogs 2009 and Movie for Dogs 2010.Duncan s Gothic suspense novel, DOWN A DARK HALL, is being filmed for the Big Screen and will probably be released in 2016.Follow Lois on Twitter twitter duncanauthorfacebook profilep ikaitarquettequettes


    1. My Lois Duncan jag continues with The Third Eye, a supernatural thriller first published in 1984 and revised by the author in 2012 with superficial updates including what the Young Adult reader of today is wearing and how they're communicating. "Superficial" might be too strong for a book that dispenses with high school soap opera to plunge its eighteen year old heroine into existential dread involving ESP, an aloof mother, a mysterious young cop and a gang of kidnappers. It's a lightning fast a [...]

    2. [Note the date of publication. 1984, i wasnt even born yet! Oh well, its considerably a quite modern book anyway. ] There are three 'psychics' in this book, Karen Connors, Anne Summers and at the end of the story, Karen's mother who serves as a twist in this tale. It is an impressive and highly imaginative book. These three psychics can 'see' missing or already dead children screaming for them in their dreams. Although Mrs Connors regards this as a nightmare and a freak's show, Karen refused to [...]

    3. It's been years since I read this, but I really liked it at the time. The supernatural elements aren't overwhelming, but they were cool.

    4. The Third Eye was written by Lois Duncan and published on April 1984. She has written many other novels that you may recognize since they were turned into films, Hotel for Dogs and I Know What You Did Last Summer. I've watched both films and thought of them to be very good for children and teens. This novel is about an 18 yr old girl named Karen, who has been somewhat of a loner with a very pushy mother who insists she go out and enjoy her senior year. She meets her boyfriend Tim who is the popu [...]

    5. I actually went someplace without my iPhone without myKindle or nook without a bookaaaahhhh oh noooo! I started to get the shakes from reading withdrawal! I had a two hour wait time and While mid panic I remembered there were a couple of bags of books from my daughters shelves in the back of the car waiting to be dropped of at the local library for donation. I'm glad I hadn't dropped them off yet. I went through them and there is a whole collection of Lois Duncan books so I chose this one. It's [...]

    6. I borrowed this book from a friend last week, not knowing much about it but thinking it looked pretty interesting. And it was interesting. The plot moved along quickly and kept me coming back for more. But the characters were dry and hard to picture. I never really figured out how old Ron was, and couldn't image the bond between him and Karen as a result. Karen was utterly, hopelessly dependent on others and what they wanted for her to do. She was also incredibly selfish-if you knew that you cou [...]

    7. Product DescriptionHigh school senior Karen, who worries that her psychic powers will make her seem different from other people, is frightened at first when a young policeman asks her to use her gift to help the police locate missing children.As stated in other Lois Duncan book reviews: I really enjoyed Lois Duncan's books; she was probably my favorite YA author. I have always enjoyed books with psychic phenomenon in them - ESP, ghosts, clairvoyance, etc - but it's so difficult to find them writ [...]

    8. Another great Lois Duncan thriller. I love these. I hope I never have to choose a favorite.I see and appreciate the differences in writing style, coverage of material and the level and type of emotional stimulation among books written with various age groups as intended audiences. The time period that a book was written in can suggest similar differences as well. Sophistication and experiences of people of an age group has evolved and these books may be considered by some to lean toward the youn [...]

    9. An interesting story written in 1984. It's surprisingly not that 80's (thankfully) except for the lack of cell phone/modern technology. I'm interested in "mind reading" books lately and found this one on the shelf at the library. I hated the topic the author used to create drama, but it's a personal thing so most will probably not be bothered by that. Otherwise, it was a good, short little paranormal book.

    10. W. T. F. Worst cop ever. Most goody goody heroine ever. Most annoying mother ever. So many awards! I also feel like this book wouldn't have ever lived to see the light of day had it not been written by Duncan. I mean really?! Or am I just that out of touch with her books?

    11. This book is my favorite by Lois Duncan. I love the fact that she gave this girl a power that she didn't understand and then at the end helped her get through the pain and hardness of the power from with in her world. I love the fact that the girl worked through all the pain and hardship.

    12. Ran out of books while watching my nephew. I read this years ago when I was actually a teen. It holds up pretty well. A quick read.

    13. The Third Eye by Lois Duncan is about Karen Connors' "third eye," which allows her to see visions that other people cannot see. For example, in her visions, she can see a missing child and say where they are. Karen becomes asked by Officer Rob Wilson to help find more children, and she gets letters asking for help from all over the country. Carelessly, she says no, which I thought was odd. I didn't find her character very realistic. As a reader, I would've thought she wanted to help these childr [...]

    14. Mini-Review: Another solid 3-star novel from Lois Duncan. As is often the case in Duncan's novels, there are some parts that are done perfectly and others that feel a little rushed, but in the end it's a quick, easy read of decent quality.Content Warning:  Animal Death & Child Death - There are some mentions of a dead girl (not vivid) and the protag has a nightmare about some missing infants being dead (not vivid). The cop shoots a dog that tries to attack him. You don't see the dog die, bu [...]

    15. I liked this book because of the mysterious events that go on! When Karen closes her eyes a vision comes. She sees were stolen children sleep. If she requests for help the children may never go home.

    16. The beginning was super weird, and I couldn't believe how stupid the main character was, but as I kept reading, I got super into it. Ultimately, I had a great time reading this and would definitely recommend it. Fun and interesting and a little twisty!

    17. Rating: 4.5 (half star docked for the slow paced beginning of the book) I really really really really want to read more Lois Duncan after reading this beaut. Just amazing. I really want to read more young adult fiction from the 80s now too. Feat Street here I come. Jk.

    18. *plot spoilersThe book starts out with Karen at a baby-sitting job, and this is definitely a recurring theme in Duncan’s books, like the only job teenage girls can or want to get is babysitting. Another storyline would be greatly appreciated. And the writing is, as per usual, mundane, boring, and very average.“It’s unnatural,” Karen’s mother had observed accusingly. “When I was your age, I was out at parties every weekend.”“People don’t have ‘parties’ these days,” Karen h [...]

    19. Plot:Karen Connors has always been different from her classmates. She has a special ability - her "third eye," which lets her see things that nobody else can. She's always disliked her gift and has always tried to suppress it, until one day when a police officer named Rob Wilson asks for help in an investigation.Characters:Karen Connors: Our main character is eighteen-year-old Karen, a senior in high school who graduates at some point in the book. She has a psychic ability where she's able to ju [...]

    20. The Third Eye The Third Eye by Lois Duncan is a really interesting book with many mysterious and gloomy events. Karen Connor the protagonist takes a big role in this book. She worries that her physic powers will make her seem different from other people. I would highly recommend this book mostly to teenagers because the protagonist is a teenager and we can relate to some events. Karen faces many supernatural events in which she gets to the point where she don’t want to be able to have visions. [...]

    21. The Third Eye Good reads Review -Alondra SantacruzYes, I would recommend this book I read “The Third Eye”. I recommend it to someone that likes reading young adult fiction books, like this one is about an eighteen year old girl that gets visions she sees a place where stolen children sleep. Well yeah it is a good book I do recommended to someone that likes fiction.A connection that I make with the book and my life sis that the girl named Karen has this visions that she sees people, mostly ch [...]

    22. I’m reading the book called The Third Eye and for anyone that has a chance to get a hold of this book I would highly recommend you to read it. The reasons for this recommendation are because this book has many plots with many surprises along the way. As an example, when Karen was able to see and experience the little girl’s memory such as her growing to the experience of her drowning. This book has many things many readers would love to see in a book so even if you don’t like books I’m s [...]

    23. I would recommend this book to people who love mystery , and thrillers and people who love to try to figure out whats going to happen next .The connections that I had with this book is that Karen was a babysitter and she was still in grade school through half of the book and when her finals came up she had a hard time with everything going on like her boyfriend and the visions she was seeing and that interrupted her sleep time . That part of the book I connected with more because the fact like i [...]

    24. This was my FAVORITE book for many years in grade school. I was really nervous to re-read it because I didn't want to be disappointed. But I have to say that this book actually holds up really well. I felt like the story was tense and suspenseful, more of a thriller than a mystery. Yes, the characters are kind of underdeveloped and the dialogue leaves something to be desired. But I thought it was still a well-crafted story. I didn't remember anything at all about the actual plot of this book, bu [...]

    25. Rating: 2.5 stars, but I rounded up. Lois Duncan was one of those authors I adored from early elementary through middle school. Reading this in my mid-twenties offered the same thrill and suspense. The book dates itself - there are references of Atari and cell phones are conspicuously absent - but that added to the charm for me. It was like visiting an old friend. I managed to suss out the two major reveals, though I attribute this to being a writer (and avid reader) of suspense and not to Lois' [...]

    26. A mystery novel " The Third Eye" by Lois Duncan is about a eighteen year old girl, a babysitter, who has these feelings when Bobby, the person she's taking care of, goes missing. The feelings which Karen has seemed so true and real to her that which she felt like she was with him. Not even but she could even smell the place where Bobby was at. When she found out she told the police and they found Bobby and since that case the police came to Karen for a favor to find another missing girl. The pol [...]

    27. Joyce 11/11/12Advisory Ms. PooleThe Third Eye Little, Brown, 2012, 254 pp, $ 7.99Lois Duncan ISBN-13: 978-0316099080 ISBN-10: 0316099082Seeing things that other people can’t see is lucky but also unlucky. Karen, an ordinary high school senior, has an extraordinary “eye” that can aware where a stranger is just looking at a picture. What will this special ability bring to her? Fortune or failure? The Third Eye is a great novel written by Lois Duncan. Karen gets the same gi [...]

    28. I remember really loving this book as a kid, but when I reread it, I realized it wasn't the book I thought it was. I thought it was about a kid with telekinesis and other such powers, but I guess that must be another Lois Duncan book. I'm going to keep the 4 star rating I have of the book in my memory, but on reread, I think I'd go with three. The story was engaging and I was interested to see what happened, but I just had to suspend too much disbelief. I read an updated version, so even though [...]

    29. Third Eye- Lois DuncanA blast from the past! Growing up, I read a ton of Duncan. Struggling with dyslexia, I really didn't read a lot. We had A.R points to get and somehow in 7th grade, stressing in the library for a book that I could actually read and get my points in order to pass, I stumbled apon Duncan. She wrote ' I know what you did last summer' (yes, what the moves based on). Her titles and covered just drew my 13 year old attention. So i gambled and checked out Killing Mr. Griffin. I was [...]

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